Polish Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Polish Women Guide

Hey you!

Let me take you on a journey through a European country with such female beauties that can rock your world!

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Polish women compare in all categories.

Believe it or not, I am talking about Polish women.

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You already know me as an expert in international dating, and now you will have the chance to learn from me about the Polish dating culture.

Of course, we are visual types, so there will certainly be lots of pictures and Instagram accounts along with the text to paint a clearer picture.

Friendly tip: don’t drool over your keyboard!

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12 Most Important Traits of Polish Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

The first thing you must wonder about is: what are Polish women like?

Let me tell you something about this first. I will tackle some of the Polish women stereotypes and what typical Polish women are like.

But remember, not all of them can be fitted into one basket!

Even though there are traits that most of them share, you can be the lucky (or unlucky) guy to encounter one who is not into the mold of typical Polish girls.

What Physical Traits Distinguish Polish Women from Other Women

Generally, as the Poles belong to the Slavic group of people, you can expect what Polish women body type and facial features you may find.

If you are, say, an American man looking for Polish women, you will probably be able to see and appreciate the Slavic beauty these girls show off proudly.

1. Physical Appearance

Sexy Polish girls have bodies that just screams: I am so feminine!

They often have the body shape of an hourglass or a pear. Their slim waists and consequently noticeable sexy hips show a high level of the female hormone, which makes a woman highly feminine.

That is why they are so attractive to men.

One thing that adds to their sex appeal is their long legs.

As you will read in one of the next sections, these girls love to look their best, so when they put on high heels, men cannot take their eyes off of their legs.

My men, what a sight! Can you imagine Polish women in bed, with that physique!?

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physical appearance of Polish women

2. Health

Well, this category is not where these women shine their best, I have to admit. Though they really are gorgeous, it comes with a certain price.

Single Polish women really like to dress nicely, and this is their primary goal when they decide to have a crazy night out. This, unfortunately, remains popular even in winter.

They tend to wear sexy and short clothes that exhibit their best looks, and it may lead to occasional colds and issues that stem from the same cause.

However, when it comes to ‘those’ health issues, there is no reason to worry, as they are very careful about being intimate with a man.

Polish women health

3. How Stylish They Are?

Oh, this is one of the best things about Polish dating culture!

These girls enjoy showing off their femininity at every single moment and wherever they are. If you have a Polish girlfriend, you will surely have many compliments to give and you will be proud to take her everywhere with you. She will always be very stylish, even in sweatpants!

They like to look attractive, so they take care to have the perfect hairstyle, stylish clothes, and appropriate makeup.

Interestingly, as I have much experience in international dating, I can say that, while Western European girls such as French or German tend to overdress sometimes, girls of Poland never do. They are always elegant, but never too much.

Are Polish women stylish?

4. Facial Beauty

Those of you who already have experience in international dating, already know that Polish chicks belong to the Slavic group of people. They have the gorgeous Slavic physique that people all around the world adore.

Their faces are rounder and closer to the square shape compared to other European peoples. Their skin is generally lighter, though some girls tend to have darker skin. They have a dark or light brown hair and light eyes (grey, green, or blue). You can meet Polish females with darker eyes too, so do not hold on tightly to the Polish girl stereotypes when it comes to facial beauty.

How pretty are Polish women??

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Polish women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Polish girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Poland and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Polish women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Polish women Tinder score

What Different Personality Traits Polish  Women Have from Other Women

Now let us take a look at some personality traits of these beautiful women. Spoiler alert – they are as smart as they are pretty, so do not expect to start dating a Polish woman so simply as, for example, a Thai girl.

1. Do They Like Going out and Having Fun?

Hell yeah! If you wonder where to meet Polish girls, just go out. Paint the town red! You will surely meet many hot Polish girls.

However, there is one thing to be careful about – they like to drink. Alcohol. And unlike the exotic Asian beauties, they can hold their booze! So take it from me – do not start a drinking contest even with the most fragile-looking Polish girl. There is no way to beat her.

You will see them on the dance floor, you will hear them laughing in the streets, you will see them have fun wherever they are. Yes, single Polish girls do like going out and having fun!

Polish-Women-fun factor

2. Chill Factor

Oh no! Polish women are not typically chill about their relationships. If you are looking just to have some fun, then you should avoid these girls. Trust me, I am speaking from experience!

If you ask me: ‘What are Polish women like in bed?’ I would say: ’They are chill, man! You will enjoy the experience!’

