Best Place to Pick Up Cougars in 2024 – Find Cougars Near You

For the longest time in our pop culture, the trope of older women dating younger men has been present and even idealized. So, if you are a younger guy and you’re dreaming of dating older women, you’re not alone.

As a young guy, it’s not uncommon for you to grow bored of younger women, no matter how attractive they happen to be.

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Mature women tend to have wishes and expectations that probably resonate more with your own if you happen to be a guy who’s not one for deeply committed relationships. Cougars often aren’t looking for a thing like that either.

If you have just started on your cougar journey and have no idea what is the best place to pick up cougars who crave young men like yourself, then you have landed on just the right page.

And even if you are already a favorite among older ladies, it’s always welcome to get some new ideas.

Single cougars are women of many different kinds, and there will always be a new space where you can find them and enrich their cougar life. 

Here you will discover:

The best dating sites and apps for meeting cougars
Where to find cougars in real life
How to approach them
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Meet Cougars on a Dating App

Online dating has become the main resource we go to when we want to meet people from a specific demographic. And cougars, even though they are older, have hopped on the online dating train and have no intention of stepping down.

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And with that in mind, let’s first explore the top 3 of the best ways to meet cougars online, including both the best sites and apps that will provide you with the best cougar experience.

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a dating site with quite a scandalous purpose – it’s an online platform made for “adulterous couples who need to spice up their sex life.” And no, this isn’t a shortcut for getting yourself into a threesome with a couple whose marriage is seconds away from falling up.

If you’re looking for a good cougar dating site, but you also find dating single women boring, then Ashley Madison is the place for you.

This website is full of women, mainly mature women, searching for the perfect lover to cheat on their spouse with. And you have a great chance of becoming the young man who will make her feel alive, which is the breeding ground for mind-blowing mutual pleasure.


Ashley Madison is a very easy site to navigate, and the sign-up process is fairly simple, what you would expect from any basic dating platform.

What you as a guy might find annoying is the fact that for women, access is free for all features, but you will need to purchase credits to send messages and use some other features.

A big plus is that you can state what you’re looking for. Make sure that you list your sexual preferences to “looking for cougars” and that will make your search for available older women even easier.

Top Cougar Picks based on 100,000+ Survey

"#1 Rated (Highest Success Rate)"
"Best for Discreet Cougar Dating"
"Best Course for Guys"
"Best Course for Cougars"
"Best for Sugar Momma Dating"
"Our Quiz"

When it comes to pricing, as already stated, women get all the features available for free, but you, as a young guy will need to pay to use those features.

There are 3 kinds of memberships, and they are all different levels:

  • Elite – 1000 credits
  • Classic – 500 credits
  • Basic -100 credits


  • You will easily find cougars, and they are more than excited for a hookup
  • The user base is huge
  •  Wide variety of features


  • Occasionally bot profiles are appearing, so you need to be relatively careful not to fall for a scam

2. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a simple place – its main focus is providing people with hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and as the name suggests, mature women are the age group that will be easy to access.

The site is overflown with cougars that are impatient to find a younger man to revive their fantasies with. 

As said above, this website is focused on hookups, and it’s the leading one in that category. Consider AdultFriendFinder if getting caught up in relationships is something you’re trying to avoid.


Probably the first and most relevant information that you’re interested in is whether signing up for this site is free.

AdultFriendFinder has a free version, but a big downside of it is that you won’t be able to send messages unless you opt for a paid membership.

There are 3 possibilities for memberships:

  • 1 month – $20
  • 3 months – $36
  • 12 months – $108


  • An extremely high number of users, raging into millions
  • The filtering system is very good
  • A lot of attractive features, like adult movies 


  • The layout is a bit dated 
  • Can get too graphic for some people

3. Cougar Life

The name of this website is probably what sounds the most promising to you, and there are good reasons for having that expectation, besides the name.

Cougar Life is the oldest dating site geared specifically towards cougars and young men who are searching for them, and it dates back to 2006.

One of the great things about this platform is the fact that they have dedicated a lot of their work to destigmatizing the taboo around cougars and older women who love the company of young men.


The first technical aspect of this website that is important to notice is the fact that the registration process is quite long, and it can take from 5 minutes, all up to 10 minutes, depending on how deep into detail you’ll be willing to go. And as a side note, being full of details is generally what you’ll want to do on online dating sites.

When it comes to user demographics, the majority of Cougar Life users are women.

Also, be prepared for a lot of users not willing to show their faces.

But, on the flip side, this is one of the safest online dating sites that are deemed very safe and reputable, especially when it comes to cougars.

There is a free version, however, to have the full experience you will have to pay for a membership.

Membership prices range between $40 and $144.


  • A lot of women, cougars in particular
  • Possibility of sharing private, uncensored pictures
  • There is a free version available


  • Not always, but from time to time, it happens that memberships can’t be canceled without talking on the phone with the team

How to Meet Cougars in a Real-Life Setting

If you are the type of guy who’s got enough of dating apps, or you simply don’t want to deal with anything resembling tinder, then don’t worry, there are many options to pursue your cougar fantasies the old-fashioned way.

