Sugar Dating Tips Every Sugar Baby Needs To Know (2024)

Girls who pursue the role of a sugar baby usually don’t have too much knowledge about this industry in general and rely on their experience to learn a thing or two about sugar dating and the right approach to sugar daddies.

Even though experience really is the best teacher, I believe there are some very valuable tips every beginner sugar baby should know before she engages in any type of sugar relationship.

Here are some Sugar Dating Tips you will learn:

What is sugar baby dating
How to set up your online dating profile
How to make men fall head over heels for you
How to protect yourself and more

Your sugar dating expert is here to provide you with the most useful sugar daddy tips for all girls who are new to this industry.

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How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Fall for You on the First Date

Every sugar baby wants to leave an amazing first impression the first time she meets her potential sugar daddy.

The first impression is a thing that can have a big effect on the future of your sugar relationship and eventually set the tone for it.

Successful men don’t have time to waste and they will decide whether they will be engaging in a relationship with you or not shortly after the first date.

How To Meet A Sugar Daddy – Wed Frugal

There are no fixed sugar baby rules on how to be a successful sugar baby but there are some common mistakes many newbies make that can easily make your sugar career go downhill.

Where to find a sugar daddy? How to find a sugar daddy? How to talk to a potential sugar daddy? How to tell a sugar daddy what you want? How do you know when a sugar daddy is interested in you?

Here are some sugar baby etiquettes that will help you with seducing your sugar daddy on just one date.

1. Eye contact is key

One thing you should always make sure to do is to keep eye contact with your sugar daddy.

This will tell him that he is the center of your attention and that you genuinely care about his feelings.

Keeping eye contact throughout the whole date and not giving any attention to other men in your surroundings will sure boost his ego and make him confident, which is something you always want to achieve with your sugar daddy.

2. Don’t rely solely on your looks

Looks are very important in sugar dating, but they certainly won’t take you too far.

So, how to talk to a sugar daddy?

Compliment him, say “thank you” very often and make sure you are fully focused on him and his words.

A high-quality sugar baby is a woman who is educated on many different topics, has nice manners, and can start an enjoyable conversation with basically anyone.

Best Sugar Dating Sites (Based on 100,000+ Survey)

'Best for Sugar Daddies"
"Best for Sugar Babies"
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You also need to have a nice, kind, and warm personality If you want your sugar daddy to feel comfortable with you.

Girls who are self-absorbed and have a very bitchy attitude usually don’t succeed in this industry because men feel intimidated by them and can sometimes even feel uncomfortable in their company.

3. Don’t talk too much about yourself

As I have already mentioned, girls that are too self-absorbed and spend most of the time talking only about their wishes and desires, don’t really succeed in sugar daddy dating.

This will make your sugar daddy feel redundant to you and probably make them think you are seeking a sugar lifestyle only for the benefits of it.

4. Don’t speak quickly or aggressively

If you want to make a good first impression, you need to be very polished and measured when speaking.

Speak slowly and always clarify everything you are telling, you don’t want to end up in an uncomfortable situation because you weren’t able to express yourself in the right way.

Speaking at a high pitch may put you in the center of attention and that is something you really don’t want, especially when sugaring.

5. Never complain

The main thing you should remember from your how-to-be the perfect sugar baby guide is to never ever complain.

Complaining is something you should avoid when you’re speaking with anyone for the first time and something you should specifically avoid when talking to your sugar daddy.

Especially avoid complaining about your previous relationships or sugar daddies because this will be a red flag for any sugar daddy.

6. Know what’s seductive about you

If you are asking yourself “How to be a great sugar baby?” then this is something you certainly have to learn.

All women have different assets that will make men fall for them immediately, you just have to find out what are your strengths and accent them.

Sugar Dating Tips Every Sugar Baby Needs To Know ([year]) 3

By accenting your best qualities you will have your sugar daddy easily fall for you, without ever noticing some of the things you don’t have.

7. Treat your sugar daddy with respect

Many girls starting out their sugar baby journey don’t know how to treat a sugar daddy and mistake him for one of the regular guys in their surroundings.

Sugar daddies are almost always very successful and rich men and you have to treat them with respect and kindness.

