French Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

French Women Guide

Are you a fan of international dating?

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how French women compare in all categories.

Or have you ever wondered what are French girls like in relationships and how would it be to date women from one of the most romantic countries in the world?

Well, today, I am here to answer all the questions you might have!

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I’m going to focus on telling what are the most important traits of French girls, where and how to meet French women and to give you some French women dating tips.

This way, you will learn if French girl stereotypes are true or not.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s get into it!

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The Most Important Traits of French Women

Let’s start by discussing some of the most noticeable traits of hot French women and see how they are different than women from other cultures.

I’ll open this topic by listing the physical traits of typical French girls, after which I will talk about some personal traits that could tell you what are French women like in relationships.

The Most Common Physical Traits of French Women

1. Physical Appearance

Everyone likes pretty women and those who tell you otherwise are lying.

One of the French women stereotypes that are completely true is that French females are hot as hell, so you will most definitely be stunned by their beauty in their company.

It’s not just their facial beauty and a hot body that makes them so desirable, but also their stance and general behavior.

French chicks are very flirty. Sometimes, they don’t even intend to flirt, but the way they talk, look and move could tell you otherwise, especially if you are a foreigner and unfamiliar with how dating French girls look.

So, if you go out to some nightclubs or bars, you will notice that single French girls move their bodies in very distinctive way, making them look really hot.

Because of that, it can sometimes be a bit harder to figure out whether they like you or they just want to talk, since flirting is kind of their natural stance.

French women Physical appearance

2. Health

French girls are very healthy and slim. One of the most important reasons for that is a pretty good French diet.

Although it might sound confusing to some people, since France is known for its croissants and baguettes, but French people are, in general, in very good shape and health.

In order for this to be perfectly clear, let me make a comparison to how things are in the USA.

Americans tend to eat a lot of fast food, which often comes in pretty large portions, which is one of the main reasons why a lot of Americans have health issues, such as heart diseases, diabetes, and problems with weight.

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On the other side, in France, people also eat several times a day, just the same as in every other country in the world.

However, the difference between the USA and France is that in France you do get to eat a lot of bagels, but it usually comes in small portions.

Also, French women like to walk, so everything they eat is burned and that’s how they stay in good shape and impress men with their looks.

Apart from that, the French diet is pretty different than American one, with higher focus on healthy seafood and natural produce.

French women's Health

3. How stylish they are?

One of the most common traits of sexy French women is that they are extremely fashionable, meaning that they take great care about their clothes and always tend to look good, no matter the circumstances.

There are several fashion trends that distinguish French females from women from other countries, so let’s take a look.

  • French females don’t like wearing too high heels – even though French women are considered to be amongst the classiest women in the world, they kind of don’t like to wear heels that are too high, like those you can see in Hollywood and USA music scene.
  • French women prefer not to wear a push-up – do you like all-natural types of bodies? Then you would enjoy French women body type since they don’t like having fake breasts or wearing push-up bras. Even if they don’t have big boobies, they feel confident and pretty.
  • Women from France avoid having clothes with too distinctive logos – you might think that typical French women would prefer to wear clothes from popular brands, but that is not entirely true. They don’t like it when logos are too distinctive and flashy.
  • French girls don’t like wearing a lot of jewelry – every woman loves good jewelry. However, I will tell you that French women don’t like wearing too many pieces of jewelry at the same time. They always tend to look as classiest as possible, without being too chic.
  • They don’t wear too much makeup – when you see French girls for the first time, you will notice that they are often without makeup, or that they only wear lipstick. That’s because they don’t use a lot of makeup at all, not even when they go out to party.
  • French females avoid wearing skin-colored tights – another good way to make themselves classy is not to wear skin-colored tights. To be fair, I didn’t mind seeing them without it, because of, you know, French maid fantasy. Black is better than skin color.
  • Girls of France don’t beat themselves too much about their looks – in some other countries, you will see a lot of girls wearing weird combinations, such as skirts over jeans and such. However, French females will never do those kinds of things.
How stylish are French women?

4. Facial beauty

You can find a lot of sexy French women and while their bodies are great, one of the most distinctive physical traits of French females is their facial beauty.

There are women of all types. Brunettes, blondes, redheads, girls with blue, green, brown or black eyes. Whatever your heart desires.

Proof of their beauty can be found in a lot of French models and actresses. So, what are they doing to stay that beautiful?

