How to meet older women – The guide to cougar dating in 2020


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    date a cougar

    So, I hear that you’ve got a hankering to date a cougar! well my young cub, you have come to the right place to learn all about dating older women.

    First things first, a cub is a younger man looking to date older women (cougar). A cougar is an older woman looking to date a younger man (cub).

    In this article, you’ll learn precisely what a Cougar is, why you should be dating one, how to spot one in the wild and the general rules you should pay attention to while dating a Cougar.

    In fact, in the end, you will be so fluent in speaking Cougar that you will be able to brag to all your buddies about your new found knowledge.

    Anyways, I’ll stop blabbering on and let’s get into the article so you can start pouncing on your cougar. Or better yet, make it, so she wants to pounce on you! 

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    After this article make sure to check out some popular cougar dating websites such as Cougar Life and Ashley Madison.

    Similarly, read: the astonishing guide to creating an online dating profile that will make your dreams come through.

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      Unmasking a Cougar and a Cub

      Whereas a Cougar is a confident, older woman in her 30’s-50’s, the Cub is an energetic young man in his 20’s. While the cougar is looking for a physical relationship, the cub is likewise interested in a woman who is ready to take care of his physical needs as he satisfies her in bed.

      What is a Cougar exactly?

      For you in this and cubs that don’t know, Cougars are women that are typically in their late 30s to late 50s that prefer to date younger men that are energetic and fun. Some people like to say that they hunt younger men.  A Cougar can still be a woman in her late 20s as long as there is close to a 10-year age gap between the cougar and cub.

      older women dating

      Cougars are very confident women that emit lots of enthusiasm and energy. These women usually keep themselves together and are usually very fit and gorgeous women.

      A cougar is usually very financially stable and is not looking for a man with money, unlike younger women. They also don’t carry the same ego that younger women do. They don’t feel privileged, and they don’t act like daddy’s Little Princess.

      Cougars are generally very sexually active and experienced in the bedroom. If you think you learned a thing or two from your college girlfriend, you should throw all of that knowledge out the window until you meet a real Cougar.

      Why date a Cougar?

      Why date a cougar

      Now we get into the fun part of the article. Over the last 10 years or so I have felt a wave of Cougar Dating. It has only become more and more popular because it is so easy to meet Cougars since the creation of dating sites that caters for them and the Internet in general.

      Probably the most significant benefits of dating a cougar is that they carry little to no drama with them and that they are very sexually active.

      Cougars don’t like to play games with the Cubs that they meet. No cat and mouse chasing around as they don’t have the time for that either.

      Cougars know how to treat their young men with lots of respect, and they treat them like the man that they are both sexually and mentally.

      The younger man and older women relationships can work on a wide variety of relationship types. Cubs typically prefer Cougars for one-night stands and quick hookups because Cougars are very talented and experienced in bed.

      Cougar and Cub relationships can also be a lot more than one-night affairs as Cubs realize that they can communicate better with Cougars, deal with less drama and feel like a man in their company.

      And why do older women like younger men?

      dating an older woman

      On the other end of the spectrum, the Cougar also benefits tremendously from dating younger men. Younger men hold a lot less emotional baggage than older men do.

      Cubs have a lot more free time than older men as well not having to deal with ex-wives and children to look after.

      Cougars love the excitement and energy of younger guys. Cougars are looking for younger counterparts who like to take care of their bodies as well. Older women love the endurance and stamina that the young cub brings in the bedroom.

      There are plenty of other reasons why Cougars and Cubs make a perfect fit both emotionally and physically. Let’s jump into the next part so that you can spot for older women immediately!

      How to spot and meet a Cougar

      meet older women

      The first thing I’d like to do is break down the differences between the different types of Cougars. Yes, there are different types.

      The first type of Cougar

      The first type of cougar is generally looking for a quick treat in the bedroom. She usually thinks like a guy and the fact that she is only trying to find the most attractive young cub that she can. She prefers men that stay in shape, frequent the gym and have great stamina in the bed.

      The second type of Cougar

      The second type of cougar is looking for more of dating and relationships. It is not all about the physical aspect for this cougar and she is much more open to a relationship than the first type.

      Don’t get me wrong, the second type of cougar is also very experienced in the bedroom and is also looking to spend the night with a young man. The most significant difference is that she is also open to a long-term relationship and will let you know this.

      Spot a Cougar by her appearance

      do older women like younger men

      Some of the biggest telltales when it comes to picking out a Cougar in the crowd is the way that she dresses.

      A Cougar will typically dress much younger than her actual age. This makes sense as she is trying to attract a generation or two younger than herself.

      The Cougar will generally have on tight clothing or low-cut skirts. This is to attract a young cub from a distance.  At first you might think that you are looking at a young hot 20 something year old until you get face-to-face. This is when you will notice slightly more makeup, but by this time you two are already hitting it off with conversation.

