How to Tell If an Older Woman Likes You in 2024 – Proven Signs

Figuring out whether a girl likes you or not is already pretty hard, and when you are trying to date older women, this problem becomes even worse.

Telling if an older woman likes you or not requires knowing their special body language, but also regular, clear signs of female attraction.

How to Tell If an Older Woman Likes You in [year] - Proven Signs 2

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If you are on the run to seduce an attractive older woman, then you will definitely need to learn what are her subtle signs that she likes you and wants to continue the night with you.

In case you were struggling to recognize older female signs of flirting, then you are in the right place because we will cover:

Which are sure signs she is interested in you
What questions will she ask you
How to tell if an older colleague is trying to seduce you
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Signs That an Older Woman Likes You

1. Her eyes are always focused on you

While body language can tell you a lot, especially with younger women, mature women rely much more on eye contact.

Open eye contact is probably the most effective form of seduction, and not many women are confident enough to do it.

Even though it is an obvious sign, you should always give extra attention to women who decide to pursue it because it usually means that they are much more open and direct than most other women you will meet.

Most cougars and milf will use eye contact to create a bond with you and make you reach out to them, especially if you meet each other at some party or social gathering.

Once you catch her look, you should be the one who continues the contact and makes the first move, but if you are not 100%, you can always wait a bit to see whether she will do it again, and then talk to her.

When you go on a first date, and you see that she is maintaining eye contact all the time, you can be sure that she is hooked on you and that she will do everything that’s in her power to keep you amused.

Unfortunately, this is something that can’t happen if you meet each other through an online dating app, but you can always try to see whether she is trying to create eye contact with you on the first date.

2. She always has a big and warm smile

Young women tend to smile at you because they want to maintain a good atmosphere and show that they are fun to be around.

However, when a single older woman keeps smiling in your presence, that is a strong sign that she likes you and enjoys being in your company.

Older woman wants someone who will be able to make her feel wanted and comfortable, and if she can’t take her smile off her face while she is with you, then she definitely values your presence.

When you see a warm sign on her face, you should know that she is ready to let you into her personal space and share many different things with you.

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Although a genuine smile doesn’t mean that she will hop into your bed immediately, it is a surefire sign that she is crazy for you.

Flirting with older women really is a lot easier because you will be able to see everything on their faces, and trust me, no mature woman will be faking her smile to leave you alone at the end of the night.

3. She insists on being single

If your mature flirt has mentioned several times that she is single and that there are no men in her life, then this is a good sign that will work to your advantage.

Older women don’t have time to waste, and the first time the two of you decide to hang out, she will become open about everything, including the fact whether she has a boyfriend or spouse or not.

In case she insists on being single and mentions this fact several times, then she is definitely trying to give you a sign that she wants to try things out with you.

A pretty older lady sometimes may look like an object of desire of many young men, but very often, these women are the ones who have no men in their lives.

Sometimes she won’t even be straightforward and tell you that she is 100% single, but she will rather mention that she spends all of her time hanging out with her best friends or family members.

Even though this may seem like a logical thing any woman would say, older milf will really rarely be open about her love life, so if she is trying to send you a sign that she is single, then it definitely means you should try; pursuing her.

4. She is always carefully listening to you

If you are a younger guy who has managed to schedule a date with a cute older woman, then you definitely want to do anything that’s in your power to become interesting to her.

That usually means sharing funny and interesting stories from your life experience and trying to make her laugh at all times so she wouldn’t leave.

In case you were wondering, “How will I know if an older woman likes me” trust me, if she keeps listening to your stupid stories carefully and she even starts asking questions about it, she is definitely interested in you.

Older women always have a lot more experience than you, especially when it comes to dating life, and they have probably already experienced all the things you are trying to talk to her about.

However, if they really like a man who is not of their own age, they will forget about that, and start listening to his stories carefully and enjoy every part of it. 

5. She loves touching you

This is one of the physical signs a woman is interested in you, and if she keeps on touching you whenever she gets the chance, then she is 100% into you.

Physical contact is a great step in every relationship and a clear sign of attraction, whether she is interested in a serious relationship  (like eHarmony or Tinder or just occasional encounters (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison). So, if she tries touching your arm or resting her hand on your thigh all the time, then you don’t need a dating coach to tell you she is crazy for you.

This is the easiest way how to tell if a woman is interested in you, and older women really don’t have time to waste, so if they are 100% sure they are attracted to you, they will create a physical bond even on the first date.

She will also allow you to touch her, too and if you were thinking, what does it mean when a woman lets you touch her, then I believe the answer is pretty much obvious.

Older women milf will probably suggest going to your or her house after the first date, so don’t be surprised by this kind of behavior.

They don’t like wasting time around and are certainly not like the younger girls, so you will be able to get straight to the point with them.

6. Showering you with compliments is normal to her

Mature women, especially those over 50 milf, know how much it is important to keep a man confident and sure of himself.

For that reason, if they are interested in you, they will start showing you compliments from the start and keep on telling you how handsome and brave you are.

People say that behind every successful man, there is a successful woman, and it can really be true, especially if you are dealing with an older, experienced woman who can help you become the best version of yourself.

They also know that this kind of talk will make you basically dependent on them and that you will not be able to let go of her easily, so don’t be surprised if you see that many older women practice it.

7. She mentions other men who try flirting with her

When the age difference between the two of you is quite obvious, an older woman will probably do anything she can in order to keep you interested.

Oftentimes, older women love complaining how there are so many men calling them and messaging them all the time and that they don’t know who is the right choice for them.

If she starts this sort of conversation, especially on your first date, it is one of the signs of attraction and her way of trying to tell you that she can replace you easily if you don’t take some action now.

Younger guys tend to have some problems with confidence, so they usually don’t approach these women immediately, and sometimes they are pretty much sick of them.

If she keeps on telling you that there are so many older men trying to seduce her, then she is giving you a sign to ask her to go to your house immediately.

8. She keeps asking about your love life

Probably the easiest way how to tell if an older woman is interested is if she keeps on asking questions about your love and sex life.

If she is trying to find out if there is another woman in your life currently, she will ask dozen of questions that may lead her to the answer, so I would suggest being open about it from the start.

Tell her that you are wanting more from your relationship and that she doesn’t have to worry about other women because you are single and want to dedicate your time to her and only her.

However, if you are trying to balance two relationships at a time, then be extremely careful and make sure you never do or say something that can make her think you have another girl waiting for you at home.



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