  • Wine is the key – apart from just being tasty, wine is also excellent when it comes to providing some anti-aging benefits. Therefore, French women drink a glass or two of wine every single day.
  • They take excellent care of their skin – French females take as much time as it takes to treat their skin every day since it is one of the ways that keeps their face pretty.
  • Sex for beauty – probably the most enjoyable method to stay beautiful is to have regular sex, since it positively affects your skin and blood circulation, while also increasing the production of collagen. Because of this, French girls are very passionate and enjoy having sex regularly.
  • A small amount of makeup – as said above, French chicks tend not to use too much makeup, in order to preserve their beauty and healthy skin.
  • Healthy food – Mediterranean food also has a very good influence on keeping the skin healthy, because it is based on food such as olive oil, sea products, grains, and dairy products, which are all pretty important when it comes to anti-aging properties.
  • Cold showers – French women tend to take cold showers, instead of taking a shower with hot water. Some people blame this habit on the plumbing that existed before Napoleon, but it is generally because cold water can enhance circulation, which is healthy for skin.
  • Feel good = look good – one of the things French girls recognize is that it’s not all about just looking good. It is also important to feel good because if you are happy with how you look, you will channel positive energy around you and look good to others.
French women Facial beauty

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for French women, we have also created our own additional rating from the French girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of France and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet French women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

French women Tinder score

Personality Traits that Make French Women Different

1. Do they Enjoy Going out and having fun?

French Women - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 90
Nebilla Vergara

You might be wondering where to meet a French woman if the ones you see on the streets are generally not in the mood to talk.

Well, as I had already said, they do not like to flirt on the streets, but that doesn’t mean they are not talkative at all.

It’s the complete opposite. Pretty French girls like to go out to clubs and have fun with their friends and meet new people.

They also enjoy just going out to some restaurants or bars and have a glass of wine, since it is a tradition in France to drink a glass of wine every day.

Do French women Like Going out and Having Fun?

2. Chill Factor

It is known that women like to play games and tease their mates from time to time. It’s no different from sexy French girls.

Sometimes they will try to act cold and uninterested, but when they really like someone, they can get really straightforward and aggressive towards getting the man they want.

Also, as with almost all women, French females can be real schemers when it suits them or when they want to fight off the competition.

Therefore, you should be prepared to play love games and see through these schemes made by beautiful French girls.

what is the chill factor of French women?

3. Are they Loyal?

Although France is a country where there is a lot more freedom in dating, it is not as confusing as in some other countries.

Dating French girls is pretty easy. You kiss her and that literally means you are a thing now, which is not the case in the UK and the USA as well.

There, you can even sleep with girls for weeks and can’t be sure whether you two are together or just having some casual fun.

Therefore, when hot French girls say they like you, then it is really a thing and they will stay loyal to you no matter what.

French Women are loyal

4. Good as Mothers

French Women - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 93
Montaine Mounet

I know this article is not necessarily for those who would want to be seriously dating a French woman, and eventually marry her, but it’s worth mentioning that French women are very good mothers.

In fact, statistics say that French females are the most productive in Western Europe, when it comes to having babies, with almost 2 babies on average per one woman (1.96).

Apart from simple numbers, French women are known to get better in parenting with each additional baby, which is pretty normal, to be fair.

What makes them good mothers?

Well, they are pretty caring and loving towards their children, especially since France is the country of love.

Also, you know how French girls are stylish right? Therefore, they are always trying to make their kids look stylish as well.

So, if you are looking to meet French girls, not just for a simple hookup, but perhaps even for something more, you will be happy to know that they are indeed a good choice if you want to start a family with them.

French women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

When it comes to getting new acquittances, French girls are pretty talkative and relaxed, even with foreigners.

They always smile and try to be polite if you meet them in a bar or club. However, they don’t like talking too much on the street.

For them, a metro or casual walk on the street is just a way for them to relax from their workday, so they take that time for themselves, enjoy listening to music on the way home and keep to themselves.

So, if you want to avoid being embarrassed and rejected on the street, it is a good idea not to bother girls you meet there and instead go to some clubs and bars since girls there are way more open and ready to flirt and hookup.

How often do French women meet and talk to foreigners?

6. Are they Romantic?

It’s no wonder that Paris is a city of love and romance when the entire French nation is labeled as one of the most romantic nations in the world.

