How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With You – Steps to Take

The cream on the top of any guideline is always centered around how an older woman can seduce and get the younger man of her choice, both in bed (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison) and in a long-term relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder).

Unlike in the previous article, here we will focus mainly on the practice of how to seduce a younger man that stems from a combination of theory and personal experience of relationship experts.

How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With You - Steps to Take 5

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So get comfy, get your sexy inner cougar out, and be ready to learn the simple yet not so obvious art of making a younger man fall for a mature woman.

Here I’ll tell you all about:

Why do younger guys like older ladies
What is the best place to find potential partners
What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman
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How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love with You

1. Why do younger guys like older ladies?

From the first eye contact, an older woman’s confident body language, and her confident upfront appreciation of a man’s qualities is what swept many young men into having a crush on older women.

This typical question can be better rephrased into “what a man wants in a woman” as it is becoming more common to find a younger guy learning how attracting older women works than vice-versa.

How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With You - Steps to Take 6

One study performed by EliteSingles, which includes over  450,000 online daters, found that most men, aged from 20 to 29, preferred an older woman over younger women for a variety of reasons.

Let’s start with the obvious reasons as to why it is common to find a guy who is falling in love with an older woman;

  • Experience
  • A better understanding of what a guy likes
  • Maturity
  • Better mental stability and communication
  • Independence
  • No mind games

A younger guy DESIRES the abundance of quality and overall understanding that is found in abundance within older women who know what they want and are not afraid to display it from the start.

A guy who knows of the rich potential of positive experiences of more mature ladies will try to present himself in the best light as soon as possible, while others that don’t quickly find out what they could be missing out on after just a few minutes of interacting with such a woman of class and character.

2. Be the best that you can be before going before a younger man

An obvious no-brainer, yet this is where younger women often clump and where life experience triumphs over an age difference.

You’ve been in and out of your fair share of relationships, and you are more likely to know what accounts for both a positive and negative deal-breaker when it comes to men in general.

This can include wearing tasteful makeup that is not caked-on nor too rough but just the right amount to make your skin seem as soft and beautiful as possible while also picking out the right clothes for the occasion that fits right into the environment you are planning to meet your desired young guy.

Pre-plan your plan of action and adjust it accordingly to draw out that latent desire within younger men that will get them asking themselves, “Do I crush on older woman” just by looking in your direction.

3. Pick the right place where you can find a potential partner

A mature woman can find her soulmate in almost any foreseeable (or unforeseen) environment, and one thing does lead to another before the rest becomes history, yet that is not what we will focus on.

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While a factor of randomness always plays its hand in inter-personal relationships, unlike younger girls, you think about what can come up and plan ahead, as you are no mere rookie anymore!

Typical places where you might find younger people include;

  • Nightclubs
  • Your workplace (optional)
  • Parks
  • Local events
  • Bars
  • Activity clubs (for example, chess, skydiving, or public speaking clubs)
  • Social media (for those women who want to try dating apps or who just like to text first before meeting up with someone in real life)

The list of places where a mature and young guy couple can meet up and arrange the first date is nearly endless, and you can rely on interests and hobbies from your own life to pick apart what suits you best.

An older woman, compared to younger women, is often pickier with whom she wants to get involved, so you should ask yourself, “What kind of a man do I want to fall in love with an older woman such as myself?”

On-the-spot decision-making is often a must, so be prepared to analyze but still enjoy yourself- when you are having fun, the young studs around you will adore your qualities that much more.

How to Make a Younger Man Want You

My dear, nothing can be simpler- being comfortable with yourself, your beliefs,  and your standards will set you apart from the often constrained and sometimes awkward moments in conversation that occur way too often amongst new acquaintances.

When the question of how to attract a younger man pops up, keep in mind these short and crucial principles;

1. Don’t be afraid to disagree

If you dislike something or disagree with it- don’t shove your beliefs aside in favor of being agreeable, even if you crush on a younger man you are talking to.

Men are often used to women simply reacting to their sense of humor (or lack thereof) and rarely expect a much-needed change of pace in social interactions in general- use this to your advantage.

If you are unsure if you can directly disagree and prove yourself a challenging conversationalist to strangers, it is worthwhile to practice with your best friend or someone who can understand you first.

Once you become more comfortable with the concept of being a carefree and honest  (and also polite)conversationalist, your level of engagement and garnered interest will rise accordingly!

2. Love and respect yourself

This is neither your first rodeo nor are you an inexperienced fish at the sea as you were before- you know the ins and outs of relationships better than you did before, and thus the playing field changes.

Where younger girls might try their best to appease the whims and wants of their crush, the tables turn- it is up to guys to figure out how to turn on an older woman and get their attention.

When you realize and take to heart your value, you will start appreciating your time as a valuable resource and your attention as an asset that isn’t freely available to anyone as they please.

3. Keep in mind what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman

The 3-second stares, the flirtatious teasing, the subtle displays of confidence and independence- all the right ingredients for showing interest that can make a man go wild over you are a fantastic addition to your arsenal.

How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With You - Steps to Take 7

When you are dressed to impress and with an enticing aura to boot, a mere smile from you becomes a light that attracts men to you no matter the age gap!

Young women might try to make age seem like a big deal in dating when confronted with an attractive older woman, yet it is irrelevant in comparison to all the different factors that constitute attractiveness.

When you are in your element and comfortable with your surroundings, make the best version of yourself out and watch as both older men and young studs start paying attention to you.