      Unfortunately for me, cougars generally seem to be smokers. They typically use their cigarettes as a way to start a conversation with a younger man. Sometimes asking for a lighter while sparking up a conversation.

      Cougars sometimes hang out in groups with other cougars. There typically divorced women that are looking for the same thing. This is also a fantastic way for them to wingwomen each other. It is not uncommon to see a cougar flying solo though, and in my opinion are the easiest to pick up.

      Older women are usually looking around in search of the young cub at all times. If you lock eye contact with a Cougar, she typically won’t be the first one to look away. They are not shy to show you their interest and will give you a big smile to let you know that they are interested in younger men.

      Best places to meet a Cougar

      How to meet older women? Okay, let’s finally talk about the best place to meet older women! Overall there are three primary locations to meet an older woman. These places are online, at the gym and a bar. Let’s go over all of these in more detail so you can find the place that’s best for you to meet an older woman.

      Meet and date a Cougar online

      The best place to meet and date older women is online. There are tons of different websites wholly dedicated to Cougar and cub dating and are hands-down the best place to meet Cougars. Let’s go over the top three sites where you can meet and date a Cougar.

      how to meet older women

      Cougarlife was created in 2008 and has since then become the number one online dating site for the matured woman interested in dating younger men.

      They have approximately 8,000,000 users which is a huge amount especially for a niche dating website such as Cougar dating.

      You’ll meet new people within your preferred age range on this women’s dating site when you create a profile with your basic information.

      Has a very clean design and all of the features you will need to find and match with a cougar very quickly. You can put in your exciting bio precisely what you are looking for and search and filter through the different dating profile of cougars in your area. The very first Cougar I met was from Cougarlife.

      It is a paid website and will range between $12 and $40 per month depending on which subscription link you choose. for older women is not your typical niche dating website; it does hold the most significant number of users compared to the other dating sites online.

      Because it has a very in-depth search options as well as a huge user base, it makes for a perfect place to find older women that love younger men.

      All you need to do is set your age preference and the location that you are searching and boom you will be able to message and contact thousands of cougars near you.

      The current pricing of ranges between $15.99 per month up to $19.99 per month depending on the subscription link that you choose. I also have a link for 25% off special for my readers.

      I also recommend checking out their three-day free trial so that you can test the platform and see how many older women you can match with before actually putting purchasing of a subscription.

      older women dating

      OlderWomenDating is one of the best places to meet a Cougar and it is exclusively for older women. Similar to Cougarlife, this niche dating website is dedicated towards younger men dating older women.

      It is by far one of the best places to meet older women as it is a free cougar dating site because Cougars gain completely free access to the website. Unfortunately for cubs like ourselves, we have to pay a subscription fee to mingle with these older women.

      But trust me, the price of entrance is entirely worth it. There are more Cougars on the platform than there are cubs because they don’t have to pay a cent. There are approximately 1000 new users every single day on older women dating.

      You’ll find women on this best cougar dating sites that cater exclusively for older women by creating a profile and opting for a paid subscription.

      There are tons of older women to choose from, and for that reason it made my three top picks of older women dating website list.

      The price for a subscription ranges between $15.55 per month to $29.95 per month depending on the subscription length.

      Some other websites that got an honorable mention for the best cougar sites are Zoosk and Ashley Madison.

      Zoosk has tonnes of million members just like You will typically find Cougars in their 30s here.

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      Ashley Madison is a site for married individuals looking to have fun on the side. This website is packed with attractive older women looking for younger guys and is a great place to meet single Cougars for a quick fling.

      You have now found out the top online dating sites to visit and also the amount for subscription, it is time to put yourself out there to find or to be found. Be sure that your success starts with the choice of username, the tempting details in your bio, that banging toned body on your profile picture and finally your flirting game.

      These women don’t want a shy guy, they have come to pick up young willing guys and spend money. Go on and take the lead of asking for contacts and planning the meeting. Ask them out to exotic places and watch how they swipe their cards to your satisfaction. 

      At the gym
      How to meet older women - The guide to cougar dating in [year] 1

      As I mentioned above, cougars love to stay in shape. They also love younger men who stay in shape as well. Have you ever noticed that you get more smiles from middle-aged women than you do from the girls in their 20s at your gym? Yeah, that’s not a coincidence.

      Older women are much easier to approach at the gym than younger women are. Good places to start up a conversation are at the water fountain or in the lobby/parking lot.

      If you have a decent amount of knowledge regarding exercise, you can even try approaching an older woman as she is working out. She might very well be open to the idea of some fitness tips. If she is, this is a very good sign that she is interested.

      This is one of the great places to meet a cougar or a cub as it is a natural date spot for mature singles who want to stay in shape.

