Cambodian Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Cambodian Women Guide

Cambodian women are sexy, funny and smart – the entire package and here are the tips you will need for dating a Cambodian woman. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Cambodian women compare in all categories.

This guide covers everything – dating culture in Cambodia, where to meet Cambodian girls and what are Cambodian women like.

Also, I’ve created a list of hottest Cambodian women and there are plenty of Instagram profiles you can check.

Hopefully, this article will also break down some of the most common Cambodian women stereotypes.

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After reading, you will be ready to start with international dating and meet Cambodian girls.

Let’s start!

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12 Most Important Traits of Cambodian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

Dating a Cambodian girl is quite fun and she will leave you breathless and wanting more!

But you are probably wondering what separates Cambodian females from any other woman.

A lot of traits distinguish these women from the rest.

Hot Cambodian women will completely amaze you – by their looks and character. I’ve covered everything you need to know about pretty Cambodian girls before you start dating them.

What Physical Traits Distinguish Cambodian Women from Other Women

1. Physical Appearance

Ok, just take a look at any Cambodian girl and try to describe her in just one word.

I think that the best word to describe them is exotic.

Those wide brown eyes, long hair, big lips and slim body is unbelievably attractive.

They have some kind of mysterious aura that you are instantly drawn to and when they smile at you, you act lukewarm.

If you love pear-shaped figures, sexy Cambodian women are definitely your type!

They do work out and take care of their bodies, but still like to keep just a few extra pounds that suit them perfectly!

Cambodian women body type is one of the most attractive!

Of course, girls of Cambodia aren’t all shaped the same and everyone can find the type they like the most – there are many skinny girls as well.

However, one thing that is common for all of them is their skin tone, eye and hair color.

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Sexy Cambodian girls have a warm skin tone and brown, long hair.

With their brown eyes, they are staring at your soul, leaving you breathless.

If you do stumble upon a girl with blond hair and blue eyes, you’ve probably met a tourist!

The average height of hot Cambodian girls is 5’ 2’’ or 158 centimeters.

They are one of the shortest people in the world, but you know what they say – the poison comes in small a bottle and Cambodian women in bed are just like that.

You could never imagine how much energy they have!

But I will talk more about that later.

Sexy, dark skin tone and mystic look are all of the most important traits of Cambodian chicks. Not every girl is the same but one thing is in common for all of them – they are incredibly hot and men are amazed by them!

Cambodian women Physical appearance

2. Health

Let’s say you’ve met a perfect girl and she is now your Cambodian girlfriend. At one point, you might want to take your relationship to the next level and tie the knot with her. Health is an important factor when you are thinking about a long-term relationship and starting a family.

Cambodia isn’t one of the richest countries and their health-care is at a lower level. However, women of Cambodia are quite healthy!

They are all great cooks and prepare food for themselves daily. There are is no takeout food, fast food or stuffing with different sweets.

Also, they love to workout and daily visits to the gym keep them healthy as well!

How Healthy are the Cambodian women?

3. How stylish they are?

When it comes to their style, one of the Cambodian girl stereotypes is true – they don’t show too much of their skin and their style is different from the rest of the world.

Cambodian wardrobe is colorful, full of details, but still simple. Tourists love to see them in their traditional gowns, but today they are only worn on special occasions.

On a daily bases, typical Cambodian women wear simple skirts, dresses, pants and t-shirts. It is only important to follow the dress code – skirt, pants and dresses have to be below the knees and they can’t show too much of the cleavage.

Even under that modest outfit, you will still be able to notice their amazing figures.

Because they aren’t showing too much skin, single Cambodian girls will mesmerize you with their stunning smile and eyes.

Are Cambodian women stylish?

4. Facial Beauty

Single Cambodian women will steal your hearts only with their looks!

Their skin is flawless and facial features stunning! Wide, brown eyes are the most popular but the shades of brown are numerous.

