Meaning Of a Cougar Cub in 2024: Definition | Responsibilities

If you have been using social media and dating apps actively during the past few years, you have probably become familiar with the cougar slang and many different terms that are used among people from this niche.

Meaning Of a Cougar Cub in [year]: Definition | Responsibilities 5

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The cougar dating niche is something that has grown to become quite big and active during the past few years, and it seems like more men and women are feeling comfortable engaging in this sort of dating.

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In case you are also one of the people who are completely clueless about the cougar dating slang, we have decided to help you make a difference between some of the most frequently used terms.

You are in the right place if you were asking yourself:

What a cougar cub is
How do you recognize a cougar cub
What is a cougar cub relationship
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Who Is A Cougar Cub?

I believe everyone knows who a cougar woman is, but it seems like many people misunderstand the term cougar cub and don’t know whether you are talking about a man or a woman.

A cougar cub is always a young man who enjoys being in a relationship with a much older woman and finds cougar dating something to be completely normal.

For him, cougar relationships are the same thing as traditional relationships, and they don’t really care about the age difference as long as they feel comfortable around this woman.

For example, everyone knows that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were married for some period of time – in this case, Ashton is a cougar cub because he was almost 15 years younger than his wife.

Meaning Of a Cougar Cub in [year]: Definition | Responsibilities 6

The cougar cub term is not used to humiliate anyone or to make fun of milfs and cougars; it is simply used to show us the difference between men who engage in traditional relationships and those who are a bit more modern and prefer dating an old woman.

This is the most simple cougar cub definition, and you should know that there is no strictly defined age for a cougar cub.

Cougars cubs just need to be younger than them in order to fall into this category, and they are usually at least 8 years younger than their cougar lady.

I guess many people have seen the “Cougar Town” sitcom that goes briefly into this topic and explores many different things regarding cougar relationships, and it is definitely the show that introduced this world to a broader audience.

What Is A Cougar Baby?

The term cougar baby is also something that you can frequently hear in the mainstream media, but this term is in no way similar to that of a cougar cub, and people tend to make this mistake a lot.

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The meaning of cub is quite simple – they are men who date older women just because they love them and find them attractive.

On the other hand, cougar babies are men who are looking for a sugar mama – a woman who will support them financially, provide them with gifts and similar things.

They usually offer sex in exchange for some money or materials goods, just like female sugar babies.

Cougar & Cub Speed Dating (Younger Men for Older Women) - 14 MAR 2020

This term can also be found in the Urban Dictionary because so many people have mentioned it online that it has become a part of the slang pretty fast.

Even though people tend to call them cougar babies because they are usually sponsored by much older women, I believe the term sugar baby should be used for them too because they are doing the same thing as these girls.

Just like there are plenty of young women who seek older men to help them financially, there is also a large number of guys who do the same thing.

They are usually called toyboys, and once they get into an arrangement with these single women, they will be provided for as long as the two of them are dating.

Some cougar babies offer a sexual relationship (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), while others offer emotional support too   (like eHarmony or Tinder)- however, in both cases, they receive something in exchange for that.

Cougar and cub dating in its original meaning have nothing to do with it, and the cub meaning is actually just a simple term used in the cougar niche.

What does cub means is something that can easily be understood, but the whole concept of cougar babies is something a bit more complicated, and it deserves its own article.

How Do You Recognize A Cougar Cub?

Many people believe that you can recognize a cougar cub the moment you meet him, but in general, it is not that easy because these men are just like all the other guys you know.

You can’t really read from his face whether he is interested in banging older or younger women, and they are regular people just like all other men of their own age.

Meaning Of a Cougar Cub in [year]: Definition | Responsibilities 7

However, you should be able to recognize a cougar cub when you see him in real life or at some gathering because he will treat these women differently.

These are some of the signs that the man you have been eyeing for some time is a cougar cub:

1. He doesn’t pay attention to younger women

If you are in some sort of a social gathering where there are plenty of beautiful young women, and he doesn’t seem to bat an eye on any of them, then he may be two things – a cougar cub or a gay man.

In case these women try talking to him all the time, and he just smiles politely and says something here and there, you will see that they are really just not that into them.

2. He seems to be interested in you

If a younger guy seems to be talking to you all the time and no matter how many people are in your company, he is completely focused on you while talking, then he can definitely be considered a cougar cub.

Guys who openly show that they are attracted to a much older lady, especially in front of other people, usually have no problem with being considered a cub.

In case he is completely focused on you throughout the whole conversation, and he pays no attention to younger girls that are walking around, then he is definitely interested in you and would love to engage in the cougar life.

3. He knows what a cub acronym is

If you are in a conversation with a younger man and he knows the cougar slang and is familiar with synonyms and acronyms of this kind, chances that he is also a cougar cub are pretty high.

Men usually know nothing about things that are not connected to them, so in case they are very familiar with the cougar slang, they are probably a part of this niche of dating too.

Sometimes he doesn’t even need to show that he is attracted to you or that he wants to seduce you –  he will just start talking about things like this, and you will be glued to him.

What Should A Cougar Cub Do?

Well, just like with regular relationships, there are not too many things you can require from your cougar cub, but there are definitely some things almost all cougar cubs tend to do in order to make their women feel beautiful and wanted.

1. Act mature

The main thing cougar cubs need to learn how to do is act like old men, be mature and confident enough so that they don’t feel overwhelmed by the fact that their woman is a bit older than them.

When they are mature and have a good understanding of things in life, they will not be taken aback by weird comments, and nothing someone else says or does will have an impact on your relationship.

For that reason, if you want to seduce a much older woman and find your cougar or puma, you really need to act like a man who knows what he wants; otherwise, they will never waste their time on you.

2. Cougar cub sex

If you want to make sure your woman will feel cherished and loved by you, you should always be open about how much you want to have sex with her.

Many older women are not that confident and often struggle when they need to get into bed with someone much younger than themselves, but if they feel like you are truly attracted to them, and there is no younger woman who could make you feel the same way, they will be a lot more relaxed, and they will make all of your dreams and fantasies come true.

3. Take her out

Plenty of younger men are not really confident about dating older women, so they avoid taking them out and visiting public places with them.

If you want to show your cougar lady that you are not afraid of the judging looks coming from the people in your surroundings and that you want to spend time with her no matter the location, you should take her out.

You can go together to a cafe, a restaurant, bar or even some more sophisticated place like a theatre or gallery.

This will show her that you genuinely care for this relationship and that you have no problem in being seen with her outside.

Where Are Cougar Looking For Cub?

When it comes to places where you can find your cougar cub, many people avoid real-life dating and rather switch to online dating platforms.

There are plenty of dating sites made specifically for cougar dating like Cougar Life or Ashley Madison, and they can really help you find your significant other easily.

However, if you are not a big fan of dating websites, I would always recommend having the guts to approach someone in real life, whether it is a woman you see every day in a bar or a guy who is in your local university.

Meaning Of a Cougar Cub in [year]: Definition | Responsibilities 8

Cougar dating tends to be very complicated for many people who enjoy engaging in it, but things can go a lot better if the two of you meet each other face to face.

It is a lot easier to meet cougars and cubs when you are living in a big city like New York, but in general, everyone should be able to find a partner for themselves, no matter how small their community or city may be.

For that reason, I encourage you to pursue cougar dating in real life because you will definitely be able to meet plenty of valuable people, and you have a higher chance of meeting your perfect match.


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