Dating a Man 30 Years Younger – How to Make it Work Out in 2024

A candle on your birthday cake is just one more insignificant number that has to be added to the top of it every year. But, have you ever thought in the same way when it is about dating a man 30 years younger?

There are a few questions that you probably keep asking yourself every single day if you are a lady who is dating a younger guy at the moment.

Dating a Man 30 Years Younger - How to Make it Work Out in [year] 5

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Is it okay to date a much younger man? Is there an age gap problem in a relationship? 

Stop worrying too much, and continue reading this brief guide about dating younger men that will help you to eliminate all doubts you probably have.

In this guide we will reveal:

The Pros and Cons of dating a younger guy
Is age gap problem in a relationship
Female celebrities who date younger men
Why are younger guys attracted to older women, and more

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1. Life experience

When it is about life experience, then, an age difference doesn’t seem so important, does it?

As an experienced cougar, you have the ability to teach young men all those things they haven’t passed on their life journey yet.

Dating a Man 30 Years Younger - How to Make it Work Out in [year] 6

A guy who is in his early 20s hasn’t gone through all those complications and consequences that a relationship could bring you.

It is possible to teach them everything about a real first date, how it should look like, and what women really want. 

You can even discuss your very first time together as a new older-woman-younger-man couple. There are lots of things that an older partner can teach a younger man, and vice versa. 

2. Sex

It’s not all about the sex when we are speaking about an age gap relationship. However, no one can deny that sex isn’t one of the pros when someone is dating a man 20 years younger.

It is one of the main reasons why some older women are dating a much younger man. But, it is not one of the most important for sure. Sometimes, an older you are looking for a younger you. Out of the bed, and in the bed. Dating someone younger keeps you alive. That isn’t too complicated to understand. 

On the other side, dating an older woman always comes with undeniable sexual advantages.

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3. Social media off

You would be surprised how much younger men don’t like social media peacocking. They are more into adventures they can experience with an older woman who is aware of herself. They prefer hiking, cycling, rock climbing, or just walking down the street, instead of having a good filtered Instagram picture and visiting expensive restaurants.

Older women can understand this necessity, and they are more approachable than many younger women. 

This can definitely be one of the signs a younger man likes an older woman companion. 

A woman should be your best friend in the first place and vice versa. 

4. A blast from the past

How many times a new lover has reminded you of your ex one? How many relationships with older men have you had, but they didn’t work out? After the disappointment, always comes grief. After the grief, there is nostalgia that is a blast from the past whenever you are meeting someone with similar gestures, thoughts, and interests as your ex used to have.

The difference is that this time that blast from the past comes in the shape of a mature and young guy instead. You can think about it as a blessing, can’t you?


1. Tik Tok on the clock

This con is related to all these single, older ladies who have never been married, and without kids. If you are an older woman who would like to have kids one day, and a great mother, then, you should open all your cards right away. Talk to your younger partner, and be honest with him. He would appreciate that.  Many younger men not dating women because of the marriage.

Is the age gap a problem in a relationship like this? Well, it certainly is.

2. Time and Money

Time and money are the factors that ruin successful older woman younger man relationships the most of the time. 

Younger boyfriends haven’t thought about their future yet, and some of them don’t work. They still have plenty of time to do that. On the other hand, you have many successful women dating younger men who are entrepreneurs, well-educated, earn a lot of money, and demand some space. Do you get the point? 

3. A long-term relationship or just a fling

Not all cougar relationships finish with happily ever after. A typically 40-year-old woman marries her high-school boyfriend and her classmate. Marrying a younger man is a harsh job, and it usually requires some harsh times that you two have to pass through together. 

Dating a younger man in your 40s is okay. Marrying a younger man depends on many other things that have to puzzle properly. 

4. Different lifestyles

Is it ok to date a man 20 years younger with a different lifestyle?

It can be, but most of the time that different lifestyle is the cause for your break up.

Having some time for yourself is totally legal, and so understandable.

Dating a Man 30 Years Younger - How to Make it Work Out in [year] 7

However, having some time isn’t the same thing as having a different lifestyle. It is okay to go for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, but having a separated life with your younger partner isn’t okay at all. Unless it isn’t part of your deal.