Also, they have full, red lips that you will want to kiss immediately.

One thing that blew me off was their natural look! Beautiful Cambodian girls are truly naturally stunning and even when they are going out, they don’t like to wear too much make-up.

On a daily bases, you will rarely see a girl with make-up and let’s be real – they don’t even need it!

Also, there aren’t any crazy hairstyles, colors or anything similar. If they are not wearing their hair down than it is tied up in a bun or braided. Simplicity is the key!

How pretty are Cambodian women??

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Cambodian women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Cambodian Women men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Cambodia and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Cambodian women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.

Cambodian women Tinder score

What Different Personality Traits Cambodian Women Have from Other Women

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

They like to do both!

If they are in a committed relationship, they will go out but usually with their partner.

Clubs and parties are fun for single ladies, but once they settle down, staying up until dawn and drinking all night isn’t their priority.

This is just a part of their dating culture.

Going out is a simple way to meet men and possibly find a boyfriend. When they accomplish that, they like to do different fun activities.

Also, having a boyfriend doesn’t mean they will stay locked up inside the house. Typical Cambodian girls are fun, adventurous and still love going out and even in a relationship they will look for some other activity that might be entertaining for both of you.

So, forget about boredom with these girls – they know how to keep the spark and how to keep the relationship interesting.

How fun are the Cambodian women?

2. Chill Factor

Because they know how nurturing and devoted they are, they do expect some sort of special treatment in return.

Some girls, Sweden or Danish, won’t require this kind of treatment and represent themselves as your equals. I would advise you to not try that with a Cambodian girl.

If you don’t compliment her, hold the door, bring her flowers and like a gentleman, she might feel like you are uninterested and walk away.

Also, being a gentleman is the best way to show her that you respect her and once she feels like a queen, she will make sure you feel like a king!

Dating Cambodian women is sometimes tricky, but Cambodian girls in bed will show you that it was all worth the effort.

Also, these Cambodian girl dating tips don’t just apply to the beginning of the relationship. They expect this treatment for as long as you are dating.

Cambodian women Chill factor

3. Loyalty

These girls have no interest in changing men every few weeks which makes them quite loyal.

This means that once you start dating, she is the only person you are seeing and the same goes for her.

Of course, some girls prefer casual hook-ups over serious relationships, but in Cambodia, those women are a minority.

In the end, it is all about communication – even hooking-up could lead to something serious, but make sure to set the rules from the start!

Also, your loyalty to them will be rewarded!

Cambodian Women are loyal

4. Good as Mothers

Cambodian women are born to be mothers and most of them can’t wait to start a family of their own.

This doesn’t mean that you can talk about marrying or having children on the first date, but if you are looking for a future wife, they are a perfect choice!

Cambodian women are raised to nurture traditional values and most families in Cambodia have numerous children. Also, many girls babysit their younger brothers and sisters and they are taught from a young age to be good wife material.

It is all about family for them! Gender preferences aren’t common, because if you have a large family you will most likely have both genders.

Also, they know how to take care of their families. Everything a man needs will be fulfilled and they know how to deal with screaming and crying babies.

Even if they aren’t well-educated, they are smart and raise their kids to be honest and hard-working people!

Are Cambodian women good mothers?

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

One thing I didn’t expect from Cambodian people is hospitality!

It is a country that is still developing in every way – political, economic and educational. Also, if you are there to check out their women, you think that they can’t wait to see you leave.

I was pleasantly surprised by how heart-warming everyone is!

A woman can’t wait to talk with somebody new, love to hear about different experiences and openly talk about theirs.

If you approach them politely, you will get a positive answer and everything will go smoothly from there. Cambodian girls amazed me with their humor, intelligence and of course, beautiful appearance.

Keep in mind that if they feel like you aren’t being respectful during the conversation, they will walk away.

How often do Cambodian women talk to new people?

6. Are they Romantic?

Cambodian girls think that it is a man’s job to be romantic.

