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Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in 2021!

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    Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 1

    Hey all and welcome to my article on the best dating sites for over 50 individuals!

    Finding love among seniors in the golden years in real life is not an easy task.

    So, if you’re over 50 and looking for that special someone or like-minded individuals, then this list has got you covered.

    Let’s get right into the top online dating sites for over 50!

    Is your dating app giving you the best chance for success? Make sure to take our online dating site/app quiz to find out. People who follow our dating site suggestions have on average 2 more dates per month.

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      Best Dating Sites for Over 50

      Best Sites for 50s

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      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      1. Eharmony

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 2


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 3.5/5

      Profile Quality – 4.5/5

      Overall Rating – 4/5


      • Well-designed signing up process that leads to high-quality profiles
      • Modern design and simple layout that seniors prefer
      • Large audience and worldwide availability
      • Every member has full profile access


      • Standard members cannot send an unlimited number of messages

      Demographic Makeup

      People in their 50s are tired of games and need a website that will help them find their soul mate. Well, Ehamorny is behind around 600 000 marriages, and it could help you meet your future spouse.

      The website counts over 60 million users and it is available worldwide – people from 200 countries can join Eharmony.

      Furthermore, the women to men ratio is almost equal – there 6% fewer females on the website and this trend is present in all age groups.

      Around 20% of Eharmony’s users are older than 50 making it an ideal website for senior dating.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 3

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Eharmony is about simplicity – the design is appealing to both older and younger generations.

      People above 50 can easily navigate the website – icons are intuitive and they won’t feel overwhelmed by the number of features.

      Also, even if you want to use the app, you do not have to be super tech-savvy – it has a similar, simple layout as the desktop version.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 4

      You can create your Eharmony account via the desktop version.

      Keep in mind that the process of joining Eharmony is lengthy, but it results in detailed and informative profiles.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 5

      Let’s check out the most important Eharmony options:

      1. What if?

      You can meet people that do not meet all of your criteria.

      With the “What if” feature, extra 30 profiles are unlocked – you can expand your search and maybe even hit it off when someone you wouldn’t typically choose.

      2. Video date

      Many users fear scammers and do not feel comfortable with meeting someone offline.

      Before you go on a date in real life, organize a video date – you can meet someone in the comfort of your home, where you feel relaxed and secure.

      3. Send smile/question

      By sending a smile you are showing interest and initiating contact.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 6

      If during the conversation you run out of interesting topics, choose one of the prewritten questions – these will keep the conversation going and help you to get to know the other side better.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 7


      Eharmony has average prices. You can choose between three subscription plans and payment options.

      Only payments by credit card and PayPal are accepted.

      Here are the prices:


      • 6-month – $59.90


      • 12-month – $35.90


      • 24-month – $25.90


      1. About Eharmony company?

      Behind Eharmony is a clinical psychologist – Dr. Neil Clark Warren. The website was created in 2000 and since then brought together over 600 000 couples.

      2. Can the match be hidden?

      Yes, Ehamorny allows you to hide matches.

      All you have to do is visit the user’s profile and choose the “Hide this match”.

      Overall Rating

      Eharmony offers features that seniors will love and has a layout they can easily navigate. However, the limited number of messages for free members could negatively affect dating. I gave the website a score of 4/5.

      2. Ashley Madison

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 8


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 3.5/5

      Profile Quality – 3/5

      Overall Rating – 3.63/5


      • The website protects the user’s privacy
      • Ladies can send messages for free
      • All profiles are unlocked
      • Sign-up is free and quick


      • The quality of profiles is low
      • Men have to upgrade their profile to send messages

      Demographic Makeup

      Some people, no matter how old they get, do not want to settle down. If you are in your 50s, already in a relationship, but looking for some fun on the side, then join Ashely Madison.

      This website has millions of users worldwide, out of which 17 million are Americans that are looking for a new affair.

      The men are significantly outnumbering women – around 72% of users are males, and the same trend is present in all age groups.

      For age group 55+, the difference in the number of female and male users is even bigger – only 6% of females are older than 55.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 9

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Ashely Madison has a straightforward design – since people of any age can decide to start a relationship outside marriage, the layout is suitable for everyone.

      The app offers the same features as the website – it can be installed on iOS and Android mobile phones.

