School Of Attraction – Course Review in 2024 | How Relevant is it?

If you have ever wanted to find out more about the dating world and strategies both men and women use to keep their partners hooked on them, I believe you have come across the School Of Attraction.

This dating course has really been around for a while and you will see thousands of men online praising it and claiming how they were never able to charm so many women as they did when they were following everything written in the course.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 17

Since this platform is known for having a variety of different materials regarding dating and being able to provide you with the best insight into the dating pool, we have decided to review it and see whether it can really live up to its expectations.

In our review, you will find out:

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What To Expect?

School of Attraction is one of the dating courses you will hear your homeboys recommending all the time.

It is aimed at men, and it is rich with information and strategies that can help you seduce any woman you want, whether you want to do it online, or in real life.

Their courses are extremely detailed, and they pay attention even to the smallest gestures and least probable outcomes so that you can be prepared for basically any situation.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 18

Before you get into the course and start listening to their lectures, you will even be able to do personality tests that will help you realize what type of a dater you are and which kind of approach would be the most successful for you.

This is really a completely unique approach to the dating world, and the people who have been creating and updating this course throughout all these years have really paid attention to every single detail.

Don’t be surprised if the platform basically keeps on begging you to fill out their personality tests because the more information they have about you, the better the program will be, and you will get access to some guides and lectures that are not meant for all types of people.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 19

I believe this is one of the best additions to this course because it really sets it apart from other courses out there from the start and it makes your whole experience a lot more enjoyable and useful because these guides and advice will be adapted to your personality.

The results of these personality tests will also be used in the future, and the School of Attraction will send you new books and guides all the time so that you can work on your performance in both the dating and regular world.

When you start the course, you will usually be able to choose your preferred dating network, and the rest of the course will be dedicated to helping you reach success on Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble.

If it feels easier and better to have some support and a place where you will ask additional questions during the course, you can always join the special Facebook groups they create for their members.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 20

People in these groups usually share their experiences along the way, discuss if there are any misunderstandings or tasks they didn’t manage to do the right way.

Their community also always has a few certified coaches from their course so you will be able to receive some advice from them too or even ask them specific questions.

Once you start the course, you will receive a detailed video for each step you need to make, and their videos are usually somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes long.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

"Serious Relationships""Discreet Hookups""Best Course for Men"
"Quick Flings""Normal Hookups""Our Quiz"

First, you will receive a sort of introduction to the app, hear some basic information about the dating industry these days and see whether this platform is a good choice for you or not.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 21

Since they are aware that not everyone has experience on dating platforms and that more and more people are joining the course in order to find out how they work in the first place, they are going through everything slowly and getting into every single detail there is.

First videos are always dedicated to the basics of these dating platforms, and if Tinder is your dating app of choice, you will receive access to a 20-minute video where you will get information about all the most important things and features on Tinder.

Your dating coach will also explain to you how this app really works and reveal what is the secret behind swiping your way to your soulmate and how you can become more successful on the algorithm.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 22

This is very precious information even for people who have been active on this dating app for quite a long time because most users go through the app without even realizing what it is that they should be doing in order to get more matches.

Once you realize how this whole machinery works and what are the things you should be paying attention to, not only when creating your profile but also when you get deep into the dating pool on the app.

After you have finished all those introduction videos and you are sure you want to continue this journey and find out how to create your own, unique dating profile, you will be greeted with dozen of videos regarding this theme.

Unlike most other dating courses that barely ever acknowledge the importance of high-quality dating profiles on these apps and share little to no pieces of advice regarding this theme, School of Attraction provides you with great videos that will help you with this.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 23

School of Attraction literally goes through every little step you will make while creating your profile – from choosing the perfect photos for a profile pic to the best things you can add to your description, even talking about what kind of jokes or icebreakers you can put on your profile in order to appear more interesting.

I would recommend you to really pay attention to these videos and even note down the most important things and recommendations because you will definitely need them in the future if you wish to improve your performance and get a lot of potential matches.

Every single one of these steps is equipped with dozen of examples of good dating profiles and pictures so it won’t be something unimaginable to you.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 24

If you have any doubts about whether your dating profile fills out all of these requirements, you will not be able only to check it through the video, but also to share it with other men in your Facebook group and get some professional advice on the things you should change or improve.

Again, I would sincerely recommend you to join this group because it will help you a lot along the way and men always say how this is one of the best parts of the whole course.

After you have created your dating profile, you will proceed to the other part of the course where you will learn all the most important strategies in catching the attraction of other users and seducing women.

First, you will hear a little bit about the things women want and expect in men when texting, and then you will get proposals of different jokes, conversation starters, and openers, topics you should be talking about, but also those you should avoid at all costs.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 25

When you have finished watching your first video about conversation starters and openers, you will see 4 different files attached below.

These files are actually full of suggested opening lines that will be of great help in the future, and you can even just copy paste them to your chat with the potential match.

We know that most people struggle with coming up with their own original first messages, so they usually use cheesy phrases they can find on the internet.

However, these phrases are never that successful as those things you are able to come up with yourself, and the recommendations you can find in these files are way more original and will definitely open your way to many different women.

People who have tried them out the claim that they work great and that women are responding than they have even though they would.

There are over 100 recommended lines so I am sure every single person who has bought this course will choose the one that first their character the best, or even come up with their own version of it.

When you handle the basics, you will be able to use the platform all by yourself, but you should still listen to all the other lectures.

The course also talks about things you should do in order to prepare your match for the first date, the way you should act before and after the first date, and how you can keep this woman interested in you for a longer period of time.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 26

In general, if you follow everything the School of Attraction course has to tell you, you will definitely be able to find a wonderful woman for yourself in a matter of just a few days.

