American Women: Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

American women guide

International dating can sometimes be quite difficult because dating culture in each country is different. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how American women compare in all categories.

Before you start exploring American dating culture, you should learn what are American women like.

Here I will introduce you to their dating culture, break down some common American women stereotype and give you the American girl dating tips that work! Also, you will learn about what are American women like in bed.

There are numerous Instagram profiles to explore as well and many photos of the pretty American girls.

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Let’s get started!

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12 Most Important Traits of American Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

It is always best to start with the basics and learn what typical American girls are like.

I this part I will cover all of the most important features of American chicks and what sets them apart from other girls.

What Physical Traits Distinguish American Women from Other Women

1. Physical Appearance

Appearance is the first thing you notice and these girls are grabbing everyone’s attention.

This is a country of numerous actresses, singers, and supermodels which means that American women’s body type is among one of the most attractive!

Also, there are multiple different nations and cultures, which means that you can find everything there – blonds, brunettes, taller girls as well as shorter and different facial features.

American women Physical appearance

2. Health

These girls live in a highly developed country in every aspect and staying healthy isn’t a problem for them.

Americans make sure to eat organic food and workout regularly, which keeps them fit and healthy.

However, fast food is also popular in the USA, and sometimes they eat too much of it – that is why this country struggles with obesity.

American women's health

3. How stylish they are?

Some of the world-famous fashion companies are located in America and sexy American girls know how to dress.

Their closets are filled with designer clothing and sexy lingerie. Even if they are not wearing designer clothing, they still have an incredible eye and pick out only the pieces that fit them the best!

Still, I couldn’t give them a 10 out of 10, because of their love for baggy clothing and the tendency to go to the supermarket in their pajamas.

American Women style

4. Facial beauty

As mentioned, many supermodels come from America and that incredible body is followed with an even prettier face.

Whether they have deep brown or dreamy blue eyes, no one can deny their stunning beauty.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some of the most popular models – many of them are born in the US.

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American women Facial beauty

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for American women, we have also created our own additional rating from the American girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of America and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet American women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare.


What Different Personality Traits American Women Have from Other Women

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

Beautiful American girls are quite outgoing!

Usually, college is the time when they party and go out the most, but often this period is extended until they turn 30.

Single American girls visit bars and clubs more than others in hopes of finding their other half.

One thing is guaranteed – they know how to have fun so prepare for some wild parties!

Do American women Like Going out and Having Fun?

2. Chill Factor

With American girls, you can do and talk about everything!

Also, they are pretty laid back and love to try out new things so don’t ever be worried about suggesting something new.

However, some topics (such as sexism and feminism) could lead to arguments so be careful with handling those talks.

what is the chill factor of American women?

3. Loyalty

You will have to earn their loyalty!

This is something they don’t just give away. They are loyal to their old friends and families, but not to someone they know for a short period.

At the beginning of the relationship, don’t expect to be the only person she is seeing. As time goes by, she will determine whether or not you have earned her trust.

Once you gain her trust, she won’t ever think about another man.

American women are quite loyal

4. Good as Mothers

American women are dedicated to everything they do and the same goes for motherhood.

Some families are more traditional than others, and usually, that determines the number of children she will want in the future.

No matter what that number is, all American women want to be mothers and that role suits them perfectly.

Their child is their number one priority and there is nothing they won’t do to make their children happy.

Are American women good mothers?

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

America is an incredibly welcoming country!

Tourists are always welcomed with open hands and locals are quite talkative.

American girls are just the same! They love meeting new people and hearing about their country, traditions and culture.

Also, they are highly educated which means that you can always bring up any topic and enjoy a meaningful conversation with a pretty girl.

American women are friendly

6. Are they romantic?

Every girl in the world loves attention and these girls aren’t an exception!

Show freely your manners and act like a gentleman. Also, make sure to compliment them often.

One thing American girls adore are romantic surprises – prepare a candlelight dinner or send her a big bouquet of roses. Those tricks always work!

However, make sure she is in the mood to receive a gift. If she has had a bad day, she may misinterpret your behavior and turn the entire thing into an argument.

Are American women romantic?

7. Sexuality

There are many stereotypes about American women in bed and luckily, none of them are true!

These women are passionate and love trying out new things which means that sex is never boring.

Whatever you want to try out, freely speak to them about it – chances are high that your idea will be accepted and you will have the time of your life!

American women are sexy

8. Gringo card – How Likely are They to date Foreigners

This usually depends on the part of America you plan on visiting.

