Peruvian Women – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

Peruvian women guide

While I was on my journey across South America, one of the goals I had was to get as familiar as possible with Peru and Peruvian people. There were a lot of things I heard about it so I wanted to check if it is what people say.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the women’s country guides to see how Peruvian women compare in all categories.

So in this piece, I will share my experience from Lima, the capital and the biggest city in Peru and my stories about women of Peru.

If you are here only for the tips for dating a Peruvian woman, don’t despair as I will share everything I learned, as well as a lot of photos and Instagram accounts of hot Peruvian girls.

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12 Most Important Traits of Peruvian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Rating)

Before I jump to the specifics, let me tell you some of the characteristics of Peruvian females, so you would know what of the Peruvian women stereotypes are true, and what are completely not true.  

What Physical Traits Distinguish Peruvian Women from Other Women

1. Physical Appearance

Honestly, people who say that women’s looks don’t matter are simply lying to themselves. Attractive physical appearance is something everyone finds important at least for the first moments of seeing someone.

When it comes to Peruvian women, information about it before I went there was rather diverse. Some people find them very attractive and hot, while others think of Peruvian chicks as ugly.

What I found from my time spent there is that actually both of them are correct, and it hugely depends on the place you are in Peru. If you spend a lot of time in rural areas, you won’t be seeing a lot of sexy Peruvian girls. So, my first tip for you, if you are interested in international dating with Peruvian girls is to focus on Lima and other big cities in Peru.

That said, describing typical Peruvian girls is quite hard.

But as for girls in Lima, it is safe to say they are what any man would like.

Like all Latin American girls, girls of Peru are attractive as it gets – their caramel skin, fit bodies and cute face make a beautiful combination.

They are not afraid to show it, and in summer they like to walk around the city highlighting it.

One of the stereotypes for all Latin American girls is that they carry a bit more meat on their bones. This isn’t untrue, but for typical Peruvian women, this is far from a bad thing.

They aren’t as slim as Swedish girls for example, but they are not chubby – I would say that they have just enough of it and definitely in the right places.

Peruvian women physical

2. Health

Like most of the South American countries, the healthcare system in Peru varies in different parts of the country. In the urban areas, it is well established, and Peruvian girls take care of their health very well.

As I said before, obesity is not an issue, so when you meet Peruvian girls you will be very satisfied. They take care of their bodies regularly by working out. They are also careful about what they eat, and you know the saying. You are what you eat, and if we consider it to be true, Peruvians are on a good path in life.

Other than that, Peruvian women take care of their teeth. You will rarely see a girl that doesn’t have a beautiful smile, which is a great turn-on for most guys.

Peruvian women health

3. How stylish are they?

Being a county where the temperature is always between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, most people think that their Peruvian girlfriend will often choose clothes that show more than it hides.

This is a stereotype that follows most of the Latin American girls, probably because of the superficial representation of them in American movies

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However, Peru is more of a traditional than modern country, so even it will not be common for you to see sexy Peruvian girls dress like prostitutes.

Of course, some girls simply like to wear tight and short clothes and intentionally highlight their boobs and/or ass, but it is just not that common.

Typical Peruvian women know how to combine their clothes, even though it is often a challenge to do so when you don’t need to put a lot of layers on you.

When it comes to the traditional Peruvian clothes, it is beautiful, but you won’t see it many young Peruvian girls wearing it.

When it comes to everyday wear, Peruvian women will spend some time choosing what would fit them best and they will often decide to put some make-up, too.

Their looks are far from cheap, and will surely make you feel attracted to them. They like to wear branded clothes, too but are very smart when buying it, as they will not spend a fortune on it.

Are Peruvian women stylish?

4. Facial beauty

When it comes to facial beauty, I can safely say that there is a lot of pretty Peruvian girls.

They usually have long, dark hair that is never messed up – even if they go to the store, they will pay attention to it, and at least make a ponytail that will highlight their face.

