Costa Rican Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Costa Rican Women Guide

If you want to learn more about Costa Rican dating culture, you are in the right place!

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Costa Rican women compare in all categories

I’m here to teach you all about Costa Rican women – what are Costa Rican women like and what to expect from typical Costa Rican girls. Hopefully, I will also break down some of the Costa Rican girl stereotypes.

It is all based on my experience with pretty Costa Rican girls.

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There will also be numerous Instagram profiles and pictures of girls in Costa Rica.

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12 Most Important Traits of Costa Rican Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

Let’s start with some basics.

Here I will mostly talk about their physical appearance as well as their personality. These are the most important traits when looking for a girlfriend.

You can also read something about Costa Rican girls in bed – another very important topic when it comes to dating.

What Physical Traits Distinguish Costa Rican Women from Other Women

1. Physical Appearance

Costa Rican girls are Latinas and resemble them in every way!

Latinas are stunning women, with extraordinary beauty and amazing bodies. They are turning heads on the streets and they know it!

Think about any famous Latina that you may know: Eva Longoria or Sofia Vergara? Costa Rican girls resemble them incredibly!

Typical Costa Rican women have brown hair, usually quite long and stunning brown eyes. Their looks are captivating and they are wearing those wide, bright smiles always. It is their signature trait!

Costa Rican Women - Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics) 64

Another thing that distinguishes Costa Rican girls from the rest is their bodies. In my opinion, Latinas are the sexiest women on the planet.

You can see that they take care of themselves – their thighs, arms and stomach are tight. Somehow, no matter how much they work out they manage to keep the curves. It is unlike to stumble upon a Latina that doesn’t have an hour-glass figure – it is just the most common Costa Rican women body type.

Also, their average height is 1.56 meters, but they sometimes appear much taller. It is probably because of their figure.

No matter how tall they are, they are still stealing hearts of men just with their hot bodies, wide smiles and exotic look. You won’t be able to take your eyes from them!

Costa Rican women physical appearance

2. Health

Even though they are naturally hot, they do regular work out. It is a part of their daily routine and also, they care about their body and health.

Because they are so athletic, they are usually quite healthy. Also, the diet in Costa Rica is based mostly on fruits and vegetables. They are not vegetarians and do love meat, but almost every meal consists of vegetables in some form.

Their surroundings are making sure that they stay fit and eat healthily.

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Costa Rican women health

3. How stylish they are?

When you go on a first date with a girl in Costa Rica, she will probably be able up to 30 minutes. Once you see her, you will understand why.

These girls take forever to prepare because they care so much about what they look like and what they wear.

Also, they are quite stylish. If you are in the city near the beach, most of the girls are in their bathing suits during the day or in those summer dresses. When the sun sets, their style changes and they dress up.

Their style is quite feminine and most of the time they are wearing skirts and dresses. Also, because of the high temperatures, you can see them in crop tops and shorts.

Even she looks like she is dressed completely casually, she probably spent an hour going through her closet.

Are Costa Rican women stylish?

4. Facial Beauty

One thing I noticed about Costa Rican women is their flawless skin!

Also, their face is quite symmetrical and you are instantly drawn to them.

One of the best features of their face is the wide, almond eyes. Usually, their eyes are brown, deep green or a mix between green and yellow.

Another thing that I found attractive is the makeup or the lack of it. Because they have naturally long lashes, full lips and perfect skin they don’t wear too much make-up.

Everything you see is their natural beauty!

How pretty are Costa Rican women??

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Costa Rican women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Costa Rican girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Costa Rica and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Costa Rican women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Costa Rican women Tinder score

What Different Personality Traits Costa Rican Women Have from Other Women

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

Nightlife in Costa Rica is quite vivid (I will talk more about their famous clubs later) and these women know how to party.

They are used to dancing until dawn and whenever they do go out, they are drinking cocktails or doing shots! Costa Rican girls can be party animals and you might have difficulties with following them.

