Chapter 5: Red Flags (WHEN IS TIME TO BAIL?)

Chapter 5 Red Flags

Red Flags

Boys, no matter how rusty you got and hungry for a bit of woman’s company, there are certain things that simply should be avoided.

These are so-called red flags, implications you should put a tail between your legs and run as fast as you can.

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Here are some of the most interesting examples:

1. “All my exes are jerks.”

True, men are often jerks, but really? Is there a possibility that every man she dated was a jerk? There is, but come on.

Probably not, and her judgement is quite questionable if yes. What does this tell us about her personality that draws only jerks and losers?

Are you a jerk? Yes, you are, because she is dating only jerks and following that same pattern for years.

So, even if you are a nice (must-have) guy, you will probably end up in some period as a jerk she dated.

Avoid this kind of chicks like the plague. It’s not a red flag; it’s a burning flag.

2. “I’m a drama queen.”

Most of the women won’t admit this. So bow to those who admit it in the beginning. Thanks to that honesty, we know when to run.

Boys, as soon as “I’m a drama queen” comes out of her mouth, your heels should kick but checks as fast as they can.

Why? Well, because drama queens often change their emotions in the blink of an eye. Faster than you say cheese, they’ll swing from one mood to another.

Whenever they feel a bit bored, they’ll be ready to spice things up. And guess who is on their list for spicing things up?

Well, you who didn’t listen to our advice. It might sound like something you’ll get over, but they are quite impulsive and often wish to be the center of attention.

It’s not just a character defect. Nope. Actually, there is a medical term called “histrionic personality disorder”.

Although they might seem interesting in the beginning, keep in mind that the constant drama will eventually make you miserable.

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3. She has a bad relationship with her family

I mean, this is probably not the thing you’ll find out about her immediately.

It will probably take some time, chatting or even going out on a date, but as soon as you realize that she has a bad relationship with her mother, father, sister- RUN!

If she accidentally says she is arguing and not talking to her parents 24/7- RUN.

The thing here is, this is the pattern, a pattern that she uses in any relationship, and eventually, she will make your relationship follow the same pattern one way or another.

Not to judge too quickly, there is a possibility that her parents, sisters, or brothers misbehave, abused her, or are simply nuts. Then, obviously, she is good to go.

4. I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world

As soon as you see that your online dating girl acts like a Barbie who expects the whole world underneath her feet, you should probably start avoiding her.

Now, that depends on how long you plan on dating her. If you want to be there for enough time to make an adventure out if it- fine, you can be her temporary prince.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about dating her for a bit longer, think again and think about being her slave for 24/7. How does that sound to you? Not too interesting.

5. Asking for money

Felt like we should point out this one, even though it’s pretty obvious. If you are new in the online dating world, be sure that there are tons of scammers.

They’ll do everything to get the money out of your pocket without even seeing you in person.

So, be aware of those and never leave your financial info available or send money to them. It’s a scam, at best. Just report, block, and go next.

6. My friends made me create a profile

Well, when a woman says this, there are 2 possibilities.

  • Someone really created her acc or made her do it.
  • She is lying.

If someone created her a profile, it’s most likely that she won’t be interested in online dating. Probably she thinks it’s a desperate way of meeting men.

Simply, it tells us that she is not really into online dating.

Whatever be the case, either you try hard to try to catch her attention, or you notice the red flag and show the white one.

7. Tons of photos but little to no information about herself

Either you met a selfie freak, which is quite popular nowadays, or a fake profile. Seeing tons of sexy photos but no info rather than the name, age, and the location is the reddest flag you can get.

There are numerous stock photos everyone can download and make a profile to lure people’s money, attention, or whatever is in their interest.

Chapter 5: Red Flags (WHEN IS TIME TO BAIL?) 7

8. She avoids meeting in person

I mean, the ultimate goal of online dating is meeting in person, right? When she schedules off the date several times, that’s a reason to worry (not yet to raise a red flag).

Maybe she’s really busy and really has no time to meet in person. Then again, who doesn’t have an hour to chit-chat while drinking coffee, at least?

Her excuses might be justified, but let’s face it; if she refuses for weeks or months, that’s the time, my fella, to raise that red flag and start ignoring her to the fullest.

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