Big, brown eyes and a perky nose with tanned skin is one of the best combinations that suits them perfectly. They are so cute with high cheekbones and just enough make-up to make dazzle you.

When it comes to make-up, they will not push it far. Just a little is just enough for them, and they know it.

But one of the traits that differentiate beautiful Peruvian girls from other women is their smile. Like I said before, they have an amazing smile.

All of them have almost perfect white teeth and full kissable lips. When they smile at you, you just want them to keep on smiling, so you will do your best to keep them smiling with you all the time.

How pretty are Peruvian women??

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the four physical trait ratings for Peruvian women, we have also created our own additional rating from the Peruvian girls we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single women and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities of Peru and took note of how many beautiful women there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Peruvian women. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


What Different Personality Traits Peruvian Women Have from Other Women

1. Do they Like Going out and Having Fun?

Like I said before, Peruvian people are more traditional than they are modern.

They are raised in a way that they value family much more than anything. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to have fun.

Peruvian women like to go out with their friends. They are often found in cafes, bars, and clubs on the weekends. They are not party animals and they don’t drink very much, but they like to have fun and relax when they have the chance.

They are a country that likes music and it is said they have festivals throughout the year, at least once every month.

Peruvian festivals are something you must attend to once you are there. You can find so many people on the street dancing, singing and just enjoying life, and if you’ve got moves yourself, it can be a great occasion for you to meet a Peruvian woman.

When it comes to night outs, it is a bit trickier, because single Peruvian girls like to go out in “packs”. Five, six of them get together and hit the bar or clubs and they are very protective of each other, so you will need to be on top of your game.

Peruvian-Women-fun factor

2. Chill Factor

One of the things that follow all Latin American girls is that they have a fiery temper and are not to be messed with. Well, this one is true when it comes to Peruvian women.

They are quite stubborn actually, and if you end up in an argument with a Peruvian girl – good luck!

Their temper is something you need to deal with if you are into her, and it will not be easy. If she gets mad at you for something, you are up for a fight. It doesn’t matter if she is right or if you are right – she is right. J

But that has its upsides, too. What do you think, what is the best way for her to vent off?

In the bedroom of course!

Dating a Peruvian woman can be hard sometimes, but boy are you in for a treat! Yes, she will be hard to deal with sometimes and you will go on each other’s nerves, but once you get alone…

However, you don’t want to upset her too much, even though you know that Peruvian girls in bed won’t disappoint you.

Peruvians usually have big families so if she gets upset without you having a chance to “calm her down”, you can get in trouble.

Their brothers will find you responsible for not taking care of their baby, and you can get in trouble you will hardly get out of.

what is the chill factor of Peruvian women?

3. Loyalty

When it comes to dating Peruvian girls, one of the things you don’t need to worry about is if she will be all yours or not that much. Like I said before, they are focused on their family and friends, and if she chose you, she is yours.

Especially if you are dating for some time – you will be one and only guy she will look that way, and you don’t need to worry about other guys.

However, that doesn’t mean that she won’t give you headaches. As hot as they are, they are often targeted by other men and they kind of like it.

They will flirt and look interested in other guys – it is just Peruvian dating culture – filled with games and making you jealous. So you need to prepare your steel nerves and show her that you are not to be messed with.

Loyalty is another name for Peruvian women

4. Good as Mothers

However, once you make them feel like you are the one, you are up for an amazing life partner and a woman who will do anything for you and your children.

Peruvian women are great mothers. They know how to take care of children and are up to it whatever happens.

It all starts with their mothers. From a young age, they are engaged in helping out their moms taking care of their siblings and keeping the family together.

So once they grow up and become mothers themselves, they are already experienced in the area. Kids will always come first, upbringing them from a young age to decent humans.

They love to spend time with them, whether it be in the house, or outside by the beach or walking in the park. They also love when the whole family is together for a lunch or picnic, so you can expect from her to organize random family activities that you would want to participate in.

How maternal are Peruvian women?