Also, they are not only party animals, but quite adventurous as well. Whatever you suggest, her answer will probably be “yes”.

Because most of the girls grew up on the beach, they will gladly join you surfing or diving. Also, exploring many volcanos in Costa Rica or incredible rainforests are the activities they enjoy.

How fun are the Costa Rican women?

2. Chill Factor

These chicks are incredibly laid back!

In Costa Rica, it is perfectly normal for a man to have multiple girlfriends. She won’t mind if she is not your priority and you decide to explore other options as well (be prepared for her to do the same).

Also, casual hookups are completely normal. There are even clubs that only foreign men visit with the intention of meeting Costa Rican females. Those dates usually end up at the man’s place and nobody takes those relationships seriously.

However, you won’t get in bed with them so easily. Even though she is laid back, you do have to be interesting enough to grab her attention.

Costa Rican women Chill factor

3. Loyalty

When she is in a serious relationship, Costa Rican girl is the most loyal girlfriend.

It is not as easy to get to commit, but once she does, she won’t do anything to betray you.

This is because family is important to her and if she sees you as the father of her children, she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that relationship.

No matter how many guys approach her, she will politely say no to them and you don’t have anything to worry about!

Costa Rican women are quite loyal

4. Good as Mothers

When they are younger, these girls are wild. Everything changes when the first kid arrives.

And once the first kid arrives, she is waiting for the second and third.

These girls dream of having large families (most of them grew up in ones as well) and family is their priority.

Of course, because of these traits, they make amazing mothers! Spending time with children is the most important and their kids grow up into smart and polite people.

If you are looking for a future wife, the Costa Rican girl is a great choice!

Costa Rican women are good mothers indeed

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

As I mentioned already, Costa Rican chicks are incredibly friendly and outgoing. This also means that they enjoy the company of tourists and meeting new people.

Just stating that you are a tourist won’t be enough tough. They are used to them and garb her attention you will have to work more.

Still, they are polite to everyone and easily engage in any conversation – you can talk about everything with them and they will answer any question.

How often do Costa Rican women talk to new people?

6. Are they Romantic?

These girls aren’t romantic but love the men that are!

She won’t throw you surprises, take you on picnics or anything like that, but she will expect from you to do it.

Picnic on the beach, watching the sunset, dinner by the candle lights are all the perfect date ideas that will steal her heart!

Also, PDA’s are welcome as well – you can hug or kiss her wherever you are and she won’t mind it a bit!

One romantic gesture you can expect from her is the invitation to dinner at her place, but she is only in charge of the food, not the romantic atmosphere!

How romantic are Costa Rican Women

7. Sexuality

They are party animals and wild in bed as well.

Because they are so comfortable in their skin, they are confident in bed and love to try out new things. However, they won’t jump into bed with just anyone.

Casual hook-ups are okay, but not as common as you may think.

You will have to go on a few dates before you get a chance to explore what she has to offer in bed.

Costa Rican women are quite sexy

8. Gringo Card – How Likely are They to Date Foreigners?

They aren’t instantly attracted to tourists just because they are foreigners. You will have to work harder!

Tourists are common in Costa Rica – there are many places people from all of the world are hoping to explore. Because they are constantly surrounded by tourists, they aren’t so impressed with them.

She will like you more if you talk about your country, culture and learn a few Spanish words to show interest in her country. Just being from France won’t work!

How likely is it for Costa Rican women to date foreigners?

Costa Rican women are described as the sexiest women on earth with their voluptuous curves.

Their exotic looks, flawless skin, and wide smiles are more than enough to keep men drooling all day.

From San Jose-Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio-Playa Jaco, you will have the fun of your life as these angels are very adventurous and accommodating.

What else do these enchanting beauties have to offer?

Read below and also view flawless photos from Instagram.

Costa Rican women Overall score

Where to Meet Costa Rican Women?

Now you know what are Costa Rican women like in relationships and hopefully, I have debunked some of the Costa Rican women stereotypes.

