Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in 2024 – Find Out Why!

As social norms are loosening up nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see an old woman dating a younger man even if there is clearly an age gap. Mind that this might’ve been a head-turner for most people just a few years ago.

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 8

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Still, there are a lot of questions that might emerge about older women dating younger guys and so today we want to cover as much about this topic to help both mature women and younger men understand:

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So is it common for an older woman to date a younger man? Let’s dive straight in and find out.

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Why Would an Older Woman Date a Younger Man?

We all know the saying “love doesn’t know age” and while this might be true, dating should still be reserved for consenting adults, and even for teenagers in different cultures. 

Moreover, there are several reasons why older women would date younger men, and some of them might be surprising, while others are plainly obvious. 

Let’s start with the obvious ones first and expand our list from there.

1. Older women like the energy of younger men

A lot of single mature women would much rather date men a decade or two younger than them just so they can “absorb” their youthful spirit.

They know they aren’t getting any younger, and by having a younger boyfriend, they can in a way experience what’s it like to be young again.

2. Older women can “adjust” younger men to their liking

Because experience comes with age, an older woman can teach and sort of mold a young man’s mind in a way that he can cater to her needs.  

On the other hand, a lot of younger men prefer the woman to take the initiative as this means they know exactly what to do, and don’t need to read signals to know what their partner wants.

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 9

This would be a completely different situation for older men and younger women who are dating.

3. Younger men have fewer problems than older men

As long as an older woman isn’t dating a young guy who’s in a lot of debt, facing criminal charges, or is problematic in some other way, she’ll generally feel happier with him, rather with a guy her age as with age, the burden of life is much more exaggerated.

Most younger guys face problems such as finding a job and moving out of their parent’s house.

4. It’s easier to find single young men than older men

Since most older men are either married, dating, or have given up finding a partner entirely, and because the AARP isn’t really helping with their over 50 dating advice in magazines, dating a younger man seems a lot easier.

There are tens of millions of younger men just in the U.S. that are single and ready to mingle, and since one-third of young male adults have dated women older than them, it seems that now is the perfect time to start a younger man relationship.

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Why Younger Guys Like Dating Older Women?

Now that we know some of the reasons older women would date younger guys, let’s see the reasoning behind younger guys pursuing age-gap relationships.

Keep in mind that not all young guys are immature, but you can’t really expect a 25-year-old to have his life all sorted out, so if some of these reasons shock you, it’s just the reality of such relationships.

1. Dating an older woman makes them feel more mature and confident

It’s common knowledge that who you’re with has a lot to do with how your perception of life is going to be shaped, and this is an even bigger truth the younger you are.

The reason why guys like dating older women is that their maturity can rub off on them, and it can also boost their confidence.

In our society, when men date women who are a bit older, they’re observed as having more self-esteem and being able to attract women of all ages because of it.

2. Older women are their fantasy

Without getting too much into why younger guys are attracted to women their mother’s age, it’s been reported by multiple research sources that most younger guys have at least once thought of being with an older woman simply because it’s their fantasy.

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 10

 The biggest reason this is true is that older women have more experience, especially in the bedroom, which guys find quite attractive.

3. Older women are already socially situated and have a career

The third reason why younger guys are interested in dating single women who are older is that they already have a career and have fulfilled most of their life goals.

 Well, almost. Since these women are single, their next goal is to find a partner they can bring into their life, and this is what young guys find to be a plus in dating older women.

4. Financial aid

Yes, you’ve read that right. Just like younger females who seek older men to be their sugar daddies, young men also try to find sugar mommies to financially support them in exchange for attention and intimacy. 

This might be considered wrong by many, but since there are plenty of mature women who like to play the role of a cougar, it seems that dating a much younger man and taking him to trips, restaurants, and buying him expensive stuff is nothing out of the ordinary.

For many young-girl old man relationships, this behavior is perceived as exploiting a person for wealth, but we guess that the double standard is looser for May-December relationships.

Can an Old Woman Date a Younger Man?

Even though we’ve explained some of the reasons why an old woman loves a younger man and wants to date him, there are still some social boundaries preventing this from being perceived as normal.

However, if you take a look at Hollywood for example, you’ll see that there are many May-December romances lurking around. 

Take a look at Nick Jonas and his older wife Priyanka Chopra. Everyone was shocked when the singer married her because there’s an 11-year age difference between them.

Next year Chopra can even give out tips on what’s it like dating a younger man in your 40s. 

Demi Moore was also married to Ashton Kutcher who is 15 years younger than her.

Heck, even Paul Simon made a whole song expressing his mature women lover side about a fictional Mrs. Robinson.

So as you can see, even though our society might start asking questions like why are younger guys attracted to an older woman, or why women who like older men marry someone twice their age, this shouldn’t stop you from engaging in such relationships as long as you go in pure-hearted.

The elephant in the room – When to have sex when dating a younger man?

Now, we need to talk about sex life in old-young relationships as this topic needs to be covered without any stigmatization.