You should walk up to her like you are her prince charming and do whatever you can to seduce her. Coming up with romantic date ideas, presents and surprises is entirely up to you.

Of course, after a while, they do open up a little bit and sometimes will throw you a romantic surprise as well.

You can expect a home-cooked meal, invitation to dinner or one of the famous Cambodian desserts.

However, they still think that men are romantic ones in the relationship and that she has other responsibilities.

How romantic are Cambodian women?

7. Sexuality

Here is the answer to one of the most popular questions – what are Cambodian women like in bed?

Guys have bigger sex drive than women, and they all want a girl that would at least try to keep up with them.

Cambodian women are pretty amazing in bed, but you will have to earn it.

Show her that you are a gentleman and that you respect her and she will drag you to bed!

Once you are in the bed with her, all of the efforts will pay off.

Keep in mind that Cambodian women are shy and, unlike Icelandic women, don’t openly talk about sex or what they like in bed. She wants to get to know before hooking up.

Casual hook-ups aren’t strange to them, but they won’t talk about any of their experiences with you. If you are just one of their flings, once everything is finished, you don’t have to spend the night.

Also, they decide will you and when you get a chance to sleep with her.

Cambodian women sexuality

8. Gringo Card – How Likely Are They to Date Foreigners?

It mostly depends on your nationality.

Their origin and tradition are quite important to all of them and anyone who is from a country with similar values will have better chances. This means that males from Thailand and Laos are always welcome.

If you are an American man looking for Cambodian women, you will also have good chances with Cambodian chicks.

Because their country is still developing in every way, tourists are always welcome. By meeting tourists, they are getting at least an insight into other countries, with more prospects and completely different cultures.

The more you talk about your origin, holidays and traditions, the more interested she will be!

How likely is it for Cambodian women to date foreigners?

Cambodian women are smart, sexy and fun to be with, you must be intelligent to engage with them.

With their pear-shaped figure and mystic aura, you will be drawn to them.

Despite their modest dressing, they still appeal to a lot of foreigners.

Do You have what it takes to win their heart? Read on for the pros and cons of dating these exotic beauties.

Cambodian women Overall score

Where to Meet Cambodian Women?

Now that you know what are Cambodian women like in relationships, it is time for action!

The dating culture of every nation is unique and Cambodian dating culture is no different.

So, you are probably wondering – where to meet a Cambodian woman?

I have you covered. Here is everything you need to about how to meet a Cambodian girl, whether it is online or in person.

If you are visiting Cambodia in the near future, you will have a chance to meet a Cambodian woman in the real world! 

Cambodian women love foreigners and you can approach them easily without the fear of being turned down.

The best way to initiate a conversation is to introduce yourself, be polite and offer to buy them a drink.

I understand that not everyone has the courage to walk up to a beautiful girl they saw on the streets.

Bars, clubs and parties are the perfect solutions for all shy men.

These girls love to go out and showing your skills on the dance floor might grab their attention.

Because they are a bit shy, they love guys who are not and aren’t afraid to show who they are.

The girl who is looking at your direction is the interested one and won’t turn you down. Before approaching her, you can just send her a drink and the gesture will sweep her away!

She will be amazed by everything else you do, just because of the one nice gesture.

I love to travel, explore other nations, their traditions and date their women.

Of course, I understand that not everyone is able to do the same.

 Lucky for you, many dating websites can connect you with the hottest Cambodian girls.

These dating sites are numerous – most girls use Badoo, and some sites available only in Cambodia.

One site that is quite popular in Cambodia but available worldwide as well is InternationalCupid.

International Cupid

International dating is never easy, but with InternationalCupid it is a lot simpler.

Women from different parts of Europe, America and Asia are using it to meet single males from all over the world and the site has connected many attractive Cambodian women with foreign males.

All you have to do to get started is to create a profile.

This step is quite simple and requires a minimum amount of your time.

