How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account Forever (2024)

Creating a Seeking Arrangement profile and starting your sugar baby or sugar daddy journey looking for a long relationship (like eHarmony or Tinder) or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), may seem to be challenging in the beginning, but the process that will really take you a lot of time and attention to finish is the process of deleting your account.

How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account Forever ([year]) 5

Is Seeking Arrangement the best dating site for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Seeking. is certainly the most popular sugar dating site, but there are quite a few obstacles following the deactivation process of your account.

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Here, I’ll show you:

How to delete your Seeking Arrangement account permanently
How to get in touch with their customer support
Can you get your money back if you delete the account
And much more

Your sugar dating expert is here to lead you through this process, reveal all the obstacles you may encounter, and help you finish it as fast as possible.

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How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account Forever ([year]) 6

How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account?

Even though most people struggle with creating a unique and interesting sugar dating profile, the process of deactivating or deleting your account is way more complicated and will take you much more time.

Many people ask me “How do I delete my account permanently?” and unfortunately, your profile is never deleted for good.

But first, let’s take it easy and explain how to cancel Seeking Arrangement account in the first place.

Step 1: Click on Your Username

Once you log into your account, you need to click on your username or your thumbnail in the top right corner in order to access the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Seeking Arrangement Review | Sugar Baby Profile Examples

When the drop-down menu opens, you should choose the Settings page and get to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Find Deactivate or Delete Option

You will see two options at the bottom of the page – one is to deactivate and the other is to delete your Seeking Arrangement profile.

Step 4: Choose to Delete or Deactivate Your Profile

Now you can choose the option you came here for and decide to deactivate or delete the Seeking Arrangement profile.

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Seeking Arrangement Review | Sugar Baby Profile Examples

However, something everyone who uses SA and has tried to delete or deactivate their account struggles with is the fact that your profile will actually never get deleted or become invisible to other users of the platform.

Most users who tried to deactivate their account have had plenty of problems because they were actually still receiving emails telling them someone has viewed their profile and they were still able to receive messages from other people.

Something Seeking Arrangement never explicitly reveals is the fact that they never delete any of your information, especially if you just deactivate, and did not delete the account.

You can try testing this out and have your sugar baby friend leave you a message or a comment on your deactivated account.

In 8 out of 10 cases, you will still get an email notifying you about who is trying to reach out to you through your dating profile.

Even though many former users tried reaching out to Seeking Arrangement customer support and demanding some kind of explanation for things like this, the staff decided to remain silent.

During the past few years, we have been hearing a lot about Seeking Arrangement updating its privacy policy and adding many other features, but it seems like there was no progress and everything was just simple words, spoken out to the public just to silence them.

Seeking Arrangement never really reacted upon these accusations or even addressed the problem of deactivated accounts, but the users have realized that there is no option to really delete or deactivate your account and that all of these profiles just get frozen.

When signing up for Seeking Arrangement, there are plenty of Terms and conditions you agree with that you probably don’t even read, and one of them is that you allow them to keep all of your messages and information even after you deactivate or delete your account.

Seeking Arrangement claims that even though your profile will disappear from the homepage and won’t be shown to other people when they are searching for sugar dating partners, certain data will still be retained for analytical purposes and for legal reasons.

In case you left the platform owing money to Seeking Arrangement or scamming some of the users, the platform will use all the information it has in order to track you down in real life and make you face the consequences.

However, even if it looks like a really good option that keeps all of their users safe and sound, it is still a way of violating your privacy and interfering with your personal stuff.

There is really no disclaimer for this option, and if you are not one of these people who read every single point in the Terms and conditions section, then you probably have no idea about this.

It is something that has been a mystery for most sugar babies during the past few years, but eventually, all the pieces started to fall into place.

The same thing happens also to those people whose profiles get removed, suspended, or permanently deleted for soliciting or offering escort services.

Some users have a theory that the staff of Seeking Arrangement themselves report suspicious profiles to the police and use the information they have on their accounts in order to track them and find their real names.

Even though this is something that has never been confirmed and an allegation that we don’t have enough evidence for, there were for sure some suspicious arrests throughout the USA, so we can see the reason why people believe it.

No matter what happens and whether you delete or deactivate your account, I recommend keeping track of your conversations with customer support and taking screenshots of everything.

Why stay in touch with Seeking Arrangement customer care?

If you leave this platform for good, you probably won’t have a way to contact customer support in case something happens in the future.

It is usually restricted to users only and you can’t find their email or phone number on the internet, so always save all the emails you used to get in touch with them because it may be needed in the future too.

How Do I Delete My Sugar Daddy Account?

