How To Make Friends On Bumble in 2024 – Does It Really Work?

If you have heard of the Bumble dating app and became a witness of its success, then you have maybe heard about other features and options it provides its loyal users with.

Bumble has managed to become much more than a regular online dating platform, and since it was able to do a great job in helping people while swiping their way to their soulmate (like eHarmony or Tinder) or next hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), they have decided to extend their offer.

Nowadays, you can look for your bestie and book a friend date or two through your Bumble account, and you can even start a business through this amazing app.

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How To Make Friends On Bumble
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How do you pick a gender for Bumble Bff, and more
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What Is Bumble Bff?

Bumble Bff is one of the latest additions to this amazing online dating platform that has decided to extend its business and provide its loyal Bumble users with new options.

If you were spending a lot of time on Bumble before and you were connecting with different people all the time, then you will definitely value its latest feature that allows you to even meet your new best friend through this app.

Bumble has decided to take an approach that basically resembles social media and allow its users to start using Bumble in order to do other things too.

Bumble BFF: A woman's best friend in a new city

For that reason, they have decided to transform the app into a place where you will be able to meet your potential partner, but also to meet friends and schedule a friend date or brunch with someone who has a lot of things in common with you.

Ever since the pandemic started, people were not really able to meet new friends, and they didn’t have the possibility to go out and socialize with potential friends.

Bumble has come up with an amazing idea that allows everyone to create a separate Bumble Bff profile that they will use in the future when reaching out to like-minded people and men or women they believe they can be great friends with.

Every Bumble Bff profile is very detailed, and you will be able to explain yourself pretty well and talk about things you love and do in real life all the time so that people can get a better idea of you and your personality.

The best thing about it is that you can completely avoid small talk, especially the kind of it that is usually done before you engage in a romantic relationship because you will feel like you are talking to someone from one of your friend groups, and you will be able to switch to your preferred themes and interests immediately!

How Does Bumble Bff Work?

Bumble Bff works the same way as the regular Bumble dating app, and the more information and selfies of yourself you tend to upload to your profile, the higher the chances are that you will be able to find new friendships.

If you want to find good friends, you need to make sure your profile looks realistic, and you should always share the most important information about yourself, just like you would tell some important things to people you meet IRL too.

There is no separate Bumble Bff app, and the way you will get an opportunity to access this part of the app is by simply switching to the Bff mode on your regular Bumble app.

Both the Bumble Bff for guys and Bumble Bff for girls work the same, and if you have downloaded the latest update of your Bumble app, you will be able to access it by switching the mod in your upper right corner.

Once you open the Bff part of the app, you will see trending users and those Bff users who seem to have the largest number of things in common with you.

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Your recommendations work basically the same as on the dating part of the platform because your Bumble app friends will be sorted by the percentage of compatibility too.

You can easily find your Bumble bets friend if you follow their recommendations because they really try their best to connect with users who will get along well and actually meet up in real life and create some kind of a bond.

Bumble: How Filipinas Can Make The First Move

However, just like on the dating part of the platform, a woman is always the one who needs to make the first move, and of course, you can be looking for friends of the opposite sex too.

This is an amazing friend-finding tool, and it seems like people were really able to get a lot of matches on this side of the platform, and oftentimes, their first friend is the one who is basically everything they have desired in a loyal companion.

Since Bumble is extremely popular across the whole world, you will be able to meet friends not only in big cities like New York City or Los Angeles but also in other smaller communities, which really makes it a great option for everyone struggling to find a good friend.

Is Bumble Good For Making Friends?

Bumble is really an amazing place for making friends because it allows its users to express themselves to the fullest, upload a lot of information, and share things they find to be crucial in a potential friend.

Even though people were skeptical about this feature at first, it turned out to be extremely successful and maybe even a bit more successful than the regular dating part of the app.

You easily find your Bumble best friend if you upload your profile to the fullest, and you can always scroll through the homepage and look through everyone before you decide to reach out to a person who seems to fit all of the criteria you have in your head.

The Bumble friend app really is an amazing addition to this platform and finding friends on Bumble is one of the things that will not only keep its old users on the platform but also lead to many new people joining and trying to get the most use out of it.

Bumble BFF app helps people make friends |

In combination with their Bumble Bizz feature, this has really turned out to be a gamechanger for this app, and I believe that in the future, it will only keep on growing, expanding, and adding plenty of new features that will help them gather a warm and loyal audience.


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