How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed in 2024 – Easy Steps

Cougar dating is something extremely popular these days, and it seems like both men and women are eager to try it out and find a much younger or older partner.

How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed in [year] - Easy Steps 5

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However, older women are usually the ones who have the most doubts about whether they will be able to keep their young guy satisfied and whether the age difference will affect their sex life (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

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These are some steps you should take that will help you get over the age gap and provide your young guy with an amazing sex experience:

Learn how to turn him on
Show him all the tricks you know
Wear sexy underwear
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How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed

1. Find His Biggest Turn-On

When dating both younger and older men, the best thing you can do in order to keep his sex drive satisfied and him going crazy over you is finding his biggest turn-on and messing with it every time the two of you are in bed.

Even though older men are pretty open about their turn-ons and they will always tell their woman what it is that they are seeking in bed, younger guys tend to be pretty shy when it comes to things like this.

He will probably not be very upfront about things like this, so you will need to read his body language and carefully examine him during sex if you want to make sure you will find his weak point.

Young women are usually not that careful with guys of their own age, so your younger guy will definitely be pleasantly surprised when he realizes you are doing everything for your sex with a younger man to be amazing.

How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed in [year] - Easy Steps 6

Make sure when you are sleeping with a younger man for the first time you give extra attention to everything he does because this is the easiest way to find out what are his biggest turn-ons and what parts of sex he enjoys the most.

They usually feel embarrassed to be talking about that openly, especially with older women, so it is up to you to find out what makes your younger guy go absolutely crazy in bed.

Once you two get passionate, he will completely stop thinking about whether the things he is doing are right or wrong, and this is the moment where you will see him at his rawest and realize what the key to creating a great sexual relationship with him is.

2. Show Him New Things

Men date older women usually because they feel like they can teach them a lot and guide them in life, but the same thing can be said for sex too.

Older women are much more experienced with them, and when they get into younger man relationships, they are able to teach them some things they have never even heard about, providing them with an extremely worthy sexual experience.

If you were thinking about how to impress a man in bed, then the best thing you can do is show him something new he has never experienced before.

Through conversation and hookups, you will probably be able to realize what are the things he has never tried out, and you can provide them with a crazy sexual experience the next time you end up in bed.

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If you are in a new relationship, and the two of you have been seeing each other for a very short period of time, then you should definitely wait a little bit before you engage in some crazy sexual fantasies because the poor guy might get scared.

They have probably only had sex with younger women before, and they probably don’t know what it feels like to be used as a sex toy by a woman, so you should make sure you slow down things a little bit and only engage in things he feels comfortable with.

Many older women tend to get crazy in bed even on the first date, and while that is completely fine when you are dating older guys, it can really make a young man run as fast as he can because he will think you are absolutely crazy in bed.

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, you should always propose new things in bed and discuss them beforehand because you don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable or threatened.

How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed in [year] - Easy Steps 7

Younger guys usually don’t have too much confidence, especially when dating older women, so you should be very careful with them.

The key is in being playful but never overreacting or engaging in something neither of you wants just for the sake of trying it out.

3. Tease Him

Teasing can be enough if you are at the beginning of your relationship, and a much younger man will certainly get turned on a lot if you manage to do things like this.

You can be suggestive and talk about sexual things in a teasing way, but still keep him far away from yourself.

This will make his imagination go wild, and he will start thinking about you non-stop and doing everything that is in his power to convince you to do these things.

It is a great tactic when you are not 100% sure whether he is still hooked on you or not, and it can even help you spark up the tension if the things have been pretty dead for a while.

This is one of the best ways how to keep a younger man interested, and as long as you can keep him guessing about what will be the next best thing you two will experience in bed, he will be 100% focused on you.

4. Be Confident

The key to how to please a young man and how to attract younger men is to be confident and believing in yourself.

Only those women who know they are high value know that young man sex can be amazing only when they themselves feel confident.

There are no sex tips to please a man that would give you better results than being sure of yourself and acting confident in bed, and this is something that will certainly make every man go crazy over you.

This is especially important if you plan on getting into a committed relationship, and you need to find a way to keep this young man sexually attracted to you for a longer period of time.

Once he realizes you are 100% sure of yourself and that you know what you are doing in bed, he will go head over heels for you, and it will turn him on even more than some other things you may do.

When dating men who are much younger than you, you need to keep your confidence and always remind yourself that he wouldn’t be in bed in you if he wasn’t sincerely attracted and really wanted to have a sexy older woman with himself.

The best tips for dating a younger man are remaining confident both in bed and in life and showing enough emotional maturity that will let him see you are the one in a million, and no younger woman could ever be able to replace you.

5. Wear Sexy Underwear

Even older guys are attracted to women in sexy lingerie, so your younger counterpart will also certainly be delighted to see you in a sexy outfit like that.

Older women having sex with younger guys usually pay a lot of attention to how they look, and if you want to be 100% sure you will look like someone from his wildest fantasies, you should invest some money and buy a nice lingerie set.

This can make him get turned on even faster and wilder because men are very big fans of sexy clothes, and they are eager to see their woman in something like that.

A young man having sex with an older woman also wants to see something different from her, so since younger girls are not big fans of dressing up like this, you will probably be able to make some of his fantasies come true.

6. Make Him Feel Unique

As long as you are able to make a man feel special and unique, he will be going crazy over you and lusting for you.

If you manage to make him feel like he is the best man you have ever slept with and that you have never felt that sort of electricity with someone, he will do anything that is in his power to keep you.

How to Keep a Younger Man Happy In Bed in [year] - Easy Steps 8

Men are very sensitive to women who treat them like kings, and especially if you are thinking about how to seduce a younger man, this technique will work.

They will see that you had plenty of other options but still decided to settle with them, which will make them feel very special.

You should also be practicing this in bed too by praising him for the small things he does and the pleasure he provides you with.

Those are usually some small words and gestures, but in age gap relationships like yours, that is something that will keep the love and spark going on and will certainly provide you with a  very beautiful and joyful experience.

Even when you are doing some crazy things in bed with him, you should never mention that you have previously done it with another man, but rather say something like, “You are the only man I have ever felt comfortable doing this.”

This will give him an ego boost and make him feel like he is really an important and special figure in your life, which will have a great impact on your relationship and your sex life.


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