Dating Profile Examples for Men

You’ve taken some handsome photos, if you do say so yourself. This is an excellent first step to take before entering the online dating jungle, but it’s only one part of the process. And you know that you’re more than just a pretty face. While a picture may say a thousand words, having the right words along with decent sentence structure and attention to detail will inspire attractive women to want to know more.

The truth is, no matter how great your full-length body shot is, substance over style wins the day when it comes to creating a good dating profile. If you’re the type of guy looking for results, always make a good impression by writing a dating profile to accompany your photos. This is key, no matter which dating apps you choose or how semi-seriously you’re taking your dating life.

It’s always good to make an effort, as it will exponentially increase your chances of finding the right potential partner – one who’ll be compatible by sharing your love of scary movies, sense of humor, or whatever it may be for you.

After all, having things in common is an important aspect of successfully dating online. You’ll never know what common interests you share without mentioning them in your profile and putting yourself out there. Being successful on dating sites doesn’t have to take loads of hard work. However, it does take understanding of what you need to include in your profile to attract someone who’ll be happy to change your relationship status. Here are some male dating profile examples of good profiles that will open doors to possibilities and get you results.

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Example #1

The bastards stole my sunglasses. It happened in Thailand, when the driver took us to see where the monkeys congregate, and I guess the primates needed some mischief or had a need to look cool. Enjoying experiences is more important than hanging on to material things anyway, and I can’t take myself too seriously. Of course, I’m calm and collected at work and can talk intelligently about most topics, but odd things seem to come out of my mouth when I’m not on the clock. I’ll talk in rap lyrics. I’ll quote “Dumb and Dumber,” and make you laugh. I’m fortunate to have a good career going and will sometimes indulge in nice things, but I don’t let that define me. I mean, I once persuaded a group of people to hop on a plane from Virginia to Rome spontaneously; I don’t have time for airs and graces. But I have time to follow my heart. My parents set a great example – a lasting marriage that inspires. I’m hoping that if you’re itching to wear out your passport and appreciate goofiness and culture in different measures, we may have a spark that could grow into something special.

This profile is one of the best male profile examples because not only is it specific, but it’s fun and accessible. It makes it easy to break the ice because there are so many amusing things to use as talking points. This guy has a strong opening, but one of the ways you know this is a good dating profile is that you really get a feel for his personality and what’s important to him. A good match will be drawn to his adventurous spirit. He makes it clear that he’s interested in dating someone who loves to travel and can appreciate a dose of goofiness and spontaneity. This will naturally attract the type of woman who can appreciate his sense of humor and ability to laugh at himself. This profile also does a great job of displaying variety while adding depth. He makes it clear that he’s interested in a long-term relationship, which is often very attractive to the opposite sex.

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Example #2

I don’t play drums in a cover band once a month just to seem cool and prove I have rhythm. Feeling the beat of the music is kind of like a spiritual experience, and I appreciate connecting with it almost as much as being in tune with my patients. As an anesthesiologist, I know how important it is to listen and pay attention. That’s how I know where to strategically put the whoopee cushion so the surgeon can sit on it. In earnest, I relish being intellectually stimulated while honoring the responsibility of taking care of others. It’s truly rewarding, and nothing keeps me grounded enough to do this like cycling or hiking 5 to 6 times a week. It is as important for my mind as my body. So is being transported to another world by reading books like ‘The Remains of the Day,’ or seeing a movie like ‘Avatar’. But nothing is like finding the right one. The one who enjoys my “work hard, play hard” approach to life. The one who appreciates my traditional approach to romance (with candlelit dinners and flowers) as much as my relentless positivism.

This profile starts by connecting this guy’s profession with his hobby. No matter if they are women’s dating profile examples or men’s, the best online dating profile examples will be adept at linking new thoughts together so the text flows and engages the reader. It’s also evident in this profile that the person has a great sense of humor. If you’re confident that you can effectively get your sense of humor across in text, go for it. It’s always a winning choice to infuse dating profiles with some wit, as it’s very attractive to women online and intelligent people in general. If you’re not sure, don’t force it. When in doubt, always go with sincerity and variety.

Example #3

I wear ugly Santa sweaters at Christmas. I’ll do crazy dance moves on the Kukoo Kunuku bus in the Caribbean. And I’ll drink a Manhattan just because I’m in Manhattan. Yes, I admit to having a zany streak. It comes as naturally as planning a ski trip with buddies at Seven Springs, taking a spontaneous road trip to the Indy 500, or playing in a kickball league. While festive camaraderie comes naturally, I’m anything but a shallow goofball. I’ve been at the same IT job for the past 8 years and my boss is like family. I’ve been in so many weddings that the DJs recognize me on the dance floor. Nothing would be like sharing that with the right girl. The one who enjoys being around a guy who says “hello” to everyone at work and is loyal to his friends but will still plot to beat his brother at golf by secretly working on his handicap. The one who likes that I make an effort to open doors for you and help with your jacket. The one who knows that hosting a super bowl party is much more fun when there’s someone to share a knowing smile with across a crowded room.

