Argentinian Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Argentinian Women Guide

Dating foreign women can be quite a treat because trying new things is always fun and it is always good to see how dating in different cultures work.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Argentine women compare in all categories.

However, international dating can often be quite difficult, especially if you are new to the concept and don’t know how dating works in different countries.

I’m here to help you with that and tell you something about Argentinian women and how to date them, whether you just want casual hook up or serious relationship.

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Also, I’ve put together a lot of Instagram profiles and photos of hot Argentinian women, so make sure to check that out as well.

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12 Most Important Traits of Argentinian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

Before plunging into learning how and where to meet Argentinian girls, let’s talk about what makes them different than women from all around the world.

What Physical Traits Distinguish Argentinian Women from Other Women

1. Physical Appearance

One of the most distinctive physical traits of Argentinian girls is that they are extremely handsome, which comes not just from mother nature, but also because they like to take care of their physical appearance, in order to impress men.

Argentinian women Physical appearance

2. Health

One way to have a great physical appearance is to keep your body healthy, which is exactly what Argentinian girls are doing.

They always tend to stay in shape, by having an appropriate and healthy diet and doing regular workouts at the gym or simply by going for jogging.

How Healthy are the Argentine women?

3. How stylish they are?

There are a lot of Argentinian women that work as models or actresses, so you might have already figured out whether they are stylish or not.

Put simply, yes, Argentinian girls are quite stylish and they like wearing fashionable clothes and popular brands.

But that doesn’t mean they will necessarily wear something just because it is branded. Instead, they will look for clothes that are really good-looking and in which they can feel beautiful, rather than wearing something ugly for the sake of the brand.

How stylish are Argentinian women?

4. Facial beauty

One of the things that distinguish Argentinian girls from other Latin American women is their facial beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, other Latinas are also pretty, but Argentinian women are quite different than them since they are the perfect blend of European and South American cultures.

There are women of different ethnicities in Argentina, which means that there are some quite unique women here, compared to other South American countries.

Argentinian women Facial beauty

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Argentinian women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Argentinian girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Argentina and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Argentinian women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

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Argentinian women Tinder score

What Different Personality Traits Argentinian Women Have from Other Women

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

One of the best ways to meet sexy Argentinian women is to go out to a club and find them dancing and drinking.

Therefore, the question of whether they Argentinian girls like going out and having fun is quite simple to answer because that answer is “yes”.

They like all kinds of fun, from going to clubs and bars to romantic dinners and watching romantic movies in the cinema.

This will really satisfy those who want to travel to Argentina and hit the clubs, in order to find some Argentinian dates for a casual hookup.

Do Argentinian women Like Going out and Having Fun?

2. Chill Factor

If you want to know what are Argentinian women like in relationships, then you have to know that they are really fiery and passionate.

Perhaps they are not as aggressive as some other Latinas, but if you mess with them, you will definitely learn what it means to see an angry Argentinian girl, which is definitely something you want to avoid, trust me.

what is the chill factor of Argentinian women?

3. Loyalty

Now, when it comes to loyalty, I have to say that other Latinas are more loyal than Argentinian chicks, simply because they like to flirt with other men a lot.

What that means is that you might find yourself in a position where she will cheat on you right behind your back.

However, if you are simply looking for a casual hook up, you probably won’t even be bothered too much by this fact.

 Argentinian women are quite loyal

4. Good as Mothers

Similar to other family-oriented countries, it is common that family is quite traditional in Argentina, so women there have learned how to take care of the household, children, and elders.

That is definitely why they are really good as mothers since they already know how to handle children’s needs and how to keep them in control.

So, if you want to start a family with pretty Argentinian girls, then you will be happy to know that they are extremely good as mothers.

Argentinian women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

Even though they do have some trust issues, Argentinian girls are actually very comfortable when talking to complete strangers and they are quite talkative overall.

You simply need to make them open up, by letting them feel safe and making them more relaxed, by flirting and having nice manners.