4. Don’t be too pushy

Even when everything goes smoothly, there is always a limit to how persistent one can be. There are far too many examples of how potential love stories ended with a breakup due to the pushiness of one partner.

Even when trying to attract a man’s attention, you should never be too pushy to the point of being obnoxious!  Sometimes it might become evident that he might not be interested.
 When that happens, the best move you can make is simply to go for someone else. Never, under any circumstances, sacrifice your dignity nor chase after someone if they aren’t interested.

5. Keep your doors open

Even if someone isn’t reciprocating your advances nor initiating, it’s not the end!  Dating is far more complex and nuanced to have a definitive ending to anything, including temporary disinterest.

Many older women for younger men dating websites stress the importance of a non-invasive approach that opens the possibility of a good relationship, but only if the young buck is into it as well.

Give him moderate attention and be courteous regardless of the initial outcome, and you will have an initially hesitant guy reading books on how to attract older women before making a move on you before you know it!

6. Give him a taste of what he desires

Whenever mature women ask themselves how to make a younger man fall in love with an older woman,  they will eventually conclude that all men are different.

No approach is a sure-fire way to attract all of them, and some might be uninterested even with the best system and style. However,  you have a distinct advantage in this category.

Mature women aren’t usually driven by hormones nor pure determination to get the man that they want, but rather experience, patience, and a good understanding of what they want in a relationship.

When talking to him, ask yourself the following;

  • What kind of a person is he?
  • Is he open to a relationship with someone immediately?
  • Do our personalities match?
  • Can he offer me what I want and vice-versa?

When you show understanding for a younger man’s needs and wants from the start, you immediately become distinct from the potential partner his own age. With a bit of charm, he might not be able to get you off his mind!

7. Have fun

No matter what happens, having fun is the only definitive outcome you should strive for! Having a vivid and enjoyable sex life is often a light-hearted endeavor that takes a delicate touch and an open mind!

Even if you encounter initial difficulties getting the guy you want, no worries! There are indeed near-limitless amounts of fish in the sea, and a good number of them do like the sophisticated yet understanding and more tolerant hand of a mature lady such as yourself.

How to Get a Younger Guy to Ask You Out

When you present yourself accordingly and don’t shy away from engaging and fun to be around with others around you, you will start making more and more eye contact with interested guys.

When you are made aware that he is as interested in you as you are in him, you can make your move to cement the start of a potential relationship in a couple of different ways;

1. If you are in a more formal environment or you can’t spare the time to commit to him fully, make it clear to him that you are interested and share contact details

Sometimes you might not have enough time to commit to him entirely, yet you can show that you want something more by giving him the means to contact you and telling him when you are available.

After leaving a good impression and sparking his interest, this can also work as a power move for reinforcing the notion of being an independent woman who is on a tight schedule but who can find the time for a man she likes.

2. Leave the initiative in his hands and be receptive to his advances

If you want to be sure he is into you, you stoke the fires but ultimately shift the power balance in his favor by letting him control the dynamic.

You can do this by;

  • Letting him approach you first
  • Being receptive to his advances
  • Allow him to ask you for your number and other contact information

Some men might feel more comfortable when the relationship progresses at their own pace, so you can shift some comfort to his side and let him run the show…. until you make your move ;).

Whichever path you choose, the goal is to be approachable and friendly while maintaining that special allure that makes you irresistible to men.

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love

Oh, what wonders can butterflies in one’s stomach do! When you see for yourself what makes a younger man fall in love with an older woman, you will truly reap the benefits of your desirability.

Once you get him hooked, he will show both subtle (and less so subtle) ways of affection that will make you feel like a queen that you really are- from affection eye contact to going out of his way to be with you.

When going out, you might notice that he often wants to spend more time with you and engage with you in additional activities, regardless of their duration or expense.

He might call you often just to check up on you or arrange dates in advance that, strangely, usually fit your schedule without any issues from him, even when you wish to move the date afterward.

He might disagree or even have diametrically opposite viewpoints from you, yet he does not make it seem like a big deal and engages with those topics with understanding and curiosity rather than animosity.

He might let you use his personal belongings freely, and he might want to stay at your place as long as possible, even going so far as to “forget” his stuff so he can have an excuse to see you again.

And, most of all, he will want to share a future with you, often regardless if you have had kids before or not. Young guys often give a lot of attention and love when they are in love, thus bringing your sexual and emotional satisfaction to a whole new level (if you can keep up with his stamina)!

From the little to the big things, he will have your side and support you no matter how bumpy the road can get, and that is a partner you can be proud of and count on if the need arises.

How to Keep a Younger Man

Even in a very pristine relationship, it is entirely normal for thoughts of potentially losing your man’s interest to pop up a few times, as that is a sign that you do love and care for your younger lover.

When you land a hot young guy you always wanted, no matter how much time has passed since the first fated meeting, what caused the sparks to fly and the magic to happen?

Bring your inner child out by playing games with him and relaxing whilst sharing an intimate and soon-to-be cherished moment with him. Let him know you love him the only way YOU know how!

Keeping things fresh is best done by combining different activities and trying out new things until you find something you can both enjoy together and indulge in for a more extended period of time!

How to Make a Younger Man Fall in Love With You - Steps to Take 8

This can be something as small as playing monopoly together to going on a prolonged camping trip. Keep in mind what you both like and experiment, as the sky is always the limit when it comes to keeping him interested and on his toes.

Keeping a young man at your side is all about enjoying both the small and big things in each other’s lives while keeping up a lively spirit throughout the relationship.


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