How to Date a 30 Years Older Woman in 2024 – Does Age Matter?

When it comes to relationships between older women and younger men, it seems like there are way too many taboos in our society.

Even though it is pretty common to find relationships where a woman is 10 years older than her male partner, during the last few years, we have seen many couples where the woman is more than 20 or even 30 years older.

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Age-gap relationships like this really tend to spark harsh debates among people across the world, and it seems like even those who would consider engaging in a relationship like this are not 100% whether it is a good thing or not.

If you want to date a 30 Years older woman and you believe that the compatibility the two of you have is unmatched, then you should definitely go for it, and here we are offering you simple pieces of advice that will make the whole experience a lot easier.

We will tell you all about:

How to understand mature women
How to ask a 30 years older woman on a date
How important sex is in a relationship
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How to Date a 30 Years Older Woman?

1. Process This Thing for Yourself

If you decide to engage in a relationship with an old woman, you have to process this thing for yourself first, and it may not be a very easy thing to do.

Younger guys may feel attracted to older women, but from time to time, they may feel like less of a man because of that, so it can be a pretty hard thing for many of them.

In case you are 100% sure that you want to engage in a long-term relationship with a woman who is much older than your own age (like eHarmony or Tinder), you will have to come to terms with yourself first; otherwise, you may be destined for failure.

This can be a pretty hard thing to do, especially if you are a younger person who has never been in a relationship with an older partner.

Some people tend to have childhood traumas and unsolved problems with their parents, which can also be quite triggering, so if you have experienced something like this, I would recommend visiting a psychotherapist and trying to work things out before you decide to engage in a relationship.

Even though your partner is an older person, you don’t want to make her feel overloaded with your problems and traumas because it will turn off most mature ladies and make them break up any sort of relationship the two of you had.

2. Develop Emotional Maturity

Mature women dating means that you should also be mature enough to engage in a relationship without any prejudices and without considering your older partner to be some kind of a therapist to you.

How to Date a 30 Years Older Woman in [year] - Does Age Matter? 5

When older women dating, you need to have some emotional maturity yourself if you don’t want to end up misunderstood.

Mature wives will know how to deal with you no matter what happens, but this can significantly harm your relationship, and you certainly shouldn’t make her feel like she is a mom to you.

A 30 year age gap is quite big, and you have to understand that before you meet older women and fall in love with them without thinking of the potential consequences.

Top Cougar Picks based on 100,000+ Survey

"#1 Rated (Highest Success Rate)"
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You need to know how to handle life with another person and face the obstacles of this relationship while still being confident and sure of yourself and your love for this woman.

Older men are always very mature and know how to handle their feelings well, so it is usually not a problem for them to engage in relationships with a younger partner, or vice versa.

This is something you should also strive to develop yourself – look at French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte – he was able to catch up with her life experience and become very wise at a young age.

Young men can really create wonders if they dedicate time to work on themselves, and although they don’t need to act and sound like an old man all the time, it is definitely very important to make sure you are always trying your best and looking to catch up with your woman.

Relationships with an age gap as big as this one can work outside Hollywood movies, but you will need to do real and hard work so you can say, “My partner and I have no more things to worry about.”.

3. Learn From Her

You can really learn a lot from a woman that is as much as 30 years older than you, and she will definitely be able to stimulate you and help you reshape your life much better than a young woman who is in her 20s.

Attractive older women can really help you gain a new outlook on life and see things from a different perspective that can completely change everything you have ever believed in.

They also have a lot more life experience so they will be able to give you great pieces of advice regarding your business, friends and overall your personality.

Since this woman knows you very well, she will also know what are the things you need to do in order to transform your life and become a better version of yourself and trust me; you should always listen to her.

This may not seem like a big thing, but it is something that will completely change your life for the better, and definitely help you become a better and bigger man.

Older women are full of knowledge on many different subjects, and they are very worthy, so make sure you always take her opinion into consideration before making a move.

4. Try To Understand Mature Older Women

Figuring out what younger women want and strive for in life is pretty easy, but the situation is completely different with mature women who are in their 60s.

They definitely won’t settle with someone they don’t find suitable, especially if this isn’t their first marriage, and they will really have high standards you will have to catch up with if you want to impress them.

In order to get into younger man relationships, they will first need to see you are someone worthy of dating and not an immature kid who is looking to make his cougar dreams come true.

Dating older women also means that you will stay away from playing games and sending mixed singles because this is a big turn off and it will make them remove you from their lives as soon as possible.

They have a lot of self-esteem, so even though some of their moves may seem to be illogical or simply out of their character, you will really need to sit down and think twice about why they have done it.

How to Date a 30 Years Older Woman in [year] - Does Age Matter? 6

Hot older ladies do tend to be open books and not afraid to tell you everything directly, but they certainly won’t be giving you anything on a silver plate.

They may talk in metaphors from time to time and make you guess what their next move will be, which can be a really challenging but also exciting process, especially if you have only engaged in younger woman dating before.

Signs a younger man likes an older woman tend to be pretty obvious, and you may not even realize you are so openly displaying it, but once she sees them, she will definitely start acting differently.

They will start seeing you as their potential best friend and start opening up to you, which shouldn’t scare you, but rather tell you that you can become a very significant part of her life.

Always be gentle and cautious with her, and make sure you listen to everything she says carefully; otherwise, you may miss out on some very important things or signals.

Older women dating younger men really know their way with words, and they can make you fall into their trap without you even realizing that.

5. Consider Her Your Best Friend

The easiest way to make sexy older women impressed by you and make them fall in love with you is by showing them that you value them as a friend, not only a lover.

Since they have already experienced a lot of things in life and know how tough mature dating can get, they will really appreciate a man who enjoys their company because they are able to give them good advice and be a shoulder to cry on.

Romantic surprises, sex, and big words can’t really do wonders with hot mature older women, but things like that will make them fall in love with you instantly.

They will realize that you are looking for true love and that she is a beautiful older woman who can become the closest person in your life.

Once you start opening up to her and telling her everything about yourself, she will slowly but surely start falling for you, and you can be sure this dynamic and type of love will be present throughout your whole relationship.

In order to avoid misunderstanding and potential problems, make sure you are always open with them and never forget to consider them your best friend.

6. Sex Is Not the Key of the Relationship

As you are probably aware, this is a pretty big age gap, and although there are many mature women sex lovers (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), there is no way you will be sleeping with each other all the time.

If you believe good and frequent sex is the key to a good relationship, then maybe you are not someone who should be engaging in this type of dating because you probably won’t get too much of it.

Being in a relationship with a woman that is in her 60s usually means that you will support each other and go through different life changes side by side, and not that you will spend all the time in bed like teenagers.

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This is a pretty harsh truth not everyone is able to accept, but the sooner you admit it yourself, the better your relationship will get.


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