Argentinian women love meeting new friends

6. Are they Romantic?

You could say that every girl in the world is romantic. It is just a matter of the type of romance that distinguishes women from all around the globe.

The same goes for Argentinian girls, who are indeed quite romantic, but what they mean by romance might be a bit different than other women.

For instance, they like bad boys and macho men, who are confident, good-looking, strong, and who don’t hesitate to start a couple of fights just to impress them.

Are Argentinian women Romantic?

7. Sexuality

This whole time you were probably wondering what are Argentinian women like in bed, am I right?

Well, you will be happy to know that they are true as stories describe them, which is the same as with all Latinas.

Argentinian girls are quite amazing in bed. They like to experiment with new things and poses, and they are very wild.

Argentinian women are sexy

8. Gringo Card – How Likely are They to Date Foreigners

When it comes to dating foreigners, Argentinian girls are pretty open to it, since there are a lot of different cultures in the country, so they are basically used to it.

However, if you are an American, you might have a bit tougher time, since they will think that you will automatically assume that all Argentinian women are easy.

In that case, they will want to make you play a lot of games before you can get them into bed, but it is definitely possible and, truthfully, not that hard, if you play your cards right.

How likely are Argentinian women to Date a Foreigner

Argentinian women have all it takes to get the man of their dreams.

They have the body, beauty, brain and finesse to make a man fall all over for them.

With the different ethnicities around them, they understand the diversity in human nature.

You will have fun having them in your life

Continue reading to see more hotties from this country.

Argentinian women Overall score

Where to Meet Argentinian Women

Now you know what are Argentinian women like, so let’s go a step further and see how to meet Argentinian women.

First of all, I’ll tell you how to meet them online, then I’ll focus on letting you know where to meet an Argentinian woman in two major cities, such as Buenos Aires and Cordoba.


One of the best ways to learn something about Argentinian dating culture is to register on some international dating websites, where there are a lot of women in Argentina.

And the best option for that would be Badoo, which is one of the most popular international dating websites in the world, with over 418 million users from all around the world.

In fact, Badoo is not simply a dating website. It is more of a social media network that is extremely focused on a dating aspect.

You will be able to find a lot of sexy Argentinian women there and learn a lot about how dating works in Argentina.

On Badoo, you will be able to find pretty Argentinian girls for everything, from hot chat and occasional hook up to serious relationship and even marriage because there are members of all ages, from 18 to over 55 years of age.

When it comes to signing up on Badoo, the process is quite needy, since you need to give some basic information, add a photo and verify your profile, by using the phone or by linking one of your social media accounts.

You can avoid this step, but it is not recommended since accounts that are not verified have certain limitations and other members might be less willing to contact you.

Also, when uploading a photo, you will need to verify that it is really you, so what you will have to do is take a photo of you in the same pose and send it to the admin team.

Once they confirm it is you, your profile will be unlocked and you will have access to the entire website. This system might sound complicated and ridiculous, but it is all done for the sake of better website safety for all members.

As for other features, there are all basic options that you would expect from a dating website, such as advanced search, followers and, most important, free messaging for all members.

Of course, there are also more advanced features, such as sending gifts and using stickers, which can only be unlocked by either spending Badoo Credits or subscribing to Badoo Premium membership.

All basic features are free, however, so you won’t have to spend a dime if you don’t want to, but if you are serious about hooking up with sexy Argentinian girls, and get some Argentinian women dating tips, there is no reason not to try one of Badoo Premium plans.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Argentinian Women

Now, let me tell you where to meet Argentinian girls in two of the most important cities in Argentina, which are Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

I’ll focus on letting you know how to meet an Argentinian woman in these cities and what are the best places to meet Argentinian girls here, such as clubs, bars, and other places.

So, without any further due, let’s begin with the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

1. Buenos Aires

As the capital of the entire country, Buenos Aires is by far the most important and the city with the highest population in Argentina, with about 15.6 million residents.

Furthermore, Buenos Aires is filled with people from different cultures because, in the last 150 years or so, there has been a large number of immigrants coming to this city from all around the world.

