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Hello, people!

This is Amy and I have been traveling around the world and meeting interesting people. If you are new here, make sure to check out all the men’s country guides to see how Filipino men compare in all categories.

I am going to introduce the gorgeous and exotic Filipino men to you and if you are here for pictures and Instagram profiles, you are in the right place!

You may not know much about Filipino men or maybe you have heard of certain Filipino men stereotypes. In any case, I will tell you the true story of what typical Filipino men look like and what they are like. So if you want to date them or just learn more about Filipino dating culture, I have some treats for you!

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You will see why you would be so very happy to meet one (or more) of them.

There will be photos to give you the visual atmosphere, and in the end, you will see Instagram profiles of the best looking Filipino men.

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What Are the Filipino Men Like?

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in international dating. If you are American women looking for Filipino men, for example, today you will read the answer to the question: what are Filipino men like?

With my extensive knowledge of people from all around the world, I will show you what Filipino guy stereotypes are. I will also tell you about what typical Filipino guys look like and about their overall character.

Read on and get to know these wonderful people.

Physical Appearance

Most of the population in the Philippines is South Asian, i.e. Austronesian. Therefore, their looks are quite similar to what other Southeastern Asians look like. Also, there is a group of these people who are of mixed origin, which is Filipino mixed with the Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, Chinese, and other people. Their features may differ more or less than that of a traditional, one-race Filipino.

Generally, the Filipino guys are of shorter stature. Their average height is about 5 foot 5 inches (or about 165 centimeters, if you prefer the metric system), just a bit shorter, almost unnoticeably than an average South American.

Their bodies are slim and they do not have much facial and body hair. So, for all of you who are into slender guys without too much hair, the Filipinos are just right for you! You may want to remember this when you wonder about what Filipino men in bed are like.

Now, let us take a look at their facial features.

They have very dark hair the color of which ranges from dark brown to black.

They get the cute look from the non-prominent brow ridge that their ancestry brought them. This accounts for a shallow set of eyes and a flat nose.

The eyes are almond-shaped, with double eyelids. They have the cutest noses, I must say! I just love their small noses with rounded tips and wide nostrils.

One thing to remember is that there have been centuries of intermarriage in the Philippines, so not all of the handsome Filipino men fit into the above description. They may have a mixed origin, which will probably make them even cuter!

physical appearance of Filipino men.

Filipino Men Style

Ladies, if you are all about fashion, then you will be thrilled to meet Filipino guys. They are all about fashion!

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, these men have been following the latest fashion trends, especially those that come from America. The classic suit, which they called ‘americana’ and boat hats were all the rage in the 1920s.

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Knowing this, can you even imagine how much more that have been following the trends in the later years, as modernization and urbanization took place more and more quickly all around the world?!

Nowadays, besides the all-popular and comfortable sports menswear, leisure suits are coming back. Retro and infinitely adorable! You will love the modern style of the handsome Filipino guys!

Are Filipino men stylish?

Additional Rating – The Tinder 1000 Swipe Rating

On top of the physical trait ratings for Filipino men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Filipino men we see on Tinder.  We call it the 1,000 Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the men and how attractive they are.

This is how it works. 

We swiped through 1000 different profiles in all of the major cities The Philippines and took note of how many handsome men there are. We jotted down how many 8’s, 9’s and 10’s there are based on their profile pictures. Here is a quick breakdown. 

  • 0-100 is poor
  • 100-200 is OK
  • 200-300 is Good
  • 300 – 400 Is Incredible 
  • 400 + is Mindblowing (There are only a few of these)

With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Filipino men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. 

Filipino men tinder score.

Character Traits that Make Filipino Men Stand Out

Despite being good-looking and trendy, the Filipino males also have many positive character traits that may make you want to stick with one of them for a long time.

Let us start with one piece of advice for all of you who are into dating a Filipino man: do not let the stereotypes fool you. They hate it when foreigners think that they do not speak English or that they know Spanish, that they eat dog food a lot, or that they are always late.

Well, now sit back and enjoy my account on the character traits that the Filipino men will blow your mind with.

1. Gentlemen rating

Basically, the Filipinos strike us as very gentlemanly at first. They are quite communicative and easy-going. They can make even a shy girl laugh hard and loud.

Since their country is a popular tourist destination, they are used to being polite to foreigners. So you, ladies, who meet Filipino men, will be in for a treat.

However, there is a small glitch here. They may sometimes take the people from their surroundings for granted, especially when these people are around them a lot. That is when the gentlemanly behavior may fall back a bit.

For example, for them, it is not strange to be late for an informal meeting. So, if you are dating a Filipino guy, you should expect him to be late for your dates. Even you can be late, he will not mind. Trust your dating expert, I have tried it.

I was once late for the full 45 minutes, and all the feedback I got regarding that was a jolly: “Hey, cutie, great to see you!”

Filipino men chivalry rating.

2. Integrity

Filipino guys have integrity. This is a part of their culture, as it has strong ethical principles. If you ask yourself: what are Filipino guys like? I can tell you right away that they are very ethical people. Despite some of the quirks (and who does not have them?), they really respect people who show strong and dedicated moral.

