Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in 2024? – Protect Yourself Now!

Seeking Arrangement is definitely the most popular sugar dating website that has millions of sugar babies and sugar daddies searching for a beneficial relationship.

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 9

Is Seeking Arrangement the best dating site for you?

Statistically speaking, probably not. People who follow our app recommendations have 2 times as many dates on average compared to using Seeking.

When entering the sugar dating industry, both sides want to protect their privacy and safety so they spend most of their time looking for a platform that will provide them with complete safety at all times and in all situations.

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Find out:

How safe is Seeking Arrangement?
Can it protect you from potential scammers?
What can you do in case you get scammed through it
And much more

Your sugar dating insider is here to give you all the answers and help you enter the sugaring world safely.

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Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 10

How Safe Is Seeking Arrangement?

Sugar dating sites can sometimes have a pretty bad reputation regarding their privacy policy and both men and women tend to be scared to start their sugaring experience this way.

Even though there was a rise in the number of fake and scam profiles during the pandemic, those were usually the ones that were very easy to recognize because of their unrealistic offers or broken grammar.

However, knowing how to spot a fake sugar daddy is something everyone should be able to do, and these types of scams are usually well-known in the sugar dating industry and people just ignore them or block these profiles.

So, how does Seeking Arrangement work to help reduce scams?

Seeking Arrangement has a pretty good staff that is in contact with their users 24 hours every single day, so once a sugar baby or sugar daddy recognizes some suspicious behavior or profiles and reports it to the staff, the profile will be taken down for good.

Their customer support is always available to everyone and if you ever see something suspicious, make sure you report it to them and save both yourself and other sugar babies.

Just like on other social media platforms and websites, you should never give out your real identity, phone number, email, and bank account, and credit card info in order to keep yourself safe.

If you keep this information a secret, there is little to no chance of you falling for any of these scams.

How safe you are on Seeking Arrangement also has a lot to do with you, so make sure you keep your privacy protected at all costs if you prefer online only sugar baby jobs.

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 11

Unfortunately, SA has become a place where many dangerous scammers are trying to find the perfect victims, and there have even been cases of even human trafficking organizations trying to use it to find the girls.

This is the reason why I can’t stress enough how important it is to reveal your date location and all the information upfront to your friend or your sibling so they can wait for you or even follow you to your date.

OFL Top Recommendations based on 100,000+ Survey

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College sugar babes are usually the ones who are targeted by scammers, so please make sure you stay safe at all times and always think twice before you respond to someone and agree on a date with them.

Do not fall for men offering to pay for your student loans the moment they reach out to you and specifically do not fall for 30-year-old sugar daddies offering you the world.

Scamming sugar daddies know that college girls don’t want an old sugar daddy and that student loans and rent are their biggest problem, so they get straight to the point and offer impossible things like this because they know they will fall for it.

The question is, can you get scammed on Seeking Arrangement?

This is a Seeking Arrangement FAQ that is pretty hard to answer because if you are not skilled enough and are a complete newbie to sugar dating, you sure can get scammed because you probably won’t be able to recognize a scammer.

However, if you ask me if Seeking Arrangement is safe to use, I would always say it is the safest dating platform in general and that attractive women who want to become sugar babies should not use other dating services because they are way less safe and convenient.

Brandon Wade, the creator of Seeking Arrangement has been talking a lot about new additions and features that will become a part of the platform, so we can be sure that new things are awaiting us pretty soon.

One of the newest features we have seen on Seeking Arrangement is the verification process which screens people to find out whether they have a criminal record or are a part of other illegal activities, and if case they come out completely clear, they receive a verified badge on their profile.

Yes, the best Seeking Arrangement profiles belong to verified users.

What Is The Seeking Arrangement Verification Process?

The Seeking Arrangement Verification Process is one of the newest additions to this online dating platform which screens a potential sugar daddy for all different types of criminal records.

This Seeking Arrangement background check will go through all the legal documents to find out whether a sugar daddy is a registered sex offender, has any sort of violent crimes committed in the past, and generally check whether they have committed any felonious assaults.