5. Meeting and Talking to New People

When I started dating Peruvian women I realized something really interesting, which I connect mostly to their traditionalism. What I learned is that they love adventures and meeting new people, however…

That is not something they do easily and not something that can be seen every day. If you approach a girl you like for example in a bar and try to connect with her, you will not find it easy.

The first big problem is, of course, her company. If she is with her girl friends, they will surely look at you disapproving, wondering who you are and what do you want from them. They won’t even hold back some bad comments.

If there are guy friends or siblings or cousins there, they will be even more forward than her friends, and will often tell you to just go away.

However, if you are accompanied by someone from Peru, it doesn’t even have to be someone they know, just someone who speaks their language and accent, you will be very well welcomed.

So I was talking to one of my first Peruvian girls about it, and she said that even though they like meeting and talking to unknown people, they find it hard to welcome them to their company at first. But once you already “passed the test” with someone else from Peru, you are cool to join.

How friendly and outgoing are Peruvian women

6. Are they Romantic?

One of the things that will get you super far when dating a Peruvian girl are of course some romantic gestures. It was just one of the things I noticed in my international dating experiences with all girls, so I guess it is just a girls thing.

But Peruvian girls, they simply adore it!

They love when the guy they choose shows them what they mean to him. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be anything huge.

Random small stuff will get you far.

But also, when it comes to hot Peruvian women, the more you do the more you get. Or better to say the more you spend the more you get.

Now again, don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make her happy, but you will notice that her eyes sparkle differently once you do something bigger.

Randomly buying her a bouquet of flowers is cool, but don’t forget to occasionally take her to some fancy restaurant… the night will definitely end differently than other nights.

How romantic are Peruvian women?

7. Sexuality

What are Peruvian women like in bed is something every man needs to experience once in his life.

Like I said, once she realizes you like to spend an extra buck on her and some romantic gesture, you will experience one super passionate Peruvian night.

She will release the fire inside her and make her worthy of everything you did for her.

Believe me, Peruvian women body type is made for pleasing and she will please you all night long. A bit different from other Latinas is that she doesn’t only like to be the dominant one.

Sure, she might have her moments where she will tell you what and how to do, but when she notices you are the one who likes to run the game, she will let you.

Or better to say, she will let you do what you do best.

Peruvian women are quite sexy

8. Gringo Card – How Likely are They to Date Foreigners

I’ve written that establishing the first contact with a Peruvian girl is difficult if there are more people in her company, which there always are.

However, once you manage to break through that first barrier you will notice that both taken and single Peruvian women like to flirt and have fun with foreigners. If you are an American man looking for Peruvian women you will have luck if you are just persistent enough.

However, don’t even try to hook up with taken Peruvian girls. You will not only get anywhere, but you might also actually get hurt if her boyfriend is somewhere near and notices your persistence.

So, yes, one of the Peruvian girl dating tips is definitely to not go head first. Meet some friends from Peru, guys, girls, it doesn’t matter, but friends. Get to know them a bit, and they will welcome you to their family. And that’s when you should start chasing one night stands with sexy Peruvian women – if that’s what you want.

Once they see you are trusted by their fellow citizens, international dating in Peru will not be an issue for you, or them.

How likely is it for Peruvian women to date foreigners?

Down south of the American continent are some of the most dependable and loyal women on Earth.

Peruvian women are as pretty as they are fun-loving. Being a country that receives a lot of visitors every year, the ladies have grown to love foreigners and do accommodate them nicely.

Although they speak more Spanish and very little English, you’ll still find them awesome to date and love.

Is that the only drawback? Read on to see the pros and cons of dating Peruvian women.


Where to Meet Peruvian Women

Alright! So I have shared with you what are Peruvian women like in relationships and some Peruvian women dating tips. Now it is time for you to learn where to meet Peruvian girls.

I will separate it into 2 parts – travelers guide for Lima for a live meeting with Peruvian chicks, and Latin American Cupid for online dating.

Latin American Cupid

The best website for online dating Peruvian girls is Latin American Cupid.