They care much about the dignity of the people with whom they are in contact, so you can expect full respect from a Filipino guy. He will even help you maintain your dignity if someone else tries to make you lose face in society.

Filipino men integrity rating.

3. Loyalty

Great news in this department, ladies! Yes, even hot Filipino guys are quite loyal to the girls whom they are dating. There are always those who like to get some on the side, but trust me, that kind of behavior is not very likely in most of these handsome men.

The Filipino dating culture leads people towards loyalty, for as long as a relationship lasts.

These people have very strong attachments to their families, and they consider a girlfriend something like a family. So do not be surprised if one of them wants you to meet his family at a time when it is too early for you. That means that you are very important to him.

The other side of the coin is that, until you actually become his wife, he will always, and I mean always, put his family before you.

Filipino men are loyal

4. Honesty

Well, I would not put them into the group of people who are always honest and open. Though Filipino guys are very capable of having a cheerful and open communication, they do not like to lose face and respect from the people around them.

For example, they do not like to say ‘no’. Instead of that, they tend to give answers like ‘maybe’, or ‘we will see’. If you hear that instead of an open acceptance or confirmation, know that the invitation will probably not be accepted.

When it comes to giving an honest opinion about something, I have to admit that they do try their best. However, respect is so deeply rooted in their culture that a bad comment is something they would much rather avoid saying.

However, this is something that can be worked on. I, as a dating expert, have actually managed to help one Filipino guy get more open in this sense. He thanked me later and said that it was life-changing for him.

Filipino men are honest

5. How Protective They Are? –

Single Filipino guys are protective, especially towards their family and the people whom they love.

The closer you are to one of them, the more protection you will receive. But beware – they sometimes tend to exaggerate with that. At one time or another, a typical Filipino man may not like it if another man looks at his babe and he may react.

The reaction rarely turns into a physical fight, but he may get all manly and use his eyes to show the intruder that the girl is his. Or yell it out, which we girl may find embarrassing.

However, if this happens, just remember that he is doing that just because he likes you a lot and want everyone to know it.

Filipino  Men can protect their women

6. Are They Resourceful?

These people are definitely one of the most resourceful nations I have met during my travels.

As we know, the Philippines is not a very wealthy country, and every aspect of life needs some creativity and resourcefulness to be fulfilled. You will see the Filipinos smiling all the time! They make themselves happy with what they have, and always strive to achieve more.

But let me not lose the thread here. In a romantic relationship, hot Filipino men always try very hard to have her see how enchanted they are with her.

Here is one of the Filipino men dating tips – show your guy what you like or want him to do. Unless it is something seriously unrealistic, he will make it happen just for you. He will use all the resources he has, he will try all the possible ideas that may help realize your wishes.

What you should do is just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Are Filipino Men resourceful?

7. Maturity

Well, this is something that you will have to adjust to if you are into international dating with single Filipino men. Though they are so much fun and often very gentlemanlike, the Filipinos sometimes tend to be somewhat immature.

They are often late for meetings and sometimes do not seem to take things seriously.

Even though I have much experience in international dating, it was very hard for me to decipher whether a guy from the Philippines was seriously joking or seriously serious at some points.

This is certainly something to look out for if you are dating Filipino men and the relationships are to become more than just a bit of a good time.

Filipino men are quite mature

8. Self-confidence

Yes, they are very confident, but in a very distinct way from an American or a German, for example. Their confidence seems not to come from the notion that they are better than other guys, but from the general satisfaction with themselves.

This can be unusual until you get used to it. You will see a cute Filipino guy who does not look around with a cocky and arrogant look on his face. He is just smiling naturally and no malevolent comment seems to get through to him.

This is refreshing, I must say. Most of the guys from other countries enjoy making others feel bad, while these guys enjoy making others laugh. They can even take a joke like a true gentleman, without any offense.

If you ask me: what are Filipino guys like in relationships? I will definitely tell you: they are natural and confident.

Filipino men self confidence rating

9. Are They Friendly or Reserved?

Filipinos are very outgoing and hospitable people. You can enjoy a friendly and pleasant conversation from the start.

Be informed, though, that they are very open about their personal lives and may tend to ask some questions that you may find too intimate to answer.

If this happens, just tell him politely that you are not comfortable answering his question and everything will be okay.

I have had such experiences and every time, the Filipino gentleman would apologize and we would continue talking as if nothing unpleasant had happened.

Also, they rely on non-verbal communication very much. If you want to chat up one of the hot Filipino guys, you should learn to read these cues, and even use them. It was quite hard for me to do this at first, but it turned out to be so much fun!

Filipino men can be very friendly

Beyond alcohol which the Filipino men consume a lot, They are very honest in all ramifications. An average Filipino man is an outgoing and very hospitable man. They are Natural and apologetic when situations demand.Not a very wealthy nation though, The Filipino man is very resourceful. They are highly protective of their family and love once.
Want to find out how to clinch one of these Filipino men?
Read on to see the pros and cons of dating them and more splendid photos.

Filipino men overall score.

