Cougars on Instagram in 2024 – A List of the Hottest [+Contact]

In 2010, a new social media platform was launched called Instagram. Quickly, it was bought by Facebook, and now it gathers 300 billion users.

Members check the app multiple times per day and post about their daily happenings. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 20

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Hottest MILFs on Instagram

Milfs on instagram are bold, beautiful, hot, and not-shy. 

They like to show off their assets, so there is content for guys that prefer boobs, as well as nice ass. 

Their selfies are provocative, and feed is full of freaky sexual instagram pictures.

So, if your dream is to have a relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hook up (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) with one of them, log in to Instagram right now.

1. Ms. Debra

Ms. Debra is the first one on this list of trending hot milfs instagram. 

She is a model from Utah with almost 400k Instagram followers. Debra calls herself country and fitness girl, and her body is out of this world. 

If you like blondes, than you will definitely be amazed by Debra, and probably dream about possible Instagram hookup with her. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 21

There aren’t many posts on her profile, just slightly above 300 pictures and videos, but the content will leave you breathless. 

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She has a body of a 23-year old and keeps it that way thanks to the strict workout routine. 

Her Instagram feed is full of provocative pics, that will leave you wondering how you can pick up this amazing mature woman and enjoy a night with her. 

You can easily find her on Instagram by writing just_debra_a in the search bar. 

2. Pollyanna

In case blondes aren’t your type, check out this stunning MILF from Ireland. Her Instagram username is pollyannafit.

Paulina Kowalska is a personal trainer, that has won multiple national championships, but we aren’t here to talk about her incredible achievements but amazing looks. 

As a personal trainer and bodybuilder, you can imagine how stunning her body is. 

If you are into curves, then you will love Paulina’s body, as it is curvalicious, yet super tight, and any woman would envy her looks. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 22

Ready to hear her age? She is 41, but doesn’t look a day older than 25. 

You can spot a lot of Irish traits on her – stunning, natural, long ginger hair, and deep brown eyes. You won’t be able to stop scrolling through her feed!

She likes to post bikini pics, pictures from competitions and the gym, as well as from her outings, in provocative dresses. 

Unfortunately, there are only 139 posts of this hot Instagram model, but there are plenty more in Instagram Highlights, so you get just the right dose of this breathtaking Irish girl. 

3. Christina BarbieGirl

Barbie is the best way to describe Christina – her username, barbiegirl24 certainly suits her.

If you ever dreamed of a girl that resembles a real-life barbie doll, then you will love browsing Christina’s Instagram page. 

Christina was Miss March Calendar Girl of Wrat, so her face (or body) is maybe familiar to you already. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 23

Now, she has 25k followers on Instagram and is the hot mom and most active cougar on this website. Almost every day you can expect a new post or video. 

You won’t get tired of looking at her feed, as there is over 1000 posts of her posing in bed, on the beach, in front of the mirror, or just showing off the sexy lingerie she owns. 

This 40-year old MILF can easily turn from hot neighbor to girl winning a wet T-shirt contest. Her provocative posts will get you daydreaming and after scrolling through her feed, you might even find yourself typing “how to get laid on Instagram” in Google and looking for good pickup lines that she might fall for. 

If you want to see even more of Christina, then check out her TikTok page as well!

4. Katy from Queensland

In case you like brunettes, take a look at Katy from Queensland, or Kumudini, as she calls herself on Instagram. 

This is one of the most followed hot Instagram MILFS with over 500k followers and over 2000 provocative posts. 

Her passion is jewelry, mostly made of crystals, and by her, as well as art and posing in sexy lingerie. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 24

All of her posts are super provocative, and she has the best compilation of lingerie and sexy underwear out of all MILFs from this list. 

The thing that guys find attractive the most about her is her exotic appearance – the dark hair and green/gray eyes leave men breathless. 

Also, her body is out of this world – she is a curvy 40-year-old, from your wildest fantasies. 

If you want to see more of her sexy pics, browse through her Instagram highlights – she shares pictures on Instagram stories daily, and you can join her OnlyFans account too. 

5. Nina Oneill

Nina Oneill, or goddessmusenina2, is a true definition of a girl boss! She is the dream woman of a guy that likes powerful girls, that aren’t afraid to speak their minds while looking like an Instagram model.

Nina works as both a producer and manager, so you are getting both the brain and the beauty. 

She isn’t the most followed MILF on Instagram – “only” 108k followers, but she is one of the most active with around 1000 posts. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 25

Nina has long, dark hair, a stunning smile, and likes to tease her audience with her Instagram posts, so they keep coming back for more. 

One day she will post a pic in a sexy dress, with the accent on her smile, the next day wearing something a bit more revealing, that will show off her curves.

