Getting Money From a Sugar Daddy – Tips & Tricks for 2024

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"Best for Sugar Babies"
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How to get a sugar daddy to give you money and spoil you
How much does the average sugar daddy pay
Safest ways to get money from a sugar daddy

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Learn how to make money as a sugar baby

Are you looking to date a rich wealthy man who will treat you like a real-life princess?

Sugar dating is the right industry for finding men like this, but you have to know establishing good communication is the key to your success.

Expressing your wishes can be hard for most sugar babies, especially those who are new to the sugaring industry and don’t really know the sugar baby tips for beginners to manipulate men into spoiling them.

Sugar daddy dating is an experience that is different for all sugar babies and sugar daddies, even though social media may be portraying it differently.

We have seen a rise in the number of users on sugar dating sites since the pandemic hit, so the industry is constantly changing and opening up new opportunities.

All men and women engage in different types of sugar relationships, long-term (like Tinder or eHarmony) or hookups (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison), trying to find the arrangement that suits them the best and they certainly differ in many aspects, including the way you will be paid.

Getting Money From a Sugar Daddy

Sugar relationships are always transactional, so you will for sure get some type of reimbursement for your services, but how you will be paid differs from one arrangement to another, and depends a lot on your sugar daddy.

Some sugar babies said they’ve never engaged in sugar daddy relationships in which they earned a weekly or monthly allowance, but rather date sugar daddies in exchange for expensive gifts and vacations.

Others required their sugar daddies to pay their rent or student loans, and that is fine too since you should go for a transaction that suits your current needs the best.

A girl can decide to become an online sugar baby only, messaging or exchanging pics from time to time and earning some extra money with a strictly platonic sugar daddy.

We also found some online-only sugar baby relationships for money, mostly on dating apps like Tinder and most likely in a long-distance sugar daddy relationship.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
"Best for Discreet Sugar Dating"
"Best for Sugar Mommas"
"Best for Cheating Sugar Dating"
"Our Sugar Daddy/Baby Quiz"

However, if you are seeking the sugar baby lifestyle to earn some extra cash which you will put in your savings account, you should always engage in mutually beneficial relationships where you will be provided with a monthly allowance.

If you’re college sugar babes, we believe the best option for you would be your sugar daddy investing in your education or paying your student loans, but if you don’t have problems like this, then it is best to ask for a specific amount of money each month.

Many sugar babies who date or at least know men who are successful investment bankers or know to invest in cryptocurrencies choose to invest half of their monthly allowance to earn even more money.

We believe this is one of the best things you can do as a sugar baby, especially if you don’t sugar out of need but rather to earn some extra income on the side.

This way you will have a stable passive income and you can double or even triple the sugar daddy money you are earning each month.

However, even if your sugar daddy doesn’t have too much cash to spend on you but is very generous and is always buying you expensive gifts, you can sell some of that stuff.

They usually have many different gift ideas for sugar babies and you won’t have to think of different ways how to get a sugar daddy to buy you things.

Never sell all of it because he will probably be disappointed, but if there are some bags or pieces of jewelry you know you won’t be wearing too often, resale them.

Getting Money From a Sugar Daddy

We advise you not to go looking for websites where men give you money, rather join one of the well-known sugar dating sites like What’s your price.

In fact, take note of these tips on being a sugar baby and how to get a sugar daddy to buy you things or give you money by knowing what sugar daddies want.

When meeting sugar daddy for the first time on a sugar daddy dating site like Sugardaddymeet site, make sure you don’t mention money immediately.

We always suggest discussing the allowance or anything that has to do with getting money from a sugar daddy on the second date or via text messages, after your first date.

You have to know that the initial offer is not the final offer and negotiating is always possible, even with men who seem very serious about not being able to offer you more.

“How do I get my sugar daddy to pay me” or “how much allowance do sugar babies get” should not be a question because you have to receive some type of reimbursement as a sugar baby, but it is still very useful to know some techniques which will help you get money from a sugar daddy.

So, how to get money from a sugar daddy?

First things first, you should never bring up the topic of allowance when you meet up with your sugar daddy for the first time.

Don’t discuss any type of financial support on your first date with a potential sugar daddy, but rather concentrate on impressing him because he knows, as well as you do, that you’re in a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you left a great first impression, good, wealthy men will bring up the allowance on their own very soon.

If he mentions it during the date, you will know he is interested in you, but you should tell him that you want to use the first date to get to know each other and save the “money talk” for later.

This will signal him that you are interested in a quality arrangement more than you are interested in your sugar daddy’s money and he will for sure love that.