Pros and Cons  of Dating a Filipino man

If we take into account the (for us) unusual nature of the Filipino culture and the fact that some of the sexy Filipino guys are of mixed nationalities, it will not be easy to list general pros and cons that apply to all the Filipinos, Nevertheless, I will try to name some of them and help you understand the question: what are Filipino men like in relationships.


1. They are very romantic

If you have a Filipino boyfriend, you can expect to be showered with compliments and surprises. A queen is treated the way they treat their girlfriends.

One important part of being a real man in the Philippines is knowing how to make a woman feel good. For that reason, and I can vouch for that myself, dating a Filipino guy is an amazing experience.

Even in the old times, courtship was something that every man had to master in order to get the woman of his dreams. So, ladies, romance flows in these guys’ veins.

2. They are outgoing

The sexy Filipino men are all about smiling and laughing. They are confident about their hot looks and really know how to make a woman feel like a queen.

Even if you are shy, but your wish is to be dating Filipino guys, do not hesitate to get in touch with them. They will surely make you feel relaxed and happy. And if you remember how slender and well-sculpted bodies they have (hence the confidence), you can imagine Filipino guys in bed and understand how much they have to offer.


1. They are sometimes too religious

The Philippines is predominantly a Catholic country. Therefore, you can expect very religious men.

This may be a deal-breaker from some women, but it does not have to be. As younger generations reach maturity, they are, slowly but surely, becoming more open towards inter-religion dating and are more willing to try and compromise if they really get to love the woman.

2. They like to drink

One of the bad sides of these cuties is that they really enjoy drinking alcohol. They find pleasure in consuming alcoholic drinks for the sake of these, not in connection with food, as the Westerners usually do.

However, since they do come from a country of strong traditions, and especially because they hold a traditional view of the woman, many of them would frown upon seeing a girl with an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Where to Meet Filipino Men

Well, where to meet Filipino men easier than in the Philippines? Of course, I am kidding.

First things first – these guys love to go out for a drink (or often more than one) with their friends. If you are wondering how to meet Filipino men, here is the answer. Meeting them while painting the town red or at a place with a karaoke machine is a great spot.

Truly Filipino

But what follows is another one of the tips for dating a Filipino man, and it refers to where to meet Filipino guys. You can find them – online.

One of the websites for all of you who want to try international dating with a Filipino guy, there is

This is a site with the biggest percentage of single Filipino men, which makes it perfect for you to find your perfect match.

It offers free signup and many conveniences that make it simple and fast to find a great Filipino guy. There are safety measures that guarantee that the people are real, and you get the translation option so that the language barrier is easily overcome.

How to Conquer a Filipino Man’s Heart

If you have been reading this text carefully, you may have some idea about the Filipino guy dating tips that I am about to present.

1. Sing karaoke

They just love karaoke! They sing at home, they sing when they visit their friends, they sing when they go out.

There is no place for you to be shy when it comes to this. Even if you are not that good, relax, pick your favorite song, and enjoy the experience. Trust me, your Filipino guy will adore you for it.

Also, if you are on the lookout for someone you may like, this is a great way for you to try if you do not know how to meet a Filipino guy.

2. Meet his family

Family is a very important part of every Filipino’s life. Since you are a foreigner, there may be a chance that they look down on you when they first meet you.

But there is a way to turn this around! Learn about their culture and impress his family with what you know. They will accept you and he will be thrilled to have you as a girlfriend.

3. Enjoy their food

Food and eating are what the Filipinos adore! You will have to try all sorts of unusual tastes and their combinations. And you will eat a whole lot of rice!

Try to find some dishes that you like and show him what they are. You can even learn how to cook his favorite food. And voila – love is in the air!

Check out more hot and sexy Filipino men on Instagram

Top 3 Hottest Filipino Men

Let me just mention that the Philippines is in the top ten list of the countries with the hottest people. Read here about three hottest famous Filipinos.

1. Manny Pacquiao

He is a 41-year-old professional boxer. Experts consider him to be one of the greatest boxers in the world. He has twelve world titles and is the first boxer who won the lineal championship in as many as five weight classes.

This extraordinary man is currently holding the position of a Senator of the Philippines.

2. Bruno Mars

This popular singer, songwriter, and dancer is of the Filipino origin from his mother’s side.

We have all heard and are happy to listen to jolly songs and ballads that this Filipino cutie has been making since 2004.

Although he has a girlfriend, many girls yearn for him.

3. Matteo Guidicelli

This 29-year-old hottie is all-in-one: an actor, singer, carting driver, and triathlete.

He acted in movies like ‘Catch Me, I’m in Love’ and ‘My Cactus Heart’.

As a singer, his first single was ‘Someone Like You’ and in 2016 he launched his first album named just like him: ‘Matteo Guidicelli’.

Though it seems that he is in a serious relationship, girls like watching him in his movies and performing in sports events.

Final Word

And this, my dears, is how you meet and date a Filipino man.

I hope you enjoyed my guide and I wish you all the luck in finding your perfect hot Filipino guy!

Lastly, make sure to check out our ultimate guide to dating men, You will find it very helpful as you travel across The Philippines.

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