In this profile, the first three sentences illustrate examples of a single adjective: zany. This gives the reader a specific idea of who this guy is by showing it through actions and stories. It’s the perfect profile to attract someone who appreciates his sense of humor, which is anything but subtle. The right lady will like that he’ll give her a hard time, in the best way. But what makes him more than just a one-dimensional goofball is his desire and ability to be a nice guy. He’s grounded and chivalrous, which is very appealing and charming to a woman. This is illustrated in how he treats people. The juxtaposition of zaniness with maturity is a winning combination.

Example #4

The world of design moves me. My deep affinity for it lies in architecture, clothes, and even cars. It inspires my creativity – and it’s not even my line of work. My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to the role of restaurateur, which is very satisfying. Not only does it allow me to make a living, but it puts me in the position of teacher and coach for employees. Inspiring others and being inspired is the part of the job I love. I’m the guy who believes that being a good leader is about communication and modeling good behavior. The same goes for being a good parent. Important prerequisites for my kids are creating a safe haven and teaching them good manners. Safe havens are important in love and family, but anything goes in friendly competition. Whether it’s running, golfing, or board games, my competitive nature comes into play and spurs me on. I think it may be just another aspect of my creativity that loves a challenge and an outlet. I’d like to find the partner who spurs me on and balances me out. The compatible one who wants to inspire, share, and grow together – the one who’ll ask great questions and lovingly gaze at me while I make Sunday brunch.

This is one of the more low-key dating profile examples. The writer is more earnest than amusing in the text, yet everything he mentions is appropriate and engaging. This person is very clear about what’s important to him, and you’ll find that the best men’s dating profile examples all have this in common. He isn’t showing off a great sense of humor. He isn’t jumping out of airplanes or off to explore his next adventure in a foreign country. That’s just not his thing and that’s fine. Because he’s being honest and real, this is the perfect profile to attract women who’ll value what he has to offer.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do be specific

One of the best dating profile tips for writing an online dating profile is to avoid generalizations. Nothing is more boring than using cliches or generic adjectives. To get attention, it’s important to dig a bit deeper and illustrate verbs through actions and stories to reveal who you are. If you need to state that you like to take long walks on the beach (which is the biggest cliche known to dating profiles), state why you love it. Does feeling the sand between your toes make you feel alive? Do you feel that strolling down the beach with a sweetheart at sunset is romantic? Where do you go to enjoy your time by the water? They say that the devil is in the details. In this case, heaven is in the details, because they paint an accurate picture of who you are and what you value. Don’t worry about revealing the truth of who you are. The right one will dig it.

Do Check Your Grammar

You don’t want to be written off because of your writing. What a lame way to be nixed from the game before you even have a chance to play. It’s crazy how first impressions mean different things to different people, so don’t underestimate the importance of knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Even if she’s not a Grammar Nazi, she may not have a sense of humor about the fact that you appear to have an aversion to using spell check, so don’t forget to proofread.

Don’t Say TMI

Yes, you want to be transparent and illustrate you who you are with specific details. But giving too much personal information away in an online dating profile is a big turn-off. Remember that time when you were at a party and some girl you just met talked your ear off with gory details about how awful her ex was? Super embarrassing. Her sense of humor was probably absent, which made it doubly cringeworthy. Yeah, you want to err on the side of positivity. If you’re unsure of the right tone to use, make light of a situation and display a sense of humor. Making a joke about what family and friends say about you is usually a safe topic. Write about anything from goals to pet peeves. But remember, only allude briefly to deep topics and always give spin them in a positive light.

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Don’t Go Shirtless

Dating apps like Tinder are notorious for mainly being hookup sites. Many people, however, have found lasting love from swiping right. Though, the guys who found their soulmates probably didn’t have photos of themselves flexing in a mirror, showing off six-pack abs, and smirking at the camera. They most likely decided to copy and paste a streamlined version of their online dating profile from a paying site to a free dating site. This is common when people want to cover their bases to choose from a wider demographic.

Don’t get us wrong—It’s fun to be cute and playful, and it’s fun to have a variety of photos and to play with words. Men’s dating profile headlines can vary and be fun. But If you want to show off a lot of skin, I wouldn’t expect to use it as a conversation starter or be taken seriously. When it comes to online dating, you get out of it what you put into it.

Remember that online dating really should be fun as much as it is goal-oriented. You want to enjoy yourself while meeting people and getting to know others. Yes, you’re selling yourself to find a partner who will complement and enrich your life, so enjoy it. Be prepared to meet some incompatible ladies on your journey, but remember its par for the course. Having a sense of humor and persistence will increase your odds of finding a satisfying love online.

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