Because of that, apart from Spanish, a lot of people can speak several different languages as well, which is definitely a positive thing when it comes to international dating in this city.

This means that you could say that native girls of Argentina are quite used to dating people from other parts of the world, which makes them more relaxed and open to casual hookups, especially if you are an American man looking for Argentinian women.

Being the capital of the country and the most important city for the industry and commerce of Argentina, Buenos Aires also attracts a lot of businessmen and tourists.

Because of that constant influx of new people, you will have a higher chance of meeting some beautiful Argentinian girls in clubs, bars and public places alike.

They are usually more than happy to chat with foreigners and some are even very open to one-night stands.

One pretty interesting thing about Buenos Aires is that, even during the day, girls will be pleasant and they would want to talk to you if you approach them.

So, if you are a foreigner, the best thing you can do if you notice some hot Argentinian girls is to pretend that you need help with directions since you are new in town.

Most Argentinian chicks will be more than happy to help a lost traveler, and they might even suggest to take you there themselves.

In that case, you can definitely insist on buying them a drink or a cup of coffee, just to say “thank you”, which can lead to you being with Argentinian women in bed later.

Also, there are a lot of places where you can pick up single Argentinian women during the day, from big shopping malls to bars, cafes and restaurants.

But the overall best place to start is probably some big shopping mall, since Argentinian girls, like many other women in the world, like to look good and to buy clothes. Some of the best shopping malls in Buenos Aires are:

  • Galeria Jardin
  • Recoleta Mall
  • Abasto Shopping
  • Portal Palermo

Apart from that, Buenos Aires has an excellent beach, with a lot of bars and hot women in bikinis, which means that it is also one of the best places to hook up with the hottest Argentinian women.

When it comes to your meeting and trying to get Argentinian girls in bed during the nighttime in Buenos Aires, your chances will be quite good, since girls in Buenos Aires like to go out, dance, drink and have fun.

Even though it is not considered to be the most noticeable city for clubbing, Buenos Aires still offers some pretty interesting nightlife in general. Some of the best places, where you can find single Argentinian girls are:

  • Rosebar – which is one of the most important clubs in the city, with similar looks to those found in Ibiza, with a large number of popular DJs. Here, the party never ends, which is perfect for the night hunt of sexy girls.
  • INK – another quite a trendy place, where there are a lot of celebrities and rich people, who are ready to spend a lot of many to have fun for one night.
  • Terrazas del Este – it’s one of the biggest night clubs in the city with space for more than 3 thousand people and a total of 4 dance floors and 10 different bars, as well as different types of music, to satisfy everyone’s taste.
  • Fiesta Plop – this club is the most popular for its themed events, where you have to dress up according to the theme at the time in order to be allowed to enter. It was built to be a gay club at first, but right now it is used by both straight and gay populations.

2. Cordoba

Another very important city in Argentina is, of course, Cordoba. It is one of the crucial trading and industry centers of the country, which means that there are a lot of foreigners, whether they are business people or tourists.

Because of that, women that live in Cordoba are used to flirting and hooking up with people from other countries.

That will make your quest to get hooked up with typical Argentinian women even easier, since they will not be as shy as, for example, women from some other Latin American countries.

Being one of the largest cities in Argentina, Cordoba has a large number of students, both domestic and international, so your chances of dating an Argentinian woman is fairly increased.

When it comes to how to meet an Argentinian woman in Cordoba during the day, it might be a bit harder to do so, since most hot girls are active during the night.

