What Is the Cougar Lifestyle Like in 2024 – Full Disclosure

The cougar dating industry is something that has grown to become very popular among people, and it seems like more and more men and women have decided to engage in it.

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Even though things like this used to be taboo in society and people never approved of a big age difference between the couples, things are a bit different these days.

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Cougar dating is something everyone can engage in, and it isn’t that hard to find your perfect cougar partner, especially now that there are several online dating sites made for that.

Dive deep into our article if you want to find out:

Why cougar dating is so attractive to many different people
What makes the cougar lifestyle so popular
What are the benefits of a cougar lifestyle
And much more

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What Is A Cougar Lifestyle?

The term cougar lifestyle tends to be very popular, and even people who have no idea what cougar dating really is are eager to find out why it is praised so much.

Cougar life is something many older women dream of because it provides them with the ultimate freedom to do whatever they want, and they are always able to interact with hot, young men.

The beauty of the cougar life is for sure in dating younger men and having them make all of your wishes come true; however, it has a lot to do with the feeling of being younger yourself too.

When you are with someone of your own age, you are reminded all the time about how short life is and the things you may have missed out on in your experience.

On the other hand, cougar women are always livelier, and it seems like they have managed to enjoy finer things in life and become much more satisfied than other women in their age group.

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The cougar lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean these women do any sort of unbelievable and extravagant things, but rather that they are much better at enjoying life and eliminating unwanted distractions.

Mature cougar women know what they want, and they certainly know how to get it, so they manage to achieve all the things many other women continue to dream about throughout the rest of their life.

What Are The Benefits Of A Cougar Lifestyle?

There are many advantages to the cougar lifestyle, and once women see how all other girls in their surroundings are deciding to get into the cougar life, they decide to give it a try too.

Even though there are plenty of benefits to the cougar lifestyle,  these are some of the most common reasons why older women decide to find their own cougar cub.

1. Cubs are easier to handle

If you have ever dated a younger man in your life, you definitely know that things are a lot easier and faster with them.

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A younger guy is interested in making the both of you feel satisfied, and he wants some of that cougar love, so he will want to do whatever you want in order to keep you.

Even when you think that they may be lying or doing something behind your back, you will be able to handle the problem easily because you have so much dating experience.

Overall, you will be able to read through them and see whether they are just looking for cougar women sex (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), or are they interested in real old cougars who can provide them with a relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder).

You don’t need to play any sort of games or investigate whether they are cheating on you or not – when it comes to cougar dating, younger men tend to be pretty loyal because they know how hard it can be to find a good cougar wife, especially if they are looking to avoid a married cougar.

They will value you and cherish you, and even if they hide something from you or start lying, you shouldn’t be worried too much because they will certainly do everything to win you back.

These are some of the things that are not very common when you are dating an older man of your own age, and although those mature relationships tend to get very exhausting, the complete opposite will happen when you opt for a younger man.

2. You feel younger

If you have ever spent some time in the company of people who are much younger than you, you probably know that you tend to get energized and become a lot livelier when you leave them.

Hanging out with people of your own age can get quite exhausting, especially if they lead lives you find way too boring and traditional.

When you are with younger men, you also have the permission to act a lot younger, and your cougar lifetime will feel a lot more enjoyable.

They will also spare you stupid talks about things like their job, parents, or university because they simply don’t care enough to be sharing these things with other people.

Spending time with someone who is much younger than you can really have a positive impact and help you gain a new outlook on life, so even if you don’t plan on engaging in something serious, I would recommend spending time with younger men.

3. You are the one who is better in bed

Facts are pretty simple – the more sex you have, the better you get at it, and if you are 10 or 15 years older than your cougar cub, you are definitely much better at these things than him.

Mature milf cougars are very well-experienced in bed, and they are able to take the lead in the bedroom and make these men go crazy over real cougar sex.

What Is the Cougar Lifestyle Like in [year] - Full Disclosure 6

Even though many men are scared to admit it, they really want some piece of a mom cougar, and they are eager to explore all of their fantasies with these women.

This is also a great ego boost for all milfs and cougars because these men will be sincerely impressed by their skills, and they will not be afraid to tell them about that.

4. You don’t feel pressured

When you are dating a man of your own age, things can take a wild turn pretty fast, and everything tends to become way too serious for both of you.

However, when you are dating a younger guy, you don’t really have to worry about how everything will end up, especially if you are in the cougars over 40 groups.

Sometimes they are looking for casual fun, while at other times, they do end up in love, but you really don’t need to feel the pressure to define things between you from the start.

It will push both of you off from each other, so it is best to keep things casual and decide what you will be doing after you have already spent some time together.

All in all, many cougars and their cubs never even define the thing that’s going on between the two of them and just keep on casually seeing each other throughout the time.

What Is The Best Way To Start A Cougar Lifestyle?

Starting your cougar journey can be a bit tricky, especially if you are living in a small community and you have no idea how to approach potential partners.

For that reason, people have managed to develop several dating websites and dating apps that will help you with this and make connecting with your perfect partner a lot easier.

The first thing you should do before you decide to start your cougar lifestyle is to explore the topic a little bit, whether that be through articles, social media, or TV shows.

Try to get a bit familiar with the cougar meaning, cougar slang, and all the things that are common among people who practice this sort of lifestyle.

There are plenty of different sources about the world of cougar dating, and if you are someone who loves to read, I would recommend taking some time and going through the book called “Cougar: a guide for older women dating younger men.”

This is a real gem for all people who plan on engaging in cougar dating, especially for women who want to find out what is the most attractive cougars age, what they should be doing to seduce a young man, and similar things.

If you are a fan of television, there are also several sitcoms that cover this topic, and probably the most popular out of them all is “Cougar Town,” which follows cougar women in their 40s and 50s.

Many cougar memes have originated from this show, and it is really a valuable source that can provide you with some great insight on cougar relationships and the milf vs cougar debate.

After all, you can always spend some time scrolling through the Hollywood gossip and covering cougar couples from this industry.

This is a really common thing for many actors, singers, and reality personas, and I would say that over 50% of males in the world of celebrities have been in a cougar relationship at some point or another.

Probably the most popular cougar couple out there were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who was more than 15 years younger than the popular actress.

They were even married for quite a long period of time, and their relationship was thoroughly followed by the media.

Once that you are 100% sure you have found out everything you wanted about older women, younger men’s relationships, you should create a profile on a cougar dating internet site or a dating app.

You don’t even have to start using the website from the start; you can just keep on scrolling and browsing through other people’s profiles and looking for a good match.

Sometimes it can take you some time to find the guts to reach out to someone, and that is completely fine, but you should really take the time to explore these platforms and see what is offered here.

It can also take you some time to meet people from your surroundings, especially if you are not living in a big city like New York, but you will definitely be able to find the right match, even if you are not living in North America.

This will help you get a better idea of what does it mean to be a cougar, and you will see how things work in this niche, so websites like this are really valuable and can provide you with great insight that will help you with cougar dating in the future.


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