Chapter 2– What Not To Do With Your Profile If You Are a Man

Chapter 2– What Not To Do With Your Profile If You Are a Man

Men seem to adopt a more simplified way of the world.

Far from saying that they are simple or simple-minded, it’s just that they perceive the world in a different way from women. Where women pay attention to detail, men focus on the main point.

And this can sometimes go to their disadvantage since the devil is in the details, something women know all too well.

So where women like to explain at length, men use only a few words. This difference is sometimes even too obvious, as is the case with online dating profiles.

So, gents, if you want your profile to be noticed, keep reading.

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1. Don’t forget your profile picture

Physical appearance is important, and you also want to make a good impression.

We can also say that most of the tips for ladies can be applied to men too, such as

  • Don’t use somebody else’s photo.

  • Don’t obscure your face / Don’t post a profile picture where you’re making silly faces, etc.

Still, let’s take a look at specific details that you additionally need to pay attention to.

  1. Don’t choose a photo next to some/your fancy car as a profile photo. Trust me, it gives a completely wrong impression to the lady seeing the photo.

  2. Don’t post a photo with the (pricy) car keys either.

    This will be interpreted that you are fishing for a certain type of girl who will not care about you as a person but will care for you only as a material provider.

    Any rational girl will avoid your profile and you for that matter, assuming that you will take more care about your car then about her if you get a chance to start a relationship.

  3. Don’t post a photo where you are wearing too formal attire or a too informal one for that matter.

  4. Don’t choose a photo with your mother as your profile picture.

    You must think it makes you look sensitive towards women, but your potential SO interprets it as if you were mamma’s boy unable to think or live independently.

  5. Don’t use a photo potentially showing either of the two extremes – you being a loner or you being a party maniac.

    In the first case, you will definitely end up as a weirdo with no date or as childish in the second case (again, no date at sight).

2. Don’t “forge” your personal data

These details must be true at any given time. For example, if you move to another town, make an effort to update your details.

Just so you’re in the clear, make sure that you

  1. Don’t give a false name.

  2. Do not give a false age. Whether you are in your twenties or your forties, ladies (older or younger) will like you either way.

  3. Don’t provide a wrong address.

  4. Don’t hide your education level. If you own a PhD, feel free to show it. Should somebody be intimidated by your intellect, well, it’s their loss.

    Also, if you only acquired secondary education, there is no shame in that either.

    We are certain that you are skilled otherwise and that you have other innate qualities to compensate for the absence of your higher education degree.

3. Don’t skip your biography

Most of the tips we provided for ladies can come in handy for you too. But, opposite from women, you tend to use fewer words, which is mostly not enough. So, here are a few tips for you.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use language; use it boldly and use it to your benefit.

  2. Don’t use fragments, use full sentences instead. Still, if it is your personal style, try not to overdo it. You risk sounding uneducated or as not interested at all.

  3. Don’t focus on only one aspect of your personality. Let’s assume you like going to the gym. Do not make your bio all about the gym.

    The ladies might think the only thing you think about developing is your biceps.

  4. Do not lie about your height. We know how this can be a sensitive issue for you guys. So, if you decide to provide this detail, don’t lie about it.

    Don’t say you look like Gregor Clegane, when it’s actually Tyrion Lannister we are talking about (we know that you know who we are talking about).

4. Personal questions

As for personal questions, if you opt to reply to these, duly note these tips.

  1. Don’t answer these questions just for the sake of answering.

  2. Don’t lie about being married before (provided that you were, of course). It’s not that potential dates will mind you being married, but sometimes everybody prefers to know if there might be additional baggage.

5. Likes and Dislikes

In this case, you have full freedom to write whatever you see fit, just as long as you are being honest about it. To help you out,

  1. Don’t write how you like going on romantic dinners when we all know you like eating your fast food as you go. And, that’s ok.

  2. Don’t write that you like romantic movies, because we know that Die Hard is your thing.

  3. Just so you stay on the safe side, DON’T write about romance at all. That is, give a wide berth to words romance and romantic.

    If you think it impresses the “opponent”, you couldn’t be more wrong. They will see right through it. You will strike them as trying too hard, writing what you think they like to hear, but they will know it is forced and fake.

  4. Don’t tell, but show instead. For example, you like dogs, and you have a pet. Don’t merely write “animal lover”. Post a playful photo of you and your dear pet. It will enhance the effect you want to achieve.

6. Hobbies and interests

Just like any human being, you have your hobbies and things you like to do in your free time. If you want to mention these on your dating profile, don’t exaggerate.

  1. A brief reminder, if work-out is your hobby, DON’T make your profile all about gym and abs.
  2. Don’t write stuff like “I like travelling”? Really? And, who doesn’t by the way?

7. And finally, you too don’t forget to Mind your language

Boys, boys, boys! Language is something you specifically need to pay attention to. Ladies tend to overdo it, while you go in a completely opposite direction. When it comes to language, please give proper consideration to the following tips.

  1. Don’t sound illiterate. Regardless of your education level, you tend to write bending most of the language rules along the way.

    The thing is, you know these rules but you still make omissions. And there is no woman alive who would miss every “your” you write instead of “you’re” or “their” instead of “they’re”.

    In case you are not sure, there are many tools on the internet to help you out here. Ladies like to hear and read the proper language.

  2. Don’t write fragments.

  3. Don’t forget punctuation marks and capital letters (don’t pretend like you don’t).

  4. Don’t leave out emoticons. When we say emoticons, we don’t think they are all you need to use. Introduce them here and there in your profile.

    It gives a warmer note to your profile, provided that you do not exaggerate.

And, this was it – the “short” list of things not to do to if you want to make a good impression.

As can be seen above, dating is not easy neither for men nor women. There are so many things you need to consider before engaging in a conversation with your prospective date.

And, now that we have seen what you don’t need to do when dating people online, here’s something you definitely MUST do. Go make that perfect profile and find yourself a hot date to chill out with!

Chapter 2– What Not To Do With Your Profile If You Are a Man 4
Chapter 2– What Not To Do With Your Profile If You Are a Man 5
Chapter 2– What Not To Do With Your Profile If You Are a Man 6

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