How to Talk To Cougars in 2024 – Start a Conversation Easily

If you have decided to start dating cougars and older women in general, then you probably know that talking to them and seducing them is much harder than with younger girls.

How to Talk To Cougars in [year] - Start a Conversation Easily 2

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The cougar life ain’t easy, and they want to make sure each of the men that approach them is valuable and actually has something to say or do, so you need to do everything that’s in your power to make a good first impression.

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For those who are just getting into the world of cougar dating, this can be a pretty hard task, and it definitely requires a lot of work.

However, we have decided to make this a bit easier for you and provide you with a brief guide on:

How to talk to a cougar
How to become the most desirable young man in her eyes
How to talk to cougars online
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How to Talk To Cougars

1. Be Optimistic

Your youth is probably your biggest asset, and it is definitely something that will make mature women magnetically attracted to you.

Once you approach her, show her how much you love life and engage in interesting conversations with her that will make her forget about the age difference.

When chatting with older women, you want to sound like a confident and mature man too, but you also want to be vibrant and share a lot of positive energy that will make her enjoy the time in your company.

This will make you look charming, and it will help you immensely when meeting mature women because they will be attracted by your energy, and they will listen to everything you have to say with so much attention.

2. Be Mature

How to talk to an older woman can be quite challenging for younger men, especially those who have little to no experience with them.

However, the key to seducing a mature single woman is in showing that although there is an age gap between you, you are definitely not an immature child who doesn’t know what he wants in life.

If you want to chat with older women, you will have to find some topics that will be common for both of you, mention your work and challenges you are facing on it, and similar things.

Those young men who start talking about their love for fast cars and expensive watches are replaced before you can blink, so please stay away from things like this unless you want to make your hot older chick run as fast as she can.

3. Be Suggestive

When you meet some of the cougars, you will see that their mind is as nasty as yours and that they probably have a lot of fantasies in their minds that older men can’t really make true.

Whether you are meeting them through online dating platforms or in real life, I recommend being suggestive throughout the conversation and showing them that you can make all of their wishes come true.

Shower them with compliments and show them how much you are attracted because it will make the whole process a lot faster, and if you are just messaging at the moment, she may even ask you out on a real date.

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If you were thinking about how to ask an older woman to sleep with you, then this is definitely the best way you can do it, and even if she is not interested in things like that, you won’t end things on bad terms.

A hot older girl definitely likes a man who takes the initiative, and it will also help you show that you are not just one of the younger guys who have no clue about what they want in life.

4. Never Get Serious Too Soon

Many younger guys don’t know how do you start a mature conversation, so they immediately jump into talking about long-term relationships, marriages, and things like that, which is something you definitely don’t want to hear on a first date, and probably not even on the second one.

If you decide to meet cougars, you are probably not looking for any sort of relationship with them (like eHarmony or Tinder), but rather for some casual fun (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), which is completely fine, and trust me; they know that themselves too.

You don’t want to turn off your milf with nonsense like this, and you really don’t need to mention things like this in order to sound more mature and sure of yourself.

Rather focus on important topics and talk about things both of you face in real life, on the job, or generally about events that are happening in the world right now,

This way, you will sound a lot more mature, and you will avoid uncomfortable situations and topics.

5. Be Honest

If you decide to date older women, you have to know that they can spot a lie the moment it is said, so it is best to be 100% honest about everything.

Even though you may not be proud of some things you have done in the past, it is still better to be open about it and say that you regret it, then never mention it to anyone and make up stupid stories to cover everything up.

This is probably one of the most important dating an older woman tips, and I really recommend you to be honest at all times, no matter how bad you believe the truth will sound to someone who doesn’t know you at all.

You never know if there is a chance that the two of you will grow into a couple in the future, so I highly recommend staying true to yourself and telling everything.

6. Be Focused On Her

The worst thing you can do when flirting with a milf is looking at other younger women in your surroundings or just not listening to them at all and ignoring her whole existence.

Your body language needs to show them that you are focused on them and only them; otherwise, no pick-up lines will make you look good in their eyes.

The easiest way how to pick up older ladies is by showering them with attention and showing them that they are your priority at this moment because it is something they rarely experience with men of their own age.

This is also the case if you try approaching them through dating websites too, so try to hide if there are any traces of you chatting with dozens of different women on the platform.

If you want to pick up older women, you need to show them that you don’t spend all of your free time chatting with different girls and trying to get them into your bed, so try to do your best in this field.

7. Ask Her Questions

This is definitely the easiest way to show her that you are 100% focused on her and that you want to find out as much as you can about her life, especially if the two of you are meeting for the first time.

If you love mature women, then you should know that they care about things like their family and work and that they are always open to talk about these things.

This is also a very easy way how to make an older woman want you because she will feel extremely comfortable and valuable in your presence once she sees you have a genuine interest in her.

How do you talk to an older woman is very important, so make sure you always sound respectful and stop asking too many questions if you see that she is not comfortable talking about a certain topic.

Also, I would recommend avoiding questions about her love life unless she is the one who starts talking about it and make sure you never ask more than she is willing to tell you because it can really create an unpleasant atmosphere.


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