If you want to score a point and get some French girls in bed, you will need to be creative and thoughtful and think of romantic ways to make them fall in love with you.

So, instead of just trying to show your male superiority, you should think of some nice gestures, such as getting some flowers on your first date or being there to open doors and move chairs for them.

All of that would label you as a gentleman, which is one of the best ways to look sexy in hot French women’s eyes.

Are French women Romantic?

7. Sexuality (are french women easy?)

Damn they are sexual!

However, to feel that, you’ll need to go deeper (he he). In order to feel their sexuality, just follow my awesome tips and you’ll get there in no time.

Everything is easy when you got the knowledge, French girls are no exception. 

French women sexuality

8. Gringo Card

Even though French women are very traditional, romantic and a bit picky, it is not that hard to get French women in bed if you play your cards right.

So, you don’t even need to be French. You just need to show your romantic side and make them fall in love with you.

Therefore, buy some flowers, invite them to dance or for a romantic walk near Eiffel Tower, then find some pretty site with good wine and she will definitely fall for you.

How likely are French women to Date a Foreigner

Did you know that French women are the most romantic in the world?

They are beautiful in and out and it reflects in how they move their body.

The air around these beautiful women is always pulsating with natural and positive energy which they spread to the men in their lives.

Won’t you want to experience love in such an atmosphere?

Read more on how to make this happen for yourself.

French women Overall score

Where to Meet French Women?

Now that you are aware of what are French women like, I will tell you where and how to meet French women online.

After that, I will show you where to meet French girls in the three most important cities for dating French girls.

As one of the oldest and most popular international dating services, definitely deserves to be my recommendation for you, especially if you are American man looking for French women since the website allows you to meet women from all around the world.

The platform started with business back in 1995 and grew ever since, with over 15 million active members nowadays.

Therefore, it is probably a place where you can easily find single French girls for a simple hookup or serious relationship, whatever your heart desires.

When it comes to signing up, Match has a pretty detailed questionnaire, which takes around half an hour to finish.

Apart from that, there is an option to use your social media accounts, such as Facebook, to sign up and speed up this registration process a bit.

This detailed sign-up process is important because it helps to match algorithm to find you your perfect match.

The website itself is free to use, with some very basic options available to free members, such as daily matches and the option to skip or like them.

If you want to use the website to its full extent, you will have to pay for one of the subscription plans, in which there are three, among which the cheapest one is $20.99 per month, if you pay for one full year.

Premium options include the ability to see who visited you and liked you, as well as being able to message other members.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting French Women

Online dating French girls is completely doable, but what is better than going to France personally and meet French girls in person.

So, let’s see where and how to meet a French girl. I will talk about the three most important cities where you can meet single French girls, which are Paris, Lyon and, of course, the city with the largest number of single French women, Lille.

1. Paris

Ah, the city of everlasting light and love. The most romantic city in the world, where thousands of couples come every year to live that special feeling of overwhelming romance and love.

Paris has been one of the main centers of, not just France as a state, but the center of art, fashion, and culture, ever since early middle-ages.

It has around 2 million residents in the strict center and additional 12 million people living on the outskirts of the city.

The city itself has a very rich history, from early French kings to Napoleon’s domination of entire Europe, as well as being important when it comes to art and culture.

Therefore, it has become one of the best places to hook up with single French women, since everyone would like to get laid in the city of love.

French dating culture is a bit different than, for example, American or British one. In order to find hot French girls to hookup with, you will have to do a lot of work my friend.

Since Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and French has some weird dating culture, a lot of French females consider sex as something that is only important for real relationships.

Therefore you will have to do some work before you manage to get French chicks right into your own bed for the night.

When it comes to meeting some pretty French girls during the day, there are a lot of options, however, not all of them are productive as you might seem.

First of all, French women don’t like it when men are hitting on them in a bus or metro, since that is their tampon zone, where they can think about everything and relax from worries.

However, there are a lot of parks and museums where you can pick up some beautiful French girls, but, as you might expect, they are not that easy, so you will still have to do some work.

Some of those places are most certainly the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, and the Louvre museum. Apart from that, you can try Sorbonne university, which certainly has a lot of pretty girls.

Along with these important cultural buildings, you can also meet hot French women in big shopping malls, such as Les Galeries Lafayette and popular streets, such as Rue Beaugrenelle.