In larger cities such as San Francisco, New York, LA, Chicago or Washington, they don’t care where you are from. The only important things are your behavior and manners.

In smaller cities, they do love foreigners, but won’t easily date them. This means that you will always be welcomed, but have to work hard to convince one of the girls to go out with you.

How likely are American women to Date a Foreigner

American women are from different backgrounds with traditions that differ. Remember this is a country that attracts a lot of visitors on a daily basis, so prepare to be wowed.

American women are stylish, fun, resourceful, strong and they are in all shades beautiful.

Visit the United States and meet these exquisite women.


Where to Meet American Women

One of the trickiest things with international dating is meeting foreign women.

Of course, if you fly to the USA, you won’t have any problems with where to meet an American woman – as soon as you leave the airport, they will be all around you.

If you don’t feel like traveling to America, you can easily meet the sexy American women online. Online dating isn’t strange to these women and even American men looking for American women use it constantly!

There is a variety of websites you can try, but the one Americans love the most is Tinder.


Tinder is the dating website available worldwide and quite popular in America. All generations are using it with different goals – some are just using to chat, others are looking for casual sex and some hope to find their perfect match.

It has about a million users and it is super easy to use – one of the biggest pros of this dating website!

To sign up, type in either your phone number or e-mail. A verification message will be automatically sent and from there you can start creating your profile. Some basic information is needed: name, birth date, country, gender and of course, profile picture.

If you want to sign up even faster, you can do it through your Facebook account.

However, this fast sign-up process has one major downside – fake profiles are easily made as well and it can be hard to recognize them.

Profile on Tinder has an amazing structure and all of the information is well organized. In the bio section, you can put any information that you think other members will find attractive. If you don’t know which photos to upload, the website can do it for you and choose the top five photos that will certainly grab the attention of other people.

Uploading music is another interesting feature. This allows you to show even more of your personality and connect with people similar to your interests. This is usually done through Spotify. If you don’t have a Spotify account, do not worry! The option is still available to you even without a profile.

To show even more about yourself, you can always add your Instagram account as well. Thanks to the numerous features, many profiles are quite detailed and truly represent the person.

When it comes to contacting other members, it can be done with just a swipe. By swiping right, you are showing the interest and if the person does the same, you can start messaging.

An unlimited number of messages can be exchanged between matched members. However, if the person has decided to swipe left (which means that she/he is uninterested), you won’t be able to start a conversation.

There is also an option to block or delete a contact. This is extremely useful if someone is being impolite or offensive.

Search filters aren’t very developed – searching is practically impossible with free memberships. You can only go through liked profiles, but not through the entire website and other profiles.

Tinder has many special features as well. Thanks to them, many people successfully find their match without spending any extra cash.

For example, you can use one free super like each day. Profiles that you have super liked will stand out from the rest.

Of course, many special features require a fee and spending a few extra bucks might payout in the long run.

One of those options is profile boost. If you decide to boost your profile, you will appear among the first profiles in a queue for half an hour.

Also, you can see the top picks and start chatting with your best matches immediately. This option will save you a lot of time!

There is also a rewind feature that allows you to change your swipe – if you have swiped right on the person you don’t like, you can instantly change it and vice versa.

Just like other dating websites, Tinder has an App. Many members are only using the mobile app and it is one of the most popular online dating mobile applications. It is available for both Android and Apple phones and layout is similar to the website. With the app, you can swipe right or left and chat with members wherever you are.

One of the advantages of Tinder is the availability of free options and features. Without spending any cash, you can still use the website freely.

However, spending a few extra dollars and upgrading your profile to Premium or Gold can increase your chances of finding a match. You can use a credit card or mobile for paying and monthly subscriptions are one of the cheapest.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting American Women

Online dating can be good practice and a great way to learn more about what are American girls like in relationships.

Chances of meeting girls in the USA in person are better than online.

The USA has fifty states and it might be difficult to choose where to travel first. Each state is filled with single American girls that are looking for men. If you want a casual hook-up, you will easily find it. The same goes for girls looking to settle down.

I have prepared a list of the three biggest cities with popular places to meet American girls.

1. New York

Everybody has heard about the Big Apple!

New York is one of the most popular USA cities. It has over eight million residents and thousands of tourists are drawn to this city each year. People are drawn to New York by amazing architecture, popular Central Park and of course, famous New York pizza!

Another attractive thing: hot American women and there are plenty of them in the Big Apple!

Because it is so big, you might be wondering where to meet American girls?

