Splenda Daddies (2024) – Who are They? | How to recognize Them?

Understanding the sugar dating lingo can be quite tricky for both men and women who are new to this industry, but that is nothing to be ashamed of.

You came upon the term Splenda daddy but have no idea what it really means?

Don’t worry, I will be happy to explain:

Who are Splenda daddies
How you can spot one
And more

Your sugar dating expert has you covered on all sugar topics, so just enjoy yourself and find out what is Splenda dating.

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Who Is A Splenda Daddy And How Is He Different From A Sugar Daddy?

The term Splenda daddy is quite frequent on all social media and sugar dating websites, but many people still don’t know what it really means.

One thing we have to clarify right now is that this isn’t a sugar daddy synonym.

There are few meanings of a Splenda daddy, but it is usually used to refer to men who want to be sugar daddies, but just don’t have enough money to pull off that kind of lifestyle.

This is also the definition you will come across when using Urban Dictionary or some other sugar dating websites or guides.

However, a Splenda daddy is not a man who will require you to make his wishes and desires come true for free.

Splenda daddies are pretty aware of how sugar dating works, but they just have less money to offer to you than other wealthier sugar daddies on these networks.

Being a Splenda baby means that you will be spoiled and get a monthly allowance just like regular sugar babies, but the amount of money you will be getting is smaller than average.

Splenda Daddies ([year]) - Who are They? | How to recognize Them? 3

The Splenda meaning is not reserved only for this, so some people use it to refer to older men who want to be sugar daddies and have relationships with younger women but have much less disposable income than most of the older sugar daddies who pursue this lifestyle.

If you are asking what’s the opposite of a sugar daddy, then I would necessarily say that Splenda daddy is the complete opposite because even though they invest less money, they still manage to spoil their Splenda babies.

A Splenda is an artificial sweetener, similar to actual sugar, which means that a Splenda daddy is some form of a replacement for a regular sugar daddy who is not that rich and successful but is still willing to spoil you and give you a monthly allowance.

Some people say that a Splenda daddy looks like sugar and even tastes similar to sugar, but it can’t offer you any of that extra calorie bullshit that makes a sugar daddy desirable.

How to Be a Splenda Daddy?

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Being a Splenda daddy is quite easy since all that you need is a few hundred dollars of disposable income at the end of each month and you’ll be fine.

You can look for your Splenda baby through sugar baby websites that are usually used for sugar dating like What’s your price or SugarDaddyMeet, or through dating apps like Tinder.

Many girls opt for having a Splenda daddy, especially If they can’t find a good and trustworthy sugar daddy, so don’t worry, there is no way you won’t have any success on these platforms.

All you have to do is be kind and respectful and women will come to you, even If you don’t have thousands of dollars to offer them. You can maintain long-lasting relationships (like Tinder or eHarmony) or have just casual hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

What you have to know is that just like you have a financial budget, they have a time budget too and they won’t be available 24/7 to someone who isn’t paying them well.

Respect their time and don’t insist on meeting every weekend or texting all the time, because no one can provide you with that for such a small amount of money.

How to Spot A Splenda Daddy?

Spotting a Splenda daddy is usually very easy since many of them will introduce themselves as Splenda daddies so you can know what their abilities are from the start.

Most Splenda daddies are proud because they are one of them and won’t try to trick you into thinking they are wealthy sugar daddies.

In case they don’t introduce themselves as Splenda daddies, you will make that conclusion shortly after you hear how much money they are able to offer you per week or month. 

How to tell the difference between sugar and Splenda daddy is very easy – you can do that by inspecting their online profile and net worth, or after a short conversation where they will tell you what are the experiences and gifts they can provide you with.

If they don’t have their net worth listed on their What’s your price account or don’t have any type of experiences listed in their description bio on the online dating profile, they are probably Splenda daddies.

Splenda Daddies ([year]) - Who are They? | How to recognize Them? 4

In case, he shares his social media profile with you, you can find out a lot from his previous posts or comments, which can tell you what type of a man he is and how willing he will be to invest in you.