We do not recommend getting into serious money conversations right on the first date but would rather recommend you to start this topic via What’s your price private messages or texts because it can be difficult to negotiate things like this in person even for the most experienced sugar babies.

We discovered that it’s easier over texts as you can have enough time to collect your thoughts and reword things many times.

In case you have any questions to ask your sugar daddy about your arrangement, in general, this is the best opportunity.

If the thought of asking for what you want makes you feel uncomfortable, take the time to make yourself comfortable with it before you begin talking allowance with potential sugar daddies.

Do not say things like “I want a sugar daddy to give me money” or “I am looking for a sugar daddy to send me money” but rather try using a play of words and formulating your wishes in a good manner that will make him incapable to say no to you.

Always be upfront about your wishes so you can weed out men that are clearly incapable of fulfilling your needs.

Many potential sugar daddies will ask you, did you have an arrangement before you met them, and no matter what the truth is, always say yes.

Some of them may try to use the fact that you’re inexperienced to convince you that you’re asking for too much and that you do not need an allowance.

Keep your desired amount of money in mind and always say you were earning that much money in your previous arrangement because this will save you so much time and make a salt daddy back off because they know you have had better offers than theirs.

However, if you can’t really reach your desired amount of money but your sugar daddy is still willing to spend a lot on you, then we believe you should compromise and hope for a situation that will be a win-win for both.

Older men are usually more open to having money talks and they will be way easier to agree with.

All they want in return is the company of younger women, and that is why you must choose the best sugar daddy websites to meet such rich sugar daddies easily.

You also have the biggest chances of finding an older sugar daddy online, since they make more than 50% of users of sugar dating websites.

Make sure to research your sugar daddy thoroughly before you go out on a first date.

Sugar daddy for guys or sugar daddies generally come from various professions and their financial abilities can differ a lot, so you should do good research on how much he could be earning before you bring up the allowance talk.

You can always find a lot of information on dating profiles, but you must try to be a detective in trying to find out how genuine these profiles are.

Know your worth as a sugar baby

Most men on sugar dating websites are very rich and they certainly have enough money to spend on a sugar baby, yo sou can be sure you will earn a lot when in an sb/sd relationship even if your sugar daddy is not a billionaire.

Online dating via sugar daddy websites is still very profitable, especially for young women who pursue the role of a sugar baby.

However, how much you will be earning depends on many different factors like the city or area you are living in, the type of your arrangement, and the overall wealth of your sugar daddy.

There is no sugar baby allowance calculator which can help you come up with an amount of money that will be enough for you.

“How much should I ask my sugar daddy for” is a very common question among sugar babies, so here is a short sugar baby allowance guide that we hope will help you on your journey.

The best sugar baby tip you will ever get is to create the desired sugar baby allowance according to your financial needs and wishes.

Always keep in mind the nature of your arrangement and how much you need to cover your basic living expenses and have enough spare money to spend on skin treatments, clothes, and all things that you need to be a successful sugar baby.

You can’t expect to earn the same amount of money living in a very small city as you would earn in New York City or Los Angeles.

It also depends on the kind of services you provide your sugar daddy with and it is usually the thing that determines the height of your allowance.

You probably think – how much should I expect to receive from a sugar daddy?

Trust me, you don’t want to sit and wait until you see how much money he can give you.

You want to discuss the allowance matter on a second or third date to know whether you will proceed with this relationship or not.

Sugar daddies that give money and are very generous will usually start this topic by themselves, to show you they are serious about this relationship.

You can discuss it when messaging or once you meet in real life, but always make sure you bring up this topic at the beginning of your relationship.

Never depend on him, always have your own desired amount of money, and don’t settle for less.

Make a sugar daddy give you money without sex

How to get a sugar daddy without sex that only wants to talk?

Well, there are some platonic relationships in the sugaring industry, and in case you come across a sugar daddy who only wants that, then you will be earning a decent allowance without engaging in any sexual activities.

However, you should be aware that if you want to become a sugar baby, you will probably need to engage in sexual activities once you get into a serious arrangement, so think twice if you don’t feel comfortable about it.

Safest ways to get money from a sugar daddy

It is extremely important to always stay safe when sugaring and newbie sugar babies most often make mistakes when it comes to sharing their personal information related to bank accounts.

Every sugar baby has her own preferences for receiving money and pretty soon, you’ll find what works best for you.

How do sugar babies get paid usually depends on them and their preferences, and there is still a variety of options among which you can choose and keep your privacy protected.

There are many pros and cons to different services which you can get money through so you can read this thoroughly and choose what works best for you.

1. Cash

One way to receive your allowance is in untraceable cash and our advice is to always choose cash, especially if you are a newbie to sugaring.

