39 Best Questions to Ask a Girl in 2024 – Get To Know Her!

Best Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her

Hey, you must be wondering how to approach a girl.

Nowadays, boys often have that issue. Making the first move can be scary.

Afraid of approaching, not knowing what to do and knowing that they can be rejected is frightening.

All of that leads to the fact that there are a lot of boys that stay single forever.

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So, in case you’re wondering about what you should be talking to a girl and how to talk to one, here are some pieces of advice on how to begin.

Let’s start with the best conversation topics.

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5 Best Conversation Topics

Whoever tells you that coming up with ideas is simple is deceiving you.

At some point, everyone’s thinking muscle freezes, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  

It happens all the time.

That’s why there are conversation topics!

These should help you to get to know the other person or just help you kill the awkward silence.

Therefore, we came up with this list of conversational topics that should be your ticket to a smooth and unchallenging discussion.

1. Do you like to cook?

Do you like to cook?

This topic opens up a lot of doors. In case you like cooking as well, a delicious conversation is guaranteed.

If that’s the case, it can be a great ice breaker, and hopefully, it will lead to more chatting.

If that’s not the case, you might at least learn a few recipes.

Being interested in her knowledge of cooking can make her invite you over for dinner at her place.

And who knows to what else it can lead from there…

2. How essential is the internet to you?

How essential is the internet to you?

This question can bring 3 different topics afterward.

Nowadays, there is 52% of the world population not having access to the internet.

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If her response sounds like she can’t live without it, the second part of the question should be “What would your life look like without it?”

If it sounds like she could, ask her “What would you do with the free time that you are spending on the internet nowadays?”

 It’s a pretty long conversational topic that will help you get to know her better.

3. What would your dream day look like?

What would your dream day look like?

This question is rarely asked but it’s very useful.

Knowing what her perfect day looks like can help you recreate it for her one day.

It can lead to more topics because imagination with this question is unpredictable.

4. Is there anything you could teach me?

This question will subconsciously make her believe that you want to spend more time with her, which is correct.

And be sure that the things you can learn from your date are uncountable!

Who knows, maybe she would like to teach you how to speak Russian so you can take her there someday.

5. Are you traveling anywhere soon?

Are you traveling anywhere soon?

Here is yet another fantastic conversation starter.

But what is so fantastic about a question this simple, you might wonder.

Well, for one, if she is traveling somewhere, you will make her so excited about her future trip, and not to mention that you will make her smile.

And this is your ultimate goal, buddy!

Besides, you will get to learn a lot about her and her interests, like:

  • If she likes learning new things about new cultures
  • what would she like to learn
  • if she would like to move and live abroad someday
  • what she likes to do on her travels
  • etc.

And if she is not planning a trip anytime soon, you still get to learn where she would like to go, and just maybe give her a hint of a possibility of a mutual trip someday in the future.

4 Best conversation starters

Sometimes direct questions are randomly coming out of us.

Embrace that randomness. Some of the best conversation topics start spontaneously.

Everyone likes people who are making them feel like they are walking on the edge.

After all, your goal is to start a conversation. It doesn’t matter how silly it sounds.

1. What’s the ultimate best comedy movie you’ve ever seen?

What’s the ultimate best comedy movie you’ve ever seen?

It’s a comedy movie so you will both be laughing.

If you haven’t seen it you can try inviting her over so you could watch it together.

2. What drink makes you go throughout the day?

It can be coffee, tea or energy drinks like guarana.

If she says coffee is what makes her function throughout the day, then you two could enjoy nice cups of coffee while talking about other topics.

You can call it a date, or not.

Eventually, coffee will bring you two much closer together.

If she avoids admitting her little daily-routine-sin, just ask her: “Damn girl, how do you pull it throughout the day?”

3. What do you like more – dogs or cats?

We all know that there are some personal traits linked to people who like dogs more, and some others to those who prefer vats.

So, besides the possibility of the answer to this question telling you something about the girl, you might even get to see the cute photos of her pet!

Hell, you might even get a date when you two go take her dog for a walk.

Aaaw, what a kind soul you are!

4. What is your spirit animal?

This one sounds very absurd. Like, how do you even check what is your spirit animal?

But it can tell you a little bit about how she sees herself.

4 Best Questions to ask

4 Best Questions to ask

After reading all of this, you might wonder if there is a single best question that will trigger her heart and make her fall in love instantly.

The harsh truth is that there isn’t!

One of the reasons is simply because you can’t just pop-up any question at any time.

