Chapter 3 – How to Take the Best Profile Picture

Chapter 3 – How to Take the Best Profile Picture

When we meet a person for the first time, we instantly feel at least somewhat attracted or repelled by their physical appearance.

This first impression happens based on what we can see. The same rule applies to online dating.

The first thing that your potential match sees on your dating profile is the profile picture. It is clear that this is a detail that needs thorough consideration.

So, you may want to choose or take the best possible photo of yourself and attract the right person. In this section, you will find some useful tips on how to improve your profile picture.

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1.      Natural Smile

It is very important that the smile you show is not fake and forced. You need to smile naturally and also wide enough to show little teeth.

Studies show that the people with a natural and pleasant smile are more likely to get their profile viewed more often than others and that for them, it is easier to find a date.

Women like men who are smiling. In those pictures, they see a compassionate man who can make them laugh and who will be there for them.

Whether you like it or not, those are the things women are attracted to in men.

2.      Look Away from the Camera and “Squinch” Your Eyes

A little trick to make a good profile photo is looking slightly away from the camera and gently “squinching” your eyes.

Many people think that standing straight and looking into the camera without blinking is good, but the truth is a little different.

A pose like that makes you look like you are getting an ID photo instead of getting a profile picture for a dating website.

Looking a little bit absent and squinching eyes a bit, with posing your jaw a little forward will make you look more desirable to a potential match.

3.      Show Muscles

If you are a man, you will have a better shot at taking a great profile photo if you show your full body, and that includes showing some of your muscles as well.

If you have muscles to show and brag about, don’t be afraid to use them.

Women are attracted to strong men who can protect them, and this is a fact to be utilized.

However, do not overdo it. Do not strip or take pictures half naked, just emphasize the physicality that you possess.

4.      Ditch Group Shots

Group shots are a distraction from your personality.

You want people to see you on your profile photo, the real you, not your friends or family.

A group photo shows something about you, and that is not your confidence, but merely that you are a friendly and social person.

Also, the person you are trying to impress with that kind of photo may possibly find someone else on that photo hotter than you, so, after all, it is better to avoid that kind of inconvenience.

Moreover, try to avoid showing your pets. It is cool that you have a beautiful dog, or a furry cat, or a turtle or any animal that you are keen on, but your profile picture is all about you.

5.      Edit Your Photo

Editing the picture is highly recommended. You can use some of the filters that will change the poor lighting in the photo.

But be careful not to use a filter that will blur your face or make the picture unclear in any way.

You may use a black and white picture to highlight all of your perks and advantages.

Using various filters will make your photo look smooth and more appealing.

Basically, it will make YOU look better on your photo. Use this advantage and attract potential matches.

6.      Adventurer

Maybe you can try putting a picture of some a traveling or even exotic destination, hiking, mountain climbing, etc.

A photo like that will make the viewer of your profile think of you as an adventurer, traveler, someone who is in good shape and open minded.

But be careful, make the picture focus stays on you.

The good surrounding is good, but most of the frame must be focused on you.

Do not let the environment to take up most of the space on the picture. The surroundings are there just to tickle the viewer’s imagination.

7.      Dress Up

Consider using a dress-up shot.  Women like mature and established men and find a guy in a suit very sexy.

Maybe use a photo where you are dressed up for a wedding or a cocktail party. A picture of you dressed nicely at a rooftop bar, a restaurant, or a yacht could have the same effect.

But, as was mentioned before, it is best that you are alone in the photo.

Try to make the impression that you look good and are well dressed all the time.

Note that it does not have to mean that you never take off your suit. You may look elegant in your jeans, or even shorts. It is up to you to pull it off.

8.      Second Opinion

A second and more objective opinion is surely very important.

After all, when you find your perfect profile picture, considering all of the previous pieces of advice, find a few best friends and show them the photo before posting it online.

They will be better than you at judging in which photo you look your best.

Ask them for their serious and objective opinion, because they see your advantages and flaws better than you yourself.

A Survey to Help You

Instead of a conclusion, we will present to you some interesting findings of a survey done by DatingScout, which collected and analyzed more than 22 million online dating profile pictures from 13 countries all around the world.

  • Selfies make up about 20% of all profile pictures.
  • More than 80% of all animals found in these photos are dogs.
  • The most seen beverage is beer, which is seen 160 times more often than water.
  • An equal number of men and women post profile photos from weddings and with children.
  • People who smile most are those from Ireland, the USA, Australia, and the UK. People who smile least are from Italy, France, and Germany.
  • Photos with luxury vehicles are preferred by men – about 80% of men pose with them.
  • Sports and traveling are the most popular hobbies in the US online dating population, and as for sports, most people enjoy fitness and extreme sports.
  • Americans pose with weapons most of all.
  • There are 14% of online daters who wear glasses.
  • Jeeps are driven by most American online daters.
Chapter 3 – How to Take the Best Profile Picture 4
Chapter 3 – How to Take the Best Profile Picture 5
Chapter 3 – How to Take the Best Profile Picture 6

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