What Is Cougar Dating in 2024‌? [Definition & Meaning]

I guess most of the people who have access to the internet or at least watch TV regularly have heard about the term cougar dating, but what does this mean, really?

Many people mistake the older women dating younger men for sugar mamas, but this has nothing to do with this industry.

What Is Cougar Dating in [year]‌? [Definition & Meaning] 4

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In case you are someone who didn’t watch Cougar Town or still have no idea what Courteney Cox was doing in that TV show, I suggest reading this article carefully and finding out all you need to know about cougar relationships.

Here you will discover:

What is a cougar
How do you date a cougar
What is a cougar cub relationship
And much more

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What Is Cougar Dating Really?

Cougar dating has become a slang term that you can hear pretty often in TV shows or on social networks, but it seems like most people don’t understand what it really is.

Some people mistake the single women dating younger men for sugar mamas, while others believe these are relationships based solely on fulfilling each other’s sex drives (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

Even though there is no real cougar definition in our dictionaries, the term cougar woman always refers to an older woman who enjoys engaging in relationships with very young men.

It is thought that these women are always on the prowl, looking for their next cougar date and their next victim, just like a jaguar or a puma.

Famous women like Madonna and Susan Sarandon have always been known as women who enjoy the company of a hot and young guy, and you rarely see them with men of their own age.

Mature cougars are women who are sure of themselves and don’t have any time to waste, so they choose to engage in emotional and sexual relationships only with men who can satisfy them.

Even though the cougar connotation is often overlooked negatively in society, these relationships are never based solely on cougar sex.

What Is Cougar Dating in [year]‌? [Definition & Meaning] 5

While the cougar slang may be quite confusing to newcomers to this, you should never look at women who pursue this lifestyle negatively because many older milfs just want some love and attention and don’t seem to be getting it from the men of their own age (like eHarmony or Tinder).

Both men and women engage in these types of relationships because they can’t find a like-minded individual of their own age, and some women don’t even have a preference or a fetish; they just like younger men because they have more life to themselves.

However, the chances that you will marry your milf cougar are pretty low, since only 2% of marriages in the USA in the past years were between younger men and older women. 

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Still, that doesn’t undermine the fact that a large number of women across the world engage in relationships with younger men and enjoy spending their time with them.

Still Don’t Get Who Is A Cougar?

Even after all the explanations, many people still don’t seem to understand who is your milf date really and why you’d call it a cougar, so let’s try again, a bit more simple.

Cougars are heterosexual women, usually between 35 and 55 years old, who engage in relationships with much younger men, at least 8 years younger than them.

If you know about milf meaning a sexually attractive older woman, then you can definitely call your cougar woman that way too, because we are usually talking about the same people.

Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions that we most often come across regarding this lifestyle.

Does Cougar Dating Really Happen In Real Life?

Many people look at cougaring as something that happens rarely or is reserved for people from higher social circles and with troublesome relationships and love lives.

Of course, not all cougar couples are Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but cougar relationships frequently happen among regular people too.

As I have already mentioned, the pop culture enjoyed a funny sitcom called “Cougar Town” that was all about cougar women engaging in relationships with much younger men.

I believe you know several women from your city or living area that prefers dating younger men and don’t care about the age difference as long as they have fun and are satisfied with their partners.

Trust me, this is not something that happens only in Hollywood, and I believe every area has at least one middle-aged woman who is known for enjoying the cougar life and all of its benefits.

Even though many people from smaller cities may be very surprised when they realize there is a term for that, cougar dating has always been around, and if you live in New York or Los Angeles, you definitely know over dozen of these couples.

Many people ask what are the requirements to be a cougar, but trust me, that definitely isn’t being rich and popular because so many regular women in our surroundings pursue this lifestyle too.

Some men are insecure and are not sure do cougar cub relationships work or fear pursuing these women because they are much older.

Trust me, cougar relationships are relationships like all others you can find in your surroundings, and you should completely ignore the age gap and try impressing your cougar just like you would any other girl.

What Is Cougar Dating in [year]‌? [Definition & Meaning] 6

Ignore the prejudices and start pursuing older women you find attractive – they may be a cougar who is still not are of that.

Where Can I Meet Cougars?

Since meeting older women sometimes can’t be done easily in your city area, the best thing you can do is turn to online dating.

Even though you can find plenty of cougar women on regular apps like Tinder, Hinge, or Badoo, there are special cougar dating sites too, and trust me; they are very popular.

These women are often present on regular dating websites too, but I believe you will have the most success if you try pursuing them over Cougardate.com or platforms similar to it.

Many people love engaging in cougar relationships but often don’t even know what the real term for that is or that there are special websites for that type of dating.

The most popular website is definitely Cougardate.com that allows you to connect with over a million cougar women all around the USA.

It gathers milf women from across the country and allows them to get in touch with younger men who are seeking pleasure, just like them.

You can choose whether you are interested just in sex with mature women, or you maybe want to pursue a serious relationship too.

While the women are most often interested in having a serious relationship with these guys, they pretty much just want fun, so it can be quite a painful experience for a cougar woman.

These websites are really popular in the cougar community, and these women tend to be very active on the platform, so if you have no idea where to find one in real life, I would tell you to shoot your shot with this one.

Here are more of the websites you can use in order to find your cougar lady:

  1. Cougar Date
  2. Ashley Madison
  3. Adult Friend Finder
  4. Milf Finder
  5. Plenty of Fish
  6. Match.com

All of them are pretty active, and you will definitely be able to get at least one match; and once you get into the community, you will definitely be able to meet more women.

However, make sure you are familiar with the cougar slang before you join any of them because if you don’t know what does milf mean or what’s the male version of a cougar is, you may not be able to handle the conversations well.

Why Date A Cougar?

When pursuing cougar dating, all of the people involved have their own reasons why they enjoy these types of relationships and why they decide to settle with a much older or younger partner.

If you are a young man who is looking for something more than simple sex, then cougar relationships can really be the right thing for you because these women know what they want, and they are very open about it.

You definitely won’t have to spend your time reading their minds and engaging in exhausting conversations because they are so sure of themselves and are ready to replace you the moment you stop fulfilling their wishes and desires.

I would say these women are much easier to date than girls of your own age, especially if you are in your twenties, and even though it is a lot harder to find a cougar partner, I believe it can bring you much more pleasure.

However, if you are looking for an older woman just because she can provide for you and you can spend your days laying around, then boy, you are not looking for a cougar; you are looking for your sugar mama.

Cougar women offer nothing but their precious presence, and you can’t expect that they will cover your bills, pay for your tuition, or shower you with gifts because this is not a sugar relationship.

For that reason, why you will date a cougar depends solely on you and your preferences but be sure that except for a simple and loving relationship, you won’t get anything else.

I believe that mature younger man who doesn’t have time to waste enjoy engaging in these types of relationships because cougar women save them so much time and are much easier to handle in general.

However, what are the benefits and whether there are any of them are the things you will have to decide for yourself.


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