In New York, your options are endless!

There are numerous bars, restaurants, pubs and it has a vivid nightlife. If the date goes well, your American girlfriend can be your tour guide and show you the rest of the city: Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge or the view from the top of the Empire State Building.

230 Fifth Rooftop bar is the best place to meet an American woman in New York City. All of the Real New Yorkers are hanging out there.

The bar has both closed and open areas, both with the breathtaking view that your date will be amazed by!

There is a variety of drinks to choose from: cocktails, beers and wines. If you decide to go there during the day, your hot date can enjoy brunch and you can explore the amazing coffee they offer.

Eating pizza in New York is a must! You should try those 1$ pizza slices but also explore some of the popular pizza restaurants. The one that I prefer is Paulie Gee’s.

American chicks love pizza and this is a great place for the first date. In this restaurant, you will be able to choose whatever topic you want and some of them are unique: blue cheese or hot honey.

If you can’t decide what to put on the pizza, try one of their combinations – they are unexpected but incredibly tasteful!

Also, the owner is always around, creating the best atmosphere in already cool space and a good time is guaranteed.

Because it is such a big city, you should try one of the tours. That is one of the best ways to cover the most important spots in the city and some of the best tours are:

  • Prohibition Pub and History Tour
  • 3-Hours Prohibition Bars Tours
  • City Lights Cruise
  • An NYC Architecture Walking Tour.

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often referred to as the City of Angels.

It has over 4 million residents and it is also quite popular among tourists.

Los Angeles has one of the best climates and hottest American women live in this city! You can always stumble upon a famous actress, model or singer, even a reality star. Also, numerous attractive American females are coming to Los Angeles in the hopes of staring their acting or singing career.

Dating culture in Los Angeles is different from the one in New York. Girls in NY are more down to earth, usually looking for long-lasting relationships. Single American women in Los Angeles want a career first and not a boyfriend that might distract them on this path. That is why casual hook-ups are more common in LA.

How to meet an American girl in Los Angeles?

LA has a lot to offer: bars, pubs, great nightlife and amazing beaches. Everybody in LA is tanned and they did not get that tan by sitting inside. Americans in LA love going to the beach and some of the most popular beaches are:

  • El Matador State Beach
  • Malibu Lagoon
  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica.

These beaches offer numerous fun activities and you can even try surfing on some of them. The first date on one of these beaches is always a good idea and playing an entertaining game of volleyball is a great way to get comfortable.

If swimming, diving or any of the similar activities aren’t your things, there are other amazing places to visit in LA.

In Los Angeles, everybody is on some type of diet, so I would recommend avoiding restaurants on first dates. Salad is healthy, tasty but you won’t get the thrill of exploring unique and fun food. In contrast, bars are great places for meeting and dating American girls.

They usually offer a variety of wines, beers, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. Here is a list of the top LA bars:

  • Genever
  • Highland Park Brewery
  • In Sheep’s Clothing
  • Broken Shaker
  • The Slipper Clutch.

All of these bars have something unique to offer. If you visit Genever, make sure to try the gin and one of the cocktails with gin. In Sheep’s Clothing and Broken Shaker have the best views of the city and The Slipper Clutch has an 80’s vibe.

3. Chicago

If you loved New York than you will love Chicago as well. They have one thing in common – incredible pizza!

Chicago is smaller than New York and not as populated – it has a bit over 2 million residents.

However, this city has a lot to offer!

This is one of the most diverse US cities. It also has an amazing panorama, incredible architecture, exciting nightlife and numerous attractive bars, restaurants and pubs.

Dating culture in Chicago is similar to the one in New York. Of course, some girls are not looking to settle down any time soon, but the majority of them want a serious relationship.

One of the pros of visiting Chicago is numerous amazing dating spots which make dating an American woman easy.

The hot American girl can always be your tour guide and show you some of the most valuable city spots:

  • Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Chicago Water Tower
  • Grant Park.

These are the most popular tourist attractions but make sure to also go sightseeing from Chicago River or Lake Michigan. If you don’t have enough time for sightseeing, at least take a ride in water-taxi.

After walking through the city for the entire day, you will probably get hungry. Deep-dish pizza is the most popular in Chicago as well as their hot dog. People in Chicago are foodies, love fast food and are familiar with good cuisine. Here is a list of the best Chicago restaurants:

  • Pizzeria Uno
  • RPM Seafood
  • Harbor
  • Bellemore
  • Smoke BBQ.

