How to Seduce a Younger Man in 2024 – Make Him Crazy for You

This text is not about how to seduce a younger woman. Neither is it about how to seduce older women. Nor about how to seduce an older man.

How to Seduce a Younger Man in [year] - Make Him Crazy for You 6

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This text is for all of us cougars. For all of us who are into dating younger men. We bridge the age gap in a different way than what people are used to accepting. The younger older seduction has always been better accepted when it was between young women and older men. 

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But what about younger guys and mature women? Luckily, the time has come to have this kind of relationship normalized as well. So, even if it is not your first time to date younger men or you have just entered this exciting world, this guide is here to help you figure out how to seduce a younger man.

In this article, I’ll discover:

How do you win a younger man’s heart
How do you keep a younger man
How to seduce a younger man when you are over 50
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How to Seduce a Man Younger Than You

According to Wikipedia, “Strategies of seduction include conversation and sexual scripts, para lingual features, non-verbal communication, and short-term behavioral strategies.

In this short guide for older women seducing younger men, I will cover those points to let you know how to seduce a guy who is younger than you.

How to Seduce a Younger Man in [year] - Make Him Crazy for You 7
  1. To seduce a young man, you should be skilled at talking smoothly, confidently, and with a sexual connotation. You should show interest in him, smile, laugh at his jokes. All with some coy and without drawing the attention of the other people in the room. Focus solely on him. Your conversation should flow, you should believe in what you say. Avoid awkward silence. Make use of words and phrases with sexual connotations to lead his thoughts where you want. But don’t be too explicit. Moderate, subtle allusions pave the way much better than straight obscenities.
  2. Paralingual features are another important aspect of talking. Your tone of voice, intonation, pitch, loudness speak for themselves. If you are not relaxed, you may exaggerate one or more of these. Let me tell you, ladies, if you do this, you will certainly seem unnatural and also hilarious. So, don’t speak too loud nor too quiet – you should set the tone so that he can hear you but not people around you. Also, don’t try to change the pitch of your voice. Whether your voice is naturally low or high, it makes you who you are.
  3. Non-verbal communication holds the most significance. Despite what your lips utter, if your body doesn’t follow, it is all in vain. Here is what you can do with your body to let him know you are all into him: sit (or stand) towards him. Lean and reveal a bit of cleavage and neck. Make eye contact and show off your self-esteem. Once his eyes meet yours, they will surely stray down your body. Wear it proudly and let him savor it. Touch his arm or hand. But also use sensual moves of your hand over your face, through your hair, or about your neck to discretely draw his attention.
  4. Behavioral strategies are what everyone uses in any conversation. They are not bad per se but can be misused. Of course, here I will present some strategies that you should have in mind when you want to seduce a younger man. Have your goal in mind. It can be going all the way right now or wanting something of a longer-term. Be aware of your reactions. Let go, but don’t let go completely. Control your reactions in order to present yourself in the best light. Pay attention. This has already been mentioned, but it is a very important thing. Attention from an older woman is the best compliment for a young man’s soul.

How to Seduce a Younger Man When You Are Over 50

Even if you are older than 50, you don’t need to date an old man. You can achieve compatibility with someone younger than you, and it is neither that hard nor that uncommon nowadays.

First of all, you have enough experience to know how to seduce men. I don’t doubt that! If you have found your young demigod and want him for yourself, don’t be shy, but go on and win him. Seduce him! You can do it as much as a woman of his own age.

It doesn’t matter where you met him for the first time, whether it was at a social gathering or on a dating site, once you get to talk with him, you can start the seduction ritual.

Scots cougars insist there's nothing like younger men - Daily Record

To seduce a younger man, you should do what young women do: talk sweet, touch your hair and his biceps sensually, add subtle sexual connotations to your conversation.

But there is something more you can offer the guy you like. It is your experience, your emotional stability, your stamina. The things life has taught you. Young men find that very attractive in a woman. So, while seducing him, lean on everything you are.

With all this, nevertheless, let him be the man: show that you can be vulnerable, let him pay for the drinks, open the door for you, and hold your coat. Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than a woman who needs (or ‘needs’) his strength and manliness.

Where Do Men Like to Be Touched

Touch is the sole basis for all woman-man relationships. We all have erogenous zones and parts of bodies that, when touched, get us excited. Let me tell you about those places on a man’s body.