It is a part of a Cupid Media group that serves with the sole purpose to connect women and men from different parts of the world. There are special websites for different preferences, so if you are looking for women specifically from Asia for example, or in this case from Latin America, it is a great place for you.

One of the benefits of online dating Peruvian chicks is that she is online alone, not with her friends, so you will be able to get in touch with her much easier. Peruvian girls are much more open online than in person because of it and it is something you should take into consideration before asking her out.

There are more than 700,000 registered members on Latin American Cupid and the women to men ratio is very good.

The registration process is very simple – you can even register via Facebook.

All you need to do is to create a profile and add a photo of yourself. Make sure it’s a good one but don’t push it too far – Peruvian girls like honesty, so don’t upload some Photoshopped photo of you.

Afterward, you only need to browse and find yourself a perfect Peruvian girl.

Communicating online on Latin American Cupid is very safe and it isn’t a problem to distinguish real profiles and the fake ones.

Also, there are several options for communication on Latin American Cupid. For instance, if you are willing to communicate directly to some pretty member, you can do it only if she is a premium member.

Standard members can send direct messages only to premium members, while premium membership offers both options – direct chatting with standard members and direct chatting with premium members.

If you are serious about finding yourself a Peruvian girl, I would recommend subscribing for premium membership as it gives you a bit more options than being a standard member does.

Traveler’s Guide for Meeting Peruvian Women

However, some guys, like me, are for a more direct approach than for online meeting girls. Even though it is more difficult than in for example Brazil or Argentina, it is not impossible once you implement the advice I already wrote and will write after.

So now I will share with you what was it like in the biggest city in Peru – Lima, where to meet a Peruvian woman while you are there, and what can you see while staying there.

1. Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and also the most populated and biggest city in the country. It is one of the biggest cities in the whole of Latin America, with only Sao Paulo and Mexico City being bigger than it.

So basically, everything you wish to find in Peru, you can find in Lima.

 It is located in the valleys of 3 rivers in Peru – Chillon, Lurin, and Rimac. It is also on the central coast of Peru, set on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Being as big as it is, there is something for everyone’s taste there.

You can find a lot of places that played some part in Peruvian history, meaningful monuments, beautiful architecture, but the best of all – all different types of girls.

Some girls are only looking to have fun with someone, girls who prefer only foreigners, girls who even Casanova wouldn’t be able to get in bed the first night.

 Literally everything.

During the day, people work but it is a relaxed country, so you can find a lot of people hanging out in the cafes on the coast let’s say or in the most urban district of the city Miraflores.

There are a lot of good places to hang out during the day, so here are some:

  • Café de Lima
  • Buenavista Café
  • Gianfranco Caffe
  • La Mora Café
  • Container Café

Speaking of the beach, there are a few you need to visit as it is a great place to check out the bodies of Peruvian hotties:

  • Playa Costa Verde – one of the most popular beaches for the locals as well. It is great for surfing, too, as sometimes it gets windy – but not too much, it is an ideal combination of waves and wind.

However, for the most beautiful beaches, you need to go a little more south of Lima:

  • San Bartolo beach – it is a very very crowded beach
  • Caballeros Beach
  • Naplo Beach
  • Playa Pulpos

After a long day, you should, of course, spend the night as best as you can. The city is so big, there are a lot of places you can go. Starting from bars and night cafes to clubs where you can dance and pick some girl up.

I recommend these places for pre-drinking games, and meeting great locals:

  • Del Carajo! – booking is important here if you want to get a good place. Parties are focused on Latin music and culture so it is an amazing place to meet locals
  • Madbar – one of the coziest places in Lima. They offer amazing cocktails that are not at all that expensive, plus they have their great surprise cocktails!
  • Cocodrilo Verde – such a good ambiance, with high-quality jazz and Latin music. Amazing for having fun before heading somewhere else

Afterward, of course, the party should continue in some club, and these were my favorites while in Lima:

  • Tequila Rock – an only dance club in Lima open every night of the year. The hottest girls in Lima are there and your chances of hooking up skyrocket in here.
  • El Dragon De Barranco – the liveliest dancing place in Lima. Live music is a must and booze is very cheap, and on different nights offers different music genres.
  • Gotica – an amazing dance club, best known for its electronic music stage. Best Peruvian, but also international DJs spin here.
  • Cronos – it is an elegant and classy disco lounge, with the most options for drinking in whole Lima

There you have it guys, these places were my battle zones while in Lima and places where I found several Peruvian girlfriends.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Peruvian Woman

Alright, so before you start daring a Peruvian girl, you might want to see specifically what are the good stuff and what are the bad stuff about them. I know I like to make pros and cons list whenever I am about to make some big decision


So what exactly are good things about dating Peruvian girls? Well there are actually more than a couple of it, so here they are:

1. They are amazing mothers

As I said before, Peruvians are much more traditionalists than modernists. Of course, not all of them, but a major part of them.

So, from a very young age, their mothers start to include them in some small housework – especially little girls. They help their moms as kids with a lot of things, one of which is taking care of their baby siblings.

Ever since then, they start bonding with each other, and girls start learning how to properly raise while being raised. It is a great concept which results in great family bonds and makes Peruvian girls amazing mothers.

2. Great family leaders

While growing up, they are focused on taking care of their brothers and sisters. Also, their mom was the one who was always there for them no matter what, and who insisted on having family dinners and sharing everything.

So that is basically what Peruvian girls will be when they grow up.

She will raise kids to be loving and caring for the family. Of course, she will need your help, but you will see that she needs your appreciation and affirmation much more than help.

All you need to do is to listen to her and see as the family bonds improve and become stronger every day.

3. Unforgettable sex

I have already written about this but it simply needs to be said one more time.

Once you awake the fire inside your Peruvian girlfriend, there will be no limits. She will satisfy you more than any other woman and make you wanting more and more.

Peruvian women in bed are one of the best I have slept with and it was never the reason for fights with my Peruvian girlfriends. If nothing, things were mostly made much better in the bedroom.

4. As loyal as it gets

Now I said before that you might see Peruvian girls flirting with you even though they have a boyfriend – and that is true. But – there is always but. But that is all she will do. She will flirt, smile at your jokes, talk to you and stuff, but she will not develop a single emotion for you while she is with him.

That goes for your Peruvian girlfriend, too.

She will play games with you, make you jealous, and go on your nerves, but it is all a game. She will not for a second try to hook up with someone else, as long as you are loyal to her.

You can flirt with other chicks, that will go on her nerves, but also prepare you for the unforgettable night together with her. But as long as you don’t kiss another girl, she is all yours, and she will never kiss another guy while she is with you.

5. Dating a Peruvian woman is fun

Peruvian girls are very interactive. They don’t like to spend time just sitting or doing nothing.

Thankfully, Peru is a very interesting country and there are a lot of things to visit. If you are not up for it, she might get a bit upset, but she will find something else to do with you.

There wasn’t a single day in my relationships with Peruvian girls that we didn’t to something. One day we were going sea paragliding. The next one, we were visiting some historic sites in the country.

There was always something to do and she will never stay in one place.

If you are not for anything, then she will just be very talkative, tell her stories and simply make you like something, and then take you there.

6. They are beautiful

Last, but not the least is their beauty.

They are simply be-a-utiful! They have gentle face curves and often look so, so cute. Their big brown eyes know how to perfectly make that puppy look, and you will melt.

Their bodies are goddess-like and there is no doubting it. Even though they are not so slim, they have perfect curves in the right places.


Now, there are so many things why it is a great thing to date a Peruvian girl. However, nothing is perfect, so here are a couple of things that I didn’t like while dating in Peru:

1. Overprotective friends and family

Traditionalism is sometimes a good thing – it can develop some really good values and develop you as a human being. However, in this instance, it is very bad.

I am talking about their family bond. It happens sometimes that you need to deal with their parents, more often than you would think. They really want to know what their daughter is doing every day and with whom.