Unfortunately, there is no way you will be able to create your sugar daddy dating profile on without agreeing to this term.

You need to approve all the Terms and conditions by Seeking Arrangement in order to create your profile, which means that you will always need to allow the platform to keep your information for as long as it’s needed, and that’s probably forever.

Once you delete your account the way we explained in the previous paragraph, your profile will formally be deleted and it probably won’t be popping out to other people, but your information will still stay with the company and they will be able to use it however they want.

This is one of the reasons why you should always use a fake email, fake identity, and create separate PayPal or CashApp accounts just for your sugar life.

If you act like this you don’t have to worry about your information leaking or getting sent to the wrong people because all they have about you is completely fake and can’t harm your integrity or social status.

However, if you weren’t that careful and you actually used this sugar dating website under your real name and have your regular email connected to the account, you don’t have to feel too scared, but be aware that this information is on the internet and in case something goes public in the next few years, it was probably sold by the company to a third party.

For this reason, I always recommend getting a Seeking Arrangement phone number, fake identity, and email because it is the easiest way to protect yourself and it definitely won’t cost you anything.

Seeking Arrangement works just like all the other popular social media nowadays does and you have to be aware that everything that gets onto the internet once, stays there forever and it can be seen by people from different parts of the world at any time.

The moment you delete the Seeking Arrangement account you will be left without your premium membership and all the connections you had on it.

When you delete your profile you can get back onto the platform only with a new account that will be created via a different email and use a completely different name and username.

How to Delete SeekingArrangement Account Through The App?

How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account Forever ([year]) 7

You don’t have to use to start your sugar dating life because there is also a Seeking Arrangement app available to all Android mobile phones.

The mobile app is almost the same as the sugar dating website and it allows you to create your profile, upload all the information to it and reach out to sugar daddies.

It is very easy to navigate and can be downloaded for free from Google Play, but unfortunately, it is still not available for iOs devices, but Brandon Wade promised it will soon be available on their app store too.

Unfortunately, a great disadvantage to the Seeking Arrangement app is the fact that you won’t be able to delete your account through it, so you will still need to use the website in that case.

However, the mobile app allows you to deactivate your account in just a few simple steps.

Once you log into your account through the app, you will see the drop-down menu in the left corner of your homepage.

You will have to choose the Settings page and scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the option for deactivating your account.

When choosing this option you will also have to clarify why you are leaving the platform and do you plan on logging back onto it in the future or not.

Choose your reason, describe it and click the “deactivate” button and voila, you are done!

In case you change your mind in the future and decide to start the sugar baby lifestyle once again, you can always just log in to your old account.

The moment you log in, you will be transferred back to your old account and you can just continue to use it like you never even deactivated it. 

Can I Get My Money Back If I Delete My Account?

How to Delete Your Seeking Arrangement Account Forever ([year]) 8

Seeking Arrangement is very strict about refunds and in case you delete your premium account, your premium membership will be permanently lost and you won’t be able to access your unused time in the future.

However, this dating platform never defined what happens to your premium membership in case you deactivate your account for some time and it is something you will have to sort out with the Seeking Arrangement customer service.

They claim that every profile is different and if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you should reach out directly to their Seeking Arrangement customer care in order to find out whether you will be able to use the leftover premium time or not.

Whatever the case is, don’t put too many hopes up because just like all other dating platforms, Seeking Arrangement wants to earn as much money as they can so they will rarely approve you to use the leftover time.

What Should I Do If My Account Still Remains Active?

Just like we mentioned before, many sugar babies shared their experience with deactivating and deleting their accounts, reporting suspicious actions related to it.

Once you have deleted or deactivated your account, you should watch out for your sugar dating email and check if some notifications or emails from Seeking Arrangement are still being sent.

In case you receive emails telling you that someone started messaging you or that someone left a comment on your sugar baby profile, you should always reach out to the Seeking Arrangement customer support in order to sort this problem out.

Even though it may just be an error made by their software or website, you should always send them an email and report the problem you are experiencing, especially if you have deleted your account.

They will send you another account link and take you through a bit longer process that will allow you to remove your account for good, but you should still keep an eye on it for a week or two.

As you could see, the Seeking Arrangement delete account process is not very complicated, but the fact is that there are different types of suspicious behaviors on this website that were reported by people who deleted their accounts, so you should always be extra careful and control the actions performed by the platform in the next few days.

Seeking Arrangement has never been directly linked to any type of scams or information leaks, but I always recommend everyone in the sugar industry, whether they are a man or a woman, to create a fake identity in order to stay safe and protect their real-life identity.

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