      At a bar (not a club)

      How to meet older women - The guide to cougar dating in [year] 2

      The bar is the most typical place to meet an older woman. Notice how I mentioned a bar and not a club. You will not find older women going to electronic clubs and jumping up and down getting hammered. They are classier than this and are typically only found in upscale bars.

      I suggest checking out some local bars in your area. Some other popular areas are upscale and classy bars at a hotel. It is incredible how many older women looking for younger men I see in hotel bars. Is also a very convenient place to stay if you end up hitting it off that same night.

      How to date a Cougar: things you need to know

      Here are some quick tidbits of advice on how to date a cougar. Here you will learn about things that you should expect from dating an older woman and some tips so that you can be successful.

      Be energetic and manly

      How to meet older women - The guide to cougar dating in [year] 3

      Although some older women might call their younger cubs “boytoys,” this does not mean that they want you to act like a child. This is a real woman that we are talking about, and she has needs to be with a real man.

      This is why the older woman is looking for a younger man in the first place. Cougars can be quite intense sometimes, and the last thing that you should do is back down like a scared puppy. You need to stand up for what you believe in and let her know that.

      You should be assertive and be able to take control of the situation. This will most likely lead to some incredibly hot encounters in the bedroom.

      Being energetic should be part of your natural behavior. This Cougar probably need some real excitement in her life as she had probably been married and had a very dull sex life with her ex. She’s not looking to slouch around and be a couch potato with you.

      The more spontaneous with words and action the better for you to pique her interest.

      Make sure you’re up to the task

      I know that you are currently reading my article on how to date a cougar. But I’m not 100% sure you are up to the task or see what you’re getting into.

      These women are nicknamed Cougars for a reason. They are not called fuzzy kitchen or a cute puppy. There is a certain fierceness to the way they handle themselves.

      And although your nickname is the “cub,” you better be acting like an animal that can take on the Cougar. You need to have a grizzly mentality otherwise you will get torn to pieces.

      You need to have the stamina to handle her in the bedroom. These Cougars are reaching their peak sexuality around their mid-30s to early 40s. Don’t think it’s going to be like sleeping with somebody your age; it won’t even be close.

      You need to bring your A game in the bedroom if you want to keep her interested. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but that’s how the learning process goes. Trust me when I tell you that you will walk out of the bedroom with ten extra years of experience under your belt the first time you get with a Cougar.

      Don’t play games!

      How to meet older women - The guide to cougar dating in [year] 4

      Another thing you need to be prepared for is how you act around this older lady. If you play games like you typically would with a girl your age, there’s no way she’s going to show interest in you.

      You need to be upfront with your lady first thing. If you are looking for only a quick fling, you need to say that from the get go. If you are looking for something deeper, you should express yourself.

      You need to say what’s on your mind and be direct. I know, it seems like the opposite of what you are used to but it’s the truth of the matter.

      Don’t use the C word

      You should never under any circumstance use the C (cougar of course) word or bring up her age. Just because you know that she is a cougar and you talk about it with your friends, does not mean she wants to be called that or recognized as being one.

      The C word has a slightly negative connotation to it. It’s best to avoid it altogether. You need to love her and treat her as you would any other human being.

      Give her compliments

      How to meet older women - The guide to cougar dating in [year] 5

      Compliments work wonders when it comes to older women. These little tidbits that you notice and expressed to her will be much appreciated and make her feel more self-assured and confident. This also makes her feel a lot sexier and willing to show you how attracted she is to you.

      Complimenting her on her physical appearance, hair and style are always safe bets. This is because she works on these aspects so much to maintain herself. She goes to the gym, goes to the salon and is always trying to keep an edge up.

      Don’t go overboard with the compliments. If you are trying too hard, that also might be noticed. Try to stick to one or two things you notice about her every time you see her and that should be sufficient.

      Conclusion on older women dating

      Older woman younger man dating sites

      Well, here we are at the end of my article, my young apprentice cubs. I hope that you guys have taken a ton away from this article regarding dating older women.

      Now that you have graduated from my Cougar University is now time to get out there and start dating a Cougar.

      Spotting a Cougar should be easy for you guys even from a mile away. There are some solid telltale signs. The strongest of all of them is if she is already on a dating website looking for younger men.

      The first step I would suggest is to sign up to one of the dating sites that I mentioned above as you will have the highest chance of meeting an older woman there. I met my first older lady on Cougarlife, but the other two are also fantastic options. Try first with the long distance, it will help you prepare more for when you meet one face to face.

      Make sure to keep in mind all of the tips I have for you guys to be successful with Cougar dating. And above all, make sure you are up to the task. Keep that ferocious mindset and stay on the hunt.

      I would like to hear the feedback from you guys on this article. Do you have any other tips or advice that I should add to this article? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment down below. I want to keep it as current and helpful as I possibly can.

      Until next time my young cubs, get out there and date a Cougar!

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