Chapter 4: Asking Her Out

 Chapter 4  Asking Her Out

When And How To Ask A Girl Out Online

So, you have been interacting with a girl for some time now. You broke the ice and impressed her with your sweet messages, charismatic photos, an attractive profile picture.

Asking her out can be very tricky at times.

Things are certainly feeling great with her in your online world. You may feel that she is into you and would not say no if you ask her out online. But, that can be a little tricky.

What if – she says no? That would hurt your feelings big time!

That is the reality of the online world. Over 70% of the women present on the digital platform will not care about meeting you in the real world.

For you to know her and spend quality time with her in the real world, you will have to apply some extra efforts.

That is where this guide will be your savior!

It is time to learn the right tips for asking her out in the online world. Do not ask her out until you read this post thoroughly.

Follow the strategies given below to ensure that you have a higher chance of being a part of her life.

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Connect With Her Mind

Here, connecting with her mind refers to a situation where your likes and dislikes are the same on a majority of topics. If she does not feel like you both have the same rhythm, then why would she even care to meet you.

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So, it is essential that you connect with her and win her heart before asking her out. People usually love to connect and meet other people who make them feel like themselves.

People tend to interact with others who they are familiar with. So, the key is to copy her likes and dislikes openly. It is a proven psychological technique that experts refer to as “Mirroring.”

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. When she responds to you, try to copy her way of conversation to match her rhythm.
  2. Take note of the length of her texts. If she is sending you 2 messages, then you should reply with two of your own. If she is messaging you in a couple of words, then make sure to reply with a few words too.
  3. If she shows her emotions with emojis, etc., then feel free to use as well. But, do not overdo these and stay natural.

Thus, you should figure out how she texts you. Learning her way of communicating will give you a better idea of the way to connect with her naturally.

Show Curiosity But, Don’t Overdo

Girls love being pampered, even if it is online. So, you can make her feel more attracted to you by showing that you are curious about her.

But your main goal is to balance your responses. Going overboard will show her how desperate you are. And, you strictly should not overdo things!

Here’s what you can do to show balanced curiosity:

  1. Remember – you want to bond with her in a natural way that makes her feel comfortable too.
  2. You do not want to act like a desperate stalker.
  3. Ask her questions that she is comfortable answering.
  4. Do not get too personal with your queries. Let her have her space to feel good while chatting with you.
  5. Ask one question at a time. Let her reply so that she does not feel irritated by your instant messages.
  6. Acknowledge her replies whenever possible. Make her feel special in a friendly way.

Curiosity to know her is fine, but she should not feel disturbed by your actions. So, keep track of your limits while texting her.

Once she feels more comfortable responding to you, then you can move to a more direct approach at asking her out.

Keep Track Of What She Texts You

Women love guys who are attentive to their messages. So, you have to stay focused and be aware of what topics you are discussing while online. It is important not to ignore any of her questions and answer her honestly.

Sometimes, a topic comes up that you might not know much about. Guys often tend to fake that they know everything, but that may be a wrong move.

Never bring the “male ego” in a conversation with a girl. It will only make you feel low if she finds out that you had no idea of the topic of discussion.

Just accept in a friendly way that you are not aware of the topic of discussion. But, do not end the discussion right there. Ask her if she can help you be familiar with the topic.

Here are some lines you can use:

I am afraid I am a little rusty on this TOPIC. Could you let me know what it is about?”

“Oops, I never got the time to figure out about TOPIC. Can you give me some insights on it?”

“I have always been interested in this TOPIC, as I never found the right person to help me understand it. Would you do the honor?”

You need not to use the same lines above, but you can figure out how to respond to a topic that you are not familiar with at the time of discussion.

Be Aware Of The Right Time

You may have been chatting with her online, finding ways to ask her if she would like to hang out with you. This is where you need to make sure that the time is right for such a question. It may be too early, or it could have already been late. You will need to figure out that timing first.

Here’s how you can figure out if the timing is right or not:

She is eager to message you when you interact with her

Any person who shows the slightest interest in another individual will eagerly message. So, if the girl you are interested in messages you at least 2 to 3 times online before you respond to her, then there is a chance that she is interested in you.

She is interested in knowing more about you

This point will make you feel more confident in asking her out later, as you are sure that she wants to know about you. Keep her glued with your killer messages to ensure that she does not lose the interest.

She replies instantly

You never know how many people she might be speaking to on the other side of the screen. If she replies instantly, then she is hooked on to you. If not, then she might be choosing among multiple people to have a good time later. Just note the speed of her response, because – if she is interested in you, then she will not make you wait to show her response.

She uses longer text messages

If she is attracted to you and cares about chatting with you, then she will not hesitate to use long messages. Any girl who is not interested may not want to spend a lot of time typing messages. So, if most of her messages are short, then there is a chance that she is losing interest in you.

Chapter 4: Asking Her Out 7

Pay attention to tone in which she responds to you. Sometimes the girl can be direct. She might ask you out herself, but that is not too often. In other cases, she will give you the hints that you have to figure out.

If you are weak at figuring out what those signs are, then this tip will help you get an idea that she is into you. Here are the three definite signs she wants to meet you in person:

She responds with lengthy texts

As mentioned earlier, a lengthy message speaks for itself. Such a sentence involves time. And, if she is ready to type a long and positive message to you, then she digs you. She will surely be interested in you and may be waiting for you to ask her out.

She responds to your messages with emojis

An emotional response from a girl on your texts shows that she feels emotions looking at your messages. Texts may not give you the ability to see the gestures of the other person, but it does give you the power of using smileys and emojis. If she sends them at your way, then she feels that you are connected to her.

She asks you questions without hesitation

If she wants to know more about you, then it is a sign. She will ask you questions to know more about you. She might even ask you if you are single or dating someone. This is probably the first sign showing that she is interested in you too. 

It is all about the confidence that you build in yourself while chatting with her online. Women love confident men. Thus, even your pickup lines should sound confident. If the above tips helped you figure out the situation, then it is time to pop the question you had been waiting to ask her.

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