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How to Seduce a Younger Man in [year] - Make Him Crazy for You 8
  • Let’s start with the obvious. Touching, caressing, and gently gripping his penis with your hand is a great turn-on for a man. The ways to excite him are infinite. Be creative and he will reciprocate, as you will clearly see and feel.
  • Nipples are another extra sensitive spot on a man’s body. Caressing them with your fingers and tongue will stimulate him all the way you want. Those of you who enjoy the same yourselves will understand why.
  • Neck has a lot of nerve endings in it and is hence a place to go to. Don’t miss this. The shivers that go from the neck to the entire body are just the right intro to what will come next.
  • Foreplay is all about the right nibble. Are you all ears to hear which body part is next? Well, guess what, it’s ears! Ear nibbles are sensitive to touch (and bites). Men love it when women go there.
  • Hair. Believe it or not, running your hand through his hair is so enjoyable for men. Start above the neck and go up through his hair. Hold it tight. Press your fingertips into his head, massage style.
  • There is one more place common to men and women, stroking of which inevitably leads to a serious sexual expectation and excitement – the inner thighs. The skin here is very sensitive, and caressing that body part leads to the expectation of moving towards the main aim, creating a strong sensual feeling.
  • In the end, there is a special place that most people are not aware of. It is located between a man’s testicles and his anus. Yes, it is an unusual spot, but very excitable. A gentle press or rubbing this zone proves to be a pretty pleasurable activity.

How Do You Win a Younger Man’s Heart

How to attract a younger man? How to get a younger man to fall in love with you? These are all the same questions in the gist. 

And the answer is simple: do what appeals to his masculinity. This is the same for all men. And I am sure that in your life, you have won a couple of hearts. Well, the principle is the same.

How to Seduce a Younger Man in [year] - Make Him Crazy for You 9

When you have just met and you are still looking to lock in his heart just for you, there are things to do that can ensure that.

  • Many young men don’t have any bias towards women who are older than them. In fact, that is a very big compliment for a guy, to be liked by an older woman. It proves to society how macho and mature he is. Just showing interest in him is a step towards having him completely.
  • Be elegant and sexy. Just like you are. Men are fundamentally visual beings. Stand proud and let him see the real you. What I want to say is not that you should dress like a youngster, nor wear clothes that are too revealing. Wear the things you like, those in which you feel genuinely sexy.
  • Act coy. This is the ultimate womanly move. Enjoy your femininity as it will emphasize his masculinity. Let your body language speak instead of your words. Toss your hair, smile shyly, sway your hips while walking, lean towards him if you sit close to one another. And touch his forearm while you speak.
  • Let him be the gentleman. He should bring you drinks, open doors for you, and hold your chair when you want to sit. If you let him do these things, he will feel strong enough to be your man. Gentlemanhood is never out of fashion!
  • Show your interest in him. Even if you are in only for the body, don’t let his head know that. He should see you fully engrossed in his personality. Laugh at his jokes, follow up on his stories, but never in a way that shows you are the more mature one. Remember that you are not his mother but his lover.

How Do You Keep a Younger Man

Once you reach and grab that perfect young guy, it is time to keep him. You are the one who can make this a healthy relationship even though you are not in the same age group.

How to Seduce a Younger Man in [year] - Make Him Crazy for You 10
  • Don’t try to seem younger than you actually are. If he agreed to date you, it means that the age difference is not a big deal for him. Wear the clothes you like, you don’t have to dress like young girls. Avoid acting like a youngster either. (Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should be all sturdy and strict.) Just relax and act naturally. Age complex can be a deal-breaker for him.
  • Show your vulnerability sometimes. He is younger, true, but you are not obliged to be the strong and strict one all the time. Let a bit of vulnerability show, let him be your knight in shining armor. It is a great turn-on for a guy, trust me on that!
  • Get interested in his lifestyle and hobbies. This is a very important aspect of any relationship. Keeping it only sexual (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) cannot hold a long-term relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder). Travel with him, go out, do what he likes to do. And involve him in your life as well.
  • Communicate. Open and frank communication is the key to any relationship in real life. You have had a fair share of many kinds of relationships and you should utilize all that you have learned so far. Be open with your young lover, speak yourself without fear. That is what they like in an older woman.
  • Avoid talking about topics that may be inappropriate. These include your former in-laws and your medical history. The way you talk to him is also important. You are equal in your relationship and you should keep it that way. It isn’t good to talk down to him. He should feel like he is on the same level as you, despite your extensive life experience.  

The term ‘cougar’ is sometimes considered offensive because it may seem to refer to older women as predators and their desirable younger men as prey. Nowadays, this kind of relationship has become normalized and accepted in society. 

How to seduce a cougar and how to seduce a younger man are now skills that can be used anywhere in society. If you are one of these women, this text was for you. You could read about the ways to seduce younger men, how to speak, how to look, how to behave.

I am looking forward to having you back here for my next article. Until then, have a good time!

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