All of these restaurants offer different cuisines, but the one that stands out is Bellemore with duck heart – if you do visit Bellemore, definitely give this dish a chance!

Just like New York and Los Angeles, Chicago has to offer many amazing bars as well:

  • Janitor’s Closet
  • Kumiko
  • King of Cups
  • Printer’s Row Wine Shop and Bar
  • Hopleaf.

Each bar offers drinks from different parts of the world – explore Japan, Belgium or try wine slushie.

Pros and Cons of Dating an American Woman

 Hopefully, now I have answered one of the most important questions: how to meet American women.

Certainly, just like with other nations, dating an American girl has pros and cons. I have made a list of both that will prepare you for this international dating journey.


1. American women are quite skillful

These ladies will amaze you with their capabilities! Whether you want someone who is a highly educated, amazing housewife, great cook and outstanding mother figure, these girls can do it all!

Of course, one person can’t do everything and just because they are easily complete all of the house chores, you will be expected to help out!

Also, education is of utmost importance in the USA and more and more females each year are finishing university and getting their college degrees. At the end of the day, these stunning chicks have a lot to offer!

2. It is a country of mixed nations

This is probably one of the biggest pros of dating American women.

The USA is a country with a variety of races, different cultures, religion and traditions. This means that no matter where you come from you will be accepted by Americans. There is a place for everyone and all of your traditions and beliefs will be welcomed.

Also, because there are so many nations, you will probably stumble upon someone from your country that has moved to the US. Having someone to talk with on the mother language and about your traditions is quite important!

3. American women are reliable

You won’t ever have to remind your American girlfriend to do something or be somewhere. Also, once she commits to something, she will make sure to complete it!

This is because these girls are quite organized and amazing planners.

Once they set the goal, they make sure to accomplish it and they dedicate their time to that goal.

The same goes for all of the plans she makes – if it is in her calendar than it will be completed!

4. They consider males as their equals

You don’t have to pay for every date. Or constantly shower them with gifts.

Those are always nice gestures, but American females don’t expect them or think that behavior is mandatory.

For them, both parts should contribute to the relationship. If you have paid the check on the last date, she will do it on the next.

When it comes to providing for the families, they will make sure to contribute just as much as any male.

This also means that housework won’t be only their duty so if you don’t know how to wash the dishes or prepare dinner, you should learn it!

5. Open to new things

Your American girlfriend will most likely be adventurous.

If you want to go backpacking through Europe, she will be excited about the trip as you!

If you feel like trying out a new hobby and need a partner, an American girl is the best companion!

Even when the suggested activity is wild and crazy, she will be open to trying it out.

They have an incredibly open mind and can’t wait to experience something new or visit the never before seen places.

6. You can expect a great sex life

As mentioned, they are open to new things and the same goes for American women in bed.

Do not pay attention to some of the American women stereotypes – their sex life is far from boring.

If you decide to hook-up with one of the hot American girls, she will make sure you remember the night spent together.

When they are in a committed relationship, they make sure to try out new things and explore new things in bed so it never becomes dull.

7. No language barrier

Many people speak English well and you won’t have any trouble communicating with Americans.

Also, Americans learn a variety of foreign languages in high school and speak French, Spanish and Italian quite well.


1. Divorce is common in America

Well, one of those stereotypes is true – divorce isn’t strange to these girls.

Women of the USA usually fall madly in love, get married and after a few years (sometimes even less) discover that they don’t have many things in common with their partners.

If you are strongly against divorces and plan on marrying only once, dating an American girl might not be for you.

Happily ever after isn’t guaranteed with these women and you might be looking for a second wife after a few years.

2. They sometimes take things to extremes

Feminism as an idea is great. Unless you take it a bit too far.

Some American chicks take this topic way too seriously and start treating men badly.

She might make you complete all of the housework while she sits back and enjoys her TV show.

Also, certain polite gestures will be interpreted as sexism and instead of enjoying a nice evening, you will spend the entire night fighting.

3. They don’t always take care of the looks

Sometimes, these girls neglect entirely their appearance. Baggy t-shirts and sweatpants become their go-to wardrobe for all occasions.

Also, shaving and waxing are often neglected as well and you probably won’t be as attracted to her once you see her hairy.

How to make an American Woman Fall in Love with you

By now, you have probably mastered what are American women like in relationships (as well as American girls in bed).

There are a few more tips for dating an American woman. Here is what you should do to make her fall in love instantly!

1. Listen to her

Women are more talkative than men, however, make sure to listen to her when she speaks.

