Older Woman Younger Man Marriage in 2024 – All You Need to Know

Relationships between older women and younger men are something that has thoroughly been discussed during the past few years, but it seems like the debate gets even more amusing when we get to the marriage.

Even though relationships like this have been pretty much normalized, it seems like a marriage with a cougar is something that is still taboo, and people have no idea why a young guy would engage in it.

If you are thinking about engaging in a marriage with a woman that is much older than yourself, then these are some of the most important things you should know before you decide to say “Yes:

Connection is the key
Sex life is still great
Why do younger men like older women
And much more

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1. Connection Is the Key

The key to dating younger men and doing it successfully is definitely in establishing a unique connection and all older women are aware of this.

A young man can be distracted by many things in other women, but as long as the two of you have a strong bond and feel just like you did the first time you stepped into this relationship, you will be able to make it work.

When dealing with a much older or much younger partner, the two people really need to create a good connection and balance that will help them remain on good terms no matter what and allow them to communicate all problems they could potentially have.

Older Woman Younger Man Marriage in [year] - All You Need to Know 4

Men who marry older women usually marry them because of this fact – they know they are much easier to handle and they avoid all kinds of drama.

Once the two of you became best friends and then lovers, you will be able to share different life experiences and thoughts easily, which is the key to a successful relationship, no matter the age difference.

As long as the bond between you is strong and the two of you trust each other, your relationship will be thriving, and you can think about marriage.

Your soul mate doesn’t necessarily need to be someone of your own age, and if you recognize this sort of bond when you meet someone, you should go ahead and continue it with them, even if you are scared of the age difference.

Younger guys are usually scared when they see this happening with older women, so they try to avoid it and dig it deep into themselves, but that certainly won’t help them too much.

This goes for relationships with younger women, too – as long as the real, deep, and raw connection is there, the two of you are meant for each other, and you should go for that woman no matter the obstacles.

A younger man with an older woman will definitely have some struggles because they are usually not used to dealing with women who are calm and don’t make a fuss over everything and anything.

Things can be a bit hard in the beginning, but if the two of them are really strongly connected, value and cherish each other, and can really understand what the other side is going through.

If you realize that you really cherish your partner and that the things between you can really grow into something more, like marriage, if you decide to give it a try.

2. Double Standard

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If you are dating an older woman already, you are pretty much aware of the double standards, and you know this thing will get even worse if you decide to marry her.

When it comes to older men dating much younger women, we can’t really hear people judging that much because it is considered to be normal.

Unfortunately, the same thing is not working when it comes to cougar women dating younger guys, and you will definitely struggle with judgments from people from your surroundings, especially at the beginning of your relationship.

You will hear different comments from your friends, parents, and other relatives, and it is something you will need to learn how to handle, and it will definitely get easier over time.

Marrying an older woman, of course, has some obstacles and consequences, and the judgments of society are certainly the biggest one out of them all, but you shouldn’t let it concern you way too much.

You know you have an older wife, and you are completely ok with that, which means that other people will need to accept it too, eventually.

Women married to younger men also face a lot of negative comments, but they are usually better prepared for that and have a lot more experience dealing with all sorts of people, so you could probably learn a lot about it from your older partner too.

Double standards are always pressed on women, whether they prefer a younger or older partner, and it seems like misogyny is something we really can’t get rid of.

The same thing goes for younger guys who have older partners unless they are in Hollywood.

When you are one of the celebs, it seems like society has no intention to judge you for anything, so you can easily date someone 30 years older than you, and they won’t say a thing.

If someone tries humiliating you because of your relationships with older women, always ask them if half of Hollywood is doing it; why couldn’t you be doing it too?

This will shut them down for some time and make them think twice about this sort of relationship, and realize that age is nothing but a number.

3. Confidence Can Make Everything Work

Even though a strong bond and big love are the things that will help you overcome all the obstacles you may face during your relationship, being confident in it is also very important.

If you have enough self-esteem to tell other people that you sincerely love your partner, and you never doubt the bond between the two of you, you will make others accept everything pretty soon.

Once other people see that older women dating younger men actually do it for real love (like eHarmony or Tinder), compassion, and connection, they will definitely think twice and realize that a younger husband older wife combination is really not something crazy.

When they realize that this is not something temporary but rather that the two of you feel connected on another level, they will understand that things like that happen and that no man ever really planned on falling in love with a 50-year-old woman.

As long as they can see that you are standing behind your decisions and that you are not scared to tell others how you feel about this woman, they will be able to accept it.

For that reason, always be confident about your choices and show others that you don’t mind having a mature married woman and that you will do anything in order to make her feel happy, even if people from your surroundings are not supporting you in that.

Older Woman Younger Man Marriage in [year] - All You Need to Know 5

You should also be very confident when presenting your older woman to your family and friends because if they see that you are sure about your choice, they certainly won’t be messing too much with you.

If you are able to show the people in your surroundings that you deeply care about this person and that you are sure your choice is the right one, they will let go of grudges and try to accept your partner, even if they don’t really agree with your choice.

This is probably the most important when letting her meet your parents because you know how parents can be doubtful, especially of a relationship with an age gap.

For that reason, assert them with confidence and never let their questions make you change your mind and the tone of the conversation.

4. Sex Life Is Still Great

Many peoples believe that a 40 or 60-year-old woman dating younger men have no interests in having sex or whatsoever and that these men are left on their own when it comes to sexual experiences.

Older women are much more experienced in bed, and they simply can’t wait to find a younger guy who will be blown off by the things they can do (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

This is also the reason why so many younger guys decide to experiment with older women younger men relationships, and when they realize these women can really provide them with everything they were looking for, they even decide to marry them.

Mature women with younger men know exactly what they need to do to make them go crazy, and these men are usually absolutely mesmerized by their sex appeal and confidence.

Even though many people doubt that your sex life can be good with an older woman as much as it can be with someone of your own age, the truth is, these women will probably bring you much more pleasure than someone from your age group.

Is It OK To Marry An Older Woman?

If, after all, you still have doubts regarding marrying a woman that is a bit older than yourself, then this probably isn’t teething you should be doing.

Just like with all marriages, you need to be 100% sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, and you really shouldn’t get into a relationship or marriage you are not so sure of.

You shouldn’t question your decision, and you certainly shouldn’t be asking for approval or the opinion of other people in your life before you get married because that shows you are not truly confident in your decision and that you probably don’t have the guts for it.

If you are deciding whether or not you want to engage in a relationship or marriage with a much older woman, I recommend doing that completely on your own and relying on neutral sources and resources to help you make the decision.

Older Woman Younger Man Marriage in [year] - All You Need to Know 6

We know that it is really a huge decision, especially for a younger man, but unless you trust in your love and connection, nothing will be able to work.

For that reason, inspect your relationship deeply, realize what are the good and bad things about it, and be honest to yourself about whether you can make it work or not.


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