So, if you need some ideas and dating tips, we have them right below!

1. Music venues

As cougars are women that were young once the music industry wasn’t as digitalized as it is today, it comes as no surprise that they are often found in concert venues or clubs that host cover bands of their favorite musicians.

The first tip here would be that you should go online and browse what events are happening near you and filter the search by looking for gigs.

The general atmosphere of a concert or a gig is also more than appropriate for charming that special lady.

Dancing together, getting to sit next to your cougar of choice, and chatting her up over a few drinks is an amazing starter for a possible relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder).

And who knows, maybe you will end the night with a kiss or even not waking up in your bed.

Just go where the flow takes you!

2. Volunteering

When you think of volunteering, nothing remotely sexy probably comes to mind, so you might be confused about why this made it on the list.

However, if you think about it, cougars are mature women, a lot of them even bored housewives whose children have grown, so they don’t have much to do. And how do they fill up all that free time?

They go volunteering!

Best Place to Pick Up Cougars in [year] - Find Cougars Near You 7

You are guaranteed to find yourself among a wide variety of women.

And not just that, you will also be in the position to easily win their hearts, as women, especially as they age, fall head over heels for men who know how to show compassion and care.

So, go research where in your area needs volunteers, and don’t doubt that all that care and compassion won’t be returned right back to you!

3. Karaoke Bars

By this point in pop culture and media history, we’re all aware that older women love going to karaoke. They love to let loose with cocktails and hits from their youth.

And what better way to get the trip down memory lane to their youth days, than to pick up a young man.

See if there are karaoke bars in your town, and even if there are not many, there’s a great possibility that regular bars will host karaoke nights. That will be your time to shine.

Just pick the right song and let the magic unveil.

4. The Gym

The gym might be your regular daily routine, so if there’s a chance to find your cougar on your grounds, then we say go all the way!

While you’re having a pause between your reps, look around the gym and see if you notice a woman that’s to your liking, and see if she might need some help with the weights and machines.

We’ve all seen these scenes in the movies, and we know how great they tend to go, so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have such a cinematic experience yourself.

One big tip though is that you should never interrupt her while she’s in the middle of a workout. If she seems too intimidating when in the gym space, just find a way to say a simple “Hello” in front of the changing rooms, and go from there.

5. Discos

Another blast from the past that is guaranteed to have cougars rushing into it, is a disco.

As you can see, nostalgia is a big thing for mature women, it takes them back to the days when they were young and full of life, with no worry in the world.

So if you decide to take this step and visit a disco, maybe think about your outfit and overall styling, maybe go for something 80s inspired.

And then go there, show up, choose your cougar, remind her of those times she’s missing and show her that she indeed is still very loved and full of life.

Even if it’s your first time going to a disco, don’t worry, you will fit in just fine and win someone’s heart in no time.

6. Upscale Bars

Bars in general are a place where you should go when you’re looking for a date, however, when it comes to cougars this approach needs to be a bit more specific. You will need to find yourself in an upscale bar.

Upscale bars are their places of choice because these are women that are mature, most likely rich, and therefore love to surround themselves with prestige and class.

Of course, they might not be alone in this setting, however, what you need to do is to get yourself to the most packed area of the bar and while being your charming self, catch the eye of a certain woman.

Best Place to Pick Up Cougars in [year] - Find Cougars Near You 8

From there, she might even approach you first, and when she does, just remember that you are at a place where she likes to keep everything classy, so be a gentleman.

But don’t focus your attention just on the one cougar, make yourself be seen, as these women love to play, and will want you even more if they see that you are wanted by everyone else.

Enjoy these classy subtle games, and you will be sure to leave with what you came for (and maybe even a few more).

7. Bookstore

Another way that bored and lonely mature women like to fill their time is reading books, so strolling down a bookstore is probably the easiest, yet highly effective way to meet a cougar.

Of course, you mustn’t make it obvious what is it that you’re looking for. To a lot of people that are there, you are just another guy who’s looking for some books.

However, when you do spot a cougar that you fancy, the key thing that you should avoid doing is lurking, so just continue going on your merry way and browse books, and don’t browse just anything, make it be things that you do know a thing or two about.

When you notice that your chosen cougar is looking at a book, you might ask a question about it, or generally, ask any question you find appropriate at the moment, and lead the conversation from there.

A step up from this would be to go to a book reading, as cougars are the main audience for things like that.

It’s also worth noticing that this method of approach is quite versatile, and, if books just aren’t your thing at all, you can try something similar even at a grocery store.

8. Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are another activity that mature women seem to can’t get enough of.

It relaxes them, it keeps them healthy and fit, and it’s a great place to socialize.

A lot of yoga studios will have cafes and similar establishments right next to them, and that’s a great excuse to invite her for a coffee or a pressed juice.

You just need to go to a few classes, scan the environment and see what are the best settings for striking up a conversation.

Going to yoga classes will have a lot of benefits for you too, as it’s good for your health. Also, when you think about it, if she’s able to do all those moves in the class, it’s not that hard to imagine what awaits you when you transfer from the yoga mat to the bed.

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