It also checks their home address and goes through international warrants and wants to make sure this person has not committed crimes somewhere outside of the USA.

However, this doesn’t allow you as a sugar baby to put somebody through screening, but rather offers sugar daddies the opportunity to stand out and bag themselves a younger woman in a matter of a few days with their verified account.

The whole screening is performed by Optimum Screening and every individual can sign up for this process.

In 3 to 5 days, the whole process will be finished and you will get your Seeking Arrangement background verified, but also your verified badge which will make a man extremely popular among sugar babies.

Since this is something that is not performed for all of the seeking arrangement profiles, there are still many fake profiles and scammers on there, but more and more men are signing themselves up for this process in order to get that badge.

The moment they get verified, they will have much more chances of finding a great sugar baby than when they are a regular profile.

Unfortunately, the truth about Seeking Arrangements is that just because someone has no criminal record and seems like a decent person, it still doesn’t mean that they don’t try manipulating people and forcing them into things they don’t want.

Rape crimes are rarely reported to the police, so even though he may seem like a great man, you should never get too comfortable and make sure to always keep an eye out on him and his behavior.

Is Seeking Arrangement Illegal?

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 12

Do not let other people fool you with their opinions because sugar dating is certainly not illegal, and neither is Seeking Arrangement.

Newbie sugar babies very often ask me if Seeking Arrangement legal or not because they clearly don’t know the difference between being a sex worker and a sugar baby.

Many people mistake sugar relationships for sex work or escort service and believe that you can get punished for sugaring.

However, and websites similar to it connect young women and older men in order to help them establish mutually beneficial relationships that will be almost the same as traditional ones.

The main purpose of these dating platforms is to connect young women in need with lonely older men who seek company and someone who will provide them with support in hard times.

Sugar relationships consist of both emotional (like eHarmony or Tinder) and sexual components (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), and they provide people with a real experience, helping them connect to people with similar interests who they may never get the chance to meet in real life.

There have been a few cases of Seeking Arrangement prostitution where women were very clear that they offer only sex for money and nothing else, and this is the type of behavior does not support, and neither does the police.

Having a sex arrangement for money is something completely different from sugar dating, so if this is what you want to offer, then you should find another platform.

Should I be a Sugar Baby with Seeking Arrangement; is it illegal in this case?

For sure it is because giving sex in exchange for money is clearly prostitution and is not the type of behavior supported on this platform.

Seeking Arrangement sex is a part of sugar relationships, but not in direct exchange for money because it should be something normal and casual for every relationship.

Are There Any Other Ways To Do A Background Check?

If you want to know how to safely be a sugar baby online, you should get acquainted with the measures offered by Seeking Arrangement.

The safety measure arrangement is offering you certainly won’t provide you with enough info, and probably doesn’t include sugar daddies you might be interested in, so there are plenty of other ways to do the background check on your own.

The first time I have heard about another background check option is when I heard of the safety meetup agreement ID offered by a platform called Dating ID.

Dating ID allows people to create their own profile and get a verified dating ID for free.

Even though in the beginning it didn’t have access to police records, that is one of their newest additions so you can be sure all men on this platform are real and they won’t try scamming you or hurting you in any way.

In order to get verified, you have to provide the platform with your home address, a picture of your driving license and ID card, but also answer the short video call, just so they can make sure it is really you behind the profile

Sugar babies can get on this platform and search their potential sugar daddy by their name to see whether he is a part of a SeekingArrangement scam or not.

BackgroundCheck is also one of the best websites around for this kind of stuff because it can even give you information about their friends and family, how well their company is performing, and link you to their social media profiles.

This app is not free and the membership is usually around 50 dollars per year, but it is something you must invest in if you are a sugar baby or looking for a gay sugar daddy.

It allows you to find out anything and everything about a potential sugar daddy and you can be sure you won’t get scammed if you use this platform for your research.

