Chapter 6 – Online Dating Deal Breakers for Women

Chapter 6 - Online Dating Deal Breakers for Women

So you have been trying your luck at online dating for some time – finding that perfect guy who would be ideal for you.

It surely feels great to speak to every other man present on the online portal, to see what stimulates you to be attracted towards him.

Maybe you did find that someone special, with whom you are ready to talk for hours and hours every day.

Just when you feel that you are having the best time of your life, something strange happens that makes you shun him away at all costs.

Such a situation can happen to any woman who is looking for online dating.

Some online dating deal breakers surely exist that can give you a hint: “Avoid this dude at all cost!”

Some women can judge that timing and instantly back out of an online relationship. While others are not so shrewd at understanding whether the guy they are interested in is dating material or not.

If you have trouble understanding deal-breaking situations while dating online, then here are the top signs to notice while dating men online.

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1.      They Ignore Messages Frequently

This situation is quite frustrating, especially when the man you are interested in ignores your messages continuously.

Furthermore, the person messages you back after several days just to have a good time again.

If this is happening to you, then it is better you alert yourself and discontinue your online relation.

Understandably, people are busy at times that they do not get time to message for hours.

But, if you are in a relationship, you should at least expect the guy to message you back in a couple of hours when he is free.

It could be pretty evident that the guy is busy with multiple partners. Instead of finding him red-handed in such a situation, it is better to stop your connection with him.

Such off and on attitude is a sign that the man just wants to pass the time with you. So, maintain your dignity and back out!


Try to understand their behavior as soon as possible. Try to make out the pattern.

If the person gives you a genuine reason for being unable to communicate with you, then it is fine.

But, if the person repeats it and makes new excuses every time, then just bid him farewell.

2.      They Are Not Straightforward

If a guy is giving you mixed answers, the chances are that the person is not a genuine person. Such a person may try to make excuses whenever you look forward to meeting him in the real world.

Furthermore, it could be hard for you to judge such a person and know his true intentions.

Whether he wants to stay committed with you or he wants to leave you – he does not clear you on such issues.

It could even make you feel frustrated and depressed.


Instead of being too lenient, it is better to interact on the doubts you have straight away. Your goal should be to be clear with him and know what is in his mind.

3.      They Are Too Possessive

It feels nice when someone is there to care for you – even if the person you met is online. But, sometimes the guy you are dating may be too possessive about you.

You may notice that he does not let you spend your time even for a minute.

What if the person keeps bothering you and does not let you do things that you love.

What if he sets some rules for you that define whom you can speak with and meet?

Such situations can be pretty dangerous if ignored. Focus on understanding such a situation and make sure that you stop contacting him as soon as you can.


Here, too, you need to witness the pattern. Try to judge how he deals with you. Does he let you live your life to the fullest? If not, then leave him.

4.      The Person Does Not Want To Connect With You through His Details

If you are looking for a date online, then you want that person to be faithful to you. For that, the obvious thing would be to ask for a phone number, etc.

If the person is hesitant to give you his details, then it is possible that he was not going to be serious about the relationship in the first place.

Your next step after dating involves you to get things moving forward.

But, if the person is not ready to share details such as his phone number, then he might not truly be who he claims to be.


Instead of focusing on passing the time with the person, simply call it out. It is quite obvious that he does not want to get into a serious dating relationship in the real world.

5.      Their Photos Look Strange

2019 is the year where camera quality is so great that anyone can misuse it.

So, it is important that you make sure that the pictures provided online in the guy’s profile are genuine and not photoshopped.

The chances are that the person has used an image of a shredded person, but in reality, he may be a fat and old dude. Beware of such situations.


Try to look at the images in his profile carefully. If the photos look fake, then you may want to stop talking.

To judge that person properly, you can ask for a video call to look at the person and know if he is who he is in the profile picture.

6.      They Are Money-minded

Unless you are into money, you need to avoid the person who continuously talks about his money. Any guy who keeps talking about his money with you must be having insecurities.