Dating a Costa Rican woman is quite fun because Costa Rican females are so outgoing!

In this section, I will give you an answer to another important question – how to meet Costa Rican women.

One of the answers is pretty obvious – you should visit Costa Rica.

It is a relatively small country and not as populated. Even though it is a smaller country, there are still numerous places you can visit!

Whenever you are not looking where to meet a Costa Rican woman, you can spend your free time checking out some of the tourist attractions of Costa Rica – rainforests, waterfalls, sandy beaches or jungles. Also, these destinations are good ideas for one of the dates!

I have covered all of the best places for dating a Costa Rican woman in the next section, but here are a few tips as well.

When in Costa Rica, visit as many clubs! All of the cities have vivid nightlife and a variety of clubs are offered. You can listen to reggaeton music to pop songs or electronic beats.

Also, these clubs have special offers that attract females and tourists- international dating has never been easier!

Once you are in the club, get loose. These exotic women love to dance and by showing off your skills you will attract them the most. Also, cocktails are the most popular drinks, but they are always down for competing with you in drinking shots.

So prepare for the most thrilling parties, a lot of drinking and dancing!

How to meet a Costa Rican girl shouldn’t worry you at all!  American man looking for Costa Rican women can find their perfect girl online as well! Costa Rican females are familiar with numerous dating sites and love exploring their options online!

Latin American Cupid

LatinAmericanCupid is the site popular among single Costa Rican women.

Setting up a profile on this website is so simple – provide either an email address or use your Facebook account. There isn’t any verification process you have to go through and you don’t have to upload a profile picture immediately!

To increase your chances of finding your match you should give some of the basic information – name, gender, age, and nationality, tell something about yourself and state what you are looking for. Also, when you decide to upload a profile picture, it will be verified in about twelve hours and after that, your profile will be complete!

Search filters are designed to help you with your search – you can explore the profiles based on sex, age and nationality. With detailed profiles, you can easily rule out the ones that don’t fit you or make contact with the ones that have grabbed your attention.

More options are available for paid memberships but you can still explore the profiles without paying any additional fee. Adding members to lists or liking profiles is entirely free. You can send messages to premium members without any charges as well.

However, exchanging messages between two free-profiles is not possible. Only premium members can send as many messages as they desire.

If anyone is annoying you with constant messages, just turn on the filter. All of the unwanted messages will be blocked and won’t show up in your inbox.

There is an app for keeping up with all of the happenings on the go. The app is entirely free and currently available only for Android users.

Even though some of the options are locked, you can still do all of the explorings and find out what are Costa Rican girls like in relationships without too much hassle. It is a great place to start dating Costa Rican girls and learn something about Costa Rican dating culture.

Other popular dating websites are, Badoo and – each has different features and many sexy Costa Rican girls looking for their perfect match!

You should worry at all about where to meet a Costa Rican woman – options are numerous, wherever you are in the world!

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Costa Rican Women

One of the best things about international dating is all of the amazing places you get to see.

Costa Rica is the ideal place for relaxing, but also exploring and trying out something new and beautiful Costa Rican girls are amazing companions!

Are you wondering where to meet Costa Rican girls?

Here is a shortlist of the cities you must visit while in Costa Rica as well as the most popular spots for clubbing, drinking and meeting hot Costa Rican girls.

1. San Jose

The best place to start your journey is, of course, the main city. San Jose is the biggest Costa Rican cities and offers a variety of fun activities.

Also, San Jose is the most populated city and the best city to meet Costa Rican girls!

If you love beer, especially craft beer, you should check out their brewery. Some tours are explaining the process of making different types of beers. Of course, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and you can also just sit there and drink various craft beers.

It is also popular among Costa Rican residents and a great place for dating Costa Rican women – a pretty girl could recommend a beer from a drinking card.

This trick usually works with Costa Rican chicks!

Key Largo is also another amazing spot in San Jose, especially popular for foreign people. Single Costa Rican girls are going there to try international dating and meet men from all over the world.