But if you ask me: ‘What are Polish women like in relationships?’ The answer would be: ‘Not so chill. You as a man would be in for a lot more than just having fun.’

Here is one of my Polish girl dating tips: if you are not ready for getting serious, I would advise you not to hook up with one. Though you may have the luck to run into a chill girl, the chances are much higher that you will end up with someone who wants a fully functioning relationship.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a serious thing, go for it, you will get what you want!

Chill factor rating of Polish women

3. Loyalty

To build upon the previous traits, yes, you can definitely expect a strong sense of loyalty from a Polish girlfriend.

The strong familial ties and education and the virtual absence of the chill factor make these women very loyal in a relationship. You can be sure that she will be faithful and completely devoted to you.

However, there is something to be careful about – she expects the same from you. This being told, you may expect some expression of jealousy, the intensity of which rises with the amount of time that you have spent together.

These beauties are not for the weak-willed!

Polish women are quite loyal

4. Good as Mothers

This really is one of the beautiful characteristics of women of Poland: they are great at nurturing and taking care of the people whom they love.

This actually comes from how they were raised in their families. They learn that family is very important and that the mother is there to take care of its members.

Of course, this does not mean that they stop taking care of their physical looks when they actually become mothers. I have seen a ton of hot Polish women holding happy children.

If you want to be dating a Polish woman seriously and end up marrying her, you have made a good choice, my friend!

Polish women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

As all Slavic peoples, pretty Polish girls are very open to meeting new people. Be careful, though, not to get too open at the very beginning.

Starting a conversation is fairly easy with them. A simple ‘hello, how are you’ can spark a vivid conversation. Asking her to dance is another way to do it.

Another one of the tips for dating a Polish woman is the following: they like a little mystery in a newly met guy. And they like to be mysterious themselves. This is a game every man has to play in order to get a girl.

Here lies a danger: if you are too open about your intentions for dating her, you may get a blunt ‘NO’ or a similar direct response should she dislike you. Polish girls, though beautiful, are not like the Koreans who let people down easily. They are direct and to the point. And trust me, it is not a pleasant thing to experience!

How often do Polish women talk to new people?

6. Are They Romantic?

Oh, the Polish romance! You would say that the Italian or French girls are romantic (and you would be right, they are!), but the Polish girls…

They do have a certain gift, just one look in their eyes that makes even the dullest place the most romantic spot if they enjoy being there.

Most of them believe in love at first sight. They will not show this to anyone, though. If you meet a Polish woman and she likes you, she will expect you to be romantic. You should be her knight in shining armor.

Are Polish women romantic?

7. Sexuality

The cute Polish girls are very sexual beings. Their sex appeal precedes them, you can almost feel a beautiful thing coming in even before she appears in sight. Is it mesmerizing!

With their slim bodies, green-eyed hypnotizing look, and sexy outfits, no man can remain indifferent!

Look at the photos and imagine Polish girls in bed. It is tempting, isn’t it?

They lead an active sexual life, especially in their 20s and 30s. Nevertheless, they are very careful about their choice of partners and everything else regarding the safety in that area.

However, despite their openly shown female attractiveness, a man needs to be patient and persistent and show her that he is the right guy at that moment. In order to see what she expects, read the section above this one.

Polish women are sexy

8. Gringo Card – How Likely are They to Date Foreigners?

Yes, Polish women definitely like foreigners! They are very open to talking with us, and the way they speak English makes them even cuter!

However, they will not necessarily show complete openness towards us (nor towards men from their own country either) at the very beginning. If a man convinces a  Polish girl that he is genuinely interested in her, he is in for a treat indeed.

Polish women do like men from other countries, they find them exotic and very attractive. And they love speaking English.

My overall advice is: do not give up, try until you hit the right button and get that girl!

How likely is it for Polish women to date foreigners?

Polish women are easily identified through their sensual nature and gorgeous look.

They are stylish, elegant and are proud to show off what mother nature has blessed them with.

The Slavic physique they have has set them apart from all other women around.

Is that all to polish girls? Definitely not!

Further reading will give you insights into their pros and cons.

Polish women Overall score

Where to Meet Polish Women?

Some of you may be inclined to meet Polish girls online. Well, if you are one of them, I will recommend a perfect website for this.


‘Sympatia’ means ‘sweetheart’ in Polish.