Therefore, I could say that the best places to meet them are at some of the most known universities since there are quite a few, such as:

  • Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
  • Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto
  • Universidad Provincial de Cordoba
  • Universidad Blas Pascal
  • Instituto Universitario Aeronautico
  • Universidad Catolica de Cordoba

Also, a lot of women in Cordoba like going shopping, the same as with all women from other countries, so visiting some of the largest shopping malls and streets is probably a good idea as well. Some of the most important shopping places are:

  • Galeria Tiempo Atras
  • Cordoba Shopping Center
  • Barrio
  • Shopping Villa Cabrera
  • Gran Rex
  • Nuevocentro Shopping
  • Nuevo Pasaje Munoz

Apart from that, there is a lot of popular tourist attraction, where you can meet all sorts of women, so feel free to visit some of those, such as:

  • Patio Olmos
  • Sarmiento Park
  • Manzana Jesuitica
  • Cripta Jesuitica

As for meeting hot Argentinian girls during the nighttime, there are plenty of chances, since there are some quite popular clubs, bars, and cafes in Cordoba, such as:

  • Jetlag Cordoba – which is the club with probably the most unique decorations in the city, with a completely retractable roof, so people could see the stars while partying the whole night.
  • Foster Chateau – a really popular club with excellent lighting and some of the best DJs, who make great music.
  • Maybe -this is a really popular place for students because it offers excellent house, techno and EDM music, with regular drinks specials for those hot Argentinian students to take advantage of.
  • Dorian Gray – which is definitely the best place for those who enjoy electronic music because there are some of the best DJs playing excellent music here.
  • Studio Theatre – it is a club set in a quite weird location, which is the splendor of a mansion. It is mostly recommended option for people with a lot of money since you will need to wear proper attire here and bring enough cash to pay for expensive drinks. But, there are a lot of beautiful women here, for you to hook up with.

Pros and Cons of Dating an Argentinian Woman

Now that you know where to find your perfect Argentinian girlfriend, let’s talk about the pros and cons of dating Argentinian women.


1. Argentinian women are beautiful in every way

Argentinian women’s body type is simply amazing, but that is not the only thing that makes them so beautiful.

They also have extremely pretty facial characteristics, just like most of Latin American women, so if you like Latinas, you will definitely like dating an Argentinian girl.

2. Sex is excellent

When it comes to their performance in bed, I have to say that Argentinian girls are simply amazing and that you will definitely enjoy getting typical Argentinian girls into bed.

They like to experiment with new things and, honestly, some of those things will definitely drive you crazy and make you wish for more.

3. They don’t age

To be honest, when you first see an Argentinian girl, you won’t be able to tell whether she is 18 or 28 because they manage to maintain their looks so good.

The only thing that would make you guess their age is their experience in bed and whether they are good at playing flirting games.

4. Argentinian girls are a perfect blend of South American and European culture

One of the best things about Argentinian girls is that they are indeed quite special because they do look like typical Latinas, but they actually behave more like European girls.

This is quite good for people who come from Europe and will definitely make their quest to hook up with Argentinian girls much easier.

5. Argentinian women are quite smart

Just because they are Latinas, you shouldn’t assume that Argentinian girls are not educated and smart at all.

Just the opposite, they are extremely intelligent and they like playing games with their men, making dating Argentinian girls even more interesting.

6. The language barrier is non-existent

With higher education and intelligence comes the ability to speak multiple languages, which means that one of the Argentinian women stereotypes that says that you must be able to speak Spanish to understand them is not so true.

Argentinian girls, in fact, can usually speak several different languages, such as Spanish, English and even German.


1. Loyalty is not their main virtue

Since they are quite similar to women in Europe, Argentinian women have some similar traits, which some people may consider as negative.

One of those traits is that they like to date a lot, meaning that they won’t hesitate to cheat on you if they like some other guy.

2. Argentinian women like playing games

Argentinian females are quite playful when dating, so they will always try to play a certain game with men who show interest in them.

Therefore, in order to succeed in hooking up with them, you will have to learn how to play their games and make them play your own flirty games.

3.  Being late all the time

If you really hate when your date is quite late, then you will definitely not enjoy dating Argentinian girls because they are always late.

There are various reasons for this. Sometimes they just want to play with your head and see whether you will wait for them, and other times they will simply have a lot of important things to settle before they come.