Great cocktails, live music and a big dance floor are what makes this place so popular! A good time is guaranteed and after dancing for hours and a few shots, you might get a chance to explore what are Costa Rican women like in bed.

Anyone who is looking for just a casual hook-up on their trip should check out Key Largo!

For showing off your skills on the dance floor, another must-to-visit place is Castro’s. DJ is playing music almost every night in the week and it is popular among tourists as well as Costa Rican women.

Different type of music is played each night – you might be drawn to reggeaton tunes or beats of well-known pop hits. There are also numerous promotions and discounts.

Before going, make sure to dress appropriately – it isn’t a fancy place, but you should show up in flip flops or dressed too casually. 

2. Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio offers everything – vivid nightlife and amazing beaches for relaxing. During the day, you can take a tour along the shore and visit some of the most popular beaches or rainforest.

Once the sun sets, this park transforms from calm to wild – numerous clubs and bars are the perfect endings of the day!

Salsipuedes is a great place for trying their cuisine. Tacos are on the menu every day, as well as tasty tapas. Also, the atmosphere of the place is calm and great for a first date!

Live music is played at almost every bar, but the one that stands out is Bambu Jam. You will be dancing until the sun rises, learn a few salsa moves and impress hot Costa Rican women.

You can’t say you have experienced Costa Rican nightlife until you visit the Cuban Republik Disco Lounge. DJ is spinning the most popular tracks each night, but make sure to reserve a table – this place is booked every night!

Of course, the night isn’t just for dancing. Remember the rainforests I mentioned earlier? If they aren’t so exciting for you during the day, you should check them out at night. Night tours through the jungles are always available just make sure to check them out in groups and with a tour guide.

It will be one of the most memorable experiences and your Costa Rican girlfriend can join you as well!

Also, numerous animals in Costa Rica are nocturnal. Going on a night boat tour you will be able to check them out. If you are not interested in walking through the jungle for a few hours, by joining this tour you can do the same without leaving the boat.

3. Playa Jaco

This is one of the most popular tourist places after San Jose. These two locations are quite close and if you are in San Jose, you can check out Playa Jaco as well.

It is favored because of the sandy beaches, amazing restaurants and exciting nightlife.

Before partying, you should try out some of their most popular activities – there are waterfall tours, surfing and ATV tours. All of these are great places for a date.

After the sun sets, their nightclubs will give you the thrill you need! If you are looking for a good beach party Jaco Blue is the best place! DJ is playing music through the night and it has a vibe of popular Vegas clubs. Nothing can beat dancing in the open air, near the beach and with a pool in the middle of the dance floor.

If you check out XTC, you might get lucky! They organize ladies’ nights to attract sexy Costa Rican women. Buy one of the girls a drink and meet a Costa Rican woman – it is that easy!

Men love this club because of the attractive go-go dancers, best DJs and big balcony – great for dancing in the open air!

Of course, MenCave is the bar that will attract most of the guys only with the name. If you do choose this bar for one of the outings, you won’t make a mistake! This isn’t a pub but isn’t a club either – it is a mix of both. 

For a bit slower night, it is the best choice. TVs are placed on every wall and friendly staff will recommend you a drink if you are indecisive. Also, you can bring your date to MenCave to warm up and continue the party somewhere else.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Costa Rican Woman

With all of the given tips for dating a Costa Rican woman, you shouldn’t have any trouble with finding a sexy Costa Rican chick.

Of course, dating a Costa Rican girl isn’t always as easy and pleasurable and their dating culture is different – you might need some time to adjust to their way of thinking and learn about their dating culture.

International dating, especially in Costa Rica, has many pros, but a few disadvantages as well. I have listed everything you need to know below!


1. They can leave you speechless

Their bodies are slim yet curvy, the skin is flawless and face is captivating – when she passes by you, you have to check her out, maybe even multiple times. They are so pretty and sexy that it is hard to choose the one that you will approach and talk to.