      When it comes to the registration process, it is free and simple – the entire process takes only a few minutes, and you won’t have to share too much personal information.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 10

      The thing that has to be stated is relationship status – since this is a website for discreet relationships, you can be entirely honest about your love life.

      So, how difficult is it to find an affair with Ashley Madison?

      There are a few features that can help you:

      1. Traveling Man

      You can meet new people even when you are traveling and on the go – this feature will give you access to 30 profiles from the country you are visiting, so you can arrange a date as soon as you land.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 11

      2. Discreet Photos

      You do not have to show your profile photo – the photo can stay blur and only people with access keys will be able to see it.

      3. Priority Man

      Priority Man will give your profile a boost and increase its visibility, so more members can contact you.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 12


      On Ashley Madison, you aren’t purchasing a membership, but credits.

      Since guys have limited access to some features, purchasing credits is a must.

      They will not only unlock the messaging feature but also boost their profile, so more women will see them. 

      Three credit packages are offered:


      • 100 Credits – $59.00


      • 500 Credits – $169.00


      • 1 000 Credits – $289.00


      1. Is there a way to hide my profile picture?

      Yes, members can blur their profile photos. If somebody asks to see the picture, share the key with them. Also, you can unblur your photo whenever by turning off the Automatic Private Key Exchange.

      2. Can I send messages without spending credits?

      Yes, Ashley Madison has a Message plus feature – you will be able to send texts only to members you have already talked to. Keep in mind that the feature is active only for one month after the first purchase.

      Overall Rating

      Ashley Madison is great for anyone that wants to break the monotony of everyday life – your privacy and identity will be protected, and made connections will be memorable. The overall score of Ashely Madison is 3.63/5.

      1. Match

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 13


      Signing up – 4.5/5

      Making Contact – 3.5/5

      Profile Quality – 4.5/5

      Overall Rating – 4.13/5


      • Members are active and willing to purchase a membership
      • An even number of female and male users
      • There is a variety of search filters
      • You can track the member’s activity


      • Only subscribers can send messages and join chat rooms

      Demographic Makeup

      I had to conclude one of the oldest dating websites – has gathered over 20 million users across the globe, and around half of the users are from the USA. has almost the same number of female and male users – there are 5% more men, and in different age groups, men are more active.

      Around 40% of users are older than 50 – in the 55+ age group, there are almost twice as many men as women.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 14

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      What makes so successful?

      The website has a simple design, and amazing search filters, so like-minded people can easily find each other.

      If you visit the Discover page, you can add some advanced search filters as well.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 15

      Members (even the ones with standard membership) get full access to profiles. You will notice that profile quality is high, and this is due to the great sign-up process.

      Every member has to upload a few photos, and the maximum number of photos is 26. There is also a profile builder – a lengthy questionnaire about your look, habits, interest along with the short “about me” description.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 16

      The app is available for Apple and Android – it has the same features and layout as the mobile version.

      Here are some of the features:

      1. Real Talk

      If you are struggling to keep the conversation going, use Real Talk – there are a variety of proposed topics.

      2. Date Check-in

      Before going on a date, list three emergency contacts, and share information about your date with them.

      Also, the website will check on you from time to time, and you can send SOS messages if you don’t feel secure or comfortable.

      3. Video Date

      If you feel more comfortable with virtual dates, use Video Date to meet another member. Privacy is granted, so you can enjoy intimate conversations – just like on the real date!

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 17


      This website is the one with the highest number of subscribed members – 8 million users decided to purchase one of the proposed plans.

      The subscription unlocks messages, MatchPhone, and anonymous browsing.

      How much will it cost you? Take a look at the plans:

      Premium Plan

      • 3-month – $44.97
      • 6-month – $68.94
      • 12-month – $107.88

      Standard Plan

      • 3-month – $38.97
      • 6-month – $59.94
      • 12-month – $95.88

      There is also an option to purchase Boost or Credits:

      • 1 Credit  – $0.99
      • 5 Credits – $4.00
      • 10 Credits – $6.00


      1. Is the subscription renewed automatically?

      Yes, once the subscription expires, it will be renewed automatically.

      You can turn this feature off in the Settings.

      2. What is a Satisfaction Guarantee?

      If your membership doesn’t help you with meeting new people, you are eligible for a free 6-month subscription.

      Overall Rating offers great search filters, a profile builder that increases profile quality, and a variety of features for both offline and online dates. It has an overall rating of 4.13/5.