Now, dating French women during the night is completely different story because they really like to go out and have some fun, even try out some foreign meat.

And when it comes to nightclubs, Paris won’t leave you empty-handed for sure. There are a lot of clubs and each of them is filled with sexy French women. Let’s see the most popular ones.

  • La Bellevilloise – it is in close vicinity of Menilmontant Station and it is almost full all the time, especially during weekends.
  • La Java – this is a club that is considered to be pretty modern for today’s standards because it offers top-notch DJs.
  • Supersonic – this club is known for its ’happy hour’, when customers can get really cheap beer, for just $4. It is located in a bit spooky, out of commission warehouse.
  • Wanderlust – this club is open 24/7 and it goes through a transformation during the night. During the day, it is all about fashion and design, while during the dark, it completely changes the setting to EDM.
  • Les Bus Palladium – this is one of the most famous rock clubs in Paris, featuring the best rock music in the world. Famous musicians like Mick Jagger or Eddy Mitchell performed there. Apart from that, there are two additional stages for hip-hp and electro lovers.
  • The Rex Club – it is considered to be the best club with the house and electro music, with excellent DJs, atmosphere and drinks.
  • Boum Boum – this club is a bit unorthodox because it mixes rave atmosphere and fashion stages, which is a bit weird mix, but it actually works. It is set in the shopping center of Paris.

2. Lyon

If Paris is called the city of light, then Lyon must be the city of good cuisine. It is the most famous for excellent food and is one of the crucial locations you should visit if you are a gastronome.

And where there is good food, there are usually hot French women as well, since they really like good cuisine.

When it comes to flirting on the streets or in the public transportation, it is basically the same in all French cities, meaning that you should try to avoid that, since French girls don’t like being bothered on their way home from work.

Also, French chicks from Lyon tend to get bored really fast, if you don’t prove yourself to be interesting enough, so you should always come prepared with a plan prior to approaching them.

As for possible locations to meet beautiful French girls during the day, there are a lot of galleries and museums, as well as parks, such as Parc Roquette, Parc de la Cerisaie and Parc Popy.

Apart from that, there are numerous cafes, such as A Chacun Sa Tasse, Puzzle Cafe, Slake Coffee House, Grand Cafe de Lyon and The James Joyce.

Let’s talk about possible nighttime locations now, since that is when you will have the best chance of meeting some sexy French girls.

There are a lot of different types of clubs in Lyon, with different kinds of music and such. Amongst the most popular ones are:

  • Hot Club Lyon – which is considered to be one of the most famous nightclubs in the entire territory of France because it has an excellent atmosphere.
  • Brooklyn – a small part of Brooklyn in France, because of which it is quite popular amongst different types of people.
  • The Boat – this club has some excellent gardens, allowing you to sit outside and have some of the best cocktails in Lyon.
  • Azar – if you prefer beer, however, then this place is for you since it offers a lot of different types of beer, but you can also get cocktails as well.
  • Terminal – if you are a disco person, then Terminal is the right place for you since this is where you can show off your dancing skills and impress those ladies.

3. Lille

As one of the most important locations in France for international dating, Lille has gotten that award because it is the city with the largest number of single French women, thus, making it one of the places you should definitely visit if you want to get laid in France.

It is located near the Belgium border and has around 1 million residents, which makes it be the 4th largest city in France. Lille is the capital of Hauts-de-France region.

It is the most known for having the first driverless metro and for being one of the places where there are more females than males, which is a rare sight in the entire world.

As well as in other towns, hooking up with hot French women during the daytime is not that easy, but it is doable and you can find them in several places.

The most popular cultural sites where you can meet beautiful French girls are the Place du General de Gaulle, Louvre-Lens Museum, Notre-Dame de la Treille cathedral, Wazemmes Market, Roubaix, Aux Moules, and Le Broc.

But, the real deal begins with your night hunt, since there are some pretty dope clubs, bars, and pubs in Lille.

You can meet French girls in nightclubs, such as Le Network, bars like Cafe Oz and Tamper, or even in pubs, such as La Capsule.

Or, you can simply visit cafes like La Chicoree and L’Illustration and try to find some pretty French girls to hookup with.

All in all, it is easier to find French chicks during the night than to waste time on your hunt during the day, when most people are working.

