Cougar Life Profile – How to Standout in 2024

People who want to get into the world of cougar dating know that there are not way too many options for them and that they will probably have to turn to Cougar Life in order to find their significant other.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 8

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Creating a profile on is something you will certainly have to do at some point in the future, so it is best to be well-prepared and learn how to create the best possible profile.

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Online dating can be quite of a challenge, especially if you have little to no experience in it, but thanks to our little guide, I believe you will be able to start using Cougar Life without any significant obstacles.

Follow along with our short Cougar Life review and learn:

How to start connecting with younger men on this platform with ease
What is the best cougar life username
What features are there on Cougar Life
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How to Create a Cougar Life Profile?

Creating a profile on Cougar Life is similar to creating a profile on any other dating website, whether it is made for cougars or not.

If you want to create your Cougar Life account, you will have to get onto the official website and find the “Create Profile” button.

Just like on all dating platforms, you will go through a short registration process where you will need to upload as much information about yourself as you can.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 9

Older women are usually not too confident about putting a lot of information on their dating profiles, but you have to know that is the key to connecting with plenty of young men.

The whole process of creating a Cougar Life account is completely free, so in case a window where you are required to upload your credit card information or something similar to that appears, know that it is some sort of ad or scam and close it immediately.

Cougar Life will not require you to upload any of this information, at least not before you decide to invest in a membership.

You will have to come up with a unique username and caption too, but really try to check out all the boxes there are.

The whole process is really simple and will not take you more than 5 minutes, so I would really encourage you to take a short amount of time and fill everything out.

What Is The Best Cougar Life Username?

How much success you will have on a cougar dating site also depends a lot on the username you decide to start using, and you should make sure you don’t stick with something too basic or generic.

You need to find a username that will make a person very interested in you or that will make them think twice about what kind of a person you may be.

Top Cougar Picks based on 100,000+ Survey

"#1 Rated (Highest Success Rate)"
"Best for Discreet Cougar Dating"
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"Best Course for Cougars"
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For that reason, I recommend choosing something a bit mysterious and provocative because it will make more men open your profile and think of messaging you.

You should also avoid basic usernames that have the word “cougar” or “mature woman” in them because it is very boring and uninspiring – these men already know who you are, and they don’t want to hear about women calling themselves cougars all the time.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 10

I would also recommend adding your name or nickname in the username because it will be way more unique, and in terms of functionality, people will have a much easier time finding your profile on the platform.

However, don’t put your whole name and surname if you don’t want people from real life to find you.

What Should I Put On My Cougar Life Profile?

When creating your Cougar Life account, you will be required only to upload basic information about yourself, like your e-mail address, username, gender, and age of birth.

However, people who don’t fill out the profile completely really tend to struggle with finding a partner on this platform, and Cougar Life works a lot worse for them.

Profiles with little to no information may look like scammers, so most users tend to avoid them and stick with contacting those who look more realistic.

You will get the best results on this platform if you fill out all the boxes there are on your profile, and that means being transparent about your age, ethnicity, location, body type, hair color, and eye color.

If you manage to fill out all of these sections, you can be sure more people will start reaching out to you, and your profile will also perform much better on the platform because it will be popping out to everyone.

Profiles that are completely filled out and where people tend to upload private photos are sought by most users of the platform, and they will be the first ones to appear on other people’s homepages.

Probably the most important thing is entering your exact age and make sure you never lie about details like this because it will completely ruin your experience and disable you from finding the date for yourself.

People tend to search for other users according to their preferred age range, so if you make yourself to be a bit younger or a bit older than you actually are and your potential date finds out about that, you will probably be in trouble.

Be honest about everything and never like when filling out these forms because you may come off as a scammer when you meet someone in real life.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 11

I would also encourage you to put as many profile pictures as you can because it will show people that a real person is standing behind this account.

You can upload photos where you are shown practicing some of your hobbies, a few casual ones, but also a few photos where you look your best, possibly prepared for some sort of event or celebration.

Cougar Life offers you the opportunity to show your real self and find a member who has similar interests, so make sure you utilize this online dating site as much as you can and avoid any problems.

The key to becoming successful on Cougar Life is also in creating a good “About me” description and using a caption that will make people pay attention, so this is something you should be thinking about too. 

