Dating Vs. Relationship The FULL Breakdown – Which is Better?

Dating Vs. Relationship - Which is Better?

Since the beginning of mankind, love was the strongest motivator for survival.

As we evolved, it became a tool for existence and a meaning of life itself.

Regardless of a kind, love represents one of the most powerful things on the planet.

However, the most wanted affection is from another human being – a partner.  

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You might think relationships are hard. All those sacrifices and tolerances, right?

Don’t give up because we will show you how to make a perfect choice – to date or commit.

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Leave prejudices aside

Leave prejudices aside

It is never easy to leave your comfort zone.

We all know how hard it is to start dating again, to give someone a chance to get to know you, thus to make a certain opinion about you.

Having to face the fear of an unknown or getting hurt (again) is very difficult and inevitable, but that does not mean the fear is unbeatable. 

It is very important to open your mind to what’s out there – unexplored word or dating or being in a relationship.

Just because you have never been going out or dating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or are incapable of dating and trying to meet someone you could spend quality time with.

People change and so does their mindset.

That is why you shouldn’t be afraid of changing the way you look at dating or being in a relationship with someone.

Both of these actions are socially acceptable, so why the need for a pattern or a certain adjustment?

There are two types of dating

No one says that dating necessary means finding someone who is ‘relationship material’.

The fact that many people end up getting married and having a family shouldn’t weaken your desire to casually explore different partners or to have no strings attached relationship.

Dating gives you specific life dynamics, which can be something you crave for if you are a type of active, communicative person; or t can simply be your preference because of lack of your free time.

The point is – whether you don’t want to commit, or simply lack the time and energy – dating will most likely be a perfect choice for you.

Generally speaking, there are two types of dating: for fun, or to find ‘special someone’.

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Dating sites and apps

Dating sites and apps

There are a few things you actually can’t find online these days.

The Internet made it easier to search for potential dates or partners through online dating sites and apps.

Depending on your taste and personality you can choose dating sites based on your sexual orientation, fetishes, location, desires, preferences, etc.

Whether you are a confident woman, a businessman with high standards or a romantic artist, there is not a chance that there isn’t an eligible dating site that fits your criteria.

There is no good or bad, just standards someone has to meet and the right dating site or an app you’ll find useful in this sense.

So jump right on it – make a profile, set a nice photo and simply write what you like and dislike. If you don’t instantly find a match, someone will find you!

Speed dating

If you are looking for something dynamic while also wanting to have fun, speed dating is something you should give it a try.

Some cafes and restaurants organize speed dating evening on certain days in a week.

The principle is next: you have around 5 minutes with a person to get to know it a bit and see if there are sparks or potential for a real date.

These five minutes should be well used. Since there is a time limitation, you should prepare some questions that are important to you, in order to efficiently find out if the person in front of you is someone you could get along with romantically.

The second important thing is to mainly focus on your virtues and things that motivate you.

Although this can seem a bit unrealistic, there is no point in spending five minutes talking about your flaws, because it can seem as if you are a negative insecure person.

Even though it can be hard to remember all the advice considering the impression you are about to make, never forget to ask back a question or to casually direct attention to your date.

At last, remember – the most important thing is to have fun while trying to make a good impression!

Butterflies in your stomach

Butterflies in your stomach

The best thing about starting to get to know someone while dating is butterflies in your stomach you never thought you were going to feel again.

The adrenalin rush while he tries to kiss you for the first time, the anticipation of the first message and the blushes you get when you accidentally touch are signs of feeling in love.

All of these things you feel when you starting to fall for someone are inspirational and motivational.

The power of being in love lies in the strength you feel but cannot explain; it’s in the smile no one can take away from you besides the one you are smiling for.

Being able to feel like an innocent child when you first wrote a love letter or shared a candy makes you feel unstoppable and encouraged to look at life as it was a gift, to create, enjoy the smell of air and wake up feeling full of hope.

The beginning of something is always exciting.

Never mind how beautiful it feels, there is always a choice you ought to make – whether to take a step forward and start a serious relationship or simply to continue being spontaneous and unobligated to constantly be someone’s support.

Sometimes we are unable to make this decision based on rational thinking – job, free time, organization – because our emotions overwhelm us and make us think with our hearts.

We can’t escape the fact someone attracts us, makes us feel happy or gives us butterflies.

It is natural for us to feel afraid of further falling in love for that special someone. The fear of allowing them to get to know us so well that they can predict our next sentence or a taste for something can be very difficult to deal with sometimes.

I know these insecurities can be tricky. They are inevitable.

But don’t you wonder: what if they make you work on your constant improvement and growth?

Would you feel proud of yourself or disappointed if you caught yourself practicing cooking or reading girls’ magazines to beat your flaws or simply try to understand your partner?

Think about it. I believe the butterflies will reveal you the answer.

I hope the answer you get will help you overcome the fear of opening up to someone, no matter if the occasion is dating or being in a relationship.

In the long run, excitement is the curriculum of dating and a perfect starting point for a relationship.

Hidden corners of relationships

Hidden corners of relationships

We have already discussed a certain point of view when it comes to commitment.

As mentioned, it is both a motivator and a setback, depending on a final goal and a person’s mindset, but there is always room for discussion and improvement.

It is not always easy to set your goals and prioritize your responsibilities and wishes. All of us had some crises and inner battles when trying to meet our standards and fulfill our dreams.

The recipe is commitment.