You can also expect a lot of bikini pics – she has a stunning body, loves to show it, and want you to know that woman can look incredible regardless their age. 

Nina has an OnlyFans as well, so you aren’t tied only to Instagram to enjoy her posts. 

6. Ainslee Divine

The girl that likes to promote body positivity is Ainslee Divine. 

Ainslee has two Instagram accounts. The backup one is ainslee_divine1, on which she posts from time to time, while the main one is chasingainslee – this one is used on daily basis.

Since the first one has fewer followers, it may be easier to get her attention on that one, than the second one with over 800k followers. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 26

Ainslee likes to call herself MILF next door, and her looks certainly go well with that description.

She has long, blonde hair, a stunning smile, and eyes in which you can stare at for days. Also, her body is out of this world! 

Ainslee has curves and isn’t afraid to show them. She is enjoying her body and wants to show it off. 

On her Instagram, you will find a bunch of posts of her in sexy lingerie, as well as videos of her trying it out. 

Whenever she gets a new piece, she shares a short video to share the new purchase with the followers and brag about how well it suits her. 

Ainslee likes to pose with other girls as well, so you may discover even more cougars through her account. Definitely worth hitting that “Follow” button. 

7. Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat or meowmeowkittenchow75 is a sexy blonde from Florida. 

However, don’t get too excited, as this mama bear and incredibly sexy MILF is married and currently lives in Alabama. 

Even though you can’t touch, you can still look, and she is sharing a lot of sexy content!

Unfortunately, Kitty is not as active – right now she has less than 400 posts, and her account is on private, so you have to become a follower to enjoy the content. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 27

Once you click that “Follow” button, you won’t be disappointed.

She is a perfect mix of sweet and naughty.

Kitty knows how to look provocative in anything she wears – showing off her legs in high heels and short dresses, sexy selfies, and sometimes shows off her figure and curves in bikini snaps. 

If you like to be teased, she is the one to follow! 

8. Darcey and Stacey Silva

Darcey and Stacey Silva are double trouble! They are identical twins and petite hot cougars. 

Darcey and Stacey are reality stars – firstly, they showed up on a 90-day fiancé, one of the popular reality TV shows that follow partners on their K1 visa journey. 

Now, they are staring in their own TV show called simply Darcey and Stacey.

Besides being reality stars, they are also entrepreneurs and girl bosses, with their own clothing line. 

These twins are petite, blonde, with stunning blue eyes, curvy bodies, and a sassy attitude. I guess it is true what they say – poison comes in small bottles!

You will not only like their provocative pics but witty captions as well. 

They are known already for their preference in dating young men, but also for dating men from Eastern European countries. 

Unfortunately, one of the girls, Stacey (staceysilvatv on Instagram) is taken – she got married recently to 20 years younger model from Albania.   

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 28

Darcey (her account is darceysilva) is still single and looking for the man of her dreams, so maybe try getting her attention. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 29

9. Baristaem

Baristaem knows what men on Instagram like to see. Bikini pics, and then more bikini pics, so she came up with the Instagram account that will certainly grab your attention – bikini_em

This is another stunning, petite blonde that has an attention-grabbing body. 

Baristaem has curls, and likes to show them!

Most of her Instagram posts are just bikini shots – she is posing on the beach, by the pool, and sometimes showing her provocative lingerie in her bedroom. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 30

This cougar just knows how to get your attention and make you click that “Follow” button. 

Also, this is another sexy confident mature woman, that isn’t afraid to pose next to someone. 

You can discover new accounts by following her, as she likes to collaborate with other hot cougars and promote smaller accounts. 

In case you want to see even more of Baristaem, make sure to follow her second account as well: alaynaallure. xo.

Unfortunately, on the backup account, she isn’t so active, but you may see a sexy bikini shot from time to time. 

10. Holly Madison

Why does this gorgeous blonde look so familiar?

Well, if you ever bought a Playboy magazine, you may have spotted her there! 

Holly Madison (@hollymadison) is one of the most famous Playboy bunnies. She was even one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and lived in Playboy Mansion for years with the other Playboy divas. 

Now, she is doing her own thing in Las Vegas, on YouTube, and she even had time to write a book called “Down the Rabbit hole” about her experience in Playboy Mansion.

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 31

Holly is still using her modeling skills back from the days to deliver the hot content to her Instagram followers. 

Even at 41, she looks gorgeous, with firm breasts, and a curvy figure that men find irresistible. 

From time to time she also posts provocative videos of her in bikini or lingerie, so she is definitely worth following. 

11. Mitch and Gerri

If adventurous girls are your type, then you will love Gerri. 

As you can see from the account name, @mitchandgerri, this hot MILF is taken, however, you can still follow her on Instagram and enjoy the view. 

Gerri likes to stay active, so she frequently posts about her hiking trips, as well as gym pics. 