However, most sugar babies find this way of payment very awkward, especially on the first few dates when they’re not very familiar with their sugar daddy.

Some of them were even paranoid because they were getting too much money in cash and didn’t know how to store it or hide it properly.

If you find that you blow money easily then cash is probably not the right choice for you because you’ll spend it before you even get home.

2. Bank deposit

Another popular way to receive your allowance is through bank deposits. 

Once you gain trust in your sugar daddy, you can give him your name, and your bank account number so he can make weekly or monthly deposits directly into your account.

The biggest advantage is the fact that your money is completely safe in your bank account, but it still requires some time and experience in the sugar industry before you gain enough trust in your sugar daddy and give him your personal information.

There is a possibility of some tax troubles, but it won’t happen unless you get more than 10, 000 dollars in your bank account in one deposit.

Most sugar babies have an allowance that’s under $10K, but regular deposits of a few thousand dollars might also set alarm in banks and it is best to stay safe.

In our experience, finding a sugar daddy willing to send money this way is very rare because it is easily traceable and can cause them potential troubles.

3. PayPal, SquareCash

Banking apps like PayPal and SquareCash are a super convenient way to receive money without giving out any of your personal details.

All your sugar daddy needs are your email and he can send you an allowance in a matter of minutes.

This is the safest payment option, especially for newbie sugar babies who are extra careful with their sugar daddies.

We suggest using the same name and email you use on sugar daddy websites.

You want to stay safe from potential scams so we believe this is the best choice until you acquire exquisite sugaring skills that will allow you to recognize scamming sugar daddies, salt daddies, and Splenda Daddies immediately.

You can also just keep your money in this account and use it to shop on Amazon or other online platforms.

4. Google Wallet

If you’re unable to get a cash payment, there is one more great option for receiving your allowance safely and that is through Google Wallet.

Make a fake Gmail, or if your sugar email is a Gmail, you’re already settled.

To make your account completely secure, connect it to your phone number.

Once you get that account set up with your sugar baby profile name, normal phone, and sugar email, add Google Wallet to your sugar email account and connect it to your debit card. 

When you want your SD to send you money, give him the email, just like you would when using PayPal or similar apps – no personal information will be shown at all. 

On the bank statement, once you “claim” the payment to be put into your account, it just refers to the payment on your bank statement as “GoogleWallet”.

It is also almost impossible to get scammed when you’re using this app, so I highly recommend it.

5. Pre-Paid Card

This is probably one of the best options for all sugar babies.

It is pretty much as untraceable as cash, very easy to reload, and you can withdraw money from the card easily.

However, in case you lose it, you may find yourself in big trouble.

To make sure you can be re-issued a new one and not lose the money you have in your account, be sure to keep a copy of your card number as well as the toll-free number listed on the back of the card

6. Bill Payment

This is something we’ve seen many sugar babies doing – they simply have their sugar daddies pay all of their bills.

This way he pays the rent, tuition, and other bills directly so you have no bills to worry about.

If you enter this industry thinking ” I am only looking for a sugar daddy to pay my bills” then this is a great option for you.

However, this is something we do not recommend unless you have been in a relationship for some time now and you trust your sugar daddy completely.

You will need to disclose all of your personal information like your real name and surname, home address, and the university you are attending if you want him to pay you like this.

It is also rarely used as the only form of payment because most sugar babies require some type of monthly allowance.

This is the option often pursued by sugar babies in long-term exclusive relationships because they have a really close relationship with their men and they usually trust them enough to give their own credit card information.

Don’t fall for sugar daddy scams

You don’t need to pay any kind of fee when you receive your sugar money, except the regular fees you pay to your bank, PayPal, or other apps you use to receive money.


We looked at several sugar baby profiles on What’s your price and studied them carefully while combining our experience in the sugar dating industry.

The profiles selected were those that stood out of the lot and had well-crafted bios with a unique sugar baby profile name.

Final sugar baby tips for beginners

Online sugar dating is gaining more ground as the pandemic continues to restrict physical meetings and more and more people are subscribing to this form of relationship daily.

Becoming a sugar baby should be easy, but it’s not always that easy because a lot of work goes into making your profile worthwhile.

To achieve the best results as a newbie sugar baby, we’ll advise you to check out as many sugar baby profile samples on any sugar dating website of your choosing.

And if you’re a sugar baby that entered the sugar bowl with the “I need a sugar daddy to pay my bills” mindset, then you should make it known as early as possible into the relationship.

All in all, you can enjoy a very generous or not so generous sugar daddy relationship, but no matter the financial benefits, always watch out for red flags when it comes to your personal safety to prevent negative sugar baby stories.


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