If you don’t have nearly the same interests, then, your relationship is the waste of time. 

Is Age Gap Problem in a Relationship?

An age gap, what is it? Is there a specific age group people should date? Some people think that an age gap is just a number that mustn’t dominate over a relationship between men and women. 

Love knows no bounds when it is about true love. Love knows no age gap when you have just met your soulmate. Theoretically speaking, there are no boundaries. But, there are stereotypes and prejudices. 

Dating a man 30 years older has always been acceptable. Or, should I say normal? No one would wonder is it ok to date a man 30 years older.

Younger women who like dating older men can be considered gold diggers, emotionally unstable, and even quite understood because marrying an older guy is part of their culture. 

Dating a woman 10 years younger is common in society. Society used to men dating young women. It is even a flattering fact. 

Is it still so flattering when older women dating younger men? It seems so. Everyone gets so excited when they meet Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden in one of the famous New York restaurants. Man, I envy them!

Reasons Why Older Women Fall in Love With Younger Men

1. Change his point of view

Older women thought of having control over their lives a long time ago.

That is a valuable thing that a younger man can teach from an older woman, and it can change his point of view for good. A younger man can become self-confident, and still, he can be himself around her.

2. It is not all about the sex

A relationship between an older woman and a young man isn’t based just on sex (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

It is more than that. An older woman needs flattering, attention, and stressless time that she can spend with her younger partner (like eHarmony or Tinder). It’s her time to enjoy the moment now. 

3. Feeling alive again

A younger man accepts an older woman just the way she is, and that is the thing that makes her feel alive again. She left faking in the past. 

4. Teach him to communicate

Communication is very important in relationships. It is based on showing feelings, revealing expectations, and expressing opinions.

An older woman isn’t proud, and she won’t start an argument first. She is a mature being, and a younger man can learn all communication tricks. 

Relationship Advice When You Date a Younger Man

1. Never lose your sense of humor

Laughing is the best medicine to make life better. But, it is also very sexy. A sense of humor is the sexiest quality you can ever have. 

2. The age gap is an advantage

Think positive, and make the age gap an advantage, not a disadvantage. 

3. Differences are similarities

Once you accept all his differences, you will see how similar you actually are. 

4. Look after an excitement

Try to do different things with your younger guy. Be sure that those things are funny, exciting, and adventurous. Show him the spirit!

5. Be supportive

Be supportive, but don’t be annoying. Respect his personal space and boundaries, and he will appreciate that a lot. 

Dating a Man 30 Years Younger - How to Make it Work Out in [year] 8

6. It’s all about tolerance

When you date a younger man, normally, your lifestyle is different than his. However, you accept the person with all flaws that come in a package. Or, you shouldn’t accept them at all. 

7. Every moment counts

Forget about arguments, and enjoy the moment together. In a fresh-new relationship, an age gap isn’t important but the time you spend together is. 

Female Celebrities Who Date Younger Men and It Actually Works

Maybe an older woman young man’s relationship won’t be such a bogey if we look into female celebrities’ lives that show that this kind of relationship is possible.

1. Brigitte Macron, wife with a younger man

Mr. President met his first lady a long time ago when he was 15, and she was in her 40s. It was love at the first sight, and he promised that he would marry her one day. And he did. They got married in 2007 despite a 25 year age gap. 

Their romance was very turbulent, and it definitely breaks every single relationship taboo. If Brigitte can, everyone can!

2. Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa’s love story reminds me of the previous one. When he was just a kid, he saw his beautiful lady on TV and he said that she would be his wife one day. Momoa made his dream come true. 

These two met in 2005 in New York, and since then, they have been in love with the same intensity. 

3. Deborra – Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman’s wife has been spending over a decay with this cutie pie. They met in 1995, and Hugh confessed that they became even closer during this hard pandemic time. 

Despite 25 years of marriage, two kids, and a 13 year age gap, they are one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. 

The couple describes their relationship as mutual growth that has never stopped.


We hope that this guide helped you to understand why some women like dating younger men, and they aren’t ashamed of it. 

Would you rather date your own age or you are more into an older person?

And how much older would you date?


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