She has a stunning body for a 50-year old – big curves and tight. 

Also, she is quite tall, which just adds to her sexy appearance. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 32

Besides hiking, Gerri likes to pose on the beach and show her great bikini body. 

She even has a second account, about fashion, but mostly for promoting more of her provocative content, called gerri_world

Even though her Instagram is full of sexy pics, she keeps the best ones for OnlyFans – you can find even more content on her page. As one of the top creators on that website, she is quite active. 

12. Geisa

Brazilian babes are truly out of this world!

They have gorgeous, irresistible, curvy bodies, captivating smiles, and exotic looks that men cannot resist. 

Geisa is one of the hottest Brazilian MILFs on Instagram. You can find her under the name geisavitorinoreal.

This Brazilian beauty has over 1 million followers and 4000 posts. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 33

She mostly posts from the beach, or from one of her exotic trips.

It is all about her stunning Brazilian figure that she works hard on. 

Curves are natural, but she likes to keep her body tight with regular workouts.

Also, this stunning Latina isn’t only beautiful, but smart as well. 

Her Instagram is sort of her travel diary, and she works as a broker and in marketing.

13. Cecilia Franco

Another Latin beauty on this list is Cecilia Franco (@cecilia.franco on Instagram). 

In case you love more fit girls, you will adore her. 

Cecilia has a strict workout routine, which you can see from her body. 

It is all about the abs, strong tights, and arms. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 34

She still managed to keep the feminine figure, and when she is posing in a bikini, you can see her wonderful, natural curves. 

Like most Latinas, she has an incredible, captivating smile, and hair that you would like to play with. 

This 49-year old radiates with confidence which makes her even more attractive. 

Now, her Instagram counts almost 1 million followers, with over 3000 posts. 

14. Lorena Roos

Lorena Roos is giving the supermodel vibe. 

This stunning cougar is a designer, fashionista, and she is addicted to fitness and working out. 

Any girl that stumbles upon her Instagram will get jealous because of her looks. 

Even when she is posing in the gym, she manages the look incredible!

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 35

It is probably because of that long blonde hair, and brown, cat-like, eyes. She also has full lips, and face features that are captivating. 

Another thing that will amaze you is her body. 

The gym helps her to keep her abs and tights tight, while still keeping her curves big and gorgeous. 

Unlike other cougars, she doesn’t like to strip down on her Instagram as much, so there aren’t many pics in bikini, but she will keep you wondering and wanting more with all of her other mirror selfies. 

You can see just how talented this girl is on her second account – lorenarooscouture

15. Tricia Goldsmith

So far, only moms have been listed. What about pushing the age border even further and talking about sexy grandmas on Instagram?

The one to follow is certainly Tricia Goldsmith

She isn’t ashamed of her age or how good she looks for her age!

This grandma is fit, with over 52k followers on Instagram and 1.6 million on TikTok. WOW!

Also, she is a voice of the LGBTQ community. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 36

Tricia is one fit grandma, with gorgeous curl, an even prettier face – captivating smile and eyes, and long, blonde hair. 

Her Instagram is mostly her TikTok posts in various lingerie and nighttime gowns. Sometimes she even twerks to show off her multiple talents. 

16. Jessica Franceschetti

The girl that would sit down and watch a soccer game with you is Jessica Franceschetti

She describes herself as a football lover, and she is from Vicentina. 

Besides her love for football, she is passionate about working out and loves to share the results of her hard work by posing in a bikini.

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 37

Her Instagram is mostly bikini pics and selfies, and there are a few photos in football jerseys or sexy, night dresses. 

Jessica is proof that even smaller, skinnier girls can have a great curvy figure.  

The one thing that men find incredibly attractive on her is her tattoos. 

She has multiple all over her body, and they compliment her body perfectly. 

17. Beth

Last but not least is the model mizz_beth or simply Beth. 

Unfortunately, this cougar keeps her Instagram profile private, so you will have to join her 186k followers to enjoy her content. 

Miss Beth is over 40 years old, from the USA, and calls herself a glamour model. 

As a professional, she has been taught how to pose, to show off her body in the best light. 

Cougars on Instagram in [year] - A List of the Hottest [+Contact] 38

I’m sure that those gorgeous curves look awesome from any angle, but it is always nice to see some professional shots. 

Beth is another blonde on the list, that knows how to use her incredible body at 40 to attract guys and keep them coming back for more. 

Even though she doesn’t have many posts (only 159 pictures), she is still worth following, as she is delivering quality content!


There you go – top 10 hot cougars on Instagram!

Blondes, brunettes of all shapes and sizes were included, so every guy can find a sexy cougar that meets his criteria and whose posts will brighten up their day. 

Wondering how to pick up married chicks? Check out the FAQ section below, as there are more tips to share with you!


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