Being a Polish site, you may struggle a bit with the translation, but an online translator can help you there. The reason for my suggestion is that there really are lots and lots of beautiful Polish girls there. You will not have to think about whether they are real or not, as you may wonder if you are using an international dating site.

You can filter the girls and find those who can speak English and there you are!

This site has the reputation of being serious, so you can expect the girls to be real and not looking for just a short-term fling.

Also, if you plan to visit Poland, or are already there, make sure to mention that in your profile. These women will be glad to know that, even though you are a foreigner, they will be able to meet you in real life. They appreciate face-to-face encounters.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Polish Women

I must say, Poland is a great country. It has got a lot of history, beautiful cities, and interesting people. Though this text is mostly aimed at showing you how to meet Polish women, I would like to tell you a bit about where to meet a Polish woman as well.

In the continuation, you will read about three big Polish cities and the best places for meeting pretty girls in them. I visited Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk and went to a number of nightclubs and pubs there.

I will present to you the nightlife in these cities and my experience in meeting girls at those venues.

1. Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, with the Vistula River running through it. It is the largest and most populated city in this country. It is located in the east-central part of the country. Since its position is at one of the crossroads of Central Europe, it has had many cultural and architectural influences. It is a combination of the cultures of East and West Europe and therefore a very interesting city to visit.

There are many clubs and bars that you can visit in this city. There are those that are easily accessible and those which you cannot enter so simply.

For traveling around the town, you will probably need to use a taxi. The city is not small, mind you, and you do not want to waste time taking public transportation all dressed up in the evening.

Opening hours of most clubs may be extended is the demand is great, though they can be closed at the planned time if the business is not good on the said evening.

The Alchemist GastroPub

This pub is a very interesting, must-see place in the Old Town of Warsaw. This is a place to have lunch or to start your evening with a couple of drinks.

You can get many kinds of food from around the world, served by very pleasant English-speaking staff, and spend your time in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

There is one special thing about this place, the reason why I visited it multiple times while I was in Warsaw – there is one special wall dedicated to craft beer. It actually contains several beer taps that you use yourself.

The catch is that you buy a card and pay some money to be put to it. Then you use this card and pour beer from the taps into your glass.

It is definitely a great way to start your night out. And who knows, maybe you can accidentally choose precisely the beer that a Polish beauty is currently pouring. A conversation cannot be avoided, am I right?

Syreni Śpiew

This is a very nice place (translated to ‘Mermaid’s Song’) for multiple purposes. During the day, it is a restaurant that serves one of the greatest pizzas in town. It also has other very delicious Mediterranean dishes like various salads, antipasti, and piadina, etc.

It is very popular with the locals, and thus you can get the chance to meet many of them there.

Its postindustrial style makes it an impressive place to take your date to. A tasty pizza, a glass of wine, and you can make memories there!

Also, in the evening and at night, this pleasant restaurant turns into a place to paint the town red. It has four floors, four bars, and three stages, all of which make it a perfect place for a crazy night out.

They serve excellent cocktails and top of the notch whiskeys. You can choose the stage based on your musical preference, as there are DJs as well as live music.

Bialoleka Beach

If you have found a girl you like and want to take her to a romantic place, here is what I suggest.

Bialoleka Beach is a river beach in the north-eastern district of Warsaw. You can cycle there (if your sweetheart enjoys this activity) or take public transportation such as a tram or metro.

A calming and romantic walk is ahead of you. And I am sure that she will appreciate this very much!

There are activities that can be done on this beach, as it is equipped with several commodities. There is a volleyball court for sports lovers. There is a barbeque area for those who love picnicking (this is definitely an activity I would recommend).

And if you just want to lie back and enjoy the moment, there are deck chairs you can use.

2. Cracow

Cracow is the second-largest city in Poland. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and situated on the same river as the capital – the Vistula River. It is located in the southern part of Poland.

It used to be the capital until the 16th century, and now it is one of the greatest Polish academic, cultural, and artistic centers. It is home to the country’s oldest university and it certainly is the major educational center.

According to some estimates, there are over 200,000 students in this beautiful city. When we think about it, we can guess that there is a plethora of fun places to visit here and a wild nightlife.

First, let me give you some pointers regarding going out in Cracow and then I will list several places that are worth visiting.

Free entrance is offered in many clubs, but only before 11 o’clock. Even though parties usually start around 10 pm, most people do not arrive before midnight. Special dress code is required in some clubs, so refrain from wearing sneakers and put on some smart clothes.


