The crew at onlineforlove.com (OFL) would first like to start out by congratulating you for stepping into the world of online dating!

Let me introduce you to the team:


Co-Founder of onlineforlove.com

Tyler Read, Co-founder of onlineforlove.com

Tyler majored in both Psychology and Sociology and currently is a relationship and online dating expert. 

Tyler identified online dating as an invaluable tool to finding whatever type of relationship you are searching for, including your one true love. Both family and friends have successfully found their significant other through online dating.

He noted online dating was highly underutilized due to a variety of reasons, including the negative stigma society has placed on online dating. Additionally, he observed that due to a lack of knowledge and guidance, many of those who have tried online dating had limited success.

For these reasons, Tyler founded onlineforlove.com to help people successfully navigate the world of online dating to find love and happiness.

Amy Orlando

Co-Founder of onlineforlove.com

Amy Orlando, Co-founder of onlineforlove.com

Amy is a psychology / Sociology major as well. She is currently working at a marketing firm in Los Angeles.

She has always been very interested in people and human society which her schooling allowed her to understand them from a scientific perspective.

People and the interactions between them are prevalent in all facets of our lives especially in the area of dating and relationships.

Amy was not having great success meeting the right guys with the traditional avenues of bars and friends of friends.

This is when she discovered the world of online dating! She quickly discovered that just like with any other form of dating, online dating is not perfect and you need to use the right tools and strategies to be successful.

She learned a lot over the years of research as well as her personal experiences.

She can happily admit she has dated some great guys that she met on a variety of dating sites and is currently in a great relationship for the last year with a man she met on eharmony.com.

Amy has proved to be very helpful to many friends and family who were in the dating world which she found to be very rewarding. Because of this, Amy decided to create this website with Tyler and a team of experts, to provide a helpful guide to online dating for all.

Dr. Brenda Wade, PhD

Chief Advisor of onlineforlove.com

Dr. Brenda Wade, PhD, Chief Advisor of onlineforlove.com

Dr. Brenda Wade—or Dr. Brenda, as everyone likes to call her—is a clinical psychologist and Chief Advisor to Online For Love.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Brenda brings unique insights to relationship questions. So much so that she’s well known as “America’s Modern Love Doctor.”

Dr. Brenda is also a radio host and is the author of multiple books, as well as a frequent guest on Oprah, The Today Show, and other talk shows, news programs, and specials.

The world of online dating is ever-changing and the team here at OFL is committed to keeping up with the latest trends and developments to provide you with the most current and up to date advice. We hope you find this website helpful and please do not hesitate to provide your comments here as we greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Good luck and most importantly, have fun out there!!


The OFL Team

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