Many books that explore the world of sugar dating cover this topic among all others, and you can easily find them on Amazon.

The customer reviews on Brandon Wade’s book, for example, are great, and they have been a great source of information to both sugar dating experts like myself, and newbies to sugar dating.

I am sure they will provide you with a lot of knowledge regarding this type of relationship but also everything else you need to know about how to become a sugar baby.

How to Reject A Splenda Daddy?

All sugar babies that don’t want to mess with Splenda daddies and believe they are asking for too much time and attention for a small amount of money should not be afraid to reject them.

How can you reject a Splenda daddy politely?

Explain to them this is something you do for a living and that you need a certain amount of financial support each month in order to live comfortably and that you can’t allow yourself to spend your precious time on people who can’t provide you with everything you need.

They need to understand that this is something your life usually depends on and that unless you really like them or have no other sugar daddies, you can’t engage in this type of relationship.

There is no sugar daddy sweetener that can enhance the experiences they are offering to you, so for some sugar babies, it is unacceptable and impossible to engage in this type of relationship.

The truth may hurt them a little bit, but they will get over it since there are many other women who would love to become their Splenda babies.

Why Is Splenda Daddy A Meme?

This is probably how most of you found out about the Splenda daddy term.

To be honest, even my first time hearing about this term was when I saw it on someone’s T-shirt and I couldn’t help but wonder who exactly is a Splenda daddy and why would someone wear a t-shirt that has that written over it?

Splenda daddy meme started trending a few years ago when sugar daddy jokes were at their peak all over social media.

They are still a thing, but since the pandemic and financial obstacles hit the whole world, it is becoming even more and more popular to be a Splenda daddy.

You can see men on Instagram posting a pic with a Splenda daddy hashtag, feeling pretty proud of themselves.

Many people nowadays struggle financially and don’t have crazy amounts of money at the end of the month, but that doesn’t mean that they are poor and that they shouldn’t engage in some type of activity that was usually reserved for rich people only.

A Splenda daddy is not the real thing and he certainly won’t give you as many benefits as a regular sugar daddy would, but they can be your first taste of sugar bowl life and help you learn how to ask a sugar daddy for money.

How Much Do Sugar Daddies Give?

When you hear that Splenda daddies offer a lot less money than real sugar daddies you will probably ask yourself what is the average amount of money a sugar baby is earning.

The amount of money earned as a sugar baby monthly allowance has been going down exponentially during the past few years, but it’s still a pretty big and stable source of income for most girls.

While sugar daddies usually provide you with an allowance starting from 1500 dollars to even 10 thousand dollars a month, Splenda daddies usually offer you somewhere between 500 and 1000 dollars.

Sugar Dating: An efficient way to make money and make love - Economics  Student Society of Australia (ESSA) Economics Student Society of Australia  (ESSA)

This is the amount of money that is also very big and valuable to many girls out there, which is the reason why Splenda daddies really are the thing in the sugar dating industry.

They will always find a Splenda baby because there are so many women out there for whom even 500 dollars a month is a pretty satisfying amount of money.

A famous online news website, DailyMail has concluded research that was meant to explore the sugar dating market and different types of relationships offered there.

They were exploring the sugar baby allowances all around the United States and trying to find out why Splenda daddies are becoming even more popular in this industry.

Sugar babies in Miami, Florida tend to earn the biggest amount of money per month, usually over 6000 dollars, which leaves a large space for many Splenda daddies.

Since the average allowance is well over 5000 dollars a month, everyone that pays these women less than that is considered a Splenda daddy.

How much money a Splenda daddy will be offering to you has a lot to do with the state you are living in, making the market for Splenda daddies in some states to be really big, while in some states it shrinks a lot.

Final Word

I hope you have a clear picture of Splenda daddies and the type of lifestyle they enjoy and can offer you.

While most women enter the sugar dating industry in order to find a real sugar daddy, sometimes, a Splenda daddy can be a great fit for you too, especially If you like his attitude and personality.

Which one of these two you will choose depends on your sugar baby expectations and I believe you will always make the right decision!

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