There are many places with excellent music, wild party-people, and big dance floors in Cracow. These are the places to meet many different people, both foreign and local. If you are a person for this kind of fun, check out some of the most popular clubs here.

Prozak 2.0

This is one of the oldest clubs in Cracow. It was reactivated after some time and locals are obsessed with it. Some of the world’s best DJs play their music here. The place has three levels and a total of 600 square meters. Can you imagine how many Polish beauties can be met here?


This club has a modern design and cozy sofas for enjoying an intimate moment with a cute girl amidst loud music and many dancing people. The club is open almost every day, so you would have many chances to visit it, no matter how much time you have in this city.

Another, very important, perk of the Shakers club is that it has special offers for girls every Friday. It is worth visiting this place on precisely this day, is it not?


Bars are an excellent place for everyone who likes the atmosphere a bit calmer than that of a wild nightclub. Here are some of the bars that I have visited in Cracow.

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

This is indeed a special place to go to with a girl. It is one of the best jazz clubs in the country. With smooth and relaxing music and a cozy atmosphere, it is a very romantic spot that every Polish girl will appreciate being taken to.


Alchemia is such an original bar! I was swept off my feet when I first entered it! Locals also love it! It is another romantic spot as it consists of many smaller rooms where you can sit intimately with your new Polish sweetheart.

What is so unique about this bar is its entrance – you enter through a wardrobe!

3. Gdansk

Gdansk is a city in northern Poland, on the coast of the Baltic Sea where the Motlawa River flows into it. This is another Polish city with a tumultuous history, as the rule switched between Prussian, German (when it was known as Danzig), and Polish, and even periods of self-rule.

It is the most important seaport in Poland and a significant industrial center in Poland. The living standard and safety are what make this city among the top ones in the world.

I enjoyed my time in this city and will now tell you about it.

This city loves music! Concerts are a favorite thing for many locals and tourists here. If there is a big concert when you are in town, do not miss it: it is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and have fun.

Also, breweries are one of the landmarks of this city. Locals enjoy drinking home-brewed beer and so may you. This city is loaded with local tourists in summer, so that is definitely the best time to visit it.

The Jopengasse Pub

This is another one of Poland’s unique bars. It consists of many nooks and small spaces located on three levels. And the best thing is – it is all under the ground! So rustic in such a modern city! It is a place that many locals enjoy visiting, and a great place to spend a quiet evening with a  beautiful Polish girl.

The tables there look like display cases from a museum and they contain some memorabilia from the period when the city was under German rule. There, you can drink craft beer and listen to a beautiful local tell you stories about the rich history of the city.

Klub Parlament

Klub Parlament is a must if you are in Gdansk looking to meet women. It has over 1000 square meters of space and it is very busy. The place is very popular as a venue for bachelorette parties.

Yeah, many girls visit this place! Meeting them is very easy here, with great music and lots of alcohol.

In addition, this club hosts concerts, cabarets, live shows, and many popular performances.

Autsajder Klub Studencki

And here is something for all you young students traveling the world. Autsajder Klub Studencki is the most popular disco club for students in Gdansk. It is open every day of the week and is filled with cute and young Polish girls.

It is located close to the part of the city where most students live. You can guess that it is so popular with them for a reason. And it is a great opportunity for you to appear there and sweep some of them off their feet with your charm and foreign accent.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Polish Woman

So far, the question ‘what are Polish girls like in relationships?’ has been given some answer. Let me elaborate on that a bit more.

Dating Polish women has its good and bad sides. There are many pros to dating sexy Polish women. They are sexy and approachable. But not all of them are looking for casual flings.  All in all, as long as you are fully committed to the relationship, the cons will not be that bad for you.


1. They are beautiful

As I have said so many times and as you can see from all the pictures, these girls are plain gorgeous! The white skin and light eyes, together with the look that will melt your heart when she does no more than just blink at you!

They do sweep me off my feet easily.

Many of them actually look like supermodels though they are not actually ones. They have an impeccable sense of style, but they also dress for the occasion.

Even in everyday situations, they try to look their best – and they are good at it.

If you have a Polish girlfriend, you will certainly want everyone to see her.

2. They are looking for serious relationships

This is a big yes for all of you who are looking for something serious. Polish girls are not just pretty, they also want someone who will be there for her for a complete romantic relationship.

