How To Get An Older Woman To Fall In Love With You in 2024

Seducing an older woman always has much more to do with your confidence and personality, rather than with good looks.

For that reason, making her fall in love with you challenging than it would be with younger girls, and it requires you to show extra care and confidence.

How To Get An Older Woman To Fall In Love With You in [year] 2

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When you go on a first date with her, you will have to do everything you can in order to make her impressed, and make sure that your body language and eye contact show her how much you are longing for her.

We have decided to provide you with a brief and simple guide that will help you learn how to get an older woman to fall in love with you.

Here you will discover:

How to dress for a date
Why is body language important
How to talk to an older woman
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Dress Like A Man

Even though your physical appearance is not the most important thing when dating cougars, and you need to radiate some kind of confident aura in order to make her fall in love with you, you still need to dress like a decent and busy man.

Younger men usually don’t take care of their appearance too much, and they tend to show up in horrendous clothes on a first date which really leaves a bad first impression.

I’m not saying that you need to come with a suit and tie but you really need to be smart casual and make sure you look like a mature man, not a high schooler who went out for a basketball game.

Young men really need to understand that even though they don’t need to look like an older man all the time, they still need to look like someone who has real things to do in his life and doesn’t spend days lounging in his t-shirts, playing games.

This is especially important if you have already been seeing each other for some time and you plan on appearing in front of her friends.

In this case, it is very important to maintain the cool man’s aura and show how serious and confident you are; otherwise, she may feel ashamed in front of all of these people who are close to her.

Control Your Body Language

Body language is maybe the most important thing when it comes to the world of dating, and it can really completely change your life if you plan on dating older women, whether you are interested in a serious relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder)  or just a casual hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Even if you don’t feel confident around her and you are experiencing this type of relationship for the first time, you need to make sure it doesn’t show; otherwise, you will face unpleasant consequences.

You want to make this woman feel safe and proud when she is around you, so you always have to make sure you have your own life under control.

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The key to getting that sort of effect is by controlling your body language and appearance and making sure you always look confident and show her love and care.

Never allow yourself to come off as insecure or immature – always stand straight, with your head up high, and look like you don’t care about other people and their opinions.

This is something younger guys tend to struggle with when there is an age gap in a relationship, so please, make sure you are not one of them and never ever feel or look embarrassed in front of others because of it.

Not only will it make you and your mature woman look like a great couple, but you will also grow bigger in her eyes, and she will see that you are ready to take the major part in her life, no matter the obstacles.

Know When To Say What

If you want to come off as a mature man, you will need to know when to say what and when to keep your mouth shut.

This is something that is pretty much not important when you are dealing with younger women, but once you start getting into relationships with milfs and cougars, one small thing can like this can completely ruin it.

Whether you are talking about your sex life, love life, life experience, or just your job and regular daily things, you need to be very careful and make sure to choose the words the right way.

You need to make sure you come across as someone who knows what he wants in life and never mentions unpleasant things or trash other people because it will make you sound like a child.

When dating an older woman, you have to act like people from her age group, and although you can afford yourself some type of immature behavior from time to time, make sure it is never when the two of you are in other people’s company.

This should also go for your social media profiles, but only if your woman and her acquaintances are following you – never post stupid things and don’t be active 24/7 on it because it will show that you are still sort of a child.

Ignore The Age Gap

The age difference between the two of you is probably pretty obvious and both of you know it, but it would still be nice if you avoided mentioning it.

If you want to make an older woman fall for you, then you have to show complete understanding about this thing and ignore the fact that she is older than you.

Young guys often don’t know how to act in these situations, especially on the first date, so they tend to say how this is not a big problem for them several times, which is a big mistake.

It will show that you are not confident enough and that you really don’t know how to handle an older woman and approach them, which will probably make her turn off completely.

If you are attracted to older women, you will need to know how to handle it because you won’t be able to act this way your whole life – it will make all these women run away from you.

The key how to make a woman fall in love with you is to never mention the age difference and rather talk about different experiences and future plans, making her forget that she is older than you.

Compliment Her

When I say that you should compliment her, it doesn’t mean that you should be showering her with compliments from the moment the two of you meet.

If you want to make her enchanted by you, you have to find the right moment to give her a compliment and avoiding complimenting her physical features, at least in the beginning.

While it is pretty normal to tell her that she is extremely beautiful, I would still recommend focusing on her intelligence, humor, education, and non-physical things because these are the compliments older women value a lot more.

The key to seducing older women is in doing the complete opposite you would do to younger women.

They are not impressed by your money, great looks, and they don’t fall for men who insist on getting them into bed – they value mature men who know what they want in life and know to value women for some things that are not their hot looks.

Choose your words well and see what are the areas in life where she is not that confident in herself are and try to give her compliments regarding that. 

Find A Good Place For A Date

How to date an older woman can be pretty challenging when it comes to this because they will not be satisfied with the regular romantic dates you have been used to.

They are confident women who already have a lot of life experience and they probably know all the romantic places in the town, so you will need to try harder in order to impress them.

For that reason, I recommend preparing yourself to find a good and original place for the first date and don’t rely on the Wikihow pieces of advice because they are useless with an older woman.

Find out what are the finer things she likes in life and schedule a date at a museum, gallery, or some fancy, over-the-top restaurant she probably never visited before.

Never Play Games

It may be easy to learn how to ask an older woman out or how to approach an older woman, but this seems to be the hardest lesson for most younger men.

Older women will leave you the moment they realize you are starting to play games, and they definitely won’t tolerate this behavior at all.

The best thing you can do if you plan on approaching an older woman is, to be honest from the start and sincere about your plans and wishes.

If she finds out from someone else that you are messing with other girls, then you probably won’t hear from her ever again. 

Give Her Some Alone Time

Trust me, a young man can fall crazy for an older woman, even so much that he doesn’t allow her to spend a day without seeing him.

Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster, whether your woman is 24 or 45 years old, and you definitely need to let her breathe.

Older women have a lot of things going on for themselves, and they certainly won’t be able to spend all of their free time texting you and going out with you, so be aware of that in advance.

This type of behavior can also make you look quite needy and immature, and it will push her away from you in a second.

For that reason, always show that you are confident and satisfied all alone and that you don’t need her, but rather want to share some beautiful moments and experiences that will stay in the memory of both of you.

Don’t Push Her Too Much

Older women are a bit harder to crack so you will really need to show that you care and sincerely want her if you want to get into her bed.

The worst thing you can do is start insisting on it on the first date and asking these types of things all the time.

Not only you will never make her want to sleep with you, but she will probably start avoiding you and ignoring your calls.

If she is open about not wanting to sleep with you until some time has passed, then you should respect her decision.

In case that is something you are not ok with, then be open about it and decide to part ways because it will definitely not work out the best.


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