4. Dates won’t be private

One thing that shocked me when I had my first date with an Argentinian girl was the fact that she brought her friend to sit with us.

That’s because Argentinian girls like to have moral support on their first dates and usually, you can’t hope to be alone with her until the 3rd or even 4th date.

How to Make an Argentinian Woman Fall in Love with You

Now you know almost everything you need to know about Argentinian girls. Therefore, I want to give you some tips for dating an Argentinian woman, so you could have a higher chance of hooking up with them.

1. Showing confidence is important

One of the most important things when dating girls from Argentina is to be very confident because they don’t like men who are weak and unsure in themselves.

Technically, this is true for most women in the world, but Argentinian girls take this to the next level and they want that their partners are extremely self-confident and capable.

Therefore, make sure to show them that you are that kind of person, by showing some initiative and taking charge when there is something important to decide.

If you do that, there is no Argentinian girl who wouldn’t fall in love with you because they really like gentleman-like and macho men.

2. Having bedroom experience is a good bonus

Some women like men who are experienced in bed. Some like inexperienced ones, so they could teach them few important tricks.

But all women like when men know what they are doing in bed, that is for sure, even if they think they don’t.

The same goes for Argentinian women, who really like men who know how to please them in bed, without being sloppy and not sure in themselves.

So, if you feel like a wild bull and have some skills to show that, you won’t have to worry about not managing to hook up with hot Argentinian girls.

3. You need to break the ice

Most Latinas are not shy when it comes to making the first steps. Argentinian women are the same, but they prefer if men are those who will break the ice and invite them for a couple of drinks.

When approaching an Argentinian girl, make sure you look very confident, like a gentleman and feel free to say a couple of jokes that would help you break the ice.

If you manage to do that, you will definitely make your potential date interested in talking to you further, which might lead to bedroom games later.

4. Wear stylish clothes and prepare your wallet

Another thing that could help you get the attention of sexy Argentinian women is to always dress stylishly and act like a gentleman.

Make sure to buy some nice clothes, take regular showers and make your hair and beard look nice. Also, feel free to use some pretty nice perfumes, which will definitely make Argentinian girls’ heads spinning.

Another thing to think about is money, of course. Argentinian girls like to be pampered, so if you want to hook up with some of them, prepare to put out your wallet and pay for a lot of drinks.

Sometimes, even a fancy dinner might do the trick, and the perfect mix would be both drinks and dinner, so you will definitely have to show your cash.

5. Pursue interesting conversations

Breaking the ice and showing up as a handsome and confident person is quite a good start, but in order to keep Argentinian girls interested in you, you will have to talk about different interesting subjects, depending on what they like.

And remember, they are pretty intelligent, so you will have a lot of things to talk about with them. You just need to find which ones they are interested in the most.

6. Flirting is advisable

As stated above, Argentinian girls really like dating and they won’t even hesitate to cheat on their men, which is, honestly, perfect for people who simply want to have some casual fun with them.

In order to be successful at that, you should definitely try to flirt with them as much as possible, since they like playing games and such, so it is recommended to try to tease them and see if they will respond the same way.

If they do, your path is open and you may proceed with fulfilling your quest to hook up with some pretty Argentinian girls.

7. Bad boy image

One of the Argentinian girl stereotypes is that they really like machos and bullies, or let’s say it all with two simple words, bad boys.

That is definitely true, since seeing men fighting for them will get them really horny and hot, which might benefit you, especially if you are the lucky winner of the fight.

If not, well, hit the gym, get those muscles and better luck next time, if you really want to get into bed with some beautiful Argentinian girls.

8. Playing dating games

The thing that really describes what are Argentinian girls like in relationships is plain and simple to notice, which is playing games.

From the moment you approach them, they will try to play their game, perhaps pretend to ignore you and be cold, but as soon as you manage to break the ice, they will turn talkative and then round 2 may begin.

Furthermore, these games will continue later on, as your conversation evolves, so you will have to learn how to play their games and after some time, make them play your own.