When I say that they live you speechless, I’m not talking only about their looks.

Costa Rican females are amazing in every way. They are all outgoing, love to party, dance and talk. Because of these traits, dating Costa Rican chicks is incredible.

They won’t mind going on an adventure like surfing or exploring volcanos, going for dinner at the restaurant or dancing all night long.

Whatever you decide, they will accept your idea and go wherever you are going!

2. They are low-maintenance girls

I am saying this in the best possible way!

Some girls, like Cambodian or Romanian, will expect flowers, chocolates or other gifts on every date. Of course, bringing them gifts won’t be enough – you have to pay attention to how you act during the entire night.

These girls are the complete opposite. If you do decide to buy them something, they will gladly accept it and probably find a creative way to thank you later (which means good time at your place when date finishes).

However, if you do show up empty-handed, they won’t consider it disrespectful. They are even down for splitting the check or even paying one in total. Special treatment isn’t expected and because of that Costa Rican girls are low-maintenance in the best way!

Keep in mind that they are laid-back, but you should still act polite and behave.

3. They are friendly

Because of their friendliness, they are easy to talk to and get to know.

If you are a bit nervous about walking up to one of the Costa Rican beauties, you shouldn’t be.

Their reactions are almost always positive and she will most likely continue the conversation.

This doesn’t always mean that there will be a first or second date, but at least you got her attention for some time.

Also, typical Costa Rican women are nice which makes them easy to talk to. They love to respond to question, answer them and some of them will gladly be your tour guide. All you have to do is ask.

Costa Rican women love tourists and make amazing tour guides – you will see all of the most important and fun places in Costa Rica.


1. Just because they are nice, doesn’t mean that they are interested

Sometimes, their behavior is misleading.

Let’s picture it: you walk up to her, introduce and she starts talking to you. Because she is acting so friendly, you ask her out and she responds with no. You are probably wondering what happened and did you possibly said something that might have offended her?

In most cases, you haven’t done anything wrong and the girl is taken, she just hasn’t mentioned it during the conversation.

If a girl has a boyfriend, she will still talk to you, act friendly and polite, but reject you at the end. This is just their personality. Costa Rican girls are polite to everyone and they don’t think they are leading you on.

So finding out if she is interested might take some time.

2. They aren’t eager to start dating a tourist

Just because they love hanging out with foreign men, they won’t just as easily start dating them.

You have to pay attention to how you come across. Costa Rican girls can recognize tourists that only want to jump in the bed with them and those guys usually don’t stand a chance.

Their country is filled with tourists from all over the world during the entire year and these girls are used to them. Just stating that you are from Germany, England, Greece or any other part of the world won’t be enough.

In the end, your nationality isn’t important to them. You have to show that you are a fun guy, adventurous and have a great personality.

3. They are always late

If you are waiting for someone for twenty or more minutes, you would probably think that you’ve been stood up.

This doesn’t apply to Costa Rica.

Their girls are always late and if you are waiting for only twenty minutes, you should consider yourself quite lucky. I remember I once waited on a girl for almost 45 minutes (it was still a good date in the end).

Costa Rican girls don’t have the best time management skills, but once she shows up, you will have one of the best dates ever!

How to Make a Costa Rican Woman Fall in Love with You

I have covered most of the Costa Rican girl dating tips so far, but for definitely scoring the date with one of these hotties, you should follow these steps!

They expect certain behavior from men and if you act just as described, they will fall into your arms!

1. Learn their language

This is one of the most important Costa Rican women dating tips.

Let’s be honest – Spanish isn’t so difficult to learn, especially if you only need the basics and she will be impressed if you can say anything at all in her language.

Also, by speaking Spanish your chances of finding out everything that Costa Rican women in bed have to offer are significantly increasing.

When I first got to Costa Rica, I didn’t know a single Spanish word. I was still able to go on a few dates and some of them ended at my place, but I had to work a lot.

