Relationship Labels You Need To Know About (2024)

Relationship Labels are a pretty unpopular topic, and it seems like no one is ready to define their relationship with a significant other.

If you want to know who you are dealing with and what you can expect from your connection, it is always best to insist on labeling your relationship, whether it’s casual or long-term.

What are Relationship Labels? which ones exist, and what is the difference between romantic relationships and casual hangouts are just some of the things we will discuss.

Let’s delve into them briefly:

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What Are Relationship Labels?
How Do You Label Relationships?
Types Of Relationships
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What Are Relationship Labels?

Relationship labels are a pretty new thing in the dating pool, and they are a way to show how you view this relationship and what you expect from it.

By using labels of this sort, you will also be able to see whether the other person is also into a serious romance or considers this casual dating.

Using and discussing these labels is an excellent thing because it will help you avoid people who want to mess around with you and allow you to engage in rewarding relationships and arrangements you have wished for.

Even the most casual arrangement should be defined to ensure everyone realizes what they are spending time on.

By labeling a relationship, you will be able to define the relationship, set your priorities, and eventually talk about your future if any of you see it.

What Are Relationship Labels?

It is very important to be open about it from the beginning and to make sure no one feels misled or used, which tends to happen often in a no-label relationship.

If you are engaging in the dating pool and looking for people who want the same things, then it would be best to discuss these labels because it is the only way to get what you desire.

The conversation may feel uncomfortable, but it will help you avoid harsh breakups and fights later on, so it is definitely worth your time and energy.

How Do You Label Relationships?

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Even though most people think they should label relationships however they want, there are some things you should consider before you decide to do it.

The first and the most important thing is whether it is monogamous or not, because this is something both of you need to agree on if you want to succeed.

After that, you should decide whether it will be serious or casual, which tends to be a common struggle between people.

Make sure the conversation is open and transparent, and don’t leave a place for misunderstandings because it can cost you a lot in the future.

Also, discuss how frequently you want to see each other, how you view this arrangement, and what things you expect from the other person because that is the only way you will realize what type of relationship you should engage in.

You don’t need to be strict on these labels, but make sure both agree on it and want to experience the same things.

Types Of Relationships

If you want to see some of the most frequent Relationship Labels, then you are in the right place because we have gathered pretty much every type of relationship:

1. Talking and hanging out on stage

Whether you call it talking or hanging out, this is one of the first steps in a dating relationship, and it is considered to be the part where you are still not involved in dating or any arrangement, but you are talking to each other from time to time.

You could also be hanging out from time to time, but nothing is official, and you are still not involved in any dating stuff, so no one knows how things will continue.

How long you will be in this type of arrangement depends on whether you want a real relationship and how interested your potential partner is in that.

2. Dating someone

When you say that you are dating someone, it means that the two of you are actively seeing each other, going out for drinks and dates, and are probably considering some relationship.

However, this sort of relationship can differ between couples – you could be actively dating someone for years without making it exclusive, while you could also be dating someone for a short time before you decide to make things official.

The whole dating part has a different meaning to different people, and while some see it as a way to get to know someone closely, others see it as a way to kill time and interact with new individuals without too much thinking.

3. In a relationship with someone

When you say that you are in a relationship with someone, it means that there is the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing and that your connection is official now.

This means you will be comfortable presenting this person as your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the two of you will be going out all the time as a couple.

3. In a relationship with someone

A label like this usually means monogamy and a committed relationship, so it is one of the most serious types of dating.

People don’t just rush into a relationship all of a sudden, and this will be discussed beforehand because it is a big deal.

These two people will care for each other emotionally, so it is much more than regular relationship tags, and it requires the two to become best friends too.

It includes saying I love you, spending your free time together, meeting your significant other’s friends and family, and it is the most serious labeled love.

4. Casual Relationship

A casual relationship is nonexclusive primarily and doesn’t involve too many emotions and immense love between the two.

It can also be an answer to situationships because these relationships happen like that – a particular situation leads to something more frequent and casual, but it still doesn’t grow into something more serious.

However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen anytime in the future, especially if these two people realize they could work it out.

5. Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits are the type of arrangement that includes casual sex but keeps things on the low without any romantic interaction.

They don’t need to be unemotional, and the people who decide to get involved in this arrangement are usually great friends beforehand.

Most people believe this is a shallow way of dating, but it usually happens when none of them are looking for a partner but still want to have some taste of it.

Depending on their preferences and wishes for the future, the friends with benefits arrangement can be replaced with something more serious or can lead to a final breakup.

6. Partners

A partnership is a bit more serious way of dating, and no relationship title would fit well for it because it usually means these two people consider each other to be the other half of the heart and life.

The term partner is mostly used by married people or committed couples looking forward to spending their future together.


You will also hear this term frequently used by members of the LGBTQ community because they are mostly not able to get into a marriage but instead get a life partnership paper that will show their relationship.

7. Open relationship

An open relationship means the couple is together, but they also see other people, and no one feels uncomfortable with that.

It can be considered consensual nonmonogamy because they agree on being together and spending time with other people.

However, the boundaries for this may be different, so while some are okay with their partner sleeping with other people, they wouldn’t stay with them if they started to date, other people.

You will also come across swingers and couples interested in different types of sexual arrangements or even dating that are completely fine, so make sure you are precise when defining an open relationship.

It still isn’t one of those uncommitted relationships, so you will need to pay attention to your partner’s wishes.

8. Polyamory

Polyamory is another way of dating where couples feel comfortable with their partner dating other people and falling in love.

These relationships or marriages can be pretty complicated, so you need to make sure you are fine with it before you decide to engage in this sort of connection.

These are some of the most frequent dating labels and arrangements you will come across in real life and social media, and you can decide which one will be a part of your love life and which ones you will ignore for sure.

There are plenty of different types of relationships without titles too, but everything will work out just fine as long as both of you are open for discussion and clear on the things you want from a partner.

Why people use relationship labels is usually because they want to make things easier for themselves and know who they are dealing with and what they can expect, and they can be very useful, especially if you have recently entered the dating pool and don’t know too much about it!


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