      4. Elite Singles

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 18


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 3.5/5

      Profile Quality – 4.5/5

      Overall Rating – 3.88/5


      • Great design of the website
      • Active members across the globe
      • With the 5 Questions feature, you can initiate conversation and get to know other members
      • Members are single professionals and academics


      • Free members can’t read received messages

      Demographic Makeup

      For professional singles, dating can be quite challenging due to a lack of free time – that is when Elite Singles set in.

      Members of Elite Singles are mostly well-educated, academic singles. Each week 65 thousand people join Elite Singles and every month, over 2 thousand connections are made through it.

      About 5 million users are Americans, and members from Canada and the United Kingdom are quite active as well.

      Overall there is almost the same number of female and male users, but the ratio varies in different age groups.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 19

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Both desktop and mobile versions feature the same clear and green theme.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 20

      You will notice that the icons, tabs, and features are quite intuitive, so it is super easy to find what you need.

      The website has an on-going survey regarding its design and usability, and you can complete it and share your thoughts on the subject.

      To join, you will have to fill a few forms – keep in mind that the sign-up process can take even up to 20 or more minutes.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 21

      In the end, you will have a detailed profile that will probably get high visibility and match rate.

      During sign-up, around 29 different personality traits are analyzed – if you get tired of answering questions, just save your progress and come back to them later.

      Here are some of the great Elite Singles features:

      1. Match Recommendation

      Best Limited Time Offers

      "Best Matchmaker" "Discreet Dating""Best for Flings"

      Website is doing the browsing for you – every day, a new member will be proposed to you as a potential match. Then you can decide whether you want to contact them or not.

      2. Have you met?

      You can see a full list of members that share your interests and habits – these are the profiles that came up as a result of a manual search, and you decided to skip.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 22

      3. Magazine

      Want to read more about some dating tips? Or ideas for the first date?

      Check out the posts from Elite Singles Magazine.


      Elite Singles is a pricier website – however, the benefits of buying a membership are numerous.

      You will get an unlimited number of messages, extra 20 matches per day, and unlock comments.

      Wondering about the cost? These are the prices:


      • 3-month – $104.85


      • 6-month – $119.70


      • 12-month – $215.40


      1. Why do I have to complete the personality test?

      Elite Singles personality test has questions grouped in several categories and results are used for matchmaking.

      By sharing your relationship preferences, the website will be able to find you more matches.

      2. How to delete my Elite Singles account?

      If you no longer want to use Elite Singles, then go to Account and tap on the Delete my Account. Once this action is completed, all likes, matches, and conversations are lost.

      Overall Rating

      Elite Singles got an overall score of 3.88/5. It is an ideal website for professional singles over 50 – the website will do the search for you and because of the great design, you will easily navigate it.

      5. Lumen

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 23


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 3/5

      Profile Quality – 3.5/5

      Overall Rating – 3.5/5


      • The low number of fake profiles
      • Every member has to go through a verification process
      • Website design suitable for 50+ singles
      • The budget-friendly dating app


      • Standard members get only 5 texts each day

      Demographic Makeup

      Lumen is one of the oldest dating websites for people over 50, so I couldn’t exclude it from this list.

      It is available in around 130 countries worldwide and counts millions of users. Furthermore, the website has 30 thousand weekly logins.

      As far as gender distribution goes, the number of female users is equal to male users.

      If you want to join the website, you only have to fulfill one requirement – you have to be 50 or older.

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop”

      Lumen has a white and yellow theme, and the design is modern but age-appropriate.

      Keep in mind that Lumen only exists as a dating app – generally, seniors prefer the website version over a mobile one, but there have been only a few complaints about the app.

      Users are satisfied with the simplicity of the app – finding new people is easy since only members from the area are listed.

      To create a profile, you can either link Facebook or use a phone number.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 24

      Every member has to prove the identity, and two photos have to be uploaded – once the verification process is done, you can start browsing.

      Let’s see what Lumen has to offer:

      1. Response in 72 hours

      Since seniors aren’t quite tech-savvy and an inbox full of unread messages might overwhelm them, there is a 72-hour timeframe for replying.

      After 3-days, the message is automatically deleted.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 25

      2. Ice-breaker

      This is the first message another member will receive from you – something like a pick-up line.

      Ice-breaker can have up to 50 characters, so do not think too much about it – a simple “Hello” is a great conversation starter.

