American Men – Meeting, Dating, and More (LOTS of Pics)

American men guide

I have traveled around the world, met and dated a lot of guys from different nations and cultures. I have tried their ways of dating, tried to understand their philosophy and way of living.

If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how American men compare in all categories.

But, however fun, gorgeous and enticing all those other men are, my heart will permanently be in America, with my handsome American guys.

So I decided to create this guide for all of you American ladies who need an occasional reminder that our American guys are greatest (I am biased, I admit), and for all of you Girls who are non-Americans you will surely find a lot of things to like in an American guy.

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In this guide, I will write about what are American men like in relationships, where to meet American guys, share some American men dating tips (coming from a true American woman).

Have I got your attention? Let’s roll!

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What are American Men Like

Let’s check out some physical and personality traits of handsome American men.

This will help you break or confirm some of the American men stereotypes, understand what are American men like better, and what is the best way to conquer their hearts.

I will also include some experiences that my foreign friends had with dating American men.

In case you were wondering, there will be some steamy details about American men in bed.

Are American men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the important physical trait ratings for American men, we have also created our own additional rating from the American men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities in the United States and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet American men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 


Physical Appearance

The USA is a melting pot of nations, that is not a joke, so when it comes to physical appearance, there are literally many various descriptions I can make.

There are your hot, tall, brawny African American guys, with chocolate skin, deep warm eyes and full mouth of pearly whites.

There are hot and fiery Latinos-a little shorter, but still handsome and wiry (you know they like to dance, yes?).

 And there are your typical American men- the quintessential boy-next-door, tall, blonde, blue-eyed. And there are those who mixed some of these characteristics up.

So, physical appearance depends on their origins, some of them are blonde, the others dark. The beauty of this is diversity, and the immense options for us ladies to choose what we like the most, date, and switch if we do not find everything completely satisfactory.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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The reason I deducted one point for the physical appearance, is obesity as a problem in the USA, and not even the hot guys are exempt from this if they let loose, so you sometimes have to truly try hard to find a guy who has it all.

American men physical appearance

Character Traits that Make American Men Stand out

Am I still keeping you interested? Hopefully yes, since now it is the time to tell you a little about what are American guys like, how they think, what they value and basically anything that can help you make the decision to date them.

1. Gentleman Rating

American guys like to be considered gentlemen. They will hold the door for you, pay the restaurant bill and so on.

They know the etiquette in various situations and go by the rules, so do not worry about being embarrassed by his behavior when you are out and about.

He will treat you like a gentleman when you are alone and at home as well, just make sure he does not have any ulterior motifs, like getting you to bed.

 The one un-gentlemanly move that you can expect from an American guy is that he takes you to bed and ghosts you the day after.

Hopefully, you like will not be like that and you will find a way to keep him interested.

American men chivalry rating

2. Integrity

When it comes to integrity they are pretty much consistent. If they are honest and loyal they will keep their integrity even when you are not around.

 On the other hand, with those who only speak what they think you want to hear you never know. They change their attitudes and opinions based on what they think you want and are not true to themselves.

American men integrity rating

3. Honesty

The aspect of honesty is tricky when dating an American guy. Hot American guys are on both ends of spectrum-either they are lying their asses off, or they are painfully honest. There is literally no in-between.

They like to brag about their achievements, so they are bound to embellish a little (or a lot). The things he says to you might seem like straight out of a fairytale, but he will very often say them just because he thinks you want to hear them, not because he actually thinks or feels that.

The other type will be brutal with expressing his thoughts and emotions, which is good when what he says is something you want to hear but when it is not, the words can be hurtful as they are so blunt.

Honesty men are honest

4. Loyalty

Loyalty truly isn’t the strongest character trait of sexy American guys. They are only loyal once they fully commit to the girl they are dating. And even then, statistics suggest that a high percentage of men have cheated on their partners.

The other thing when it comes to loyalty comes from the fact that it is a part of American dating culture to date more than one person before you have made the commitment.