What you could do is playing that you are hard to get because Argentinian girls like when men seem to like that, like they are untouchable, which means that Argentinian women tend to like what they cannot have.

9. Respect her family

One of the most important things in the entire South American culture is family. What could happen when you date an Argentinian girl is that sometimes, she might not answer your calls for some time, which is probably because she is visiting her family.

Argentinian girls really respect their older family members and they like to help them with every-day things, especially if they are not capable of doing them themselves.

One of the best ways to conquer the heart of pretty Argentinian girls is to show the same respect for their family and help them every time you can.

You could say that the best way towards impressing Argentinian girls is to make her family like you a lot, which can be very helpful.

10. First date in a public place

Since Argentinian girls are quite intelligent, they are somewhat weary when it comes to dating foreigners, so you will have to gain their confidence over time.

What that means is that you should probably organize your first, second or even third date in a public place, where there are a lot of people, so your Argentinian date could feel safe and sound until you manage to earn her trust.

The Most Beautiful Argentinian Women

That would be everything for the general guide about Argentinian women. Now, I suggest that we relax a bit by taking a look at some of the most beautiful Argentinian females in the world.

Now, this is my personal preference, so you might or might not agree with me on this one, but let me know what are the top 3 prettiest Argentinian girls in your opinion in the comments below.

1. Zaira Nara

Born on August 15, 1988, in Boulogne Sur Mer, a province in Buenos Aires, Zaira Nara was listed as 47th sexiest woman in the world back in 2010.

She has been working as a model since her young age when she started to work for Dotto Models, after which she swapped the agency and went to Chekka Buenos Aires in 2008.

There, she managed to win a lot of contracts for various advertisements for some of the most popular cosmetics, women lingerie and clothing brands.

Also, she has been a participant in Marco Tinelli’s popular TV show Bailando 2010, where she managed to finish in the 9th place, and the following year, she replaced her sister Wanda because of her being pregnant.

2. Valentina Ferrer

Valentina Ferrer is an Argentinian model, who was born on September 19, 1993, in Cordoba and is definitely one of the most beautiful Argentinian girls out there.

One of her most noticeable roles that got her famous is her representing Argentina at the Miss Universe competition in 2014.

Apart from that, she is indeed a quite successful model, not just in Argentina, but worldwide because she has been working for different agencies, such as Marcelo Campinis (Buenos Aires), New Icon Models (Mexico City), Wilhelmina Models (Miami) and Mega Model Brasil, which is represented by her appearance in Funkshion Fashion Week.

Also, she participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week, as well as working with some other popular models, such as Gabriela Isler and Dayana Mendoza, who were the winners of Miss Universe in 2013 and 2008 respectively.

Outside modeling career, Valentina Ferrer is also known for her acting jobs in “Betty en NY” from 2019, ” J Balvin: Sigo Extrañándote” from 2017 and “Intrusos en el espectáculo” from 2001.

3. Liz Solari

Her full name is Maria Isabel Solari Poggio and she was born on June 18, 1983, in Colombia, but she is of Argentinian nationality.

She began her career as a model and began her career when she had won the international competition organized by Dotto Models.

After that, she represented multiple Argentinian and international fashion brands and was awarded the title of the top model in South America.

One part of her career, she lived and worked in Europe, where she worked with designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Jean-Paul Gaultier and represented multiple brands, such as Zara, Almacenes Paris, Ripley, Carpisa, Taft, Scunci, Sedal, Pantene, and Veet.

Apart from being a successful model, she has also found herself in an acting job, where she filmed several movies and lead several TV shows in Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Spain, as well as doing a single job for Netflix in 2015.

There are more intelligent beauties you will encounter in Argentina. Have a sneak peek into their profiles and pictures on Instagram.

Final Word

There you go, folks!

That was my international dating guide about Argentinian women and how you can meet them and hook up with some of them.

You will need more insights on how to make the most of your encounter with them, reading my ultimate guide to dating women will help you get the job done with ease.

I hope you liked what you’ve seen. If so, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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