French Women Pros and Cons


1. French women are very passionate

France is a country of romance and good kissers for good reason. French females are very passionate when they really like someone, which is pretty amazing to experience.

2. It is fun most of the time

You will never be bored when dating a French girl because they always have something fun to do in their minds.

3. Good food, good wine and lots of sex

They will show you some excellent cuisine, high-quality wine and they also really enjoy having sex since it is both healthy and enjoyable.

4. Clear situation

Once you kiss a lady, it is all clear, she is yours! It’s not as confusing as in the UK or America, where one simple kiss doesn’t mean anything.

5. Not too much cheating

French girls are very loyal when they love someone, so you will rarely find situations where people cheat on one another. It is possible, of course, but very rare.


1. The entire dating protocol is a bit confusing

 In France and generally, in Europe, it is very common to see male and female friends going out to dinner together, even though they are not in a romantic relationship, which is confusing to Americans.

2. There are too many games involved

It’s known that French chicks like to play games, which can sometimes be really annoying and could bore you after a while if you are simply looking to get laid.

3. You have to work hard to get laid

With French girls, it is all about romance and courtship, which can be pretty boring, especially if you just want one-night stands.

4. Sex is all about love

Girls of France seem to uphold traditional values of relationship, meaning that they think that having sex means that two people are deeply in love with one another.

How to Make a French Woman Fall in Love with You

Whether you want to have a French girlfriend or simply have a one-night stand with single French girls, you will need to put some effort into it because the French dating culture is completely different from another dating in countries like the USA or Great Britain.

Therefore, I will share some tips for dating a French woman with you and hopefully, you will be able to meet French girls and have success.

1. Be Fast and Decisive

When it comes to choosing their partners, French girls are very quick and won’t take too much time to decide whether they like you or not.

Therefore, you should also think quick and be straightforward and decisive, in order to hook up with hot french women.

Show them what you feel and how much you want them, by being a real gentleman and showing your romantic side.

After that, they will eat from your hand and you might even score some beautiful French girls and enjoy the rest of the night.

2. Avoid Flirting on Streets

In lots of other countries, you can meet hot girls in nightclubs or on the streets and easily pick them up and potentially hook up with them.

However, in France, girls actually don’t like to be courted on the streets because they want to spend that time when they are traveling from work to home to relax their mind and listen to good music.

Therefore, you should always try to avoid flirting with pretty French girls on the street, especially if you want to spare yourself from rejection and possible humiliation.

But, that doesn’t mean all is lost for you, my friend! There are still other places where you can pick them up and have some fun, so don’t worry and prepare to go to some parties!

3. Approach Them on Parties

The best place to meet French girls is at some parties, whether at private house parties or in clubs or bars during the night.

All those places are filled with beautiful women of France, which means that you will most certainly find the one to hook up with.

French women really like to go out to restaurants with good wine, clubs with good music and overall, they like to enjoy flirting on those places.

That makes international dating a bit easier, since foreigners usually go to those kinds of places anyway, especially people from the United States, who are used to partying.

4. Make Some Nice Compliments About Their Looks

I know this might sound a bit cheesy, but almost all women in the world like when you tell them something nice about their looks.

French chicks are no different and since they have a very romantic nature, this is one of good ways to get under their skin.

So, if you would really like to be dating a French girl, then you will have to loosen your tongue and think of some nice magic words that will make them fall for you.

For example, comment on how nice they look or if you are dancing, tell her that she smells really nice and she will end up in your bed in no time.

5. Never Tell Lies to French Women

When it comes to international dating, lying has become a pretty common thing, since there is little to none chance that someone will find out the complete truth about you.

However, one of the most common traits of typical French women is that they are pretty decisive in finding out more about their potential partners.

So, even though you lie about something, they might try to ’google’ you and learn whether you were telling the truth or not.

Therefore, it is never a good idea to lie to French women because it could be the double-edged sword that might stab you back if you are not careful enough.

Also, since French females are very traditional in nature, they don’t say „I love you“ easily, so they expect the same from their dates.

That means that you should only tell them that you love them if you really feel that way, otherwise you might hurt them.

6. Friendzone Could Also Give You a Chance

Here is something that is often hard to believe, which is that friendzone could actually help you win that hot French girl you want so much.

French chicks are pretty romantic and when they feel they have the support of their partners, they can easily fall in love.