It can all depend on the context and the situation.

So, what would a solution be here?

Simply ask a lot of questions, interesting ones! But at the same time, have in mind the situation!

Here are some of the closest to best questions that might help you with the problem.

1. What two habits would improve your life?

We all have some good and some bad habits in our life.

If she tells you about the bad ones she has that could improve her life if she dropped them, try helping her out with coming up with a solution to her problem.

If she tells you about some good ones that she would like to take up, you can suggest that both of you try and do it together.

That way you will show your support to her and you might even get to do some extra stuff together!

2. How many guilty pleasures do you have?

There can be so many!

And, who knows, maybe you share the same pleasures that you are hiding from the world.

Rewatching your favorite episode of “Game of Thrones” with your crush can be rather fun!

3. If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would that be?

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Talking about food can make your mouths water, and it can lead to a nice dinner afterward.

Now, maybe one of you can even get to prepare the meal, huh?

Well, this question will open endless possibilities.

4. Do you prefer winter or summer?

This question is telling you a lot of things, like:

  • Places she likes to travel to
  • Is she a beach or a cabin person
  • What kind of activities she might enjoy
  • Etc.

Knowing what she likes to do and when might help you in the long run.

Best questions to get to know her

Best questions to get to know her

Now that you have broken the ice a little, here are a few more fun questions that you can use to get to know your date a little bit better.

1. What is the absolute worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

Every girl experienced a situation in which a guy tried to reaches out to her with a message like: “Where is the piece of paper you fell out of, you piece of candy?”

The truth is, it is funny to laugh at, but using it, even ironically will not benefit you.

She is not a 4-year-old.

2. If you had one superpower, which one would it be?

This is such a useful question, don’t you think?

Everyone wants to escape from something or change something, and knowing their secret superpower wish will help you understand what they are going through.

If the response is something like “invisibility” or “flying away”, you can be sure they are currently felling captured.

But if it’s something like “granting wishes”, you can see that she wants to help people more than she wants to help herself.

If she doesn’t have a reply to that, which would honestly be pretty strange, you can invite her to watch some Marvel superhero movies and help her come up with an idea for her superpower.

3. What’s the best way to spend your rainy day?

Rainy days can be depressive, especially for the lonely ones.

If she is into watching movies the whole day, then you can invite her to watch them together and eat popcorns.

Playing board games can be a fun activity too.

Whatever it is that she enjoys, you can propose that the two of you spend a gloomy rainy day together and make it just a little bit more fun.

4. What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?

What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?

Asking about her friends is always a good thing.

It can lead you to what she values the most in a person.

Besides, showing interest in her friends is important, as her friends were there before you, and they will, most likely, be there after you too.

5. Would you rather sell one of your organs or all of your possessions?

It will show you how much she appreciates herself, and her possessions.

Is her car more important than her kidney?

6. If you could get away from everyone, where would you go?

Would it be a treehouse in the woods or a cabin in the mountains?

Wherever she chooses, maybe you can both getaway for the weekend and spend some alone quality time together.

7. What do you like the most in nature?

If she says “mountains, flowers, waterfalls, etc.” you two could enjoy a nice weekend camping in the woods.

There is nothing better than enjoying the peaceful sound of silence that Mother Nature provides, right?

8.  What was your absolute best excuse to avoid going to classes in high school?

What was your absolute best excuse to avoid going to classes in high school?

For me, it was: “My appendix is running wild I’m trying to get it back.”

It can give you information about her youth, and how she perceived things back then.

Besides, it will bring the two of you back to some young age and long-gone times, and it will surely bring some laughter to the table.

As well as more topics to talk about!

9. What’s the best topping to put on a pizza?

You will be surprised by how many girls like to put mayonnaise on it, which is just too much for some guys.

But not for you, my boy! You are there to achieve a certain goal.

And nothing will stop you. Not even mayonnaise on pizza.

Whatever her favorite topping is, you can pretend that you have never tried it before.

Maybe you have but she doesn’t have to know that.

Ask her to go on a pizza night out.

She will be surprised that you are actually willing to try something you were so sure you didn’t like.

And here is a plus!

10. What is that one joke that you can’t tell without laughing so hard your stomach starts hurting?

Everyone has that one joke that’s just untellable because just imaging those words in your head makes you feel like you are going to die from laughter.

Truth be told, most of these jokes aren’t that funny at all.

But hell, you will still have fun listening to her and looking at her facial expression.

And if you are a romantic, listening to that sweet laughter.