There’s no denying that most of us enjoy having sex, and almost all mature women find it is crucial for a relationship.

Luckily for them, younger guys are more open about sex than an old man who’s already fulfilled most of his fantasies, and that’s why guys seek older women for fun (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

When wanting to get physical with a younger guy, you should treat him as you would a guy your age and first get to know him before you hit the sheets.

So knowing the exact time you’re going to slide in the bedroom with a younger guy is all up to you. 

You definitely don’t want to do it after the first couple of dates, as younger guys still have a few wild hormones running through their bloodstream.

You also don’t want to wait for too long because they’ll probably lose interest.

The good thing is that younger guys are more open to having sex with mature women than younger girls with older men, as women tend to be more inclusive towards physical attraction.

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 11

Luckily, there are signs a younger man likes an older woman, and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about next.

Signs a Younger Man Likes an Older Woman

There are many different ways to determine if a younger guy is into you, so if you catch up on some of these signs early on, he probably likes you a lot.

This is quite difficult for older men dating a woman 20 years younger, as young women are not so open to leave signs.

So here are 4 signs a younger guy likes you

1. He starts showing you his inhibitions

Once you see a guy who starts getting nervous around you, you can already tell he is into you.

When dating an older man you won’t see him change his behavior from calm to nervous when speaking to you, and young guys do because they are more self-aware and have far less life experience, and don’t know what to expect.

2. He starts paying more attention to what you say

This is the same exact answer to the question – how do you tell if an older woman likes you, as the more attention both you and the person you’re dating are giving each other, there’s more chance you like each other. 

Attention can also be anything from calling you occasionally, to buying you little presents, such as that dessert you talked about you always wanted to try.

3. He starts to open up

Whether it’s a story about how he had a crush on his teacher in high school, or how he has always wanted to see what it’s like dating someone his mom’s age, even though it might sound funny or creepy, by doing this, he is trying to tell you that he trusts you and maybe he wants a relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder).

4. He doesn’t care about other people’s opinions about dating you

When a young guy is OK with going out on dates with you, even though it seems like he is eating dinner with his mom, or, when he is a bit touchy-feely and doesn’t care people are watching or listening, you can be sure that he wants to be with you.

Older Woman Younger Man Dating Sites

If you’ve ever asked yourself should an older woman date a younger man, you should know that there are multiple dating sites dedicated specifically for these year age gap relationships. 

Sure, President Emmanuel Macron sure didn’t find his future wife Brigitte on such a site, but since there’s a 40% chance you can meet your next partner on dating apps, why don’t give them a try?

So let’s check some of the most popular mature women dating apps that have millions of happy users.

1. EliteSingles

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 12

EliteSingles is a renowned dating site that takes pride in its users being from a well-educated background, and it’s common knowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of younger girls and older men, as well as younger guys and older women on the site that seek a relationship.

What sets EliteSingles apart from most dating apps is that nearly all of the users are legit, and the site doesn’t tolerate fake accounts. Given the fact that it’s a subscription-based site, you can also expect quality profiles and compatibility filters so you can match with people based on your preferences.

The site states that about 90% of people using the site are above 30 years old and that it also has over 300.000 new members each month.

It’s quite easy to make an account by using your e-mail account and filling out your profile, which takes approximately 10-15 minutes. 

To sum it all up, EliteSingles is the perfect place to pursue a mature woman young man relationship.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 13

Adult Friend Finder is the largest mature dating site and has over 80 million active users worldwide. 

What’s great is that even if you’re in New York, and you want to date someone from, per se, London, you can do it on this site, so for any cougar looking for a younger man with a British accent, this is possible as well.

The way you find users is by assigning filters such as gender, age, location, body type, and so on. It’s estimated that on the site there are around 15% of users between the age of 18 and 29, and most of them are guys, so you’re bound to match with at least a few of them if you’re, per se a 60-year-old woman dating a younger man.

Because of its loose policies, Adult Friend Finder lets users post even NSFW picks and videos, so the users of this site are generally open to friendships, relationships, and even sex.

The signing up process is fairly simple and takes no time to complete the registration, and you don’t even need to have an e-mail address to sign up.

Lastly, you can get access to most of the site’s content for free, but for a better dating experience, you can also subscribe to a premium version of Adult Friend Finder.

3. Bumble

Old Woman Dating a Younger Man in [year] - Find Out Why! 14

Because Bumble works in such a way that only the women get to respond when they get a match, it’s a great female-oriented app for anyone wanting to get into either an older woman younger man or older man younger woman relationship.

Bumble has around 45 million active users today, and just in the US, around 12% of people over 40 use Bumble, and the percentage is quite higher for young adults.

It’s a piece of cake to sign up, you can even use your Facebook credentials, and because this is more of a match-based dating app, it’s definitely easier to use than dating sites.


Final Word

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful in explaining almost everything there is to know about dating younger guys as an older woman, and vice-versa.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or even success stories, your feedback will be much appreciated in the comment section below.

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