Like every single thing in life, planned or spontaneous, relationships also require commitment.

It can be related to staying true to yourself or having to make some sacrifices and compromises.

No one ever said that relationships are a piece of cake.  Everyone knows how hard they can be.

It takes a lot of patience to get to know your partner well, to understand their deepest fears and biggest desires, to come to an understanding when it’s up to important things.

Relationships require never-ending work and effort. They represent two lives merging into one and show that love is necessary but sometimes simply not enough.

Like everything, relationships also have two sides – joyful and difficult, thus it is very important to calculate whether you are spending more time feeling happy or sad.

The main reason people choose to be in a relationship is that they feel complete and supported.

No one likes to be alone all the time.

That is why we spend half of our lives looking for someone to make us feel whole; someone who is always there for us – in better or worse.

A partner is a person that gives his best to make us happy, even though he doesn’t always understand you. He is someone who selflessly tries to comfort you and shows you the best things in life.

A partner should be your soul mate and your inspiration. Someone who never purposely disappoint you and never lets you give up.

He keeps your dreams on a nightstand, your kisses on his lips and your fears in a safe.

When you catch yourself feeling prepared to do anything to make your partner happy and healthy, when you are hurting even more when he is hurting and when you are satisfied only when he is – then you will meet the beauty and magic of sharing everything, good and bad, with that special person you feel your heart has chosen.

All these things as divine as they are, occasionally get difficult to sustain. This is why some people choose to date over a relationship.

Difficulties occur when both partners are stressed; when they have trouble finding a common ground or simply missing the desire to make a compromise.  There are many reasons people fight about and those things are usually very important in life so it is known that relationships can sometimes break over one or two problematic things.

Like everything you want to prosper and grow, relationships also need nourishing and effort. That is why it is highly important to feel mentally healthy before starting a relationship.

Being able to be alone, to feel successful and strong is one of the main starting points before investing in a relationship with someone.  

If you don’t feel capable of controlling some of your bad emotions or feel as if you are unable to make certain adjustments or take a constructive critic, it will be harder for you to be happy in cohabitation with your partner.

This is probably the hardest thing when it comes to a healthy relationship – not to let your strong emotions toward your partner affect you in a way you would feel too jealous or possessive, even paranoid that your loved one doesn’t love you enough or is not giving you as much attention as you might want.

Maybe this isn’t such a common subject of conversations or columns in magazines, but many people are affected by this kind of control loss.

Opening up to someone gives them a weapon to hit your weak spot. Many things can go wrong when you fight with the one you deeply care about.

But the greatest beauty lies in the ability to apologize, to admit your motives and mistakes, to show vulnerability and weaknesses and the fact that in the end you are accepted with all of your flaws.

No smooth sea made a great sailor.

No smooth sea made a great sailor

When in a relationship, many parameters need to complement each other and find the right place in an ocean of requests, preferences, desires, attitudes, opinions, etc.

No matter how challenging this sounds, it is confirmed by billions of examples that it is possible and manageable.

There is a reason why a relationship is an initial state from which other institutions like marriage and family evolve.

It represents a special bond between two people that can’t explain why they feel the way they feel about each other. All they can do is try telling each other what they like about them, what they find special about them and what they admire.

The very path of the search for reasons someone came into your life and made you feel the way you feel is philosophic and exciting since some feelings even the best poets couldn’t describe.

Some say that the simplest definition of a relationship is next:

‘Relationship is two people deciding what to eat until they die.’

Even though this sentence may sound a bit negative or too plain, the writer managed to comprehend two vital motives.

The first one is the ‘until death do us apart’ which is the most popular condition and promise, a pledge and a vow of love you make when getting married.

The second one explains the absence of concern and worry when you know you have someone who cares for you and makes all your troubles disappear or become meaningless compared to the importance of your partner’s and your wellbeing.

The art of making problems seem so small and the skill of making only present relevant is so refreshing way of thinking.

Reading this quote, it is as if you can feel that the only important thing seems so banal at first, when it actually sends us an enlightening message – find someone who has the potential of creating a special intimate world with you, where the only important thing is what movie to watch and where to travel or what to eat.

All this talk about perks and negative side of being in a relationship and starting one can seem a bit confusing. But as we mentioned – a relationship can be a bit hard and we can catch ourselves feeling little confused or conflicted.

That is the price we are often happy to pay to have someone by our side to make us feel as if we are the strongest, prettiest, funniest and smartest in the whole world.

Believe it or not, people actually can make you feel this special.

Untraditional relationships

Untraditional relationships

Being affected by current social influence or just wanting to spice things up and add some dynamics, people eventually agreed on certain modifications of traditional relationships.

Even though some cultures that practice polygamy, the majority believes in one partner at a time policy.

With the need to feel dominance or simply explore, partners started agreeing on being in open relationships. 

Open relationships are conceptualized so that one or both partners in an agreement with each other have the right to date or sleep with other people outside of their relationship.

Even though this concept is rare and hasn’t been accepted by the majority, it is individual and is being practiced when needed or simply wanted.

Good luck choosing

Good luck choosing

It is understood that there are countless positive and negative sides of both dating and being in a serious relationship.

This text mentions some of the most common or simply the most interesting facts about this matter.

Maybe you have seen a different perspective than these mentioned, maybe you had a hard time relating to some terms or cases while reading.

The point is that even though some things are difficult to create or manage, there are various ways of stepping into a word of finding someone to casually spend time with or just deciding what movie to watch.

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