For my foreign friends, it is unimaginable to go on a date with one girl, kiss her goodnight or even end up in bed, and tomorrow go and do the same with another girl. In Europe, it would probably be a reason for breaking contact with that guy.

In America, however, it is the usual practice to date more than one person simultaneously, play the field and make an informed choice. One could argue that both parties are right, but that is just how it is in the USA.

A guy will probably be loyal to you only after months of dating, and that is if he has developed feelings for you.

They are loyal to their friends and the favorite football team, though. Never mess with those.

How loyal are American men?

5. How protective are they?

Since American guys appear to have a fear of commitment (although it is one of the American guy stereotypes that they are actually afraid of it) they value freedom.

 So if you are expecting your American boyfriend to breathe down your neck trying to protect you from anything and everything, adjust your expectations.

On the other hand, you will have the complete support to do anything you want with your life.

But, if you are in danger, and he can help you, whether physically protect you o take care of you, he will.

American men are quite protective

6. How resourceful are they?

Many of the American guys I know are well-educated and encouraged from a young age to work on themselves – educate, develop various skills that can be helpful later in life.

So they are quite resourceful when it comes to current events, the area of their expertise, fixing your car, sink or basically anything around the house.

If you are a foreigner, you might be disappointed that he does not know much (or maybe anything) about the country you are coming from.

American Men are highly resourceful

7. Maturity

The American guys are taught to take care of themselves early on.

They have summer jobs as early as high school, they do chores and help their families and neighbors even earlier, they leave the family home early, starting college (and even if they do not go to college, they try to live on their own).

This is completely different from, let’s say Croatian or Chilean men who stau with their parents well into their thirties.

So, this is a great indication of maturity. On the other hand, when it comes to dating they lack a certain maturity in a way that they do not easily commit to their partner.

If you are expecting a ring from your American boyfriend you might have to wait for him for a while so that he sows all the wild oats he wants, before doing the mature thing and commit to a single woman.

This has nothing to do with his age, mind you. Even the 40-something guys have the same approach if they hadn’t already committed to one woman.

Maturity is high among American men

8. Self-confidence

If there was a higher grade to give in this category I would most certainly do it. Sexy American guys are extremely self-confident.

If they look good, there is no limit to their confidence, as that song says “I’m sexy and I know it” is their motto.

Now, sometimes they do not have much more than good looks to speak for them, but it is on you to decide whether to give him a chance to prove he is not just the hot body or swim into a casual relationship with American arm candy.

Luckily, there are a lot of American men who are actually self-confident because they know they have other desirable traits (besides or instead of the good looks).

American men are highly confident

9. Friendliness vs. Reserve

Unless an American guy is particularly shy, this does not apply. However, American guys are quite forward and friendly, especially with girls.

 They want to chat you up, and they will, any chance they get. I am used to the fact that a guy might approach me in the supermarket or in the streets, but my foreign girlfriends said that it is usually not the case in other countries, and find this both fun and sometimes even pushy.

For example, a German guy will never allow himself to start up a conversation while you are waiting in line, or even when you are waiting for public transportation, and the American guys have no such ‘problem’.

Clubs, parks, supermarkets, anywhere really, is a good place to start a conversation with a beautiful girl.

American men are friendly

American men are exquisite because it is a country with various races coming together. It is a place where you will find a man that will suit you no matter what.

America is a country that has a high number of people that are referred to as free thinkers, they are not confined in a box. They explore new things and this can serve as an advantage for you when you visit.

American men will rock your world!


Pros and Cons of Dating an American Man

Now that you have gotten an idea about typical American men, it is time to give you some description of what are American men like in relationships.

Like with any nation, these are just stereotypes and your experience can be completely different based on your boyfriend’s personality.

But let’s see some general pros and cons when dating American guys.


1. Freedom and no pressure

Not only the men fear commitment.

In European countries, if you are not married by a certain age that is socially accepted people look at you like you’ are nearing your expiry date. In the USA, being single for a while is not considered a tragedy.

