How to Date a Younger Man in your 40s – Exude Confidence!

Dating a younger man while you are in your 40s is something that was considered to be taboo many years ago, but these days, it seems like all 40-year-old women want to become cougars.

Older women tend to have a lot of confidence in themselves, and once they turn 40, it seems like they prefer to turn to men from other age groups.

How to Date a Younger Man in your 40s - Exude Confidence! 3

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Younger man relationships are definitely the ones that are the most satisfying, and even though they are very worthy, it seems like they tend to struggle with keeping them as good as they were at the start.

If your dream is to date a younger man in your 40s without having the fear that he may leave you for someone much younger, then our dating guide is the right thing for you.

Here, we will reveal:

How to date a younger man when you’re in your forties
How to start dating in your 40s
How long do casual dating last in your 40s
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How to Date a Younger Man in your 40s?

1. Don’t Be Too Mature

Most men who turn 40 starts to behave a lot more mature all of a sudden, even though nothing about their age has changed.

This is something you should really stay away from, whether you are dating or not because it will first make you feel and look miserable and then make you appear way too mature for young guys.

You need to keep that joyful and cheerful spirit to yourself, just like the younger women, and make sure you are never too stubborn or negative because of your life experience.

That can help you with maintaining a committed relationship with a man of your own age, but younger people will keep running away from you because they don’t want their energy to get sucked away by you.

Of course, you will show emotional maturity and make these men know that you are not someone they should be messing with, but if you don’t want to become one of the old bitter single women, you need to be able to get loose and enjoy your life.

How to Date a Younger Man in your 40s - Exude Confidence! 4

There are plenty of beautiful older women who know how to create the perfect balance between being a mature woman and being a cheerful person that is pleasant company.

This also includes staying away from tough stories like your relationship history, ex-husband, maybe kids, or in general tough topics, you wouldn’t want to hear about from the other side on the first date either.

Related stories can really make you sound way too old, and it may scare young guys, so it is best to keep it cool until you manage to create a significant bond.

2. Be Patient

When dating younger men, especially if you are dating a younger person for the first time, you should be very patient and think through everything twice before you make a decision.

This goes for both sex (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and other aspects of an emotional relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder), so make sure you never rush into things, especially if you don’t know whether you are ready or not.

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Things like this are a lot different when you are dating older men because they like to wait sometime too, and they don’t care that much about mature women’s sex, so you will be able to resist them.

However, younger guys are always eager to sleep with mature women, and that is something that is always on their minds, even if you have already been seeing each other for a while.

Older women having sex with young guys often take it way too fast, and they are not even able to process the whole thing before everything has fallen apart into pieces.

If you want to make sure your 27-year-old boyfriend will go crazy for you, you need to tease him but make him wait until you are sure you want to make that move.

By teasing him, he won’t be losing interest, and he will be even more excited to get in bed with you, which will provide you with complete control over your relationship.

Jumping into bed immediately will just make him less interested in you, and he will start searching for other mature wives on online dating sites the moment he leaves your house.

The same goes for the emotional part of a relationship too – if you show him that you are sincerely interested in him and that you would love to be spending even more of your free time together, it will give him a clear sign.

However, if you are still not telling him anything directly and he always has to keep guessing whether you will say something romantic or not, he will fall for you even more.

Your sex life will be great, and you will be able to develop a healthy relationship, and the most important thing – he will be absolutely crazy for you, and he will never think of the age gap again.

3. Know What You Want

The thing that can make an attractive older woman become something younger guys want to avoid is not knowing what the hell does she want from him.

Mature ladies in their 40s tend to be even more indecisive than younger girls, and even after they have spent some time on older women dating, men may not be able to read through their wishes and words in the best way.

If you want to be a happy older woman who will be able to maintain the relationships she wants and desires, then you need to be honest both to yourself and to your partner.

In case you are only interested in a hookup, you should clearly state it on the first date, and you should also do the same if you are looking for a new relationship.

This will make things between you and your partner a lot more relaxed, and you will come to each date with less baggage and without thinking about what is it that I truly want from this man,

Hot mature women sometimes need time in order to realize what it is that they are looking for in a man, but once they get the idea of whether they are their true love or not, they are able to do everything in order to make things work.

Probably one of the best dating tips you can hear if you are to date a younger man in 40s is to always have enough self-esteem and approach even those young guys that seem too hot to handle.

Trust me, there is nothing a mature and still sexy woman can’t do, especially if it is related to young men!

4. Stay Away From Assumptions

Mature dating is a bit more serious than those high-school loves and relationships, and good communication is the key.

For that reason, make sure you stay away from assumptions and never assume that your man is meeting other sexy old women and never attack him if you have no evidence for something,

Younger guys are usually interested to meet older women because they don’t create drama, and they never attack them without reason, so make sure you act accordingly.

Unfortunately, many sexy older women seem to be going through their midlife crisis and dating, so pretty often, they take all of their frustrations out on this poor young man.

If you want to keep him interested for a long period of time and show him some real older women fun, you will need to keep it cool and communicate everything you want to know or have a problem with.

This type of behavior is a real deal-breaker, and you really need to act mature in situations like this and make sure to solve everything through the talk without attacking anyone.

It can get irritating for an old man too, but for a younger guy, it can be something that will cause him to call it quits and forget about you, no matter how much he may love you.

Mature women’s stories are different for everyone, but please, make sure you never do something that will come across as way too rude to him because he will hardly ever forget about that.

What Are The Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman?

If you are not able to understand whether this guy is truly interested in your or not, then the best thing you can do is look for some of these signs in his behavior and make a conclusion for yourself.

1. He is focused on you

If you are in the company of many different people and this young guy doesn’t seem to be taking his eyes off of you, then he is definitely interested in you.

The same goes for guys who try to keep the conversation going on between the two of you even though there are plenty of other people in your surroundings.

2. He ignores younger women

If you are in a public place and he seems to be paying no attention to attractive younger girls that are also there, then he definitely has eyes for you and only you.

Most men would turn around to check out all of the hot girls that are coming in, but if he seems to be ignoring them, then he definitely has eyes only for you.

3. He never asks about your age

If the two of you have been talking for a while, everything seems to be going well, and he is never asking any questions regarding your age, then he has definitely fallen for you.

Once a younger man truly falls in love with someone, he won’t care about anything, not even your age, and the whole talk about age difference will be completely irrelevant to him.


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