They also cover very specific situations, like men that are not able to bag themselves a woman even after they have completed this whole course and made all of this advice come to life.

When you finish the course, you can also ask additional questions in the Facebook group or get access to other guides and files the platform has to offer.

Once you purchase the course, you will be able to use it forever, and from time to time, you will also get some additional materials that can help you when dating.

I would say this course is highly informative and it really covers all the aspects of dating in a great way, helping you gain confidence, learn how to present yourself in front of men, and find out what are the things they truly want to see in a man.

Who Is It Best For?

The School of Attraction course is a dating course reserved for men, and women won’t even be allowed to register on this platform.

Unlike most other dating courses that usually have versions for both men and women, this one is strictly reserved for men, and even if you are a woman who manages to join and actually spend money on this course, I don’t think you will be able to gain a lot of valuable information from it.

In general, it is focused on tips and tricks that will help you seduce a woman, and they take a lot of time to talk about female psychology, which is definitely not something a female dater is interested in.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 27

However, all sorts of men can use it and become very successful if they carefully follow all pieces of advice mentioned here.

Even if you are a complete introvert and you never had too much success with women, you will definitely gain valuable insight from this course and become more confident when dating.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 28

Those who have already had great success with women will definitely become men they fight for after completing this course and learning all the tactics.

Pros And Cons From The Experts

Just like all dating courses or dating apps, this one also has both pros and cons, and we will help you find out more about it.


1. Personality tests

The moment you pay for the course and join the platform, they will ask you to complete the personality tests that have around 100 questions.

The results of this test will be used throughout the course but also in the future because depending on your general personality, some dating techniques and dating tips will not work and you will need to find a replacement for them.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 29

Also, they will send you personalized guides and articles that can help you in the future, because once you sign up for the course, they will keep on updating you and sending you valuable information quite frequently in the future too.

2. Examples

Once you buy this course, you won’t even have to worry about coming up with your own opening lines or jokes because you will receive plenty of outlines for it in their guides.

Everyone will have more than 100 ideas for conversations openers available to themselves at all times, and this list tends to get updated frequently, so you can always use something new on every match you meet.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 30

I believe this is one of the biggest advantages to this dating course, because most courses tend to ignore things like this and leave their participants to come up with their own original ideas, which is not always the best thing to do.


1. Not available to women

Since this is one of the best dating courses you can find online, and it really goes in-depth and explores all sorts of romantic relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder) and hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), I believe this sort of knowledge should be available to women too.

Unfortunately, women can’t join this course and they won’t have the opportunity to follow these pieces of advice which I believe could be useful for them too.

Even though these examples and conversation starters would not be of too much use for them, some insight would definitely be very useful for them, too, and I believe they should get access to at least one part of the platform.

If they manage to do this, their relationships and dates with these men can also be a lot more successful.

Tips For Success

The School of Attraction dating course is full of tips and tricks that will definitely bring you success, even if you are the type of person that has never had too much success with women.

Just like with all courses, I would recommend you to listen to everything carefully, note down the most important parts and information in every video, which will usually be mentioned several times by your coach.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 31

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be, the best thing is to always stay curious and make sure you are accepting this knowledge and making it come true in real life.

Also, the Facebook Group can really be a great gem, so I would recommend you to join it from the start!

You can also meet some great friends here who can set you up with several dates with amazing women.

Success Rate

School of Attraction claims that their success rate is around 98% and that there is no way you will not be able to seduce women if you have listened to their course carefully.

Most of the people who complete the course manage to find great love and happiness shortly after it, and they also claim that techniques and strategies they have learned in this place have helped them become a lot more confident in life in general.

Since they can go back to the course whenever they want, they are able to always fix their mistakes and enhance their performance, which is probably the reason why people are so satisfied with it.

Dating experts also claim this is one of the best dating courses you can find online, so  I think it definitely has a great impact on everyone who finishes it and that there is no way you will be losing your time if you choose to dedicate yourself to it.

This one-time investment can really help you change your life, both dating-wise and in the way, you approach and connect with people in general.


The most basic dating course from the School of Attraction will cost you 300 dollars, and this is their best-selling course at the moment.

It mainly focuses on dating apps and helping you gain success on them, and it is the course we have been describing above.

However, if you are willing to spend a bit more money, you can always choose some of their other courses that usually start at 500 dollars and can go even up to 1000 dollars.

School Of Attraction - Course Review in [year] | How Relevant is it? 32

Their cheapest course tends to perform the best because it is affordable for most people interested in the dating world, and it also equips you with a lot of valuable knowledge for a pretty short period of time.

Other courses are more expensive because they also tend to be a lot more extensive and cover even more topics, which is completely fine.

In case you have been so happy with the things you were able to learn at their Beginner course, you may even be able to get those better courses for a much smaller price, especially during Christmas time.

It is a lot more expensive than most dating courses that are popular these days, but it has been around for ages, and people seem to be having a lot of success after completing it, so I believe it can be a great investment in your dating future, and it may even lead to you meeting your soulmate quite fast.

However, there may be cheaper alternatives to it, and unless you really have a lot of money and don’t care about where it will be spent, you should try finding something cheaper because it will serve you well too.


As you have been able to see, this is a great dating course that is popular for quite a long time, and it seems like it is still helping people have success in their love lives.

It is very detailed, has a lot of videos, prompts, and even files with recommended conversation openers and texting topics which is a great asset for everyone who doesn’t know how to approach a woman and keep her interested in themselves.

However, it is also quite a big investment, and most people can’t afford to spend 300 bucks on a dating course that may not even help them in their love lives.

Even though it is quite informative and can really help you boost your performance on different types of dating apps and platforms, I believe it is way too expensive and that you can easily find far better alternatives for it.

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