Your American boyfriend will not expect you to give up on your career and your hobbies once you are with him, quite the opposite, they like an independent woman, being independent themselves.

So, unless you are really looking for a ring, you will enjoy the fun and romantic times, without feeling pressured to do things on somebody else’s time.

2. Fun

American guys are fun and outgoing. They will not keep you inside watching movies every date night.

They usually have a lot of friends with whom they like to spend time, and they will include you in the group once you have become important to him.

 Humor and action are their forte, so there will never be a dull moment in your relationship.

Expect to goof around in the streets, making silly faces at the children passing by, hilarious karaoke nights and a lot more.

3. Ambition and security

If you are looking for a long-term relationship that may lead you to get married to your American BF, it is useful to know that they are ambitious and aim to provide for their families.

This can be one of the reasons Americans are putting off marriage until later, they do not want to struggle to make ends meet.

They have great working ethics and strive to be able to send their kids to college and have a least a decent lifestyle.

Not so bad, you would agree.


1. Commitment issues

I have already mentioned that single guys in America are not those who will easily commit to his girl.

They take things slowly, glacial, and this can be frustrating if you are in a relationship for a long time.

You might even know his family, go to all the family events with him, everyone already thinks that yours is the done deal, you might even be living together for a while now, but he still does not pop the question.

And this is the best-case scenario of the commitment issues. In the worst-case scenario, he can be cheating on you because you are not serious.

The thing about American guys is that they do not feel that they need to give you a ring for you to be serious. He might never want to get married.

So my advice is, if this is important to you, ask him, talk to him, and tell him how you feel, but make sure that you do not make him feel pressured.

The decision to continue the relationship or not is yours after you see his reaction to your concerns.

2. Lacking sexual education

In developed European countries sexual education is a mandatory part of children’s education. Sex is not a taboo.

However, in the USA, sexual education starts late, which makes American guys in bed resort to porn as the means of finding out their own and women’s biology, unless they had very open-minded and modern parents and had ‘the sex talk’ earlier.

Why is this a ‘’con in relationships with American guys? Well, sex is a very important part of an adult relationship, and when your hot American boyfriend goes at it like he is a porn star; it can be a bit unsatisfactory.

Hopefully, your boyfriend might be open to communicating, so telling him what you like is the go-to method for solving the lack of sexual education.

How to Meet an American Man

If you are American women looking for American men things can’t be easier for you girls. You have a lot of contacts and guys to meet.

If you are a foreigner and want to meet hot American guys for some international dating you can hope that one or two will travel and visit your country, which is a situation you can easily take advantage of – you know, they are friendly and like to mingle, but you will know that it has to end soon.

So, if you would like a serious relationship, a boyfriend or even a better pick of the single American men for casual dating, and you are wondering how to meet American men the answer is – come to America! There are plenty of sexy American men. So come and take your pick!

For all of you ladies who are less adventurous and are not ready to pick up and leave your country and go to America to look for love, there are quite a few websites specializing in international dating.

eHarmony, for example, is a great website to meet American guys, whether you are an American looking for love or not. Let’s see what it offers.


eHarmony is one of the oldest dating websites there is, and it prides itself on having the most sophisticated algorithm for connecting single people all over the world.

The majority of the members are Americans since America is among the top countries using online dating services, however, there are members from all over the world, which makes it great for international dating so you can be one of them and start connecting with American males.

It is proven most useful for connecting people interested in long-term romantic relationships and this is the top reason why I chose to present you with this option.

You can find a hookup in America in a blink of an eye, you do not need a dating website for that, just go out and get flirting.

The members of this website are willing to settle down. they are usually between the ages of 25 and 34, and already have their lives put together.

Signing up for eHarmony is quite easy- use your Facebook account or your email. After the basic registration, the magic starts.

 You will be required to complete personality and preference tests and forms. This is why eHarmony has such a good matching system.

 Every member has to fill these out so that the algorithm will know how to match you.