They are generally not interested in one night stands and casual flings. So if you plan to be in for just a short time, you should reconsider and choose a girl from some other country.

Now do not be scared, my friends. Not all of them are looking to get married right away. All they want is a reliable man by their side, no matter how long the relationship lasts.

3. They are real ladies

Polish girls are mostly well-educated and well-mannered. You can see by their looks and behavior that they are ladies indeed. And they expect to be treated like ones.

Having a girl like this really makes you think highly of yourself as well. ‘She is so elegant and smart, so I must be at least a bit like that if she chose to be with me.’

To tell you the truth, that is what I was thinking.

However, remember that in the privacy of a closed room, if you make her angry, the lady might disappear for some time. Trust me, it is better to avoid this.

The conclusion hereby is: be a gentleman all the time and you will have a pretty lady by your side.

4. They like foreigners

Good news for all of you who are into international dating with Polish girls – they really like foreigners.

Most of them speak English, and not badly, I must say. So, the language barrier will probably be overcome.

They want to learn about the customs and habits of your culture. On the opposite side, you should also show interest in Polish culture. Appreciate her intent to teach you something.

And if you already know something about the Polish tradition, do not hesitate to show her, even if it is not entirely correct. She will respect you and like you way more for that.

Even if your native language is not English, a Polish girl will attempt to learn at least the basic phrases from your language and show you in that way that she cares about you.

5. They are devoted

Polish families are somewhat traditional and they value devotedness. This transfers to the relationship girls get into.

They enjoy spending time with the guy they like. They take time to make themselves beautiful and they give them small tokens of affection all the time.

A Polish girl indeed is devoted to her boyfriend, and she expects the same from him. If you are not interested in showing this to her, then I suggest that you avoid even trying to hook up with one of them.

On the other hand, if you are willing to devote yourself to the relationship, it may turn one of the most beautiful experiences of your lifetime.


1. They are not looking for one night stands

For those of you who are looking just for a short-term fling, Polish girls are most probably not the ones for you. Overall, they are more into stable guys who are serious about being in a relationship. It does not have to lead to marriage necessarily, though.

They know what they want and they will probably be open about it. If you are careful enough and read the cues well, you may notice what she wants and act accordingly.

On the other hand, it is not good to generalize either. Some of these girls are actually interested in just hookups. You may be the lucky one to find one of these.

In my experience, these girls are a minority in the midst of the multitude of Polish single ladies.

2. They can be jealous

This is the continuation of the part about Polish women being so devoted to their current partner. They want their partners to be devoted to them in the same way.

If this is not achieved, or they are not satisfied with what they get, a great storm may happen. Once again, in my experience, this is definitely something to avoid.

It is better to end things with her before she finds out about infidelity.

Infidelity does not need to happen in order for her to show how jealous she is. If it gets serious between the two of you and you spend a lot of time with your friends (especially if there are single girls there), you will have some serious explaining to do.

3. Language Barrier

The language barrier may be too much for some guys. Polish language is a very unusual one, both in terms of reading and speaking. It has sounds that are difficult to pronounce and their combinations in a word are sometimes plain impossible!

Though for me personally, this is not a serious obstacle, I have met many men who told me that they gave up on hooking up with Polish beauties because they just could not stand the language.

I hope that for you, this is not so important. They will speak Polish with other Poles and English with you.

I understand, though, that not understanding what people around you are talking about may be pretty uncomfortable, and that is why this con is here: to make you aware of the dangers of dating a foreign girl.

How to Make a Polish Woman Fall in Love with You

Okay, guys, we should all remember that every woman is an individual and that we have to tailor our behavior according to every girl specifically. However, there are some universal things that apply to most (I will not say all as there always are exceptions) women in a group.

So, let me give you some Polish women dating tips on how to make them fall in love with you.

1. Be a Gentleman

In order to be a good boyfriend when you are dating a Polish girl, you need to act like a real gentleman. A cavalier, you may say.

Open the door for her and let her into a room/restaurant/lobby first. Let her sit before you and be the first to order.

Open the car door for her to get in or out of the car. Offer your hand to help her out.

Carry heavy luggage instead of her.

Bring her flowers on the first date.

Speak calmly and not too loudly.

If you walk together, walk to the side nearest to the street.

Carry the umbrella if it is raining.

