How to Attract a Younger Man in 2024: Be Bold and Flirty

Hello there, my beloved cougars! I know that we are not the young women we used to be back in the olden days. But we haven’t gotten worn out yet, have we?! 

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Our life experience is what sets us apart from all those young women out there. They are still young, their minds and bodies haven’t reached the maturity we pride ourselves on having.

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Older men like us. Younger men do too. And all because of our unique sass and self-esteem that comes from life itself.

We know how to make eye contact. We know how to keep the sex life going (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison). But we also know it is a deal-breaker to know how to attract a younger man. 

If you read this, and any previous article on cougars looking for young guys, you will get all the necessary tips for dating a younger man.

Here, I’ll share with you:

What attracts a younger man to an older woman
How to keep a younger man
How to get a younger man to fall in love with you
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How to Attract and Keep a Younger Man?

It can be a complicated question to ask yourself: how to attract and keep a younger man, one who is not your own age.

It doesn’t seem so easy for the older girls as it is for the young ones. But be reminded that the young girls have the same issues. You should just be bold and go for it!

How to Attract a Younger Man in [year]: Be Bold and Flirty 5

The self-esteem that you radiate is a major plus when you are in pursuit of younger man relationships. Believe in yourself, your attractiveness, and all your other qualities.

You are a beautiful woman and you deserve any man you wish to have.

Once you really believe that, you can do whatever (and whoever) you want.

If you are not sure what exactly to do, follow this advice:

  1. First things first, dating younger men starts with a spark of interest. Once you find yourself having a crush on younger man, you can go on and make him fall for you.
  2. Remember to keep it natural. Bring out the best in you; you can even exaggerate a little. For example, if you are proud of your cooking, you can tell him that you make the best lasagna in the world. It doesn’t really have to be that good, but impress him with your confidence in your skill. However, avoid lying. If you are an awful cook, don’t say you can do it. Catching you in a lie can be a major turn-off for him.
  3. Be a coquette. And be elegant. Make it a signature combination. He will love that in you!
  4. Show interest in him. I sincerely hope that he is more than just a super hot body and muscles. Even if he is not, you will make him feel special if you show genuine interest in what he has to say.
  5. Stay mysterious. Don’t reveal it all. Keep some part of you hidden from him. Let him work to get there. You can give him a small peek into your soul or body. At the beginning of the relationship, keep him hanging a bit. Let him want to feel more of you. The award may be manifold if you know what I mean (wink wink).

How to Attract a Younger Man at Work?

If the young guy you like works with you, that is a great plus for you. You can use that to your advantage and be flirty with him every single day. Your chances of success are so high!

I have one special piece of advice for you here: don’t be upfront in this situation. At least until you are 100% sure that he is into you. Subtlety is the key here.

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Here are some basic guidelines for seducing a younger man from your workplace.

  1. If you haven’t had much contact before, start slowly. Say hello when you pass him in the hallway, go for a coffee break just when he does, do stuff like that. But carefully. Do it just once or twice a week in the beginning.
  2. Then, make contact more frequently. Friendly at first, until you feel out whether he may be interested in you.
  3. Smile at him seductively. Wink. Make an inside joke that only you two understand. But once again, be discrete.
  4. Then, find an excuse for occasional physical contact. Ask for some sugar for your coffee, go and borrow a stapler, or ask him to fix a bug in your computer.
  5. As your approaches get closer and closer, he will notice your interest and show you whether he wants you.
  6. If you are not sure whether you will make out when a younger guy likes you, trust me, they are not so discrete. Their body language will tell you everything. You will know!
  7. And to keep him, follow the advice in the previous section.

How to Get a Younger Man to Fall in Love With You?

Even though the age difference may seem like a great disadvantage when it comes to long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder), I can freely tell you that this is not the case.

Surely, there are young men who want to date younger girls only, there are plenty of those who are into cougars.

Unfortunately, some of them know only how to attract a younger woman and have no idea how to flirt with older women. But you can take the reins and show him.

That would be an exciting journey, wouldn’t it? I am sure that you would enjoy having a guy who knows just what you need, and all because you taught him what that is.

There are things to do and not do when you know how to seduce a younger man into falling for you.