Once you fill the form, you are officially a member of the website.

There is no email verification which significantly speeds-up the process.

The profile picture isn’t required, but it is recommended.

Girls want to know what you look like and by posting good pictures, you are improving your chances of getting a date.

It can be uploaded at any moment and the website will remind you to do it as well.

The search engines of this website are amazing. You can set everything – preferred gender, age and nationality and it gives you the list of only requested profiles.

Even more, filters are available for paid-memberships.

Because of the form, you have to fill, all of the profiles are quite detailed.

Also, all of the information is stored in different sections, each with even more details.

In the section about preferences, you will get an insight into what other person is looking for and the green circle is an indicator that she might be your match!

Profiles and used emails aren’t verified which means that someone can easily create a fake profile.

However, this shouldn’t alarm you, because the administrators are deleting all of the profiles with little information and keeping only the detailed, authentic ones.

When it comes to making connections, there are numerous ways to do this as well.

Sending hearts is just one of the ways to show your interest. You can also add someone to the favorites list. Both options are free!

If you want to send messages, you will have to upgrade your profile.

However, responding to messages in your inbox can be done without any additional charges.

You just have to wait until the other person starts a conversation.

Whenever you are away from the computer, you can access your profile via a mobile app.

Unfortunately, right now it is only available for Android users.

As you can see, InternationalCupid offers many features even for free memberships.

 To explore all of the additional options, you have to pay a fee. There are gold and platinum memberships that can unlock many fun options.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Cambodian Women

It isn’t just about how to meet Cambodian women. As you can see you can do it easily online, from the comfort of your home.

If you plan on traveling, you should also know the right places to visit once you go to Cambodia.

There are numerous spots across the country that are interesting for both the tourists and residents.

Cambodian nightlife is quite exciting and you can listen to anything from worldwide hits to Cambodian traditional music.

Here is a list of the places you must visit in Cambodia!

1. Phnom Penh

The best place to start is the capital city of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh is one of the most beautiful cities and the one with the most residents.

Because it is quite populous you will have the best chances of finding the girl there!

The city was built by French and you can really see their influences on all of the buildings.

Of course, it has many cafes, restaurants and clubs where you can meet Cambodian chicks as well as an exciting nightlife – perfect for anyone who is considering dating Cambodian girls and exploring the parties!

You can always ask one of the pretty Cambodian girls to give you a tour of the Central Market.

It is one of the most crowded places and you can buy anything from food to accessories and clothing.

Your date might be positively surprised if you got her a little present from the Market as well.

After shopping, you can continue your date at Mekong Island.

It is near the Phnom Penh and a relatively small island. You can enjoy the amazing sight, quiet and throw one of the most romantic dates that she will definitely remember.

The perfect ending of the date can be visiting French Institute Cambodia.

 Here you can enjoy watching romantic French movies. Don’t worry – they all have English subtitles.

If you are hoping to explore some of the nightclubs, there is a variety of them.

For exploring the Cambodian culture you should visit Cambodian Living Arts.

Stunning Cambodian women are dancing a few nights every week and you will be instantly attracted by their dancing.

Pontoon Night Club is also a great spot for experiencing their nightlife. It is one of the biggest clubs and parties are held every night of the week.

 DJ is playing the music on most nights, but you might stumble upon cabaret show as well.

Another place perfect for dancing until dawn is Heart of Darkness Nightclub.

 It is located near the Pontoon Night Club and DJs are playing some of the most famous hits.

A variety of drinks are on the menu – from beers to special cocktails and ladies love visiting this club!

2. Battambang

Another beautiful place to visit is the second-largest city Battambang. Even though it is smaller than Phnom Penh, it is just as exciting.

The city has a long history and after a day of exploring all of the historical gems, you can relax in many bars and explore Cambodian dating culture.

Here be Dragons are one of the most popular bars!