11. What good thing happened to you today?

This is a great question to start off a date, to be honest.

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. But in every bad day, there is a silver lining.

So, if this day was one of the bad days (which we hope won’t be), it will still help her focus on the good and make her feel better.

Maybe you will be the good thing, after all.

12. Do you have a happy place and if you do, where is it?

Do you have a happy place and if you do, where is it?

Everyone should have a happy place, a place in your mind that no one can enter but you. Where you relax and make all the stress disappear.

It can even be a physical place, somewhere that you can actually walk to.

If it’s the physical place, you can ask her to take you there one day and enjoy a piece of silence.

But don’t rush!

Those are often very, very private.

13. What smells make you happy?

We can’t explain why we like most of the smells we do.

Someone likes the smell of gas at a gas station, someone likes the smell of bacon.

It all depends on our experience with the smell.

So that will converse into talking about your youth and memories, which can bring more topics to talk about.

14. How do you calm yourself when you get angry?

Sharing this will bring you two closer.

Not only that you will learn more about the way she deals with stress, but you will, most likely, learn about what makes her angry in the first place without even asking.

Maybe it is a trick question, but it will put you in a lead.

Besides, she will know that you will help her cool down when she loses control, and it will make her appreciate you even more.

15. What is the most impressive skill you have?

 What is the most impressive skill you have?

Everyone has that one skill that is just cool even if it is not useful.

Absurd as it can get, it will make you both smile.

Don’t be ashamed to show your useless talent to her too.  

Make some fun out of it.

But pay attention not to cross the line. You are only getting to know her, so play it safe.

16. What do you think is the best feeling in the world?

This question can be really useful as it can tell you a lot about her, but it can also be a reality check.

Is she the one?

Knowing that someone is waiting for them at home can be enough to make some people feel pure bliss.

If her best feeling in the world is going to a disco club, it might mean that the two of you are not really for each other.

Maybe you share the same interest and feelings, so why not do something to create it for both of you?

17. How do you define success?

This is yet another question that can tell you a lot about her and her aspirations.

Some people find having five best friends for life success, some count money and career as a success.

The question can also be very interesting, depending on how creative she is.

But it can also tell you if the two of you can get along well in the long run, in the first place.

18. What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

Our subconsciousness never rests.

It can be something she fears or something she loves.

But listening to it can be very interesting, all the same.

19. What book has influenced your life the most?

Books can change our lives in so many ways.

They can also describe the person that is reading them.

Listen to her carefully. Read the book that influenced her.

Talking about her book and how you feel about it will be a great conversation topic. She will see that you are listening to her.

20. Do you think that there is life after death?

It’s more of a philosophic question.

But it can help you understand what she believes in.

Everyone has an opinion on this topic and it can lead the two of you anywhere.

21. What kind of music are you into?

This question can lead to hours and hours of conversation and listening to some nice tunes.

Maybe she’s into music you like as well.

If she likes to listen to live music, you can invite her to a restaurant with live music and nice food, and you can call it a date.

It will be interesting for you to hear some bands and musicians you have never heard before.

22. Do you have a bucket list and if you do, what’s on it?

Bungee jumping, skydiving, whatever it is, you can do it with her.

It will bring you closer to each other.

Not that we hope that it is time to finish it all, but most of the things will probably be very fun to try out.

23. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Everyone takes their time off differently.

It can give you great information on what she likes to do with her free time.

Knowing that, you can consider taking a day off when she has it too so you can spend more time together without stress and enjoying the things you both like.

24. What decade do you think you would most fit in?

Right now we are living with technology all around us.

It is hard to imagine being at a certain time in the past where there was no technology.

Maybe she would want to go to the seventies when clothes were absolutely ridiculous and writing letters was still in common practice.

Or into the eighties when traffic was not like today and the air was clearer than now.

It will be a great topic that can last for hours, and it will help you understand what she would like to have that older generations had.

25. How did you celebrate your last birthday?

How does she act when parties are in action?

Is she unstoppable on a dance floor or she’s more of a couch person?

The answer will tell you.

26. What color describes you the best at the moment?

If she says red, then you should know she is feeling comfortable being around you.

If she says blue, then she is being cool around you but not so warm for you.

If she says black, you should probably run for the hills.

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Final Word

Final Word

And there you go guys!

With my help, you will all become Don Juans in no time.

Follow my lead, use these questions, and remember: Just ask the question, nod and pretend to listen!

Or you can actually listen – even better!

Jokes aside, I hope this article made your dating life a bit easier.

Good luck!

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