 You also have to choose preferences in terms of nationality (single out American and you are set), height, and other personality and physical traits you find most attractive.

Another reason why e/harmony is so successful is that the members show their serious intent by paying for the premium subscription.

This is practically a must if you truly want to find a person for yourself, otherwise, messaging, viewing photos and other premium features will be out of reach for you.

On a standard membership, you can only send winks to other members and send generated questions. Although the photos are visible only to premium members, the profile quality is great.

As everybody is required to fill in those tests and questionnaires, the information on each member is quite extensive.

You will see members who are compatible with you in terms of how you answered those questionnaires. You will be matched based on a variety of subjects (only several of them are: Relationship Values, Religious Values, Intellect, Social Values, Extraversion…).

For all of you active ladies, there is an app available for both iOS and Android and it is free to download, and just as the website it is simple and easy to use.

With all that it offers, eHarmony has a price range just about average for a dating website, which makes it even more attractive as the one you should use for meeting an American.

Traveler’s Guide to Meeting American Men

If you have finally decided to travel (back) to the USA and are eager to know where to meet American men here is a traveler’s guide to help you screen out good places. Here are some locations where romance is blooming.

1. New York

If I had to choose one city in the USA where romance is possible everywhere it would have to be in New York. Just watch all of those romantic movies, a lot of them take place in New York, and it is not because the screenwriters are unimaginative.

New York has a certain charm to it one of them being countless possibilities for original or classic dates.

Taking a walk in Central Park holding hands with your American boyfriend will never go out of style. Visit the Met for a classy date. Go to see the ballet and feel like a princess, and go to a fancy dinner afterward.

There are numerous bars, cafes, and events where you can go and just casually meet someone who will grab your attention. Just relax and get flirting with the eye candies. If nothing more, you are in for a wild New York night.

Clubs to visit and meet an American hunk:

·         Paul’s Cocktail Lounge – if you are up to catching an eye of an occasional A-lister

·         The Box- anything goes here, prepare for surprising performances

·         Bossa Nova Civic Club – for the lovers of trance music

·         Public Arts – a club with mixed crowd and music ranging from house to hip-hop

2. Los Angeles

Well, it doesn’t count that you have visited the USA if you haven’t been to LA. Besides being able to see the famous Hollywood sign, and walk the streets where your beloved stars have walked.

Visit the beaches for good fun or enjoy many of the LA’s hiking trails.

LA is perfect for modern, free-spirited souls to meet another of the kind.

There is something about the air, temperature and the ocean that makes LA perfect for romance. Also, there are many Latinos there, if you are hot-blooded and looking for a guy just like that.

So, if you are up for ho and steamy nights, this is where you should go:

·  Avalon Hollywood – enjoy performances by world-famous DJs

· The Standard Hotel – throws perfect rooftop pool parties, a great choice for the summer

· Complex – a bit further away in Glendale, but worth the trip. The club is full of people enjoying themselves on the weekends

· La Descarga- for a night of steamy Latin fun, strong drinks and professional dance performances. You will not be sorry you came.

3. San Francisco

Another hot city, but a bit less debaucherous than LA.

Home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco offers freat fun in local clubs and other venues.

Enjoy walks on the picturesque streets, and gaze upon the ocean from a hilltop with your BF.

Where can you meet a hot guy in San Francisco? Besides the beaches and parks, you can visit these:

· School Night- enjoy the array of cocktails Monday through Friday

· BootieSF – a great club for dancing to current hits, with a separate room with house music if you need to chill down a bit

· F8 Nightclub and Bar – not the biggest, yet has a special, intimate charm, and great music

· Hawthorn – no college guys here, he more serious crowd relaxes with their famous happy hours. You are bound to have a good time.

4. Sports

If there is one place where there is a huge concentration of hot Americans it’s the stadiums and courts.

Sports are huge in America, so if you are at least a bit sporty, grab some sneakers, a jersey, a cap, and your girlfriends and go to a sporting event in your city. Basketball, football, and baseball are all the rage.