Now, who would provide better support that really close friend? If you cannot hook up and get into relationship with girl you want, you could try to use this long-term solution, which might give you the upper-hand in the future.

Try to be there for her, hang out, go for long walks, visit some parties and such and she might end up falling in love with you eventually.

It is a good tactic if you are not impatient or if you are not just looking for a simple one-night stand with French girls.

7. French Girls Like to Play Games…

As stated above, French women like to play games with their partners and even with people they’ve just met, so when threading with them, you shouldn’t take everything so directly and learn how to play their game.

Sometimes, they might act like they don’t care about things and that you are not their type, but it often happens that when they get home, they go to social media and try to find as much information about you as possible.

This is proven by data that shows that around 37% of them use Facebook to stalk their dates and find out more about them and another 34% said that they like to act cold and distant when men try to court them.

However, there are around 25% of French girls that will agree to sleep with you on a first date, if they happen to like you.

8. …So, You Should Play One As Well

In order not to lose your mind during those games, you have to play your games as well and show them that you are a real player, rather than just a punching bag for them to hit.

Therefore, when you meet French women for the first time, make sure to start playing the game and act mysteriously, without revealing whether you like them or not.

Leave them to wonder on their own, which will drive them mad and show them that you are not just a regular guy, but someone they might be interested in.

9. Win Her With Your Music Taste

Since French girls like romance, they naturally like some romantic music, so if you want to really get to their heart, make sure to make a good selection of songs and put it on one romantic playlist.

Even though you might not know those songs, you can turn the playlist on if you manage to bring a hot French woman to your place.

Some of the most favorite performers amongst the French women population are James Blunt, Joe Cocker, Robbie Williams, and Marvin Gaye.

After hearing some romantic songs from these singers, French girls will jump in your bed in no time, so make sure you download the songs and prepare the playlist.

10. Be Romantic

As I said, when dating French girls, it is all about romance, whether you just want to get her into bed or pursue a romantic relationship.

Almost half of the French girls that were interviewed (41%) said that they only accept to date a guy if they really think it is about love.

So, if you want to have some success, you will have to play a romantic person, whether you like it or not.

Songs I listed, as well as some other French girl dating tips I had mentioned,  can help you a bit when it comes to being a real romantic and getting French girls in bed.

The Most Beautiful French Women

Now you know almost everything you need to know to hookup with single French women. However, I would like to add something and list my top 3 picks for the hottest French women.

Remember that this is my personal preference and that you might not fully agree with my choices. If that is the case, please write your what are your favorite picks for the hottest French women in the comment section below.

1. Audrey Tautou

French Women - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 129
Audrey Tautou

One of the prettiest and most famous French actresses. Audrey Tautou was born on August 9, 1976, in Beaumont.

She started acting very early, and managed to break the ice when she was 18, with the movie „Venus Beauty Institute“.

However, she is the most known for her role in the movie „Amelie“, for which she earned Cesar Award for the Most Promising Actress.

Apart from that, she has acted in „The Da Vinci Dode“, „A Very Long Engagement“ and „Dirty Pretty Things“.

Along with acting work, she has done some modeling work as well, for famous fashion brands like Chanel, L’Oreal and Montblanc.

2. Marion Cotillard

Born on September 30, 1975, in Paris, she comes from a family of pretty talented people. Her father is a famous director and actor Jean-Claude Cotillard, while her mother works as a teacher in drama school and acts from time to time as well.

Marion is famous for her acting, singing and songwriting skills, as well as for representing the Greenpeace.

She has become successful with the movie „La Vie en Rose“, filmed back in 2007. Apart from that, she worked on more than 50 other movies and has received over 76 rewards so far, as well as 112 nominations.

Some of the most popular awards she has are the Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, awards at Movie Festival in Cannes and many more.

3. Eva Gaelle Green

One of the most beautiful actresses that come from France. She was born on July 6, 1980 in Paris and has gotten net worth of over $10 million.

She became famous after she filmed her first movie in 2003, called „The Dreamers“, after which she continued to work and act in several other great movies, such as “Casino Royale“ and, one of the best historical movies “Kingdom of Heaven“, where she had played the Queen of Jerusalem.

Apart from that, she appeared in several other TV shows and serials, for which she has gotten a couple of pretty nice awards, such as BAFTA, Empire and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

Along with that, she has been labeled as one of the hottest movie stars of all time in 2007, by Empire Magazine.

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