Besides, he might also be a dishonest person who just wants a girl to be attracted to him because of his money.

Such types are a strict no-no! Avoid them at all costs.


 If such a person talks a lot about his enormous wealth, then try to change the topic. If he is fine with discussing new topics with you without going back to talking about his money, then he could still be fine for you.

But, if he boasts about his money all the time, then you may want to avoid connecting with him.

7.      He Keeps Discussing His Ex

Understandably, he had past relationships, and it is okay if he mentioned those relationships to you. But that should be the end of it.

If he keeps discussing those connections from time to time, then it might start irritating you, or be a sign of something even worse.

Moreover, repeating the name of an ex may reduce the love connection between a new couple.

If the guy keeps repeating his ex’s name, then it is possible that he wants to get back with her if he gets the chance. Then, where does that leave you?

So, it is better to stop the communication right there and then.


Try to strengthen your communication with the guy.

You will have to learn the person properly so that you can understand if he truly wants to be in a relationship with you or if he just wanted you to be a healing element for the burns of his past relationship.

8.      He Does Not Have Any Pictures with Friends

Taking selfies is fine, but he should at least have one image with friends just to show that he is amicable in real life as well.

If you are unable to find any such images in his profile, then it could be possible that he is hiding something.

Furthermore, it could be possible that he is not looking for a serious relationship. Maybe he just doesn’t want you in his life.


The best thing to do here is to ask the person through a natural discussion. If he hesitates to share any such images with you, then possibly he is hiding something. So, it would be better back out.

Final Notes

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of signs that can be seen. It is not wrong to date a person online, but it does not mean that you will always find an ideal guy for yourself.

You have to make sure to be patient with your approach.

Sometimes things are too good to be true. Instead of ignoring the situation, it is better to judge the person properly before getting into commitment.


So, dear ladies, this was a long journey, but we truly hope you enjoyed every single letter of it.

Dating itself, in general, may seem like one of the simplest things in the world, but it all depends on what are you actually looking for.

As you could see, among the most valuable qualities is being confident and honest, as well as direct. The more intense those components are, the higher the chances for you to find the one you are looking for.

If you are searching for someone to spend life with, go for it.

If you are into romance, feel free to look for a man interested in the same thing.

Being honest with what you actually like will maximize the likelihood to find the right match.

Living in these modern times, girls, gives you all the freedom to express what you really want and like without someone judging you.

Okay, there will always be those who disapprove, but who cares about such people?

Our guide here led you through the most important aspects of online dating.

We did our best to help you with ideas on how to establish communication and gradually start flirting with the one who caught your attention.

Moreover, we gave you the list of most common red flags as well as deal breakers, to help you evaluate the situation as precisely as possible.

Still, we said it several times, but we shall repeat it again- there’s no secret formula which will bring the ideal man right by your side after just several clicks.

There’s no such thing, neither in online nor in an offline world.

But the thing is, we wanted to give you some practical directions and help you find your way with the minimal number of obstacles.

Sometimes, no matter how obvious, we simply fail to see some facts, and that’s exactly where our useful and practical guide steps in.

We did comprehensive research, took the experience from numerous ladies and gentlemen worldwide and create an essential instruction book, just for you.

In addition to this, we shared our own thoughts and feelings, wanting the whole thing to have a great dose of personal.

After all, the first-hand experience is always a valuable one.

Remember that this is not the kind of a book you read once and leave it aside.

You should look for a piece of advice whenever in doubt, what should you do.

Of course, we wish you the best of luck in finding whatever you are up to quite rapidly and without any problems.

But, remember that life is actually highly unpredictable and no matter what happens, just stay strong.

Think of every experience as a useful lesson which helped you learn a lot about yourself and other people as well. And don’t give up, as the one you are looking for is out there. He really is!

To summarize things- a journey from online to offline date is truly an adventurous mission, and we really want to make it as enjoyable as possible.

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