How to Keep a Younger Man in 2024 – 4 Helpful Tips

Cougar dating is a great source of fun for both men and women who engage in it, but it seems like sometimes these relationships can turn into something long-term and way more serious (like eHarmony or Tinder).

How to Keep a Younger Man in [year] - 4 Helpful Tips 5

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The age gap tends to be a problem for many modern-day couples, and it seems like people are trying to find ways to overcome it in the best way possible, without causing harm to anyone.

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Keeping a younger man interested in you long-term is something many older women tend to struggle with, but it is certainly not impossible.

If you want to keep your young man with you and make sure he will still be excited and attracted to you after some time has passed, then you should follow our short guide where you will learn:

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How to Keep a Younger Man

1. Don’t Mention Cougar Dating

One thing that will push off any young man from you is mentioning the world cougar or talking about cougar dating in front of him.

Younger men are aware that they are dating someone who is much older and more mature, and things like this can be very hard for them, especially if they were brought up in a traditional atmosphere and still cherish some things that are not very popular these days.

Having older partners is not something all men are used to, and they may even have a problem accepting your relationship themselves, at least at the beginning.

How to Keep a Younger Man in [year] - 4 Helpful Tips 6

For that reason, it is always best to avoid labels like cougar dating, mature women dating, old lady dating, and similar because it can make them feel very insecure.

Older women dating is something they need to get used to themselves first, so it is best to avoid silly jokes and names like this until you are sure he has no doubts about you.

However, you don’t really need a relationship expert to tell you that because a woman who is dating younger men because she like them and sincerely enjoys spending time with them will rarely label herself as a cougar.

2. Show Emotional Maturity

Many older women tend to come into these relationships with a lot of emotional baggage they were left with from their ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands, and it is something that will ruin the relationship from the start.

Talking about their previous relationships or marriages is also something that is considered to be a red flag among younger people, so older ladies who are dating a much younger man should always avoid this type of behavior.

It shows that you are still not over some things that have hurt you in the past and that you were not really able to turn on your feelings for this man because you are still suffering and thinking about the previous one.

If you are a single woman who wants this age gap relationship to succeed, no matter the obstacles, you will really need to show a lot of emotional maturity and make sure your new relationship is not suffering because of the things you have experienced in the past.

Men date only women who are sure of the things they want and don’t create problems because of stupid things teenage girls would do.

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You will not only have to forget about your previous hardships but also eliminate all types of behavior that may make him feel offended, like assuming that he is cheating, checking out who he is following on social media and etc.

Younger girls tend to do things like this the most, but it seems like many mature women are familiar with this sort of behavior too because they are simply not mature enough.

The age difference is not always a guarantee that a woman will act 100% sane and will avoid childish behavior, so you should really show him from the start that you are emotionally mature enough and that you will avoid all sorts of behavior that may be a deal-breaker in your relationship.

3. Be Confident

You already know that younger women are always confident about themselves, and they will even be able to seduce much older men with ease because of this.

This is also how you should be acting with younger men if you want to establish a healthy relationship, and you should never think that you are less worthy just because you are an older woman.

Older women seducing younger men need to know that the key to their success and making men go crazy for them is in being extra confident and believing they are the hottest and smartest person in the room.

Your life experience and years are something you should be very proud of, and it is certainly something other people can’t take away from you, no matter how hard they try, so you should be as sure of yourself as most of these young women are.

How to Keep a Younger Man in [year] - 4 Helpful Tips 7

If you wish for a younger man relationship, it is definitely not something you should be ashamed of, and you need to be confident that you will find your soulmates, even if they are not of your own age.

You should never mention your age as something bad, but you should rather consider it to be a fact you can do nothing about and start dating a younger guy without feeling guilty or unworthy.

The best thing you can do is show up to your first date acting confidently and claiming your energy because it will make this 20-year-old man realize he is not messing with a regular girl and that you are someone who is worth trying for.

If you manage to make an impression like this the first time you meet her, then you will be set for good, and he will understand how it is to be dating older women like you.

4. Act Like His Lover

Unfortunately, many mature women seem to fall into the trap of acting like a man’s mother rather than his lover.

I guess this is something that comes off as natural to mature women, especially if they already have kids, but it is something you must avoid when you are in a young man older woman relationship.

Older women dating younger men need to know their boundaries and be aware that some things may come off as a bit too weird, so it is best to keep your mother instincts on the low.

You should make sure you always act like his lover and that your mysterious and sexy side is active whenever you are around him (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

If you don’t manage to do that, he may start seeing you as an older lady or even a mother, and things can get quite uncomfortable.

Even though you should make sure you are able to establish some sort of an emotional connection, you still need to balance between your feelings and create an atmosphere that will not be strange.

Always be focused on looking attractive and seductive because that is the easiest way to a man’s heart and the sexier you appear to him, the smaller are the chances that he may perceive you as old or replace you with a younger girl.

So, How Do You Win A Younger Man’s Heart?

I guess the key to winning a younger man’s heart is in being able to create the perfect environment for a healthy relationship where he will never think about the age gap between the two of you.

They are all so stressed out about how to meet old women and how to talk to an older woman, so the thing that will make him fall in love with you is being easy-going and staying nice to him, no matter how much of a mistake he has made.

This goes for the beginning of your relationship when you can see that he is still insecure and doesn’t know what the right move to make is.

How do you keep a guy thinking about you is something that depends on one woman to another because all of them are unique and have something else that is memorable about them.

For that reason, I recommend finding something that makes you stand out among other women and utilizing it as much as you can in order to trap the heart of this young man.

Men simply adore women who are one of a kind, and once they meet a girl that is so unique and special, they won’t really care about her age and whether she has just finished high school or she is a woman in her 40s.

I believe the key to keeping a younger man interested in you for a long period of time is in being able to communicate very well and showing him that you value your opinion and want to make this relationship an enjoyable experience for both of you.

How to Keep a Younger Man in [year] - 4 Helpful Tips 8

You will be able to discuss all the problems that may appear along the road but also things you don’t like too much about each other, and it is definitely the way for him to fall in love with you.

When he is sure that you are here just for him and not because you want to be trending with your cougar lifestyle, he will open his heart for you.

The signs a younger man likes an older woman are when he is carefully listening to everything she says and is not afraid to follow her instructions about everything.

The moment you realize he is valuing everything you tell him and trying to become the best version of himself, you can be sure that you were able to win his heart and make him a slave o your love.


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