It is a smaller bar but quite crowded and women of Cambodia love to hang out there.

The bar even has exciting drinking games and you could challenge your date to one of them.

The Dragon Drop is a game in which you are supposed to slaughter the dragon (well, actually you are supposed to finish one of the famous drinks they prepare).

Both the winner and the loser are getting a prize – one-shot for participating.

Riverside balcony bar is for anyone who is looking for a bit more private atmosphere.

Because it is located right next to the river, you and your date will have an amazing view while getting to know each other.

A variety of drinks is available and don’t miss out on their famous pizza.

Buffalo Alley is one of those places that young people love to visit. If you are looking for just a casual hook-up on your vacation, you should check out this place.

They have the most amazing cocktails, some of them that can only be tasted in this spot.

3. Sihanoukville

If you want to be right on the beach than this is the city for you.

Sihanoukville is one of the largest coastal cities.

During the day you can relax at the beach, bring your date on the romantic picnic and at night there are plenty of bars and clubs to explore.

There are even exciting night markets and a beautiful Cambodian girl can be your tour guide.

Also, this city is popular for many casinos with a variety of different games.

German spirit is present in one bar in particular. It is called Five men fresh bar.

If you are from Germany, your date would love to hear all about your culture in this bar and it can be a great spot for a first date.

They are making beers right at the spot and a list of beers you can choose from is long.

Nothing can beat a good beach party and Otres Corner Beach Bar is the best place for those types of parties!

DJs are playing music all through the night and girls are drinking cocktails and having the time of their life.

Just start dancing with one of them and the next date is guaranteed.

Also, this club isn’t just for partying. There are exciting fire shows you can check out, and sometimes movie nights are held right here.

Certainly, there is something for everyone – from calmer atmospheres for talking and getting to know each other, to wild parties for everyone who wants to stay up until dawn.

The best part – stunning girl can be your tour guide and companion for exploring both the city and nightlife!

Pros and Cons of Dating a Cambodian Woman

Dating a Cambodian woman can be quite exciting. They are all approachable, easy to talk to and incredibly funny.

However, international dating always has some disadvantages and you should always be aware of before starting your long-distance relationship.

Here are all of the tips for dating a Cambodian woman.


1. They know how to keep a man

Seriously, it is like they’ve put a spell on you.

I don’t know what they do, but they sure know to keep a man by their side.

It probably has a lot to do with their incredible looks.

Their dark eyes are sexy and innocent at the same time and a bright smile can make any man weak. Also, this mystical aura is incredibly captivating.

Of course, a large part of their attractiveness is their manners.

These women are kind, polite and humorous. They will treat you like you are a king and all that attention they give you is something you can get addicted to.

Their innocent looks should fool you – these women have a big imagination in bed and amazing sex is usually keeping the men by their side.

2. Good mothers

Family is important to Cambodian women.

Because they come from large families, they always babysit their brothers and sisters.

It is completely normal that they can’t wait to start their own family and raise the children.

Also, these women don’t mind being stay-at-home moms.

 All of the housework is not demanding for them and spending time with children is more important than chasing a career.

You will be the one that will have to work and your happy wife and happy children will be waiting for you at home.

3. A lot of laughter

Seriously, the personality of these women is captivating!

She will show you that a woman can be smart, sexy and funny at the same time.

Cambodian women love to laugh and love to make you smile.

Their jokes are incredibly funny and you will most likely spend the first date laughing.

Also, her laughter is usually infectious and even if the joke isn’t as funny, you will still laugh.


1. Language barrier

If you speak English, you will be easily understood. Even those that speak broken English, will be able to understand you and try to communicate with you.

Also, because of the French influence in this country is still present, they are able to communicate in this language as well.

They are speaking it worse than English, but better compared to other languages.

When it comes to German, Spanish or anything else, it is unlike to stumble upon anyone who will understand you.

2. They want to be treated like princesses

On the first date (or any after), you won’t see her reaching for the check or even splitting the bill.