  1. Make the first move. Even though it is exciting to have young men date older women, the real-life situation may well be that he is too timid to start anything. This is where you come in and take the lead. It doesn’t mean that you will have to do that all the time, though.
  2. Compliment his valuable traits. Compliments make people feel better about themselves and loosen up. Notice what is great about him and show how much you appreciate it.
  3. Look good. When you take care of how you look when you are with him, he will show you off to the world proudly. He will feel that he is special to you because you actually want to look good for him.
  4. Be flexible. Don’t force anything on him. He is not a child but your equal. If he doesn’t want to settle down, let him have fun. If you don’t want the same thing, move on. Successful women let their men be successful as well.
  5. Show you are sometimes vulnerable. Being the older one in a relationship often comes with the burden of the pressure to appear stronger and invulnerable. But this same thing goes for men, no matter the age. So, in order for your relationship to function well, you need to show him that you are a human being and that you have weakening feelings sometimes. Let him be the strong one and you will have him in your arms in no time.


  1. Don’t be passive. Try your best to be as active as possible. Go out with your young love, ride a bike with him, travel, do as much as you can. He needs it, and you will love spending time with a happy young man.
  2. Don’t embarrass him. This is a big deal. Despite the age gap, you need to fit in his lifestyle just as much as he needs to fit in yours. That is the basic definition of compatibility. The age difference may cause some embarrassment on both sides, but you should work on that. talk openly about what you didn’t like and work it out.
  3. Don’t act like his mother. You may be his mother’s age, you may have a child his age, but you two are in a relationship. So, suppress that mothering instinct and look at him as a man, which he is.

How Do You Know if a Younger Man Is Attracted to You?

Now, this is a very good question. And it certainly needs a good answer.

Well, girl, there are many cues that will show you that you had your younger men fall for you. These cues are so direct and self-explanatory that I will not bother to explain them.

How to Attract a Younger Man in [year]: Be Bold and Flirty 6

I will just list them for you, so you can make a list and see how many of those your young soulmate checks. The more ticks, the more he is into you.

  1. His eyes light up when he sees you.
  2. He cannot withhold a smile in your presence.
  3. He wants your contact details.
  4. He learns about your personality and interests.
  5. He remembers what you told him the previous time(s) you met.
  6. He keeps the conversation going.
  7. He listens to you carefully.
  8. He asks you a lot of questions.
  9. He is interested in what you have to say.
  10. He makes jokes only the two of you understand.
  11. He doesn’t miss a chance for making physical contact.
  12. He answers your texts promptly.
  13. He calls and texts you often.
  14. He doesn’t refuse invitations to meet.
  15. He wants to try out your hobbies.
  16. He wants to include you in his favorite activities.
  17. He introduces you to his friends.
  18. He wants to have a good relationship with your friends.
  19. He tries to act maturely.
  20. He values your opinions.
  21. He gives you compliments all the time.
  22. He wants to keep his weaknesses hidden.
  23. He shows interest in your children (if you have any).
  24. He shows affection.
  25. He wants to protect you.

How Do You Keep a Guy Thinking About You?

“Wow! There is that younger guy flirting with me! But will he be thinking about me when we each go home tonight? What can I do to make this happen?”

This is a genuine concern. Well, there are some secrets if you want to know how to keep a younger man thinking about you after the first meeting.

To do this, you need to understand what makes a younger man attracted to an older woman and leave him to go home with those things in his (conscious or subconscious mind).

  1.  First and foremost, it is your life experience. Men respect that. And so, it is good that you show you are an experienced soul. Just avoid making it too obvious so that he feels small and unimportant.
  2. Next, obviously, is your sexual experience. If you two click in that way, you may make small (but I repeat, small) hints that you are maybe more experienced than him. He will get intrigued, challenged, and excited at the prospect of getting on a par (or in the bed) with you.
  3. Your overall energy should be just the thing to keep him thinking about you. Older women dating young men are those who are full of life, and they carry with them a special atmosphere. Despite anything that might have happened to you, have a ball with him, show your liveliness and sass. He will be impressed, I assure you!
  4. You are emotionally stable. And that is much valued by all men, regardless of their age. When you meet young men, your emotional stability will set you apart from younger women. Show that, be honest, be direct (all within the range of politeness). A woman without emotional baggage leaves a man wishing to be in her company again.
  5. But that doesn’t mean that you should hold back your emotions. If you like him, show it to him. If you are in the mood for dancing, ask him to go on the dance floor. If you are tired, say that you are but that you are willing to stay a bit longer because you like his company so much. Positive comments and compliments will make him feel welcome in your heart.


Final Word

In the past, how to attract younger women was a pressing issue. Relationships were formed mainly between people who are of similar age. That was normalized. But…

Now the pages have turned and people want to know how to get a younger guy to ask you out and how to date a younger guy. 

These are all the things I covered in this text. Follow me for the next article with dating a younger man advice and tips.

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