American women are smart and have a lot to say. If she finds out that you have zoned out during the conversation, she will probably feel unimportant and consider it as a sign of disinterest.

Also, by listening to her you will know what she wants and be able to give it to her.

2. Show manners

Good manners are always a plus. Holding the door for her, complimenting her, pulling out the chair or borrowing her your jacket if it is cold are small gestures that she will appreciate.

 As I said, some women consider this sexism, but a great chick will think these small kind actions will blow her away.

By the end of the date, she will feel special and might find a creative way to thank you. Also, the second date is guaranteed!

3. Show that you are resourceful

Typical American women do not want to be your second mothers. That means that leaving the socks on the floor and expecting them to clean after you is not an option.

If she is a great cook, try to pick up a few cooking tricks as well.

If she is making sure the house stays clean, help her out.

Also, she shouldn’t be the only one with a stable job. Many of these girls are ambitious and long for steady and well-paid jobs but don’t want to be the only providers.

 4. Show interest in her family and friends

Americans love to get together as often as possible. Every holiday is a great excuse to throw a big family gathering.

That is why you should meet her family on time and win them over as well.

When she sees that her parents and siblings love you, she will love you even more.

The same goes for her friends – befriend them and nobody will be interfering in your relationship!

5. Be innovative and spontaneous

These women are incredibly organized and aren’t so spontaneous.

If you do something positive out of the blue, she will be amazed by that gesture!

You can always plan a weekend getaway and inform her a day before, throw a surprise birthday party, surprise her with a small gift or suggest a new, fun activity.

Even though they are spontaneous, they are adventurous and will gladly accept any offer.

Skiing, ice skating, taking up fun cooking or dance class is just some of the activities she will enjoy doing with you.

Also, hiking or taking a trip to an exotic place are things she will love trying out as well!

You can always find out if there is something she has always wanted to try out and make sure it happens.

6. Go steady

Even if you are madly in love with her, let the things take their course.

After a few dates, you will probably know whether you are in an exclusive relationship or not, but don’t rush her into making that decision.

In America, going on five dates does not mean much. It is just a part of getting to know someone and determining whether or not the person is right for you.

If you make it to the tenth date than she probably likes and you are officially dating.

7. Show that you are independent

If you are still living with your parents and switching from one job to another, she will probably think that you are immature and not ready for something serious.

Guys with stable jobs and developed characters are most attractive to American girls.

Also, you should show her that you don’t depend on anyone’s opinion and have developed your own. She doesn’t want someone who will agree to everything she has to say, but a man that will be able to sometimes contradicts her and show her different points of view.

The Most Beautiful American Women

In the end, you should take a look at some of the hottest and most stunning American Women.

Now that you have all of the American women dating tips, you will easily find a girl stunning as some of these beauties.

Because of the numerous mixed nations, it is hard to describe a typical American girl, but these three represent these women the best!

1. Beyonce

Of course, you know who Beyonce is! Her full name Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter and she was born in Texas.

Nowadays, she is a worldwide famous singer and has recently tried out as an actress. She gave her voice to Nala in a remake of The Lion King.

Before starting her solo career, she was a part of Destiny’s Child – group famous for their singles “Say my name” and “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”

Beyonce is her own manager and she has been doing this job quite successfully. She has released six albums and won numerous awards: BET award for the best female R&B artist, another BET award for Best collaboration, multiple Billboard and Grammy awards.

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a stunning actress, born in Tennessee. She started with dance and drama classes when she was just five years old and the hard work paid off!

She is known for her role in Transformers, but she stared in other famous TV shows and movies as well.

Her first role was for a movie Holiday in the sun, and roles in Two and a half men and What I like about you followed.

Since then, she has played many leading roles and won several acting awards: Teen Choice Awards and Scream Awards.

3. Cindy Crawford

This woman is incredible! Cindy is not just a worldwide famous supermodel, but an incredible actress as well!

She was born in Illinois in a large family. Cindy often mentions her heritage – she has both French and German ancestors.

Her modeling career started with one phone call – a local store offered her a modeling job and her career took off in the 1980s. She has appeared in many fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Cindy was also a face of Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Calvin Klein and Balmain. Calvin Klein and Balmain.

Most beautiful American women on Instagram

Final Word

Hopefully, this guide has prepared you for international dating and meeting American women.

Now that you are well equipped with information about these beautiful American women, it is time to travel the world to meet them or you follow my ultimate guide to dating women online to get ahead and find love.

Now you have all of the tips and tricks and I wish you the best of luck!

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