SpyDial is also a great app that will allow you to see who is behind a phone number and where is he living.

It can help you identify a sugar daddy who doesn’t want to give out his real name and give you all the information you need to have in order to blackmail him in case he tries harming you in any way.

EmailSherlock is also a great secure dating arrangement app that allows you to see the IP address behind someone’s email, track his home address and location at any time.

SpyPig and iFread offer similar services and they even help you create a specific emoji that you can put into the email or a message you are sending to your sugar daddy.

Once you start messaging them and send the emoji, you will be able to find their IP address, home number, and many more things.

This is something I recommend using if you think you are being approached by a scammer because once you threaten them with their real information, they will for sure just delete their profile and get off of

One thing I always tell sugar babies is to not underestimate Facebook, Instagram, and other social media because you need just a little bit of effort to find out a lot about these men.

Everyone posts a lot of things to their social media profile so you will be able to find out whether they are married or not, whether they have kids or not and it will also help you get an overall picture of their lifestyle.

When using Seeking Arrangement you can also be sure that all men who have a diamond or premium membership are real sugar daddies because this is something that costs them up to 250 dollars, so no scammer or sex trafficking schemer would pay for that.

During the last year, we have seen a spike in the number of scammers on all sugar dating platforms, but we have also seen that they are usually left without any answers because sugar babies nowadays are very aware of schemes and scams circulating through these platforms.

How Do You Stay Safe On Seeking Arrangement?

Both sugar babies and sugar daddies need to do everything in order to protect themselves on sugar dating platforms, and Seeking Arrangement is no exception to that.

Even though it has a great customer support and there are many Seeking Arrangement hacks that will help you recognize a scammer or a Splenda daddy, you still need to be extra careful when using it.

So, how can you stay safe while sugaring?

1. Always identify your sugar daddy

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 13

Sugar babies encounter many more dangerous situations than sugar daddies and I always recommend them to find out as much as they can about their men before they agree to go on a first date.

Google him, try finding his LinkedIn profile and other social media to get as much info as you can, so in case something goes wrong you will be able to threaten him with this.

If he mentions what company he is working for, you should also verify that company, see how much he could be making and make sure he really is their employee.

2. Never use the same pictures

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 14

The pictures you upload to your sugar baby profile on these dating apps should never be the pictures you already have on your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, or other social media account.

They will be able to find your real name just by a simple Google image search.

3. Invent a completely fake identity

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 15

Every sugar baby should have a completely fake identity that has nothing to do with her real name and surname.

Your sugar baby profile names must be completely different to keep you safe.

When you are creating your sugar baby alias, you should also create an email address specifically for sugaring and sign up for all the websites and apps you will need through it.

Your Seeking Arrangement account, PayPal, CashApp, Venmo – everything should be connected to this email and you should never connect it to your real phone number.

Be careful with the banking apps you use to receive your Seeking Arrangement allowance and make sure your real name is never mentioned on them.

Make sure you receive your sugar baby monthly allowance through some of these platforms and never reveal your bank account or credit card information.

Be extremely careful and try not to give yourself out through your sugar baby about me description, invent a lot of different facts about yourself to make your identity realistic.

If you succeed to establish a long-term arrangement, you can always reveal your real name to your sugar daddy after a month or two, but don’t do anything before you feel really safe.

In case you don’t really feel safe revealing your real identity any time in the future, you can always get a fake ID that you will use in his presence, and in case you are traveling together, you can always get your name changed on the passengers’ list and it won’t cost you more than 30 dollars.

4. Skype or FaceTime with him before the first date

Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in [year]? - Protect Yourself Now! 16

You want to make sure you are talking to the man that is on the pictures of this sugar daddy profile, so propose to him a short Skype or FaceTime call before the first date, just to get to know each other.

It is important to know how to tell if a sugar daddy is real or not. This will save you from a lot of time-wasting.

This online date should not replace the real one, but rather help you verify that a real man is behind the profile and let you see whether he is a real gentleman or just a pervert.

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