Dating Profile Headlines That Men Can Use to Get More Dates

It isn’t easy to talk about yourself. When you add the pressure of trying to meet new people on dating apps to improve your love life, you may end up with your foot in your mouth. Unfortunately, this will not attract women online.

There’s good news: a few quick tips can change the tendency to make a gaffe into a habit of creating an engaging conversation starter. The right men’s dating profile headline can help give a great first impression and help attract the type of person you’re looking for.

Not all dating apps give you the option of writing dating headlines. A Bumble profile doesn’t have room for a headline, nor does OKCupid. Some guys may think this takes the pressure off, but it means that your photos and online dating profile need to be extra eye-catching! Without a good dating headline for a man to attract someone, you need to have another hook that will get attention.

Dating apps like Plenty of Fish or understand that dating headlines for men tie together the photo and online dating profile. A women’s dating site headline will also do the same thing. The purpose of a headline is to make an impactful introduction that will set you apart. A headline tells a story. Studies show that the better your headline, the more likely you are to get checked out by the type of person you’d like to date.

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Girl texting on the phone in a restaurant

What Doesn’t Work. Ever.

The dreaded hi/hey/what’s up/how are you?

Dating with purpose is much more attractive than appearing lazy. If you’re looking for a type of person who is high quality and has character, you’ll need to put in some effort. Cool women are allergic to this level of lameness. Don’t be afraid to share something about yourself and put yourself out there.

I’m just me. And I’m awesome

While women love a confident man, there is such a thing as overconfidence. Arrogance is a turn-off; it ironically signals to women online that maybe you’re not all that you profess because maybe you don’t know who you are.

Just looking. Don’t want to get hurt again.

Nothing says you’re not ready to date like telegraphing your emotional baggage on dating sites. Dating headlines should be funny, positive, witty, or sweet. TMI in a headline or an online dating profile is never effective. If you feel the need to have a sad headline, you may want to table online dating for the moment until you have a more positive outlook.

I give killer massages.

Maybe he’s trying to give off a sexy, bad boy vibe, but the downside of this headline is more down than up. It’s too much, too fast. Too many negative connotations are possible. Plus, there’s the problem of seeming like a creep who may or may not be a serial killer. This is problematic and not ideal in a good dating profile headline to attract females.

Remember that words like “killer” or “crazy” are best avoided in men’s dating headlines altogether. It’s important to be careful with words in the online dating world because you don’t know how they may land.

Young woman working on laptop

What Does Work. Often.

Not nuts nerd.

Besides using alliteration, this is a cute headline that is simple but gives good info. This person has a sense of humor, is probably bright, and values good mental health, which most people giving dating advice would agree is a positive trait. Here is a men’s profile example that would suit this headline well:

Not just another stable, reliable guy who owns his own home. I hear, though, that being one helps. You’ll never see me freak out at a restaurant because my steak wasn’t cooked well enough. I’ve had the same job that I enjoy for the past twenty-two years and was elected by my peers as a union rep. I’m shy and low-key, but I have pastimes that inspire me. I’m a Boston Celtics and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I watch documentaries about WW1 and read about the leadership of five-star generals and admirals in books like “Master of Sea Power”. I love BBC’s “Dr. Who” and went to England to see where they shot episodes. I have a big imagination and dreams (like someday owning 51% of the Celtics and getting drunk on the power), but I believe in simplicity in the romance department. Taking a stroll in a nearby park holding hands. Chatting side-by-side while running together. Hopping on a train going anywhere on our anniversary. I may not serenade you in a karaoke joint, but I’m the one who’ll always send flowers, do the driving, and be the one you can trust – your true companion.

Coffee, Conversation, and Coupledom

Again, we have alliteration, but this guy shows who he is through what he likes to do. You can infer some things about him—maybe he’s low-key and likes to talk about existential topics. The best dating profile headlines will tell you something about the person that will be showcased in the profile.

Remember that online dating headlines and profiles work best when you have fun with them. They’re just a starting point for you to find the right person, which should be more enjoyable than not.

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