There are also some questions to ask a potential sugar daddy like what is his job like, does he feel like he can succeed even more in it, what are his passions.

8. Always dress classy

How to be the best sugar baby has a lot to do with style.

Build your own fashion style and make sure you always look classy and polished, especially on your first date.

Wear neutral colors like black, white, beige, brown, and avoid tacky clothes that will catch everyone’s eye.

Repost @jaroslav_classic---"CLASSY Style, CLASSY Outfit, CLASSY Lady !!!"  💥💥💥💥💥Absolutely PERFECT & … | Classy outfits, Fashion classy, Vintage  outfits classy

Never wear clothes that are too revealing and always approach your sugar daddy like you would approach men when regular dating.

9. Never settle for less

Successful men don’t like women who don’t appreciate themselves, especially in mutually beneficial relationships like these.

Don’t be quick to agree on any type of relationship they offer you, always try to negotiate and get the most out of it, and always aim higher, it doesn’t matter if it’s a long relationship (like Tinder or eHarmony) or just a hookup (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison).

If you see that your sugar daddy cannot provide you with the type of support you seek, apologize politely and move on to another one.

The best sugar daddy arrangement tip you should always apply is to never agree on a type of arrangement that you don’t feel comfortable with, no matter how much money he is offering to you.

What’s A Good Starting Allowance For A Sugar Baby?

Many beginner sugar babies don’t know how to define their desired allowance so they often reach out to different sugar dating sites or use the sugar baby allowance guide to find out how much their sugar friends earn.

This is usually not a good practice since the height of your allowance depends on the type of your relationship, whether you are living in New York or Colorado, and your overall monthly living expenses.

I always suggest trying to form your own desired monthly allowance and always stick to it, no matter how stingy your potential sugar daddy is.

Sugar Dating Tips Every Sugar Baby Needs To Know ([year]) 4

You should never mention you are a newbie to this industry so make sure your attitude and negotiating skills don’t show that this may be your first time discussing the allowance with a sugar daddy.

How much money do sugar babies make also depends on the type of arrangement, but I can assure you that no sugar baby receives less than 1000 dollars a month for traditional sugar arrangements, and this is probably the lowest sugar baby allowance you will encounter.

Your allowance will for sure grow in the future, and how much it will be in the end also depends on how long does a sugar-baby relationship lasts.

The best sugar baby safety advice you will ever get is to never settle for less, so don’t give up on a certain amount, but rather give up on this sugar daddy and switch to another.

How to Protect Yourself When Sugaring?

You should always make sure you stay safe and never reveal any kind of personal information to your potential sugar daddies.

Many sugar babies struggle with this and often make stupid beginner mistakes, but If you make sure to follow my pieces of advice, I am sure you will manage to protect yourself in all situations.

1. Always meet in the public on the first dates

If a sugar daddy is suggesting you should meet somewhere alone, like in his hotel room or an apartment, always avoid him.

This is the type of behavior that almost no real sugar daddy will show, especially not on the first date.

There are many scams on What’s your price that start out like this and you always want to avoid them at all costs.

8 Best Sugar Daddy Websites and Apps: Find Real Sugar Relationships  (Updated 2021)

In case he keeps on insisting for your first date to be somewhere private, just ignore him or block him since he is certainly not a great sugar daddy material, or maybe isn’t a sugar daddy at all.

2. Make sure someone knows where you are

Whether you are meeting in a restaurant or in a hotel bar, always make sure your sister or your friend knows your location.

As I have already mentioned, there are many scammers out there and you can never know If you are targeted by someone or not.

Also, even though a sugar daddy may look perfectly kind and fine when messaging, he can have an aggressive personality and you want to make sure there is someone who can get you out of a nasty situation If you don’t come back home in the right time.

3. Never give out your real name and other personal information

This is a beginner mistake many sugar babies make with their first sugar daddies.

Whatever sugar daddy website you are using to find your sugar daddy, whether it be SugarDaddyMeet or What’s your price, always make sure you use another identity(sugar baby nicknames).

I recommend you avoid using your real-life nickname on your sugar baby profile too since it can also make it very easy to be found on other social media like Facebook or Instagram.