You will be expected to pay the check in total and this doesn’t apply only for the first date.

Also, bringing flowers, buying jewelry and showering them with gifts is part of their dating culture.

One of the most important Cambodian women dating tips is to never show up empty-handed.

Buy at least a small chocolate or bucket before picking her up or meeting her. If you show up with nothing, there may not be a second date.

3. They are conservative

This is the worst for anyone who is only looking for casual sex, no strings attached.

I am not saying that they don’t do casual hook-ups. Some of them enjoy it from time to time.

 Keep in mind that those women are a minority and most of them are looking for a serious partner.

How to Make a Cambodian Woman Fall in Love with You

You are already familiar with what are Cambodian girls like in relationships, but here are the definite tips for stealing their hearts!

1. Be polite

Of course, when you are on the date with someone, it is normal to be polite to that person.

Women of Cambodia love men with manners and who know how to behave.

They will not only pay attention to how you treat them but also, how you treat everyone around you.

If you are in the restaurant be polite to the waiter. Also, chat openly with her friends and show respect for her family.

2. Show her that family is important for you

As mentioned, these women are looking to settle down and start a family.

Because they are such good mothers, they want a man that is a good father figure.

You don’t have to talk about marriage on the first date, but you should show that family is important to you – talk about your parents or siblings.

3. Be spontaneous

These girls love men who are fun and adventurous.

When you are planning a date, tell her where you are going but leave some information for yourself. In this way, whatever happens, she will be surprised.

You can take her on multiple locations in one day, or buy something in one of those large markets while she is not looking.

Small gestures are always appreciated and they love them!

4. Learn their language

Their language is hard to learn, but you could try to master some of the most common phrases.

Introducing yourself in Khmer will blow her away and learning phrases such as thank you, good day and goodbye shouldn’t be that hard.

Also, you can always learn a few compliments before the date and surprise her in this way as well!

The Most Beautiful Cambodian Women

This country is full of incredibly attractive and beautiful women.

Choosing the top three is hard.

Many of these women are successful, known around the globe and present the Cambodian women in the best way.

Of course, your Cambodian girl might not be like them entirely, but she will be close enough.

1. Vannary San

This woman is beautiful and creative.

She has all of the features of stunning Cambodian women – dark hair, dark eyes, full, red lips and a stunning smile. Everything about her is captivating.

If I saw her on the streets I would have to meet her!

She is not only beautiful – she is also at the top of the list of the most inspirational women. Currently, Vannary is working as a fashion designer.

She is bringing back the famous Cambodian silk in her designs and inspiring others to the same.

Also, woman entrepreneurs aren’t so numerous in Cambodia and she is one of them. In every way, she is more than a typical Cambodian woman and a true inspiration for others.

2. DJ Nana

She is an example of a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

And she is doing it while looking stunning!

DJ Nana has long dark hair and the most attractive body. Her personality is also quite captivating.

On her radio show, she is talking about all taboo topics in Cambodia and allowing young people to ask a question.

In this way, she is raising awareness about sex, relationships and other issues in their country.

3. Sunisa Kim

Sunisa is not currently living in Cambodia, but she did live there until she was 12 years old and has Cambodian origin.

She is a true representation of Cambodian beauty – long hair, stunning face, deep brown eyes and an incredible body.

That body allowed her to start her modeling career in the USA and she has been on the cover of many important magazines.

She is not only a pretty face but an athlete as well – yoga is one of her main hobbies.

Stunning Hotties on Instagram from Cambodia

Final Word

Dating a Cambodian woman can be a real pleasure, but only if you treat her right.

They are all funny, intelligent and have a stunning face, but also traditional and a bit shy.

It can be hard to get them to open up, but if you accomplish that you will have the most loyal woman by your side.

With the use of the tips from my ultimate guide to dating beautiful women, it will be an easy ride.

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