After some time, I decided to at least learn how to introduce myself and a few common phrases. Soon I realized that I don’t have to work as much to get a date.

2. Physical affection is more important than gifts

I already talk about this a little bit – Costa Rican girls don’t expect expensive gifts or flowers. They don’t even appreciate them as much as they appreciate polite men who know how to behave.

For them, it is all about physical affection.

They don’t mind holding hands in public or even kissing. This is one of the best ways to show her that you care and that you aren’t afraid of anyone knowing how you feel!

Also, compliment her always! Especially if she shows up 45 minutes late! These girls take care of their looks and showing that you notice that is good. You can learn a few compliments in Spanish as well!

3. Make the first move

These girls are incredibly confident but most of them won’t make the first move. This is probably because they are aware that they can have any man in the room they want.

So, when you see a pretty girl in the club, beach or a bar, walk over to her.

This is a sign that you are as confident as she is and you will get a positive response.

Of course, sometimes you can do it a bit differently. If you are at a party and see her sitting at her table, just grab her hand and bring her to the dance floor. This act is unexpected, bold and you will come across as a fun guy.

4. Never reject her food

Costa Rican women are natural cooks and love to cook for their friends, family and partners.

Their food is based on meat and vegetables, with a variety of herbs and can be spicy. Not everyone enjoys eating spicy food, but if she has prepared a meal, you should try it.

Whenever she is inviting you over, she is cooking one of the family meals and you should eat as much as possible.

Also, this is a sign of respect toward her, her family and the country. It is all about tradition with these girls!

The Most Beautiful Costa Rican Women

Costa Rica is a nation of stunning women and creating a list of hottest Costa Rican women is difficult.

These women are turning heads and you can act indifferent towards them. Your date in Costa Rica won’t look exactly like these mentioned beauties, but she will resemble them a lot!

1. Jessica Perez

This stunning girl is a model as you can probably tell from the picture.

I wouldn’t mind accidentally bumping into her on the streets!

She is tall, with the most incredible curvy body. Even though she is a model, she hasn’t given up on her curves and everything else that makes a Costa Rican female stand out.

Because of the amazing bodies, she was on the cover of many popular magazines and was able to create a successful career as a model.

Her dark blonde hair, cat eyes and amazing tan with that incredible body are the perfect combinations. She is a dream girl and knows how to grab the attention of men!

2. Debi Nova

Her full name is Deborah Nowalski Kader. She grew up in Costa Rica, but currently living in Los Angeles.

She doesn’t only look like an angel but sings like one as well! Because of her talent, she is now a well-known singer and song-writer.

Artists from all over the world are hoping to collaborate with her and a few managed to do it. Ricky Martin, Sean Paul and even Black Eyed Pease were able to work with her and create hits. Some of those hits were even nominated for Grammys.

Also, her songs placed high on different charts and some even placed first on the Billboard chart.

This girl is smart and knows how to use her talent! She is everything you are looking for in a woman!

3. Claudia Poll

Claudia is proof that Costa Rican females are gorgeous and successful.

Her passion is swimming and that passion leads her to the Olympics and winning the gold medal. She started training early – when she was just seven years old and became unstoppable.

When the Summer Olympic Games in 1996 started, she took the only gold medal that year for Costa Rica. After that Olympics, she was named for the best female swimmer of the year.

That gold medal was just the start of her many accomplishments. She won two bronze medals as well in the next Olympic Games and she was the Costa Rican athlete of the century in 1999.

This stunning woman is a true inspiration for women of Costa Rica!

There are more beautiful Costa Rican women on Instagram that will make you decide to stay in the country for life.

Here is a sneak peek through the profiles and photos of a few of them.

Most beautiful Costa Rican women on Instagram

Final Word

So there you go – everything you need to about Costa Rican girls! You are starting your journey prepared.

Remember to be honest, bold, polite, outgoing and communicative! That type of man will instantly draw any Costa Rican chick!

To make your relationship more meaningful, reading through the ultimate guide to dating women will be of great benefit.

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