2. Listen Carefully and Talk Moderately

You should show her what an interesting guy you are. However, make sure not to exaggerate. DO not talk too much and do not focus solely on yourself during conversations with her.

Listen to her stories and be engaged. Ask questions about the topic she is talking about. You must show her that she is interesting to you.

What you speak of, how you speak, the way you maintain conversation are very important for a Polish girl.

If you manage to balance between your topics and hers and if you switch the center of attention from one of you to the other, she will think highly of you.

3. Be Yourself

If you like talking about cars or any other guy stuff, do not hide it from your Polish date. You are allowed to talk about it and show her who you are and what you like.

In fact, that can be a very good thing.

So what is the catch then? It is a way for you to manage to make it interesting for her to listen about it. Offer some amazing facts or tell an anecdote about it. While you do it, follow her facial expressions and reactions.

You should be able to notice if she gets bored. In this case, change the focus of the conversation on her.

4. Take Initiative

Though they are very liberated and utterly modern, Polish girls like strong men who take control.

With them, you should not be afraid to take reins into your own hands and, for example, choose what you will do on your date or which restaurant you will take her to.

From this kind of behavior, she will see that you are a strong man, just what she wants. Remember, Polish women want independent men who can take care of them. If you exhibit this trait, you will rank high in the mind.

Of course, this does not mean that you should disregard her wishes completely. That would be too self-absorbed and probably the last date you will ever have with her.

5. Do Not Avoid Disagreeing

Polish girls dig men who are not afraid to tell what they really think.

If you want your Polish sweetheart to respect you as a man, tell the truth. You do not have to be blunt necessarily. Wrap it up a bit, beat around the bush if you are talking about a sensitive topic.

But do not agree with her just because you like her. She will not appreciate you for that.

Many guys, including myself, make a mistake of agreeing with a girl in everything during the first date. I did this with one of the hot Polish women and regretted it.

Do not repeat my mistake. Respectfully be honest and have your own opinion. The least that will surely happen is that you will be unlike most other guys she has gone out with.

6. Take Care of How You Look

My friends, many females, whatever country they are from, may tell you that appearance does not matter. But do not believe this. It DOES matter!

Remember that Polish girls are very stylish and aware of how they look? Well, so should you, as they will judge you on that basis as well.

Not, let me be clear about one thing – you do not need to wear expensive stuff to impress her. Just be neat and tidy.

Have a trimmed (or shaved) beard and a tidy hairstyle. Wear clean shoes and ironed clothes. Do not forget to put on a pleasant perfume.

If she can take time to get herself to look nice for you, so should you for her!

7. Show Her That You Are Financially Independent

Now, do not mistake these girls for being gold-diggers. They are truly not!

What this piece of advice is aimed at is the fact that Polish girls who are into international dating actually want a man on whom they can rely.

They themselves are well-educated and financially independent and therefore always look for a man who is their equal.

She will be able to pay for dinner or drinks on your date. But if you do it, she will see that you can take care of her if things become serious. (Do not forget, most Polish girls are looking for a serious relationship.)

Of course, you do not need to show off and spend irrationally, as that may make her think that you are a spendthrift. 

The Most Beautiful Polish Women

Let me take a moment to present to you some of the hottest Polish women.

1. Adrianne Palicki

This 36-year-old beauty is a famous American actress with Polish origin (her father is Polish). Her elder brother is a comic book writer and because of him, she got interested in comics. She acted in TV series such as Smallville, Aquaman, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

2. Joanna Krupa

This gorgeous Polish American model has many hobbies and interests. She is a famous animal rights activist. She was the head judge and the host of the Polish Next Top Model. She also appeared in the reality shows such as The Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing with the Stars.

3. Anja Rubik

Anja is not only a beautiful supermodel but also a philanthropic and successful woman.

She has starred in campaigns for several world-famous designers: Armani, Valentino, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and others. She was on the covers of over twenty-five editions of Vogue.

Being a businesswoman, she has launched a perfume brand called ‘Original by Anja Rubik’.

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Final Word

In this narration about international dating, you have read so much about dating Polish girls.

Now you know what Polish women are like and what they like. You can notice the stereotypes, but you will also be able to recognize girls that do not fit into these.

You could see how to meet a Polish girl and where you can meet her.

I hope that the ultimate guide to dating beautiful women, together will all the photos, will help you get a clear picture of these Slavic beauties.

And if you choose to date one of them, I wish you to go for it and enjoy the ride!

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