Once what happened really surprised me. We went out on a date, it was a second date, and her mother decided to come with us.

Don’t get me wrong, meeting parents is cool and everything, but I wasn’t looking to marry that girl at the time. The good thing was that she knew that wasn’t cool so she apologized afterward for it.

I already talked about overprotective friends, so I won’t repeat myself.

2. Cheating = no-no

When it comes to loyal girls, I guess this goes for all of them. If you cheat on her, you lose her.

What is interesting is that she will tolerate flirting with other girls. Yes, you are free to talk to them, make them smile and things to make her jealous.

But don’t even think about leaving with another girl.

If she sees it, you are done! And not only that, she will make you a scene and you will end up with none, as not one Peruvian girl likes cheaters.

3. Hyperactivity might be a deal-breaker

Like I said, Peruvian girls, don’t like to sit around all day doing nothing. She will organize a lot of things for you two to do.

And not only for you two, for your mutual friends, so every day will be super busy.

That might be a bit stressful if you are just not the type for CONSTANT action.

How to Make a Peruvian Woman Fall in Love with You

1. Learn something about Peru

Peruvians are very proud of their country and are trying hard to get known all over the world.

So another one of my tips for you is to learn something about Peru. It will dazzle her, and make you go a long way.

However, don’t stop there. The more you know the better, so I suggest you learn something about the place she is from as it will be a very pleasant surprise for her.

2. Be romantic

Peruvian girls are suckers for romance.

Try to be as random as possible, too.

Buy her flowers when you feel like it, but don’t tell her and don’t forget.

Take her to some fancy restaurant and just listen to what she has to say.

Also, sunsets and sunrises are beautiful on the beach – believe me. 😉

3. Respect her family

If I said I don’t want to go with my ex’s mother and her on a date, do you think I would get what I got that night?

Probably not!

So, make sure you respect her family and treat them as well as you treat your own family.

The Most Beautiful Peruvian Women

So far you have read everything I learned about what are Peruvian women like and how to meet a Peruvian girl. I believe there is enough information so you can have fun with Peruvian girls once you find yourself there.

Now I will share my top 3 hottest Peruvian women. Trust me, this wasn’t an easy list as there are A LOT of beautiful sexy Peruvian women.

1. Nathalie Kelley

I remember when I first saw Nathalie Kelley in Tokyo Drift. She was so sexy in that movie and she made the movie much much better.

She was born in Lima in 1985, but when she was only 2 moved to Australia. Her wish from a young age was to become an actress, and in 2006 she got her breakout with Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

She is also known for starring in various TV series such as The Vampire Diaries, Body of Proof, Unreal and Dynasty.

2. Natalie Vertiz

This 28-year-old model looks absolutely amazing!

She was born on September 29th, 1991 in Lima. Some time in her childhood she moved to the United States and she attended High School there.

In 2011 she competed in Miss Peru as a representative of a Peruvian U.S. community and won the title of Miss Peru.

She also represented her country at the Miss Universe in 2011 and afterward focused on her private life with her then-boyfriend and now husband.

3. Maricris Rubio

The last one on this list but not the least pretty Peruvian girl is Maricris Rubio.

Born as Maria Cristina Rubio Ponce de Leon in 1978 in Trujillo, Peru, and don’t worry, I don’t know her full name either.

She has worked for various modeling agencies in Peru, Mexico and the U.S. There, she appeared as an extra in one of the video clip of Slash.

Her first appearance as an actress was in the TV show Al fondo hay sito in 2011.

There you have it! Peruvian women are beautiful with great personalities. Find more beautiful women below:

Final Word

Well, here it is guys!

I have shared, from what I know, what are Peruvian girls like in relationships, a lot of tips on how to meet Peruvian women and a lot of other stuff.

I hope I broke some of the Peruvian girl stereotypes, but if you know any other, please let me know in the comments down below. It can be helpful for others, too.

Make sure to read through my ultimate guide to dating beautiful women. You just may find more tips and tricks that will help you land one of those sexy Peruvian women of your dreams.

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