Go to a game, grab a hotdog and a beer, and you might just meet several single American guys who are into sports.

If you are into sports as well, and not visiting the games for the sheer prospect of meeting someone, you will have a lot of fun while bonding over the victory of your favorite team.

You can also go to a local park or a basketball court in your block where, during the weekend, guys like to let off some steam, and engage in some friendly competitions, both in sports and over a cute girl who happens to be here.

5. Bars and Beaches

Regardless of the part of the USA you are in, there are great bars everywhere. The nightlife in the USA is very active and alive.

Bars are full even during the weekdays. It is normal that alcohol gives people a bit of a confidence boost, so in no time you will have hot American guys buying you drinks and trying to chat you up.

If you are located near the beach, seize the day and go for a swim.

There are a lot of activities that you can do, apart from sunbathing, swimming, and frequenting beach bars, you can engage in beach games, or just simply ask a boy close to you to help you put on sun lotion. That’s bound to get him talking.

There is something about the sun, sand, and the sea that makes the air great for romance. So, relax and enjoy it!

How to Conquer an American Man’s Heart

Now that you know how to meet an American guy, and where to meet him, there are some tips for dating an American man that might be helpful once you single out one of the typical American guys.

 You are finally in a relationshippy place, so these are the things to do to get him thinking about you all the time.

1. Be relaxed

American guys like their girls relaxed. Uptight girls are interesting for a while, while he waits for you to relax. If he suggests a date that is not usual, go for it.

 If he suggests that you go out in your tracksuit to take a walk in the park, do not make a fuss out of going out without your makeup on. Spontaneity is what keeps him happy in love with you.

2. Have integrity

Although American guys say one thing and do the other in the courting phase of your relationship, it is because they are trying to present themselves in a better light so they tend to oversell themselves.

Because of that, they see through your fake moves quite easily, and they do not like it. Just be yourself and if he sees that you are genuine, he will stick around and start showing his true colors.

3. Keep your pants on

American guys tend to have a lot of casual relationships. It is not difficult for them to get laid so they will respect you more if you do not put out right away.

This does not mean to wait until you are serious, but, you know, wait for a few dates. At least see if he will stick around for something other than just getting physical for a few weeks and then move on to somebody else.

I do not say be a prude, you can still make out, just do not go all the way, keep him on his toes a bit, and he will anticipate your next date eagerly.

4. Freedom goes both ways

Your American boyfriend wants you to be free to pursue whatever it is that you want to do, but he expects the same from you. Support him with his dreams and goals, if you have any, give him advice but do not pressure him to take them.

Also, there is nothing worse than a nagging girlfriend, so when he is out with his friends, give him the space he needs and do not text him constantly. Let him blow off some steam, and show him that you trust him.

Better yet, go out yourself (but not to ‘accidentally’ meet him), and d not wait for him to make plans with his friends so that you would call up your girlfriends and organize going for a drink.

Pick a time and a place for a girls’ night out, the fact that you are not needy and clingy will work for you better than drowning him in attention.

5. Let him be the man

This is not a piece of particular advice only for American guys. Every guy on the planet regardless of his nationality likes to feel useful, powerful, and manly.

This is a little reminder for us, independent women, to sometimes take a step back and allow him to do things for us.

You can change the tire? That’s great, but if you find yourself in need of a new ire, and your BF is close, call him and ask for help. The testosterone he feels in that instant can do wonders for your relationship.

6. Emotions

Once you are in a committed relationship, it is important that you show your emotions affectionately.

Allow him to express his also, and let him be vulnerable without making him feel less like a man because he opened up. American guys have a sensitive side it just takes a while for it to show.

7. Language Barrier

Ok, so, this section is especially for the non-American ladies who are interested in dating an American man. Here is the best of American guy dating tips: learn English! If you do not speak it already, of course.

For some reason, American guys do not speak other tongues very often, and even when they do, it is usually just basic ‘I know how to ask for direction’ language.