You should also never give out any other personal information like a social security number or bank account information, and these are usually the information scammers will require of you.

4. Never use the same pictures on your sugar dating and social media profiles

Another mistake that I also see many sugar babies making is using the exact same pictures on all of their social media profiles and also their sugar dating profiles.

Using the same pics on all of these websites will make it very easy to get exposed since all a sugar daddy will need to do is Google search your image and find your real name, surname, and other profiles.

This is something you should especially avoid if you are a beginner influencer and have many pictures of yourself on different social media.

5. Don’t tell them you are new to sugar dating

Just like you shouldn’t be revealing your real identity, you should never mention that you are a newbie to sugar dating since it can make you an easy target for men who will want to take advantage of you.

I Am In My First Sugar Daddy Relationship – What Should I Do?

There is no strict sugar baby guide for transactional relationships, but there are certainly some things you should try to do in order to keep your relationship healthy and prospering.

Follow these sugar daddy relationship advice and I am sure you will be reaping the benefits of this relationship for quite a long time.

1. Define your boundaries

You should always make your own rules of being a sugar daddy because every girl has different sugar daddy requirements and provides him with different sugar baby experiences which may be positive or negative

Students joining 'sugar baby' program to pay school tuition | Washington  Examiner

Your sugar daddy rules should be defined on your first date and once you establish a sugar relationship, you should make sure both you and your sugar daddy respect the original agreement.

If there are some things both of you agreed to not do then it should stay that way unless you make a different arrangement.

Having boundaries is very important for both of you, just like it is important in regular, traditional relationships.

2. Don’t ask for something all the time

In case you made an agreement on the first date and your sugar daddy provides you with a monthly allowance you were promised in the first place then it is very bad to ask for something all the time.

Asking for make-up, clothes, and bags all the time will make you look needy and irresponsible, which can push your sugar daddy off.

If you made an agreement at the beginning of your relationship then you shouldn’t be asking for too many things out of it since it can make your men break the arrangement and find another sugar baby that will have more respect.

3. Don’t depend on him completely

This is also a common problem among newbie sugar babies since many of them rely only on their sugar partners to provide them with financial support and don’t have any other source of income.

This will make you depend on a guy completely and in case your sugar relationship goes the wrong way you won’t have enough resources to pull yourself out of it and establish a new life without him.

Never spend all of your sugar money and make sure you always have enough money in your bank account, just for emergence cases.

How To Start Being A Sugar Baby In The First Place?

This is the first and the most important step, but also something where sugar babies make mistakes the most often.

Where did you find your sugar daddy is very important, especially If he is your first sugar daddy.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are something you should always avoid when looking for a sugar daddy.

They are full of men who don’t realize the difference between sugaring and sex work, but also many scammers, likewise, those involved in salt dating.

Sugar dating websites like What’s your price and SugarDaddyMeet site are the place to go If you are looking for older men who can provide you with some financial support.

SugarDaddyMeet Review May 2021 - Scam or Sugar Dates? -

Whether you are approaching sugaring full time or as a side hustle, I always recommend using these websites since they are the safest and have thousands of both sugar daddies and sugar mommas.

You can also meet many rich and successful men when freestyling in real life, but this is something I would recommend only for experienced sugar babies.

Is Sugar Dating Sex Work?

Sugar dating is not sex work by any means since many of these arrangements don’t require you to have sex until you really have established a sincere relationship with your sugar daddy.

No sugar daddies will ask you for anything sexual the first time you meet up, which is something you will never experience when escorting or doing regular sex work.

Sugar relationships are similar to traditional relationships, with both emotional and sexual components included.

You shouldn’t be worried about things people from your community are telling you since this is a common misconception and something only people active in this industry can understand, but you can be sure that you won’t get behind the bars because you were sugaring.

If you are thinking about how to be a sugar baby without giving sugar, then I believe you should avoid this industry since in most relationships, sex will be required once and you can not escape it.

How Do I Become A Successful Sugar Baby?

There are no strict rules on how to be a sugar baby since the tips on being a sugar baby differ from one type of arrangement to another and on the personality of your sugar daddy.

Simply stay true to yourself, respect the terms of the agreement and make sure you do everything you can to satisfy your sugar daddy.

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