      3. Star

      By tapping on a star on someone’s profile, you are adding them to your list of favorites.

      You can later contact the people from this list.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 26


      Lumen is one of the budget-friendly dating apps – the price of premium membership is based on the duration.

      The app accepts payments via credit or debit card, and mobile phone.

      If you choose the purchase the membership, you will unlock an unlimited number of messages and see a list of members that have liked your profile.

      Check out the prices:

      • 7-day – $11.99
      • 1 month – $35.99
      • 3-month – $71.99
      • 6-month – $99.99


      1. How many messages can a free member send?

      As a free member, you will get only five messages each day. To unlock more, you will have to buy a membership.

      2. Can a location be changed?

      No, it is automatically determined via GPS, so you cannot alter it manually.

      Overall Rating

      Lumen is an exclusive dating app for people over 50 – features are made to meet the requirements of the senior audience. However, because of the limited access to the messaging feature and lack of a desktop version, I gave it a score of 3.5/5.

      6. Plenty of Fish

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 27


      Signing up – 4/5

      Making Contact – 4/5

      Profile Quality – 3.5/5

      Overall Rating – 3.88/5


      • The website is available in multiple languages
      • There is an anti-robot verification
      • With Priority message, you can boost the sent messages
      • POF profiles are quite informative


      • The website version is not as good as the mobile app

      Demographic Makeup

      Plenty of Fish or POF is another international website for dating over 50.

      It has gathered around 90 million singles and around 10 million conversations occur per day.

      Where do these conversations lead? Well, the younger audience is typically looking for casual dating, while seniors are mostly interested in long-term connections.

      30% of users are seniors and in age groups of 45-54 and 55+, there are more women – there are about 20% fewer women than men on the website.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 28

      Another thing that should be stated is that over 85% of users are Americans, so if you are from the USA, you shouldn’t have any trouble with finding someone special on POF.

      Ease of use “mobile and desktop version”

      Let’s talk about the design – you can access POF via app or desktop.

      The desktop version is well-designed, but not as good as the app – many users feel overwhelmed by different information, so they turn to the app.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 29

      However, since the desktop is more suitable for 55+ audience, they usually stick to this version and quickly learn how to navigate it.

      If you want to download the app, you can do it for free from the App and Play Store.

      For joining, you have to complete a questionnaire, so do not expect it to be a quick process.

      There is also anti-robot verification.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 30

      Joining via any social media account isn’t possible, and you can only use these profiles to add photos once the registration process is over.

      Wondering how to contact other members? Use one of the POF features:

      1. Ultra Match

      This feature will display only profile with a super high match rate.

      2. Meet Me

      Not all members are comfortable with meeting offline. You can see those that are with the Meet Me feature.

      Profiles are shown one-by-one, and you can choose between “Yes”, “Super yes”, “Maybe” or “No”.

      Best Dating Sites for Over 50 Individuals in [year]! 31

      3. Priority Message

      Your message can easily get lost in somebody’s inbox – if you want to make sure that the other person sees it, use Priority message to keep it at the top of the inbox.

      4. Chemistry Predictor

      If you love personality quizzes, then do one on the POF – the results will be used for finding your perfect match on the website.


      Now that you are familiar with amazing POF features, you are probably thinking about the prices.

      POF has average prices – they are based on subscription period and you can pay via credit card, PayPal, or mobile.

      With an upgraded account, numerous features are unlocked. Whether they are worth it is up to you to decide:

      • 2-month – $38.70
      • 4-month – $51.00
      • 8-month – $81.40


      1. What will I get with an Upgraded account?

      The membership will boost your profile visibility in Meet me, unlock extra profile information, the status of your messages, and 3 gifts per day. Also, you will probably receive more emails.

      2. Is POF available in other languages besides English?

      Yes, it features French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

      Overall Rating

      POF got an overall score of 3.88. Members have numerous great matchmaking features to try out and the layout of the app is great, but the creators should improve the quality of the website version as well.

      Conclusion on the best dating sites for over 50! 

      Conclusion on the best dating sites for over 50!

      Age shouldn’t be a barrier to meeting new people and as online dating isn’t meant for young people only, feel good about your age and meeting new people.

      Dating or just hanging out, doesn’t matter. These websites will help you enjoy your silver years.

      I wish you all luck, now get out there and live!

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