This is not a plus for the American culture, especially because there are many nations in the world where the majority of young people are fluent in another language, however, it is how it is.

The Americans are little brats when it comes to learning another language because English is spoken and studied everywhere in the world and they do not have the need to study other languages.

If you are lucky, an American guy may speak a bit of Spanish, and that is usually if he lives near LA where there are a lot of people whose first tongue is Spanish.

The Southerners to speak any other language is a far-reaching hope.

However, if your American beau is highly educated, there are better chances that he, in fact, does speak a language- Spanish, Italian, German or French are your best bet.

If you are hoping for the possibility for him to speak Greek or Estonian, well… sorry…

My point is, if you are not fluent in English, get practicing before you come to the USA, or just have your American boyfriend help you learn it. He will revel in your accent and you, well, you can be ‘hot for teacher’.

Top 3 Hottest American men

To explain the famous diversity among the population in America, and to meet almost any woman’s standards regarding hot American men I have chosen these three world-wide famous guys to make my case.

Since there are a lot of them anyway, I relied on the People’s Magazine choice for the Hottest Man Alive.

Check out the articles for more hunks who will take your breath away.

Now, these three gentlemen are my personal favorite, but I would not be a proud American if I didn’t include these few honorable mentions (Also according to the People Magazine, starting from 1985): Mel Gibson, Johm F. Kennedy Jr., Keanu Reeves, Patric Swayze, Ryan Raynolds, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, and many, many others.

1. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey, born in 1969, is a household name almost everywhere in the world. He is a famous actor and producer, and a glorified heartthrob ever since he became widely popular when he started starring in romantic comedies alongside JLo and Kate Hudson.

 After he has made a name for himself, he moved away from this genre and started pursuing more demanding dramatic roles.

This Texan’s blue eyes, luscious blonde hair and that signature southern droll are what makes him stand out among other actors on this list.

 Also, he has been considered the sexiest man alive, not only by the People magazine, just ask any all-American girl about Matthew. What you get as an answer will be a sigh which will pretty much tell you everything you need to know.

There is basically no chance that you didn’t already see some of his works like The Wedding Planner, Ghost of Girlfriends’ Past and Fool’s Gold. However, if you are interested to see the vast array of his acting abilities while still enjoying his physique try watching The Lincoln Lawyer, The Wolf of Wall Street and a hit TV series True Detective.

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper, born in 1975 in Philadelphia, is another all-American heartthrob with piercing blue eyes and earth-shattering smile. His acting career is rich with different genres- from comedy and action to drama, he has done it all.

He has starred in Oscar-nominated movies like A Star is Born alongside Lady Gaga, Silver Linings Playbook alongside Jennifer Lawrence, American Sniper, and American Hustler.

Besides his great acting roles, and the looks that no woman can resist he also plays the guitar and sings quite nicely. Get on your homework of watching some or all of his movies, you will not be disappointed.

3. John Legend

John Legend, born in 1978 in Ohio, is a world-famous singer and composer.

He launched his career with the song All of Me dedicated to his wife. Over his long career, he won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, and became the first black man to do so.

He looks like a truly sweet and funny guy but is quite sexy – he is the latest Sexiest Man Alive according to the People magazine.

Besides his excellent songwriting that has given him numerous awards, he has stolen American hearts by sharing his personal life with his fans.

He and his wife make a funny duo and share details of their family life freely and letting the common people know that they are the same as any other married couple with two kids out there.

Check out his songs and the songs he produced and wrote, they are truly something.

See more hot and sexy American men on Instagram

Final Word

There you go, ladies.

My favorite among favorites – American men.

Hopefully, you learned something new and gained confidence in starting this beautiful journey.

If I can do it, so can you!

And if you want to meet any of these cultures, you check my other guides like Chilean Men Guide or Samoan Men guide, I am quite an international dating expert.

I highly recommend that you use the ultimate guide for online dating to increase your chances of dating handsome American men.

Have fun!

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