How to Get a Cougar in Bed in 2024 – Incredible Tips & Tricks

Many men are attracted to much older women, but it seems like they don’t always have the will or the skills to seduce them.

How to Get a Cougar in Bed in [year] - Incredible Tips & Tricks 4

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Getting attention from an experienced older woman can be a lot harder than with younger girls, and you really need to invest some time and energy if you want to make sure she will go crazy for you.

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How Do I Seduce A Cougar Woman?

Even though younger men tend to believe older women, in general, are easily seduced, the fact is that you will probably need to impress your milf than a regular young girl of your own age.

Cougars are older women who know what they want, and they know exactly how to get it, so they won’t settle for a mediocre man that will not be able to satisfy them, whether emotionally (like eHarmony or Tinder), whether in their cougar bed (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

A mature cougar woman already has a lot of experience both in her love and sex life, and they are definitely not easily satisfied.

Just because you are a hot and young man doesn’t mean that you will have sex with cougars all the time and that they will be lusting for you.

They are not as easy as younger women, and you really need to know how to seduce them and impress them if you really plan on getting into their bed.

The best way you can do that is by exuding confidence and ditching clueless pieces of advice you can find on dating sites.

Best cougar women are impressed by like-minded men who have a purpose and goal in their life and strive for bigger and greater things.

They are easily impressed by men who can imagine a better future for themselves, and a hot cougar will always be seduced by a man with a strong personality.

How to Get a Cougar in Bed in [year] - Incredible Tips & Tricks 5

You don’t necessarily have to be the hottest young guy in the room in order to make her fall for you – it is enough to exude power and confidence because mature women can’t waste their time being a stepmom to an insecure child.

One of the things that will also help you immensely is looking polished and taking care of your presence at all times, which means you really shouldn’t be leaving the house in an unironed shirt and thinking you will make an impression.

If you are someone who spends all of his time talking about his exes or past sexual experiences, you will also be eliminated from their selection.

A privacy notice is very important to all cougars, especially those who just want to engage in wild cougar sex, so they will be pushed off by males who spend all of their time bragging about the women they have banged.

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Now that you have learned what the best ways to seduce them are, you should keep your attention on the rest of the lectures we have for you and learn the things you should do once you get into their cougar bed.

What Do Cougars Like In Bed?

Most younger men are not aware of the fact that cougar sex is often a lot better than sex you may have with girls of your own age.

Not only are these women a lot more experienced and know how to bring pleasure both to themselves and their men, but they are also open to a lot more things in sex.

Trust me, some of the things don’t only happen in porn videos, and you will definitely be able to engage in a very pleasurable experience while having mature cougar sex.

So, what are some of the things cougars love the most in bed, and what should you do to please your mountain lion queen?

1. Let her dominate

Cougars often engage in sexual relationships with younger men because they want to be the ones who dominate and lead the whole experience.

Even though they want strong men in their bed, you should always let her lead and allow her to suggest a different pose or change during sex.

They have years of experience, and they can really teach you a lot, especially if you don’t really have a rich sexual experience, so I would always suggest letting her be the dominant one in this relationship.

2. Be creative

Only one pose is not enough for these women, and make sure to learn at least a few more positions if you want to keep your cougar impressed.

They have had so many sexual experiences in their life, and they want to feel excited and impressed by you, so a traditional missionary really won’t create that effect.

I would also suggest being creative all the time and switching poses each time the two of you meet; otherwise, you will probably become boring to her, and she will replace you with someone younger and more exciting.

Never let yourself become way too predictable and never do the same pose twice because she will be getting onto and looking for another man the moment you leave her house.

3. Let her feel comfortable

Just because she feels confident enough to be engaging in relationships with much younger men doesn’t mean that she feels extra comfortable while doing that or that she considers herself the hottest woman out there.

If you are sure you are not dealing with cougars having sex only to dump you the morning after, I recommend being very gentle with her and reassuring her of her beauty and qualities.

Never make her feel pressured in your relationships, and try to satisfy her wishes all the time, both in life and in bed.

When she starts feeling accepted by you and is sure she can be comfortable around you, you will be able to fulfill all of your cougar dreams.

This is also crucial if you want to make sure your sex life will be good because if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough around you to share her fantasies, then you will definitely feel a lot of things lacking.

4. Create a nice atmosphere

These women could easily get laid by men of their own age if only they wanted to, but these men will definitely not be able to provide them with exciting experiences as you can.

Even though they usually pride themselves on not wanting anything from a partner and avoiding romantic sceneries and atmospheres, I would say – go for it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic dinner or a bed full of roses; it is important to know what are the things she likes and enjoys and create an environment that can provide her with that.

How to Get a Cougar in Bed in [year] - Incredible Tips & Tricks 6
Portrait of grateful adult man hug smiling middle-aged mother show love and care, thankful happy grown-up son in embrace senior 70s mom, enjoy weekend family time at home together, bonding concept

If she is very open about herself and confident, then I would suggest creating a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom, putting up a special playlist, and enjoying a glass of nice wine.

In case she is a bit insecure, I suggest creating a romantic dinner and telling her about how much you love her and treasure her.

Whichever of these scenarios you choose, always make sure it is something your cougar would enjoy.

5. Sexting

Even though this is not something connected to your sexual performance strictly, I still believe it can help you immensely with these women.

I guess that you and your puma woman are not members of the same generation, and even though most males these days completely avoid sexting, it is usually an activity these women enjoy.

In case she gives you her phone number and starts sending racy pics or nasty texts, I would always recommend following her, especially if it happens before you engage in sexual activities.

They love to provoke their young stud, and they usually love to exchange all kinds of provoking pictures and videos because it helps them stay confident, so I believe you should fulfill their wishes too.

You don’t even have to send your own pics all the time; it is enough to tell them how hot and beautiful they are and reassure them of their worth.

How to Please A Cougar In Bed?

Keeping her pleased all the time can be quite a challenge, especially if you plan on establishing a long-term relationship with her.

Just like all women, cougar women are different, and what works with one may not work the best with the other.

If you want to make sure she enjoys sex and feels pleased all the time, you have to take your time and carefully listen to her desires.

They may or may not be explicit when it comes to things they want and desire from a man, but they will definitely show what it is that they really want during sex or your talks.

I also believe it is a good thing to have an open conversation about sex, just to make sure you are on the same page and that you will be able to satisfy her.

Some women tend to be into BDSM, while there are many men who strongly disagree with that kind of practice, so in case your woman turns out to be this way, you may want to end the relationship while it is not too late.

However, some things are universal, and I would say making her feel like she is wanted and lusted by you is the most important thing.

Once she feels like she is the only woman in your world and that you want to have sex only with her, she will definitely be pleased, and she will be able to enjoy your sexual experiences to the fullest.

They really tend to have a lot more fun in bed than younger girls, and having sex with them can be a memorable experience, even if it just happens for one time.

In case you manage to satisfy them and make them feel special, you will definitely be invited for some more, so I believe you should really try to do your best the first the two of you meet.

Make sure you follow her instructions, pay attention to all of the things she says, and if she suggests switching the pose or the environment, always go for it, because trust me, these women really do know the best.


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