How To Create An Attractive Cougar Life Profile?

Women looking to find a younger partner on the Cougar Life platform really need to know how to create an attractive profile that will make people open it and decide to start messaging them. 

The key to being a milf that stands out on these platforms is in having an outstanding About me description and a cool caption that will make people interested in you.

Even though this is a hookup platform, you will need to have something special about yourself that will make these young men choose you and not another milf.

The best thing you can do is put all of your efforts into creating a sexy and mysterious caption that will make men ask themselves many questions, and in the end, reach out to you because they want to find out who is the woman behind it.

A caption is the first thing someone will see on their homepage, and if it looks good, especially in combination with your profile picture, they will decide to reach out to you.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 12

For that reason, make sure you come up with something fun and amusing that will make men contact you immediately.

The other thing you need to be focused on is your About me description that will help people find out more about your character and the things you enjoy in life.

You can use it to present yourself in the best way possible and give out a few interesting facts about your personality that may make you go crazy over you.

However, your about me should also say a thing or two about the things you wish to find in your partner, and you can use it to describe the perfect man you would like to settle with.

I would also recommend using it to show whether you are interested in a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or a casual hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), so the men who don’t have the same needs and wishes can easily switch to another woman.

Your grammar should be pretty good, so make sure you check everything twice before you upload it because bad grammar is usually a sign of a fake profile, and you certainly want to avoid that.

Make sure both your username, about me, and caption radiate the same energy and stick to the one persona you want to create in the eyes of these younger men.

What Features Are There On Cougar Life?

Even though Cougar Life is a pretty basic dating platform, they still have a few cool features that can make your whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

Probably the best thing they have is the “Find a date tonight” option that immediately connects you to all the people in your surroundings who are looking for a cougar date.

It allows you to schedule a date with a random person in a matter of just a few minutes, and you will always be able to find someone in your city who is interested in getting a drink.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 13

Not too many dating platforms offer a feature as good as this one, and it is really a great option for all people interested in cougar dating who have a hard tie finding someone similar in their surroundings.

It doesn’t even have to be a date, and you can connect with another cougar woman with whom you will share your experiences.

Another cool thing about Cougar Life is the option for sending virtual gifts that allows you to buy whatever you want and send it to a person you like.

You can send them whatever you want, and your safety will be 100% protected because the platform itself is the one that handles the whole buying and shipping process.

This is a great option for all young men who want to impress their cougar but have no idea how to do it.

What Kind Of Membership Is There On Cougar Life?

Since Cougar Life is not a free dating platform, you will have to invest some money into membership and choose the one that works best for you.

There is no free membership, but you can choose between a standard and a premium membership, which differ in price.

The Cougar Life cost of standard membership is 20 dollars per month, but if you decide to pay for it three-month, 6, or 12 months in advance, it can cost you only 10 dollars per month.

On the other hand, the premium membership will cost you 30 dollars per month, but if you opt for paying in advance, you can get it for as much as 12 dollars per month, which is a pretty good deal.

This also eliminates the possibility of fake accounts, and even though there is no free trial that could help you get around the platform and realize whether you want to start using it or not, you can really count on it to give you the best results.

Free members are unfortunately only allowed to register and browse through other people’s profiles, so as long as you don’t pay for a membership, you will not be able to reach out to anyone.

You can choose whether you want to pay through a credit card, PayPal, or some of the similar mobile apps for online transactions, which are pretty practical.

How To Delete Cougar Life Profile?

Many people find their soulmate through the Cougar Life platform, so once they decide to settle, they also make the decision to delete or deactivate their profile, which is completely fine.

You can choose the option that works the best for you and easily finish this process through your profile.

If you want to delete your profile, you should open your Profile Settings, click on “Profile,” and scroll to the end of the page.

Here you should see the option “Delete your account” written in bold red letters, and if you are 100% sure of your decision, you should click on it.

Cougar Life Profile - How to Standout in [year] 14

If you want to deactivate your account, that option will be listed right above the “Delete” button, so you should be able to finish this process fast too.

In case the site offers these options for you, but you don’t seem to be able to complete the action, you should contact Cougar Life support that will try to solve your problem.

Their e-mail is [email protected], and they really tend to respond pretty fast, especially when it comes to things like this.


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