The Best Dating Profile Headlines to Make Sure You Get Noticed

What Makes a Good Dating Profile Headline?

Headlines are introductions. Like the amuse-bouche of dating sites, they can whet your appetite for more. Or they can turn you off from the main course and leave you searching for another meal. It’s a chance to show off what a great catch you are, especially when it’s read in tandem with your dating profile. Show off your personality traits – it’ll pay off.

Whether you state something subtle and sweet or make a bold statement that raises eyebrows, an effective dating profile headline makes someone want to know more about you. Here are some tips and dating headline examples that will help you figure out what works best for you, as well as what will improve the odds of attracting someone you’re interested in knowing.

Successful Dating Profile Headlines

Great headlines allude to what you’re already saying in your blurb. They can also refer to something in your photo.

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So, let’s say you’re a rock-climbing enthusiast. It’s a major passion in your life, and you want someone to share this with you. Don’t state that you’re looking for a classic movie buddy or how you don’t want a bad boy in your headline if you don’t say much about it in your online dating profile. Many people mistakenly think that dating headlines are intended to provide new information, but this is incorrect. Successful dating website headlines should always encapsulate what you’re already in saying in your profile. They are the intro to a song in the same key as the rest of the music. It will work best when the profile expounds upon what the headline states.


“Love is always rocky for me. Or rocky relationships are my thing.”

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Attention Grabbing Dating Profile Headlines

It’s not easy to grab attention from just a headline. One way you can do this is to combine the meaning of your headline with your photo. For instance, if you had a nasty fall and have a picture of yourself in the hospital, you could use the photo with the caption “I like it rough”. If you have a photo of you running a race, you could say, “I’ll run to you”. This is attention grabbing and in the realm of dating profile headlines to attract guys. It’s also funny, depending on your sense of humor. If you decide to use that kind of photo and heading, try to weave how the accident you had or how running a race links together with other topics in your profile. This way, you have a story that will be engaging and make sense.

Creative Dating Profile Headlines

A recommended way of coming up with creative dating headlines is to combine the profile headline with a username. This way, you are being even more specific about who you are while marketing yourself.

For example, if you’re a wine enthusiast, you could create a username like WineNot. Your headline could be “Bold. Complex. Over 90 rating.” It’s fun while addressing something important to you.

Clever Dating Profile Headlines

Let’s be original, shall we? Whether you’re paying for or using a free dating app like Plenty of Fish, put some effort into your profile headlines. Online dating headlines like “I can lie about how we met,” or “Searching for my soulmate,” or my personal favorite, “I’m new to dating. Can you help me?” are not catchy headlines. These examples do not meet the criteria of clever headlines. They are also popular these days, which makes it even worse. Overused and unoriginal is a terrible combination! The best way to be original and create great headlines that attract attention is to create a specific play on words that is personal and active.

For example, if you’re an accountant who wants to show femininity and flirtation, you could say, “I crunch numbers. Hoping you’re the one to get my tax-free smile.”

Funny Dating Profile Headlines

Humor is subjective. Some people will find the comedy of Chris Rock hilarious. Others will think he’s coarse and too cutting. Therefore, it’s best to go middle of the road when it comes to creating funny headlines. Unless of course, you’re very specific about the humor predilections of your prospective partner. If someone believing that Dave Chappell is overrated and unfunny is one of your red flags, mention your brand of humor in your text. It’s helpful to keep the pool wide open, especially in men’s dating profile headlines, because clear meanings and intentions tend to get lost in translation on dating sites. You don’t want someone that you find attractive to prematurely write you off because of miscommunication.

  • Something edgy might be:
  • We will be the opposite of O.J. and Nicole.
  • Something cheesy:
  • We’re purrfect together (insert cat photo)
  • Something pithy:
  • I like big brains and I cannot lie.
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Cute Dating Profile Headlines

A world-class sense of humor is always a plus. However, you don’t need to have one to write cute headlines for your dating profile. Attractive headlines can be as simple as writing something authentic and warm in tandem with having a good dating profile picture. It will be enough to reel in someone on a dating site like Plenty of Fish. It can also be just as effective as a witty headline.

Remember always to be personal and have fun with headlines. It’s the first impression that will hopefully be your last.

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